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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Mandi manda kat Wet World Air Panas Pedas amat berbaloi2!

This week's travel and living segment by Yatie Chomeyl's blog will brings you to another waterpark in Malaysia. If for the last month's travel and living segment in Yatie Chomeyl's blog, we have experience the nice and splashing moments at Bukit Gambang Waterpark; kenyit this time around I'm gonna bring you to another splashing moments here at Wet World Air Panas Pedas, Negeri Sembilan.
== at the entrance ==
== at the gate ==

Wet World Air Panas Pedas is located at Lot 603, Mukim Pedas, Negeri Sembilan and is about 1 hour car journey with car from Kajang. I can say that this waterpark is the most affordable waterpark here in Malaysia as the entrance fee duit is only RM10 for person with the height of 135cm & above; RM8 for person with the height of 85-135cm and free admission for person below 85cm. *serius murah kan?*

I went to the WetWorld Air Panas Pedas with baby SN, my hubby and hubby's siblings. All together there are 6 adults plus the two babies; baby SN & baby Zharif.

== baby SN jadi bodyguard untuk mommy & his aunties==

The operating hours during weekdays is from 1pm to 7 p.m while on weekends & public holiday, it will be operating on 10 a.m to 7 p.m. But don't turn up to the wetworld on Tuesdays as it usually close for maintenance except during the school holidays & on public holidays. We were told that this Wetworld Air Panas pedas offers the natural hot spring as it special features. However, it was disappointing to found out later that the hot spring pool os closed on that day.

== baby SN adalah sangat excited main air ==

== sebelum berendam dalam air dengan daddy==

== learned to swim dari mommy yang tak reti berenang
ihikhik eheh==

This wetworld is divided into 6 main areas respectively. Those 6 areas are :-


This section of the wetworld known as spring valley is divided into 2 sections. The first sections of this spring valley houses the activity pool area with water play structure meant for kids. Since baby SN is still small to slides on his own, mommy & daddy "have" to take the responsibilities as a good parents by accompanying him to slides on it *padahal memang mommy & daddy nak main gak* ihikhik ehehe.

The pool itself is not so deep and I've made a mistake by letting baby SN to walk on his own; that he almost drowned as he slipped while walking inside the pool. Luckily I put him inside the small tube and I was standing not far away from him to quicly grab him and safe him before something bad happened to my baby uhuhuhu.
*Daddy dah jeling semacam kat mommy sebab buat tindakan tak berapa cerdik cenggitu*.

== sessi pemanasan penyejukan badan ==

== left pic : muka berlagak masa mula2 masuk air ==

== right pic : muka cuak sebab hampir lemas, nasib baik mommy sempat grab ==

The second section of this SPRING VALLEY area consists of two small pools which are meant for toddlers. Baby SN enjoy playing in this area and acted like he is a lifeguard at the pool. He has made several attempt to save his aunt; though obviously she doesn't really need any help while 'swimming' inside the shallow pool hehehe.

== baby SN having a blast splashing time ==

== baby SN jadi lifeguard selamatkan Cik Iti dari lemas eheh ==


This area were supposed to provide sensational feeling of swimming in the sea as it should simulates the wave at ocean. However, there is nothing like a wave simulation inside the pool but it is more or less just a normal swimming pool.

== family S-N & family Z-Z ==

== yes, I menang lompatan paling tinggi!
:sinchan ngeeee==

== baby SN & baby Zharif malas nak layan mommy & aunty2 posing ==

== baby Zharif dah kesejukan with his papa==

== baby Zharif main kat tepi pantai je lah dengan mama dia ==
== posing yang tak di terima masuk dalam majalah MANGGA jelir kui3x ==


This area offers a long water journey with floats along the Pulau Indah. Couple float can be rent for a price of RM10 + deposit RM4 while the single float can be rent for a price of RM7 + deposit RM3 for each float.

Some part of the long pool is shallow while at the some part the water level can reached up to 1.5m. So, it is necessary to always hang on to the floats while 'cruising' in the long pool.


This area of reflexology walk will greet you upon entrance of the Wetworld Air Panas Pedas.
The small pool is paved in different patterns of stones set to massage bare feet as you walk. You are advised to walk in clockwise direction for the first time and walk in the counterclockwise direction for the second round. It is said that if you can ignore the pain; the stones can drive the toxins out of your system.encem

== daddy tengah layan reflexology sambil dukung baby SN yang tengah tidur==


This Wetworld Air Panas Pedas only offers 2 slides
peace for the visitors of this waterpark. One slide is for body waterslide while the bigger one is meant for float waterslide.

== left pic : darling hubby berangan jadi model pelampung eheh ==

== right pic : kekti & adik ain berkali2 turun slides nih ==

The good thing about this waterworld is that not so many visitors were there when we went to the place. Thus, we dont have to queue up in order to play at any of the attractions offered at the waterpark.
== ila & jojo ==

But as usual, the stairs going to the embarkation point is quite high. Plus, carrying the giant float to the top of the tower buat I malas nak main banyak2 kali. *tipuuuu..padahal I takut, siap menjerit2 masa turun slides tuh sedangkan orang lain cool jer sengihnampakgigi hohoho*.
== obviously I memang si penakut sebab siap tutup mata lagi hohoho ==


Apart from those 5 main areas, this wetworld also have a field area which can be fully utilized to organize great events such as family days, dinner functions, corporate functions, wedding ceremonies, motivational camps and even birthday parties. Wow, imagine having your child's birthday party by the pool...:ayuk: best kan?. In fact, there was an event going on that day by a group of people...looks like they were having so much fun there!.

Overall, I can rate the Wetworld Air Panas Pedas at 3.5 out of 5 stars celebrate based on its cleanliness, waterpark facilities offered, and other facilities. This wetworld I believe is suitable for family with small kids as the pool is not so deep; but as for adults this wetworld is not so thrilling. However considering the fact that it only cost RM10 for adults; this Wetworld Air Panas Pedas is affordable to everyone!

Pssstt : kalau rasa agak jauh nak pergi sampai Pedas, the similar Wetworld is also available at Shah Alam and Batu Pahat.

21 words of wisdom & comments:

mast@work said...

saya pernah pi hotspring pedas tu.. best..

AshAnas said...

best gak klu leh bwk anas dtg sini....

dehe@farhan said...

sedap tgk main air..cni panas glo dh ni..haha

aNgAh_aLiFaH said...

dok jepun cuaca sejuk, travel living jalan2 kering aje la kan.. dok msia yang panas ni, byk kali g wetworld... hehehe...

btw, angah jmpa lelaki baju biru belang2 dengan tag UMP kat tmpoint td tghari... angah rase dia tu adik yatie.. tapi angah xtego.. takut dia terkujat plak kat situ.. hehehe...

Jiey^Mien said...

bagus nyo t..
siap wak review lengkap neh

transformed housewife said...

oooo gi main air pulok. muroh tu bayaran dio.

Nadiah Sidek said...

syoknya. rasa mcm nak bwk safiyyah gi tmpt2 mcm ni la. safiyyah suka main air tapi kat sini takde la pulak. hmm..

Huda said...

waa..huda lom penah pegi ni..bila mau pegi yer..hehe

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

ehhh cam beshhhh jer....

:: butterfly :: said...

lame x dtg melawat baby SN..xsangke dh besar bujang sorg ni.. :)

ala..fobia la yati tgk wetworld pedas ni.. hati2 sini slalu org xbertamadun selongkar kete org...

*luahan rase mangse org xbertamadun*

Farah . 5577 said...

bestnyee..! :D
splash splash.. harus pegi gak nnti ni..

Farah . 5577 said...

ps: yatie bc tak previous komen farah, yg nak invite ke bday party cik kenits insyaAllah 31hb ni.. sempat ke sebelum blk ke jepun?

yatie chomeyl said...

k. mas >> best dan murah kan?

shira >> aah, sesuai utk baby sbb xdalam

paan >> sini pong panas gop..tu ya berende semace tu

angah alifah >> ye ke jumpa my bro? len kali tegur je, xpe..dia sporting gak hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

jiey >> wat review lengkap sbb tgk kat tenet xdop lg info lengkap pasal tmpt ni hehe

k.nur >> meme muroh , rm10 jah. kat shah alam ado jugop, nti try la gi

nadiah >> ade kot kat sana tp maybe mahal la eh

huda >> pegi jgn x pegi hik3x

yatie chomeyl said...

ummi dania yasmine >> agak bessh la, sepadan dgn byrn dia yg agak murah tu

irma >> kete kena selongkar? hbs hilang brg2 dlm keta ke? nsb baik masa kitorg gi tu xde apa2 jadi

farah5577 >> insya Allah, smpt lg attend bday party tu since flight kami 31hb tu sebelah malam. wil try to make it to the event...insya Allah :)

CuppyCakeMommy said...

menarikksss..murah lak tu
yatiey,nanti jemput datang ke befday mia ye..18th ni..3-6pm
at Taska Jari Kecil Alam Sari,Bangi
email i for rsvp

boleh jumpa2...

kakyong said...

sonok nya.. main air jer koje nya.. tak abis lagi segmen jalan2 yer...
kita yg dok ipoh ni ntah bila nak jln2...
btw, best la.. hrp2 dpt le jejakkan kaki ke situ... geram tgk yatie main air...

gEe said...

yatie dear....akak tgk yatie ni mcm makin kurussss...jaga makan ya dik oi..bagi gemuk sikit jer lg...cengkung sgt muka tu...huhu..

yatie chomeyl said...

cppycakemommy >> insya Allah, i'll try to make it to the bday party ;)

k.yong >> segmen jalan2 mmg tiap2 mggu ada hehe. nti klu yatie gi ipoh, klu smpt..kita jumpa nak? hehe

k.gee >> yatie makan byk dah skrg sbb baby kuat nyusu..tu pasal la badan x naik2 wpon makan byk huhu

Mykhalish said...

ai blk kg sure lalu sni, tp xpenah tpkr nak sggh. tp bila tgk review ini.. tingin plak nak g.. chomeylllnye bb SN.. dah dewasa skrg.. hehehe

Love Razila said...

Macam best jerk =)

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