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Friday, 29 December 2006

gomen people!

I'm writing due to the bad feelings that I have inside me..geeeee..I'm so disappointed with Malaysian people who is working in governmental sector. I'm proud to be Malaysian here in Germany but due to one occasions,it has changed my positive impression to the other Malaysian here.
Last week I have some matters that I need to settle with Malaysian embassy in Berlin: which is about 9hrs journey from Munich with bullet train.I took a night train and arrive there at 10am. What disappointed me is that the way that stupid Malaysian embassy clerk treated me.
She was a little bit annoyed that I arrived there late (which is only 10.30am)..she didn't even consider that I already had a really tiring 9hrs journey on train and looking for places at which I has never come before. She talks to me as if I'm a one of crap kid..Don't she knows that I used to be the only woman engineer working with the 1st aircraft design company in Malaysia?hahhaha...dont get me wrong...I dont mean to brag on here..its just I want 2 distinguished between the word "clerk" and "aeronautical engineer"..puas hati aku.. :)

I go there alone..which is something I never do in my life. I have never been to any new places (without knowing anyone from that place )all by myself. It was like a new challenge for me but I didn't feel regret for going there because Berlin is a nice place to be. What regrets me is how Malaysian people who works in governmental office treated another Malaysian. I used to go to few government office here in Germany, and surprisingly: all of those Deutsch people treated me better than stupid clerk treat me.

Its not that I have become "lupe daratan" after being here for only 3months..its just that I am so annoyed with the way that I've been served. People always saying that highly educated or rich person is snobbish , but nowadays I do think that people with lower education and lower much more snobbish. 

Do u notice that nurse is more fussy than the doctor itself, kerani bank is more fussy than the pegawai bank, and in my case..that stupid clerk is more fussy than the ambassador himself..!

Picture_022 Picture_100 pic 1: in front of the Malaysian embassy building

pic 2:to proved that I'm in Berlin

* click on image to enlarge :p

Conclusion: Be an educated that way u'll learn how to respect each and every human being with honor and respects. Everyone have the right to be respect even though he/she is just a gardener because he/she do have contributions to the worlds ecology system!!

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fifie said...

Nak setuju 200% boleh ? Adehh, fie sekarang buat praktikal. Di gov. sector and I know how they treat people and me (intern student). Semua arahan diorang kena ikut, even benda tu takde dalam workschedule kita. Sadis betul orang macam nie. Sakit hati. Grrrr.

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