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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

~middle age crisis OR middle-status-crisis?

I'm 26 years old,married and expecting a baby...I know that everybody knows that!. What I didn't really really realize was that I'm in the stage of transforming myself from immature young girl to a woman or to be exact ---> a mother!

I suddenly realize that "fact" when I was in the middle of Malaysian people in Fukuoka, Kyushu during the gathering for Aidiladha celebration. I couldn't decide to join which group to 'hang-out' during the gathering. To be honest, I am quite comfortable being in the "girls group" ( which consists of 3 undergraduates students: age 18-22) rather than being in the "wife & mother group" (which consists of 5 wives and moms age: 27-35....including their children of course).

The topic of conversation of course was different for both group as they were focusing on different aspect in their life. The "girls group" will love to talk about boyfriend, love life, student life, friends, hang out places etc. While the "wife & mother group" will mainly talk about their children, household chores, pregnancy, family planning, places for groceries shopping etc.

** picture showing --> 'one group'= Malaysians in Fukuoka!

In the first place, I couldn't make up my mind. But after a while, I realize how lucky I am to be in the state of "I'm not a girl not yet a woman condition" as I can just hop in both group without any hesitation. I know that the way of how I am thinking and act sometimes was still like a "young girl" but I am also aware of the fact that I'm going 2 be a "mother" soon, thus it is not difficult for me to join the mom & wives conversation as I'll definitely facing the same state in about another 4months from now. See, I'm always lucky in my life! Hehehheheh :)


p/s: my pregnancy state from 2 months-5months....not so much different aren't I?

4 words of wisdom & comments:

aWWa said...

wah²²²!!!..ibu mengandung rajin blogging ya skrg..komen dulu nnt br nk baca hehe..jgn asyik menepek je kt comp tu, bahaya anak nnt..tau le x de keje :p..renung²kan dan selamat beramal =)

yatie chomeyl said...

ala awwa, ni kire pendedahan awal kat baby la..esok2 bila dh keluar, senang mommy die nk ajar guna tenet, nk menorrent, nk jd mod ke jd DJ ke...wakakkkak

Hafizatul Akmar Hussin said...

akak! congrats!!-

take care yek! ;)

mahaf dh guna link blog yg baru..hehe


salam.. jemput add my blog :

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