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Friday, 29 December 2006


Few years ago: I'm a very "rupalistik" person. I believe that good looks is the most important thing in life. I always dream 2 b with someone who looks like Yusry KRU, Khalid Jamlus, David Beckham, or Prince William..Whenever I bumped into a couple which looks like not suited to each other(read: laki hodoh dgn pompuan cantik or pompuan biase2 je dgn laki ensem gile babeng), I'll always wondering..."how on earth can they be together? Are they blinded by love or what?Cant he look for someone else?"..My perception on that time is that good looking guy is for good looking girls and vice versa...

Present: My view of life has changed when I've fall in love and also due to some unexpected occasions that occurs in my life...which then suddenly changed my view 360deg..I've met someone who looks like Yusry KRU..but our relationship doesnt last long..maybe because there's no chemistry between us..eventhough he's such a nice guy..(if u happens to read this: thanks 4 d time u've shared with me!)...

Later in my life, I met someone who looks like Khalid Jamlus..and knowing him is the most STUPID thing I've done in my life..he matches all the looks criteria that I have in my mind..but none of his behavior matched with what I needed from a guy..which then makes me WAKE UP from my fairy tales dream..I hope i'll never met him again in the rest of my life :( 

Anonymous saying: The sad thing in life is when u met someone and then fall in love.Later u realize that he's not meant 4 u and u have wasted couple of years for some one who is not worth it! Bear in mind that if he's not worth it now..he will never be worth it in ur lifetime!Let him go..and forget him...

Personal thoughts: I believe that its the way to show that life is FAIR. If everyone is looking for beautiful person(even though beautiful is subjective), what will happen to those who dont really looks good but have a nice heart? So,now I understand how "laki hodoh dgn pompuan cantik or pompuan biase2 je dgn laki ensem gile babeng" will end up with each other..yup ..i got the lesson already :)

Conclusions: Look for someone that
(1) can accept u as u are..
(2) can love u no matter how bad looking u are..
(3) can pampered u with real love..
(4) can sacrifice for u..
(5) willing 2 do anything 4 u..
p/s:its hard 2 find someone which can fit all those criterion..hehe

Anonymous saying: Love is not about looking for perfectionist..but to look for someone who can make u perfect!

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