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Friday, 29 December 2006

orang2 hebat

This is the first time I write something in my blog..the reason is: I WAS INSPIRED AND AMAZED by few really special people; that I've managed to browsed through their blogs. They are mainly afdlin shauki, nizam zakaria, Allahyarham yasmin ahmad and patrick teoh
Why do I name them special?. I think u guys need 2 configure it urself bcoz different people will give different thought about others. But I personally feels that those guys n lady are somehow special bcoz they are thinking out of box compared to other Malaysians.

Take into considerations first aaaaa..Yasmin Ahmad..she's to me is a hell damned good director & scriptwriter. What she wrote really come from the bottom of her heart ( I think so)..Neglecting what others is saying about her..bcoz they don't even give a damn care about how she feels towards what they are saying...Yes, I agree that some part of her movie is not really suitable for malay culture but that is the fact now in malaysian culture.... Is it her wrong when she wanted to show that malay girl can fall in love with chinese guy?NOT AT ALL!

Patrick teoh blog is damn so good bcoz u'll feel like u r reading harakah but in a more open-minded to say aa...its like harakah is telling the true stories but people wont believe it bcoz they will disregard it as political tactics but once u read patrick teoh's blog, u'll see that what Harakah is reporting is 100% true..eventhough I believe that patrick teoh doesnt even read harakah in his lifetime..hihihi...

the next guy..afdlin shauki..he's such a great filmmaker.. yet people sometimes complaining why he only direct comedy movie...But I think that afdlin know what is the best that he wanted to do in his he'll do something that he really love that way..people will also learn to love the thing that he loves...pening ,is it? :) Moral of the story is: do whatever that u believe its true..eventhough others dont want u 2 do..(but make sure its really the right thing to do!)..

The last one is nizam zakaria..actually I dont even know this guy..but I read his blog and I felt in love with his writings..He wrote couple of novel and upload it on his blog..when u read it, u'll feel like u r entering other worlds of malaysian novel..usually malaysian novel that I also used to read is all about cintan cintun with a really2 handsome,rich,famous n smart guy with a really2 ayu,cun gile babi,lemah lembut xlawa xleh fall in love dgn laki ensem ke? But we love to read that kind of novels bcoz it is somehow made us escaping from our own life. But after reading nizam zakaria's novel, u'll feel like there's a lot of other things in Malaysia that u dont really exposed contohnye pasal lelaki gay.. Usually lelaki ensem is gay..thats what I, I dont like to be with handsome n good looking guy anymore..hahahah :))

So,before I stepped out..i would like to menyeru all of u guys out there who happens to visit my blog..please make a move and bring urself out of box I merayu myself too..not to pleased others before I pleased myself..

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