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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Pimp Ur Pouch Contest

Hi people, Good news!! Free gift!! Special Goodies!! Weeeeeeee...Ngeeeeeeeeee...always my favorites; of course getting a free gift kui3x.... Terompah surau has launch a contest to celebrate her 100th post!! This time everyone MUST participate and win Liyana's goodies as the entry was easy...senyumkenyit
  1. Just think of something fun and clever/cun image that you wanted to be on your pouch. Just put on whatever idea that you have, with your own identity as I'm honor to sew this bag for you :)
  2. Then, you have to post your idea in your blog, explaining about this contest and linking to this post. Sketches are totally needed, just scan or attach a picture so that all of other audience also can judge you.
  3. Lastly, Please drop a comment in here with the link to your entry for the contest.
  4. Don't forget, deadline would be on 07.08.09 (nice number huh!!)
  5. Update: For those that have no blog, I will allow you to send me email with your drawing to participate. If you win, I will upload your drawing here.


The person with the most clever/cun idea will be declared as a winner and will receive Liyana's pouch bag with his/her sketches idea on them..Special right?? hihi
So....I would love to see my mini me to be stitched by Liyana on the lurvly pouch. It is simply because I admire Jiji's artwork into creating this mini me-yatie chomeyl for my blog and I wanted this special design to be on the pouch. This way, when I'm carrying this pouch around, it'll be some sort of free promotion for Liyana's pouch + Jiji's creation + blog Yatie Chomeyl! *tepuk tepuk*.tepuktangan

People will ask me question such as :-
"Beli kat mana pouch ni? chomeylnyerrrr design dia." :please:
"Chomeyl lah lukisan kartun tu, sape yang lukis.? Chomeylnyerrrr..." :woooh:
"Chomeylnya url blog saper tu?" <-- *muahahhaha , yang ni tak logik sikit tapi tak kira, jelir nak buh jugak*

Can't imagine how nice & chomeyl it will be for the pouch when
mini yatie chomeyl is stitched on it? :puppyeyes: ---> check this out !

Chomeyl kan mini Yatie Chomeyl tergedik2 kat atas pouch tu? *wink wink*

14 words of wisdom & comments:

atiqah said...

good luck kak yatie..apsal box comment kak yatie ni mcm pelik je eh...

nadiah sidek said...

comel..comel! bab url blog tummg tak logik. kuikuikui. good luck!

ummuabdullahsyaakir said...

Rajin yatie masuk contest..insya Allah klu ada rezeki boleh menang...

good luck yea.

BTW,eem kotak komen dah baru yea?

ummisalsabila said...

mmg comei..sgt yatie tu pgg doyan ea? huhu

good luck dear..

miela77 said...

salam..iela x sempat nak masuk..just nak join contest yg senang2 je...x mau pening pala...wish u all the best...ari nie tutup kan? esok my doa2 yatie berjaya...bersempena ngan my besday...ada related ke? emmm???!!!!!

nurulzia said...

sgt chomel la yatie..erm..nape skang mcm susah nak komen kat ur blog yek?

Jiji said...

cemana laa orang tu nak jahit yatiee oeiii hahahah ada yang dia buat stick on peh tuh iron... hehehhe anyway goodluck@!~

yatie chomeyl said...

tak dulik, ssh pon nak jgak hahaha tak malu tui..kui3x

yatie chomeyl said...

nurul, i dah gatal tgn p tukar komen box pastu tgh pening camne nk buang smula..tu yg jd ssh sket tu

yatie chomeyl said...

miela >> ni pon x pening2 gak pk, cuma guna design sedia ada hehehe

yatie chomeyl said...

US, thanks dear...aah pegang doyan pastu pakai kimono ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

ummu AS>> join contest sbb boring xtau nk watpe..dgn nk hadiah free hihihi

yatie chomeyl said...

nadiah >> wpon tak logik ttp nk letak kui3x

yatie chomeyl said...

thanks tqah, akak gtl tgn tukar comment box baru

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