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Friday, 26 November 2010

Baby SN's 17th months milestones

Every time I am about to write about Baby SN's milestones, I will realize how rapidly he has grew up. Thus, I feel it is very important to write about his achievement so that I can still remember all these great moments and hopefully, if panjang umur xpasti ..I'd be able to share this story during his growing up phase with baby SN later.

=- mommy & daddy's best friend
peace -=

Here's some of his achievement a.k.a baby SN's 16th & 17th months milestones :-

1. Can understand what mommy & daddy are saying
~ he is able to do things that we ask him to, like to throw his disposable diapers into the dustbin, we will say the words "GOMI" (rubbish) and he will do it excellently.

~ he will then waited for our compliment upon his achievement, simple compliment like saying "jouzu" (great) and clapping hands
tepuktangan will blow him away lepas tu terus tersengih suka ria sengihnampakgigi hehe

2. Latest addition to his vocabulary

~ he'll says "MAMA" when he wants to eat, *bila lah dia nak panggil "MOMMY" nih?* huhuhu..sob sob T_T
~ he'll shout for "DEDE" if he want anything that he couldn't take on his own

~ "TOTOP"= tutup
~ I'm a bit worried about his speaking skills
adacall as he might find it difficult to converse in 3 different languages that he listen to everyday i.e. Japanese, English and Malay. But, I keep thinking positive and assure myself that kids his age are linguistic genius, therefore we should just keep talking to him to help him in his communication skills.

=- socialize dengan baby Jepun, mommy tak faham apa yang dua baby ni borak kan -=

3. Master some part of the Japanese gesture

~ By Japanese gesture here I'm referring to the bowing gestures made by Japanese

~ whenever someone said "ARIGATOU", "ITERASYAI", "KONNICHIWA", "OHAYO GOZAIMASU"; baby SN will respond by bowing his head...
:males: *super chomeyl okeh terngok dia terbongkok2 kepala kadang2 sampai terhantuk kat lantai* kui3x.

4. A little more handful to mommy & daddy
~ besides able to throw the rubbish into the dustbin, baby SN always
eager to let us involve him in house chores activities such as tidying the futon and put in inside the closet.
~ though he can't do it perfectly yet, but he was able to pick up the pillows and arrange it inside the closet,
nanti bila dia dah pandai kemas sendiri.....senang kerja mommy sengihnampakgigi ngeeeeeeeeeeee.
~ he'd be more than delighted to help me when I'm hanging the clothes
tapi lepas 3 minit tolong mommy, mula rasa bosan agaknya.... dia buang je baju2 tu merata2 atas lantai huhuhuhu.

=- video baby SN tolong mommy & daddy kemas futon -=

5. Become too obsessed with Laptop, DVD player and iPhone
~ he wanted us to always PLAY his baby Einstein video or Siri Doa video or Nursery Rhymes video allllll the time when he was staying at home. Tengah2 malam pun kalau takleh tidur, tetaplah nak tengok video..adoyaiii.
=- bangun je dari tidur ngantuk terus suruh PLAY video -=

~ at the same time, while watching his video he'll ask me to PLAY the ABC song in my iPhone and if I refuse to do that, he'll cry out loud sampai satu blok boleh dengar suara nyaring dia..huwaaaaa...iPhone mommy dah tak de urpa henfon dah, comot dengan cap jari dia bertompok2 kat screen...
adus uwaaaaaaaaaaaa.

~ I risau jugak dengan obsession dia ni sebab I ada baca this article about Baby Einsteins: Not So Smart After All By Alice Park ; tapi buat masa ni I memang tak mampu nak halang keinginan dia untuk tengok his educational videos and songs whenever he ask for it tension huhuhu

=- tak nyempat2 nak buckle seat belt dalam car seat, terus suruh ON DVD player dia huhuhu -=

6. Still Breastfeeding
~ baby SN is a big fan of mommy's milk that everytime I come back home, he'll straight away say the word "NAK NEK"; kadang2 mommy tak sempat bukak tudung lagi dia dah ambik bantal untuk menyusu hehe
~I dah tak pam susu lagi untuk bekal dia sebab kat nursery, diorang bagi fresh milk untuk baby over 1 year old.

~ infact Doctor pun dah advise untuk baby SN stop minum susu ibu tapi I tak sampai hati nak stop kan lagi though I have to admit that there are times that I feel like I nak stop, tapi bila fikir2 semula..tak jadi la nak stop lagi..erm, takpe lah,selagi I mampu dan selagi ada rezeki dia nak minum susu ibu...mommy will continue nursing you darling.
~ everytime I feel like giving up and start weaning him, I'll look at this video of Claire(one of the 12 finalists of ANTM season 10). I'm encouraged by Claire's will, though she was so keen on pursuing her dream to be a top model, it doesn't stopped her from pumping her milk while she's away from her daughter....that's is super sweet effort senyumkenyit by a mother to her baby.

7. Started using training pant
~ as part of potty training effort done by his nursery, we have to provide at least 3 pieces of training pants for him everyday
~ It is easy to potty train your baby using training pants because children connect the immediacy of wetness and the prompt consequences of wetting, they learn
nerdhow their body works.
~ This helps them learn how to sense a full bladder and communicate their needs to adults.

=- baby SN's collections of training pants -=

8. Super grumpy and cranky 24-7 a day
~ as I've mentioned in my entry Up and down of being a perasan chomeyl mommy, baby SN is being ridiculously manja ::( sekarang ni that I sometime miss the time when he was little baby yang baik dan jarang nangis dulu2.
~ Here's are some of the tips shared by my beloved friends in the entry to help me to overcome this problem :-
  • read the book pasal handling tantrum (The Happiest Toddler on the Block: How to Eliminate Tantrums and Raise a Patient, Respectful, and Cooperative One- to Four-Year-Old: Revised Edition, by Dr Karp)
  • bisik kat telinga baby kata2 nasihat & baca surah fatihah & 4 Qul.
  • baca pada air (mineral atau zamzam) surah Ar-Rahman ayat 1-5 dan surah Taha 1-28, bagi baby minum air tu

=- sessi tunjuk perasaan di atas lantai -=

~ Bayangkan dia punya kehebatan untuk tunjuk perasaan tantrum tu tak kira masa dan tempat. Even kat city ward office masa his 17th months check up pun dia boleh menjerit2 tak puas hati hahahaha gatai ..anak oh anak.

=- tengah tunjuk perasaan menjerit kuat2 sambil geleng2 kepala lepas tu diam bila tengok ada baby lain nangis hahahaha -=

Whatever his behavior is, and doesn't matter how much I'm super annoyed with his tantrum and cries, I still love him so damn much. After all, I guess it is true when people said that "children's behavior is a reflection of their parents action". Hehehe..I wont be blaming him for acting so clingy and manja and mengada2, :puppyeyes: sebab I pun memang manja dan mengada even dah tua bangka macam sekarang ni ekekekeke.
=- mommy's boy; like mother like son -=

Pssssttt : yang hairannya, garupale bila mommy takde elok je perangai dia dengan Daddy. Bila Mommy ada je, terus bertukar jadi manja 200% hohoho.

18 words of wisdom & comments:

Huda said...

totop macam husna gak..hehehe..rajin bb sn mengemas yer tlg mommy n daddy :)

Aleyn said...

Hehehe..macam2 baby SN.....bab Grumpy yg best tu...comel jer

MyKhalish said...

ahahah...tidakk... siap brg2 guling2 ats lantai. hehehe.. tp so sweet bila tgk BB SN dah beso.. xpela, biarla dia weaning sendr. sdh woo bila dia xmo nenen kita dah.. ku hlr2 pd aqil khalish pun dia g sengih2 xmo. sob..sob.

isabelle said...

nanti back in Msia (for good) jenuh nak bagi dia faham BM/english lak ye.
tapi best la kalo at d moment u balik Msia, he cpuld understand Japanese. ala2 org xtau apa yg u ckp in the public dgn baby SN

isabelle said...

nanti back in Msia (for good) jenuh nak bagi dia faham BM/english lak ye.
tapi best la kalo at d moment u balik Msia, he cpuld understand Japanese. ala2 org xtau apa yg u ckp in the public dgn baby SN

Nadiah Sidek said...

*super chomeyl okeh terngok dia terbongkok2 kepala kadang2 sampai terhantuk kat lantai*

hahaha..over la nazhan ni. ke sebenarnya nak sujud tu? hehe..

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

boy tu nampak lasak dan bijak

transformed housewife said...

mace2 perangai doh loni Nazhan deh. pasal bhs tu, ajar jah 3 bhs hok Nazhan keno belajar. nanti dio pick up sikit2. jge runsing sgt.

mazni_azis said...

sungguh comel & kelakar masa dia buat perangai kat Nishi Ward Office tu...sib bek mommy dia tau Baby SN ikut perangai mengada n manja mommy dia..:P

dbalkis said...

Yatie : thanks for the sharing al-rahman n taha tu.. i pun nak tiup2 jampi senyonyong sket kat my dhani ni. makin menjadi2 tantrumnya..

syok eh.tak abis2 i nak suka japan nursery ni, awai2 dah ajar potty train.

fresh milk apa diorang bagi bb ek? minum formula tak? ke fresh milk je?

NURUL IZZA said...

ensem betul dia..haha

balik pahni gak, kecek jepungla..brapo thn lg nk balik?

US pun lepas sthn suh minum fresh milk. dio xsey wi doh minum susu ibu...

yatie chomeyl said...

Huda >> oh, Husna pun sebut TOTOTP eh hehe

Aleyn >> comel mmg comel, tp buat mommy terus bertukar jadi hijauuu ekekeke

mykhalish >> di apunya guling2 tu mmg x kira masa & tempat hohoho

yatie chomeyl said...

isabelle >> tu la, ala2 secret code gitu ;)

nadiah >> kalau bab tiru solat pun terbongkok2 rukuk dia xreti lg hehe

brutalsolo >> aah,mmg agak lasak..biasalah budak tgh nak besar kan ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

k.nur >> tu la..lo ni kecek campur2 jah 3 bhs

angah >> sikit2 je perangai mommy, banyak nye pernagai daddk wakakaka

yatie chomeyl said...

dbalkis >> 100 fresh milk kalau kat nursery after 1 year old. bab potty train tu mmg best tp kat rumah, i pun kena usaha potty train di ajugak hehe

IZZA >> ado 2thn lg. tp tu la ore pelik, kalu di rumoh..dio xsey minum fresh milk..nok jugop pek mommy

AshAnas said...

kak, anas dulu sebut tutup pun jadi totop..haha... sekarang dah ok la, bunyi tutp elok je...

anas pun suka main ipod ummi dia sblm tido...

kakyong said...

bila baca milestone anak2 ni... tahap2 tu mcm lebih kurang sama jer..

aliya at age 2 tahun 4 bulan ni.. dah pandai nak pakai baju yg cantik2 jer.. yg buruk2 tak mau dah.. kdg2 baju kakak @ baju abg pun dia rembat.. yg penting comel... cloth diapers pun dia pili yg prnted jer.. yg plain seme tolak tepi...

yatie chomeyl said...

shira >> agaknya mmg budak2 takleh sebut 'U' masa mula2 bercakap kot eh

k.yong >> wah, ada bakat nak jd fashionista si aliya ni besar2 esok eheh ;)

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