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Monday, 21 June 2010

Mandi Manda sampai Sunburn di Bukit Gambang Waterpark

Kalau sebelum2 ni, I bawak u all "jalan2" kat Jepun but since I'm in Malaysia for 2 months until the end of July, maka nya untuk bulan Jun & July ni..destinasi travel and living untuk blog yatie chomeyl akan pusing2 dalam Malaysia je lah erk. Jom cuti2 Malaysia bersama tourist guide anda, Yatie Chomeyl di temani oleh si kecik yang chomeyl juga; baby SN.

*Hi there, I'm baby SN; your tourist guide for today. Fasten your seat belt, sit back, relax and enjoy this trip*

Destinasi jalan2 cari pasal untuk kali ni ialah di Bukit Gambang Waterpark (BGWP), Kuantan. BGWP ni terletak dalam kawasan Bukit Gambang Resort City which is home to the first and the largest water park in the east coast and probably in Malaysia for present. The operational hours during weekdays is from 11am to 6 pm and on weekends it will be opened at 10 am to 6 pm.
*my youngest sister Awin with my SIL, Fiza ~ menunggu org beli tiket masuk*

I went there with my siblings except abang I je yang tak join trip kitorang ke Kuantan ni. Kitorang stay overnight at my brother's house: si Pein yang baru kawen hari tu *refer : Pein's wedding ceremony*. Rasa seronok sangat2 sebab dapat berkumpul beramai2 macam ni termasuklah dengan family my elder sister yang baru balik dari New Zealand;
Kak Nur.
*from left : Eji, Fatini, Epik, baby SN, Hafizah & Kak Nur *

Ticket fare to enter the BGWP cost RM20 for adult, tiket kanak2 bawah 12tahun pulak RM12, tiket bg warga emas pun RM12. Bagi baby pulak, free admission je. *Thanks to Angah Alifah, coz sudi inform kat I harga tiket yang I dah terlupa huhuhu*. Bukit Gambang Water Park spans across 60 acres offering non-stop fun and excitement!. Among the major attractions at BGWP are a 20-acre man-made lake, the largest wave pool with 8 modes of waves, the longest family raft ride and 6-lane racer slides complete with timing scoreboard.
*baby SN is getting ready with his Mak Long and cousins*
*cute pose by Fathini*

Baby SN had so much fun despite the really hot and sweaty weather on that day. He enjoy being in the companion of his family member and spending time with his two cousins; Fatini & Hafizah.
*main dalam giant floats sebelum masuk dalam kolam*

Walaupun mula2 masuk air, baby SN macam takut2 but after some time he get used to it...nak main sampai tak nak naik pulak. Habis sunburn kulit baby SN since I pakaikan dia dengan singlet + seluar pendek je sebab tak beli pon any swimming trunk for him. Luckily sebelum balik Malaysia hari tu, I memang ada beli special diapers that can be wear inside the water. This diapers is waterproof diapers and memang meant for swimming purpose.

From my personal opinion, BGWP is a perfect place to bring the whole family for having fun time at waterpark as it provide wide selection of 'water-play' for everyone at every state of age. The facilities provided are also convenient and quiet impressive in terms of its cleanliness. Lagipun, kawasan untuk kids and adult untuk bermain & bermandi manda sama banyak dan sama best je. Plus, untuk adult yang agak penakut macam I ni, boleh lah mandi manda dengan best jugak kat kids area tu hehehe.

------------ For EVERYONE --------------------

(1) Glacier River

We started our fun time at BGWP by cruising on the giant float through the Glacier River. We rent 3 couple's float and 1 single float to use. The Glacier River offers different experience compared with the similar 'river' that I've cruised at BukitMerah Watepark and SUnway Laggon. The BGWP river cruising bukan nya iar tenang macam biasa but it impose the wave effect maca kat laut gitu woo. I baring on the float while baby SN beriba on my lap sambil enjoy melompat2 mengikut alunan ombak ngeeeeee.

*baby SN's getting ready with the floats*

(2) Journey of Ice

While cruising on the float through the Glacier River, we were directed through a cave known as "Journey of Ice" where beberapa ekor Penguin are lining up along the pools to greet the visitors. At the end of the 'river', pengunjung2 akan di tunggu oleh siraman air pancut yang mencurah kat atas kepala. Syok wooooo.

(3) Family Raft Ride

This giant slides is meant for family raft ride. Tapi I tak naik pon raft ride ni sebab my adik2 I tak nak naik since it is not so adventurous for them. Ceh, berlagak btol sorang2....maka tak dapa lah I naik family raft ride nih huhu.

(4) Coco Beach

This 25,000 sq ft wave pool has surely offer a whale of a time! This is the major attraction for the whole BGWP. Tapi I main kejap je dalam ni, sebba I bawak baby SN sekali. Takut gak kalau terlepas pegang dia sebab kolam ni agak dalam.

------------- For ADULT ----------------------

(1) 6-lane racer slides with a timing scoreboard.

My BIL, Abg Arif, all my 4 brothers and my younger sister really enjoying those slides as they can race with others. My BIL claimed that he always won the race everytime he's sliding down the slide. Kak Nur & I didnt have the chance to slide on those slides as we have to take care of our kids *okeh tipu je, padahal both of us memang penakut* ekekeke. Camne tak takut weh, kena meniarap atas board tu dengan mendongakkan kepala pastu sliding down the long slides huhuhu.
*Pein (white Man Utd jersey) after sliding down the slide*
*Abg Arif yg happy sebab menang 1st place*

(2) Crystal, Galaxy and Canopy slides

Since I don't have the gut to ride the racer slides, I challenge myself to try the another adventurous slides. The curls and twirls of the Crystal, Galaxy and Canopy slides will undoubtedly provide endless fun to all revelers. As usual, while sliding down the slides..mak menjerit smapai nak terkeluar mak anak tekak hohoho.

------------- For KIDS -------------------------

(1) Penguin Island

Children will get their fair share of fun at Penguin Island. Surrounded by the Glacier River, which features the Journey of Ice – a cool tunnel tube ride, Penguin Island houses the 'first-of-its-kind' Aqua-play and several children slides; all built to international safety standards.

With the Children Fantasy Island ("penguin island"), special Kidz Zone, the Adventurous Typhoon River as well as a 1 kilometer long man-made sandy beach, never ending fun and merriment awaits for the young and young at heart! *macam I ehehehe*.

(2) Kids Zone
Special slides for kids which features shorter and safer slides are a perfect option for the kids to play. Baby SN pun main slides kat kids zone tu, accomanied by his uncle; Ayoh Pik.

Macam biasa, pengunjung2 waterpark is not allowed to brong outsid efood sebba diornag nak bagi laku food diorang je kan. So, kalau memang kornag bawak food sendiri...pandai2 lah sorok kat dalam handbag masing2. Kalau tak, food yang korang bawak tu akan di simpan kat food storage upon entrance and u will be charged RM1 untuk setiap bekas makanan tu. Kalau letak dlm handbag, biasanya memang diorang takkan check la.

BGWP also features 6 food outlets, namely TinMine Kopitiam, Coco Pizza and Penguin Express; which serves local and western cuisines as well as fast food. Italso have retail stores and a complete range of utilities such as showers,lockers and changing rooms makes your outing a totally convenient and comfortable one too.

I recommended you guys to go with the whole family to experience your best vacation at Bukit Gambang Resort City. Khidmat pengiklanan percuma je I buat ni, sebab I berpuas hati dengan facilities and the cleanliness of the waterpark.

*baby SN dalam dukungan Cik Awin ~ dah ngantuk lepas penat main air*

*tidur dengan nyenyak lepas bermandi manda di BGWP sampai sunburn*
*anak2 + menantu2 + cucu2 Hj Rosly & arwah Hjh Sa'adah at BGWP*

# info gathered from BGRC dan SENTRIA #

Pssstttt : lain kali kena apply sunblock cream dulu sebelum bersuka ria di tengah2 panas huhuhhu.

29 words of wisdom & comments:

Ummu Ammar said...

Alahai..tomeinya baby SN tido lps penat main air..thanks Yatie sbb sudi kongsi info psl BGWP..tgk la bila free nanti, bleh rasai keseronokan yg ada kt sana..

p/s : Your niece, Fatini memang pandai pose la..comel!

aNgAh_aLiFaH said...

ehem kuantan nak komen neh.. tiket utk kanak2 rm12. untuk warga emas jugak rm12. angah penah bawak MIL dan FIL. umur 50+ dah dpt tiket sama ngn kanak2.. :D

n lagi satu, sentria tu sebenarnye SENTORIA.. tersilap eja aje ;)

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said... buat me tak sabar nak pegi sana ni.bulan 7 nanti kami ada event kat sana! yang penting FREE..hehehe

Hanz said...

Yatie..takmo kasi address...nak jumpa!!! :)

Bila nak gi area Damansara? Meh kita jumpa kat Curve ker, OU ker.... :)

eRaY said...

waaaah sangat seronok
nak pegi jugak ler
bb SN sgt comel
mesti letih sangat tuh :)
bile nak jumpa?

E.L.I.Z.A said...

ya ampun yatie wehhh...tersgt la besttt...bagus sungguh entri kali ni..oyak so-so..bagus²!

meme eli rs gambang ni waterpark paling besar la..mugo eli penah g hop lain, xdop la byk lagu ni mainan dio..oloh ni sero nok g nihhhhh

zailamohamad said...

bagus ah Yatie ni, tak kenal erti penat;)
tapi hok paling penting bila bersama-sama dengan ahli keluarga yg membuatkan kito lupa semeta erti penat tu kam;)

isabelle said...

eh. kak nur pun ada?
hmm...syoknya bermandi sakan.bila la nak smpi sana lak?

isabelle said...

eh. kak nur pun ada?
hmm...syoknya bermandi sakan.bila la nak smpi sana lak?

Jiey^Mien said...

uish sedak neh..
keno gi neh

Heartilyina said...

bestnya! byk tmpt2 menarik kt mesia tp xtahu sgt. sbb krg promosi kot plus dri sndri pn xrajin mencari. harus pegi jugak nnt ni kalo blk mesia hihi :D

Nadiah Sidek said...

eh, knp kite tak pernah dgr pun tmpt ni. baru lg ke?

Farah . 5577 said...

alolo.. comeynyo baby SN tidor kepenate weih.. :)

nampak best sgt, terus rs mcm nak pegi jugak.. makin best entry yatie!
bile blk jepung?
agak2 sempat tak join bday party si kenits saya 31st july..? :)

nieda said...

wow bestnya jln2..x sampai lagi ke gambang.

nadnye said...

ingat hari tu nak pergi jugak sini, tapi bayangkan...juah dari KL

Drama Mama said...

tu diaaa...sangat happening mandi manda kat sini. nak2 pi ngn whole family, sangat meriah. baby SN dah besooo...sronok tengok dia!

Izan Ishak said...

alahai bby SN sangat comel lah...! dah besar pulak rasanya dia bila sunburn gitu...
lagi2 bila dia tido kepenatan macam tu, seb baik ada kipas yg boleh menyejukkan dia~

:: m.u.n.i.r.a :: said... tul!
tak saba nak pegi sini..
thanks for the info yatie...dok dengar je dari orang tapi tak tau bestnya camne..
so sekarang bari i tahu betapa bestnya tempat ini!

kakyong said...

bestnya main air...

temp. housewife said...

Tini mmg suko posing sokmo. Knur tok buat pun entry pasal ni sbb takdok maso loni.. Thanks for the entry.

NURUL IZZA said...

tengok ko gmbr baby SN tu siey pulok napok..letih sgtla tu

p.s: balik msia nk g jugok eh mace best jah

yatie chomeyl said...

UA >> mmg dia suka posing btul hehe

angah alifah >> thanks for the info ;)

eliss >> kalau free...laaaaaaaaaagiii best eheh

hanz >> will contact u if I gi belah2 sana

yatie chomeyl said...

eray >> anythime boleh...bgtau je ;)

eliza >> meme best, sbb byk utk budak2..mok budok pong leh tupe main hok budok2 hik3x

zaila >> bilo derat meme x penat pong kui3x

isabelle >> aah, gi sekali dgn family k nur

yatie chomeyl said...

jiey >> meme keno gi..best2x

ina >> tu la,x byk info kan..xpe,nti blk msia leh la gi jugak ;)

nadiah >> aah tmpt baru

farah 5577 >> flight blk ke nihon 31st july la dear...alahai...smpt ke x erk? huhuhu

yatie chomeyl said...

nieda >> sbb adik i kat sana , so sng sikit nk lepak sana

nadnye >> aah jauh sikit lah 3-4jam jugak

drama mama >> tu la, mmg meriah btul bila gi ramai2

izan >> nsb baik ada kipas ut, kalau x..x mo tidur dia

yatie chomeyl said...

munira >> u r most welcome dear...mmmg best n murah la jugak rate dia

k.yong >> best3x

k.nur >> t pon curi2 update maso boss xdop hahaha

izza >> meme letih sungguh dio, lepas tukar baju teru stidur x kaba ingat

Miela77 said...

Hari nie adalah hari menjelajah blog yatie..kui.kui..kui..

Best nyer .. cam nak g je raya t..sbb raya nie maybe balik umah Mak Tih kat Pahang..

yeay..tq yatie..for ur good n informative entri... rasa cam promosi cuti2 msia lak..heheheh

aNgAh_aLiFaH said...

adik yatie dok ktn ke?

yatie chomeyl said...

k. miela >> ur welcome, mmg prmosi msia la gak nih hehe

angah alifah >> aah, die kije kat UMP

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