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Friday, 27 December 2013

Abe De's wedding : 3 hari 2 malam berturut-turut


November was a very busy month for me. Not only that I got pretty tight up with lots of commitments at work but my family was also busy with the preparation for my elder brother's wedding.

Abe De's wedding took place on 22/11/2013 - 24/11/2013; which was exactly 2 weeks after I come back from London & Toulouse for the purpose of academic visit *I'll blog about it later tu tak tahu la bila kot ngeh3x*. 

(1) Akad Nikah (22/11/2013)
Solemnization was the most anticipated moment in someone's life. We were pretty worried that Abe De 's going to screw up and that the lafaz will take forever for him to utter it perfectly. But Alhamdulillah.. Abe De managed to hit it with just one shot! Bravo *clap clap*.

+- menunggu ketibaan imam -+

+- lafaz nikah -+

+- sarung cincin -+

+- 2 hearts that beat as one -+

+- one for the :D -+

+- Abe De with his 3 sisters -+

(2) Majlis Bertandang (23/11/2013)
The theme for Majlis bertandang is FIERY RED. Almost all of our family members donning red apparel for the event. 

+- fiery red....fierce -+

+- Arwah Mama's siblings, tempat kami menumpang kasih -+

I lost count on how many dulang hantaran was prepared that day as I was busy carrying my super clingy SN Jr. Nevertheless, I managed to be in almost all of the photographers' shot...and that's all that matter.. LOL.

+- hantaran -+

+- SN's family with the bride and groom. Abg SN missing in action, busy main kejar2 dengan cousins -+

I was also asked to sit at the grand table for makan beradap since everyone else is already full and I'm the only one yang tak reti kenyang..maka duduklah kat meja tu makan lauk pengantin...siap berebut lauk dengan pengantin lagi *nampak sangat buruk lantak* hahaha.

+- berebut lauk dengan pengantin, tengok expression muka pon dah tahu buruk lantak -+

(3) Majlis Menyambut Menantu (24/11/2013)
The theme for Majlis Menyambut Menantu is turqoise/blue. Tapi since we were the host, takde lah semua orang nak melawa2 sangat. Sedar diri buat kenduri rewang style, jadi semua kena uruskan sendiri. Orang2 kampung datang masak and as for penanggah, kitorang adik beradik ipar duai la sama2 punggah memunggah.

Lucky for me, since SN Jr tak nak duduk..maka tak banyak kerja boleh dibuat melainkan dukung dia sana sini sambil bagi arahan je la ngeh3x.

+- orang lain angkat dulang, mak incik dukung SN Jr je -+

+- tengok tuuuuuuu, lansung tak berenggang dengan mommy. camne nak buat kerja? -+

Alhamdulillah, the 3 consecutive days event went pretty well. Despite it was quiet tiring for everyone of us in the family...we did feel grateful that Abe De has finally found her soul mate. 

+- 2 family that become one -+

There's lots more that we need to help Abe De with his new life, but at least...there's someone for him to share his ups and down when we are not around.

+- Rosly's clan with the latest addition to the family *mujur tak runtuh katil pengantin* -+

I'm praying that Amnah will be a good and obedient wife to Abe De and I'm hoping that Abe De will be the best husband that she could ever ask for.

 بَارَكَ اللهُ لَكَ، وَبَارَكَ عَلَيْكَ، وَجَمَعَ بَيْنَكُمَا فِي خَيْر

“Allah bless you, and may He send blessings upon you, and may He unite you both in good.”

Pssssttt : cuti untuk tahun ni dah habis, duduk diam2 lah sampai tahun baru walaupun kat opis dah lengang sebab semua orang pakat perabih cuti huhuhuh.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

2 words of wisdom & comments:

mazni_azis said...

tahniah kepada abg ucu dan family. semoga bahagia hingga ke syurga

yatie chomeyl said...

thanks angah :)

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