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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Huggies Malaysia Book of Record event


Remember this event?

OK, I know it has been almost 1 month++ since the event took place, tapi hari ni baru terhegeh-hegeh nak update. But then, better late than never; aite?

My SIL and I registered for the 8 p.m. slot. I was told by the Huggies® team that, I've missed the chance of meeting some celebrities who have come earlier to join the event with their babies such as Tini 3R, Daphne Iking and Faezah Elai.

+- Faezah Elai and Daphne Iking with their baby -+

+- Kartini Ariffin (with her daughter Kaseh), Faezah Elai (with her baby Dealova), Belinda Chee (with her daughter Danielle) and Daphne Iking (with her daughter Iman) -+

There were registration counter provided, where you have to register your baby (using their MyKids) upon arriving. Then we were given a set of Huggies® Dry Pant (according to your child's size) and a 'coupon' for a free photo after the diaper changing took place.

+- registration counter -+

+- my SIL at the registration counter -+

+- yours truly at the registration counter -+

After that, we proceed to the changing table area. There were a number of table which is enough for the parents in each different slot to change their child's diaper. Dustbin and wet tissues were also provided. 

+- "let's change your diapers, adik" -+

+- the diaper changing was easy & super fast -+

It was so easy to change SN Jr's diaper on that day, thanks to the super feature of Huggies® Dry Pants i.e. easy-to-use option for active infants *who love to roll left and right and kick his leg up high during every diaper change session* like SN Jr. Besides that, I guess he was also fascinated by so many things/activities to see around him that he forgot his 'routine' of rolling & kicking hehe.

+- SN jr was a well-behaved and super calm baby during the event, well done adik! -+

I was reluctant to join this event at the first place as I thought it would be difficult for me to join the event and for hubby to take care of Abg SN and at the same time, to be my official photographer. But, man I was wrong. The Huggies® team has planned everything in advanced.

Huggies® provided special play area for the older kids (abang & kakak) to have fun while mommy/daddy attending the diaper changing event. So mommy can join the event peacefully and Daddy can take mommy's photo while standing next to the play area without being worried that Abg SN will be running here and there inside the huge OU mall. 

Special gift were also provided for those who bought the Huggies® Dry Pants on that day. 

More than 2,100 moms and babies participated in this history-making event, including celebrities like Amber Chia (with her son Ashton), Belinda Chee (with her daughter Danielle), Daphne Iking (with her daughter Iman), Faezah Elai (with her baby Dealova) and Kartini Ariffin (with her daughter Kaseh). 

+- 2106 participants as of 10 pm -+

+- Amber Chia (with her son Ashton) -+

+- Yours truly with Amber Chia *I'm 165 cm yet I feel so petite standing next to her* -+

All participants received a goodie bag worth RM150 and a special certificate of appreciation, plus their babies’ photos were displayed on the giant Huggies® Dry Pants Wall of Fame that will be publicized to the public! 

+- goodie bag worth RM150 (the blue bag) -+

+- our photos were displayed on the giant Huggies® Dry Pants Wall of Fame -+

+- Mommy and SN Jr's photo taken at the My Snappy Photobooth  -+

This was also a chance for participants to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate: Huggies® Dry Pants partnered with non-profit organization OrphanCARE, which believes that ‘every child needs a family’, and will donate a diaper pack to disadvantaged babies for each diaper changed during the record-setting attempt; which means at least a number of 2000 diaper packs will be donated to the less fortunate infant/toddlers after the *bravo Huggies®*.

+- my happy little SN Jr -+

Moms can experience the new Huggies® Dry Pants by requesting for free product samples on the Huggies® Malaysia Facebook page as Huggies® Dry Pants is reaching out to moms everywhere through nationwide sampling from 1 August until 15 October 2013. Consumers can also take part in the Huggies® Dry Pants National Consumer Contest, to stand a chance to win the Grand Prize of RM1 million, plus many other prizes! .

The new improved Huggies® Dry Pants is retailing at RM37.90 (Super Jumbo Pack). Find out more about Huggies® Dry Pants at and ‘like’ the Huggies® Malaysia Facebook page to receive updates, reminders as well as handy tips and useful advice on baby care. 

fb-thumbs-up-like-button.jpg (287×176)

Pssssttt : Baik korang cepat2 request for free sample tu, tinggal 1 minggu lebih je lagi ni.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

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transformed housewife said...

ghano nok dpt free samples tu?

yatie chomeyl said...

bukok kat FB HUGGIES Malaysia, ado registration form

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