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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Baby SN turns 5 months

I couldn't believe how fast time has passes by and my little prince is already 5 months old on 26th October. Despite throwing a celebration for his 5 month birthday, we "celebrated" his 5 months old birthday by paying a visit to see pediatrician as he suffers for runny nose and occasional cough for about 2 weeks. The paed run a RSV test to make sure that he's free from #RS-virus infection.

#RS-virus is short for respiratory syncytial virus which, in the winter months, is a common cause of acute bronchitis in small children. It typically infects children under the age of two, particularly those aged less than six months. However, the disease is rarely life-threatening and most children recover fully without any permanent problems. RS-virus is usually transmitted from one person to another by direct contact. While an adult or older child may merely have the symptoms of a common cold, younger children and babies may develop severe exhaustion and admission to hospital may be necessary.#
*info from netdoctor (click here)*

Alhamdulillah, he's free from the RS virus and paed said that he shows some symptoms of asthma as hubby & I has a history of asthma during our childhood days. Thus, he was given a nebulizer treatment at the clinic.

(sedut kat clinic)

(sedut kat rumah)

The paed even rent us the nebulizer machine for free so that we could perform the treatment twice a day at home for 3 consecutive days. After the treatment, I noticed that his runny nose has subdue away but he still has that occasional cough though it was not as severe as before.

(daddy is preparing for the treatment)

These days the weather is getting colder each day which makes it even harder for baby SN to have fast recovery. Nevertheless, these illness doesn't make him fussy and grumpy at all as he still shows his
chomeyl smile everyday and brighten our life with his cheeky face.

Here's some update on his
5 months development :-

1) How baby SN talk:

like to watch other people make sounds and try to make new sounds on his own.

say sounds like “ah-ah-ah,” “ee-ee-ee” and “oo-oo-oo.”

will babble to get attention.

imitate other babies talk
*chomeyl giler masa dia tiru budak2 kat nursery nangis & jerit2 , rasa nak cubit2* sengihnampakgigi eheh

(posing tunjuk tahi hidung sengihnampakgigi eheh)

2) How baby SN grow:
still can't sit without support but always wants to get up on his own

exploring his world with his eyes, fingers and mouth.

reach for things when he sees them and am able to grasp them.

When lying down on his tummy, baby SN can push himself up with his arms. At the same time, he can turn his head to look around but still not able to push himself forward.

When lying on his back, he can touch his feet and play with his toes.
loves to put everything into his mouth so we decided to buy him a teething ring to comfort him

(senyum simpul budak takder gigi)

3) What baby SN understand:

he know his name when someone says it.
*kat umah panggil Nazhan-chan, kat nursery panggil Shafiq-kun, kat blog panggil baby SN peace kui3x*
he can tell the difference between strangers and family.

he know familiar objects like his toys
*especially his teddy Anpanman..tgk hidung Anpanman pun dia dah excited nak gigit*

(playing with his teddy Anpanman)

4) How baby SN respond:

he like to watch other people’s faces closely as if he's gathering some data to save in his memory

he like to smile and talk to me when he was about to sleep
*bila I nyanyi utk dodoikan dia, sibuk2 dia nyanyi jugak utk dodoikan diri sendiri.. sengihnampakgigi eheh..chomeyl*
he will cry when someone leaves or when someone takes an object away from him.

he will shout and cried out loud when hubby & I attempt to clear his nose
*nak korek tahi hidung macam kena dera jer..hohoho*

(nangis bersungguh2 macam kena dera)

Psssstttt: kadang2 I dengan hubby sengaja nak bagi dia nangis sebab orang cakap tangisan boleh membantu menguatkan jantung & paru2 , nerd ye ke?

10 words of wisdom & comments:

Ina said...

alala sian nazhan xsihat ye. moga cpt sihat. tula risau je kan dh sejuk2 ni mcm2 penyakit ada. ihsan pn xsuka kene korek idung nangis kuat n meronta2. ritu dh terluka sket idung dia sbb dia meronta2. huhu panic sekejap dibuatnya.

reitak said...

bestkan tgk bb membesar & his perangai changing every so often? hope he gets well soon...

Anonymous said...

haaa..besar dah budak ni eek.. tak suka korek idung, takpe...miya pun tak suka korek bila papa dia dah ajar dia korek idung, now dia lak sendiri mula korek2..hish..malulah anak dara ooi..

nnt bila SN dah ok skit, bwk gi swimming...biar kuatkan lungs tu. hehehe..tu alasan i nak bwk miya swimming u all tgh sejuk2 kan? pegi onsen...hihihi...alasan nak suh mak dia meng"spa"kan diri..

kalau dah besar skit, boleh hantar gi kelas kecik lg ni, kalau nangis tu, biarkan aje dia practis vokal. tp jgn la biar dia nangis sampai semput. naya aje...kalau tak, u ajak dia nyanyi & jerit2 la berdua..kihkihkih...

Farah said...

bagus kan leh rent mesin nebulizer tu..takyahla nak ulang alik spital..buat treatment kat umah je..

happy 5 months baby SN!

Nadiah Sidek said...

kesiannya nazhan (byk betul nama panggilan nazhan ye..ehe..) tp nasib baik dia tak meragam. kalau tak, mmg letih la. adik kite ms kecik2 dulu ada asma, alhamdulillah bila besar hilang terus.

happy 5 months old nazhan! stay chomeyl ya! ;)

Aleyn said...

alahalaha..comelnyer dia...dah 5 bulan yer....tak lama nanti dapat kaki ler...

MaMaSyAzA said...

anak akak yg kecik pun penah kena camtu...sementara depa nak besar camtula..kejap demam, pastu sesema, tambah ngan batuk...

Atiqah said...

baby SN cepat sihat..nnt leh ngorat baby Tasnim..hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

ina >> mmg susah nk korek hidung, kena wat 2 org baru berjaya huhuhu

reita K >> tu la, xsangka dia dh besar cenggini

mama miya >> thanks for those luvly suggestion hehe

farah >> tu lah, rent xyah bayar plak tu..best2x

yatie chomeyl said...

nadiah >> tu la pasal, mcm2 gelaran ada kui3x

aleyn >> dh dpt kaki nanti, jenuh mommy & daddy nk kejar dia

mama Syaza >> sian kan tgk anak demam, rasa nk ganti je tmpt dia

atiqah >> baik kak Tqah *beria2 baby SN jawab*

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