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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Damage done at Big Bad Wolf 2013


Last Monday (9th Nov 2013) was  a public holiday here in Johor for the Hol Day of Almarhum Sultan Iskandar. Hubby wanted to go to Sunway Lagoon while I wanted to go to the Big Bad Wolf event, so off we went on Sunday morning heading to MIECC for the Big Bad Wolf 2013 event.

+- directions to MIECC -+

I love reading to my son *when I could find the time*, so my aim is to grab as many children's books as possible for both SNs. But I know it will be tiring and difficult to walk across the huge hall with two of them trailing on my back, so I send hubby and the boys to the play area on the 1st floor so I can focus on finding the books without having to be worried on their whereabouts.

I would suggest you to bring along trolley/luggage to help you carry the book around the huge hall. It will be quite difficult to carry around the heavy box filled with books before reaching the counter. Plus, it will be really handy if you have trolley/luggage as you might have to park your car outside the MIECC car park. Fret not, if you forgot to bring along trolley/luggage with you, there's a special storage station designated next to the escalator so that you can stash your unpaid books.

With a help from my youngest sister Awin and also with major help from my shopping trolley, here are some of the books that I managed to grab at the Big Bad Wolf :-

2 books x RM 1 

9 books x RM3

17 books x RM5

5 books x RM6

8 books x RM8

3 books x Rm 10

1 book x RM 12

In the end, I bought about 51 books and walk away RM294 poorer. Eheh..but I look at it as an investment for my children's education, where I shall receive the "ROI" in another few years later *hopefully*. 
Besides I can use this for tax redemption as the Government allows you to claim a tax relief of up to RM1,000 on book purchases. To make it easier to qualify for this exemption, even purchases of magazines are allowed. So, remember to save your receipts when you make that trip to the newsstand or bookstore.

Besides, that amount of money feels so worth it when I saw how Abg SN enjoy reading the books and doing all the activities in the books on his own. He even stayed up late that night in order to finish doing writing exercises from one of the books. 

+- Abg SN (4 years 7 months old) enjoy writings during his free time -+

The Big Bad Wolf 2013 will be running from 6th Dec until 15th Dec 2013. So If you feel like going, sempat lagi before it ended this weekend.

Pssssttt : I only bought 2 books for myself sebab buku2 yang beli tahun lepas pun tak habis baca lagi muahahhaha.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

9 words of wisdom & comments:

Nad MamaZN said...


Teruja tgk koleksi buku sn :)

noris said...

i went already and feeling sgt2 happy sbb teringat shopping buku kat neg org (sana mmg murah). sesekali dpt harga diskaun mcm ni, berpinar2 mata...! (ore lg best, tinggal terus anak2. serious shopping la katakan heheheh)

norhazirahmohdnasir said...

Terbaik lah yatie..hihi

transformed housewife said...

it's the best investment for our children.

*∽ IZAN ∽* said...

termisss sudaa... uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Ezna said...

meriahnya buku :-)

yatie chomeyl said...

nad mamaZN : sbb murah boleh la beli byk2

noris : ore nk tinggal anak payoh skit sbb ore x reti jale nk g situ ..tpakso suruh hubby jd drebar jugop

yatie chomeyl said...

norhazirahmohdnasir : mcm boboi boy plak hehe

kak nur : yup, indeed it is!

yatie chomeyl said...

kak Izan : aiyoyooo..mcmana boleh miss plak?

Ezna :stok utk setahun ni hehe

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