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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

4D 3N Hospital stay for Abg SN


In my previous blog post (SN Jr passes the fever baton to Abg SN) I did mention that Abg SN is down with fever. I thought it was normal fever, but then the fever went on and off for the whole week during the last week. I worried that it might lead to prolonged fever as it was already one week Fevers that last longer than three days and begin at 40°C, should cause for concern. If left untreated, this illness can lead to the development of a serious condition

Even though I've performed the C.A.L.M procedure at home, it didn't subdue the fever away. Oh, btw C.A.L.M stands for :-
  • Check the temperature (37°C and above is high temperature)
  • Assess for other symptoms (e.g. : dehydration, difficulty of breathing, vomiting)
  • Lower the temperature (dress them in light clothes, sponge your child with water or place a cool washcloth on his forehead)
  • Monitor child's behavior and temperature (After your child's fever is down, watch him for signs of improvement)

I was worried that the high fevers may cause seizure so I decided to go see Paeditrician at Hospital Pantai. He then decided that Abg SN should be further monitored at the hospital. 

+- muka moyok tak bertenaga -+

It was a pretty emotional situation to both Abg SN and mommy in the first place. The first procedure before being warded, is for the medical team at the Emergency Section has to take his blood sample and insert the needle drip tip on his hand. Abg SN cries out loud that he somehow caused the team to feel nervous and a bit shaky while taking Abg SN's bloods. Poor my little boy, of course it hurt him and it hurt me as well seeing him like that.

Not to forget the fact that I'll feel sick when I see sight of blood. I try hard not to faint at the sight of my son’s blood. As a mother, my job is to nurse boo-boos my child no matter how 'sick' I am feeling at that time. 
It took the team quite some time before finally obtained few pint bottles of Abg SN's bloods; I could feel that the room began to spin. I broke out in a cold sweat and I could feel all the color drain from my face. Thankfully, I managed to keep hold until the end of the procedure..phewwwww.

+- lepas ambik darah dan masuk jarum, dua2 duduk atas wheelchair sebelum di tolak masuk wad hahaha -+

Through the sample from his nose and his blood, Abg SN was diagnosed of having Influenza B which is extremely contagious and is accompanied by various symptoms that can make a child feel very ill.  Thus he should be put in the isolation ward to prevent from spreading the virus to others. 

Symptoms of influenza B are the same as the symptoms of other types of the flu. Most people will experience symptoms such as coughing, fever, headache, body aches, exhaustion and congestion. Influenza B is more fatal in children. 

Influenza B normally has a very abrupt beginning and can last for up to seven days. Children are at highest risk for having serious complications from influenza B so they should be carefully monitored for worsening symptoms and other complications. 

Abg SN was warded at Pantai Hospital from Saturday to Tuesday (4 days 3 nights). I could only stay with him for few hours during the daytime as SN Jr is still breastfeeding and we wanted to avoid SN Jr from staying near to his brother. So, Daddy and Ayoh Syo (my brother Asyo) who is on semester break took turns to stay with Abg SN at the hospital.

+- Day 1 -+

+- Day 2 -+

+- Day 3 -+

The total bill for the 4D 3N stay at Pantai Hospital is around RM 3.3K, thankfully it was covered under the life insurance/medical card that hubby had been paying every month for the 4 of us.. phewwww. Kalau idok habis gaji sebulan mommy, ehehe *eleh, bukan mommy yg bayar pon...Daddy jugak yang bayar ngeeeee*.

Pssssttt : 2-3 malam ni suhu badan Abg SN panas balik. A friend of mine suggested that we should 'azan' our house and after that tabur garam keliling rumah; manalah tahu kalau2 ada 'makhluk' yang menumpang duduk with us sampaikan budak ber2 ni asyik demam je.  Should we?

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

15 words of wisdom & comments:

-Sara- said...

get well soon :)

*azni* said...

semoga cepat sembuh abang SN..

transformed housewife said...

panah balik? demey pulok ko?

Eliss Mie said...

kesiannya. semoga sihat2.hok last sekali tu mungkin ada betul jugak. nuha dulu ms msk rumah baru demam2 jugak sbb dia spesis hok napok menda2 pelik mcm abah dia.

Min Aina Ila Aina said...

Yatie, kat Jepun kalau demam takde ambik2 darah ye. Sebab Sofiy (umi dan Sofiy) dah lali dah kena cucuk ambik darah. Nak tunggu menitik tu satu hal kan punya lama. Bukan macam ambik darah orang dewasa.Sampaikan asal demam je Sofiy ajak pegi klinik nak ambik darah. Berkutik pun tak dia...sebab dah biasa.

Apapun semoga SN cepat sembuh ye...

☆♥L@dy @yU♥☆ said...

Serious takut biler anak down wit high fever
But alhamdulliah SN oniichan dah baik
Insurance kt mesia tu penting if ader case gini tp mahai nk byq....weols dulu pun ambik but x guna pun

@e_da said...

Alahai siannya.. moga nazhan cepat sembuh syg... risau juga kalau demam gilir2 anak ni ya.. buat je la kot yatie air yassin.. ikhtiar mana yg boleh

*∽ IZAN ∽* said...

alahaii siannya Nazhan. Tu la demam ni yg paling common tapi yg paling bahaya kalau tak rawat dengan betulll

anyway moga cepat sembuh ye Nazhann.. amboi Ibu plak tumpang sekaki naik wheel chair hihihi

Zuraida said...

Semoga cepat sembuh.. Sian tgk..

Aleyn said...

Oh lama x singgah.....tgk2 SN dah jadik abang...get well soon big brother...

yatie chomeyl said...

sara & azni : thanks :)

kak nur : aa hari tu, lo ni OK doh

yatie chomeyl said...

Eliss : ni dh try tabur garam keliling rumah, sbg salah satu usaha la

Aina : kat jepun xpernah ambik darah, tu yg mommy sedih sbb 1st time tgk abg SN meraung gitu

yatie chomeyl said...

lady ayu : tu la, klu kat nihon x rasa sgt sbb budak2 kan free hehe

@eda : tu la, nasib baik adik x jangkit influenza tu dgn abg

yatie chomeyl said...

Izan : mommy kena naik wheelchair sekali dgn dia sbb dia dh meraung tak nak duk sorang2 takut kena cucuk lagi hahaha

Aleyn : aah dh jadi abang dah dia :D

Anonymous said...

ala kesiannya abang SN..baru je boleh mengkomen kat blog kengkawan setelah buat acc wordpress..haha..

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