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Monday, 22 April 2013

Defying all odds


Being in the Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing under the Department of Aeronautical Engineering  means that most of the staff are guys. As for the Aeronautic department, there are only 3 ladies including me. To make things worse is that the other 2 ladies are on study-leave for the next 2-3 years which means that I will be the only working lady at the department right now..phewwww.

Don't get me wrong, I'm comfortable working around guys as I myself was raised with 5 boys in my sibling.. so I'm used to be surrounded by guys all day. The only concern that I have right now is regarding to my pumping session. 

To maintain the milk supply, I should pump at least 15 minutes for every 3 hours during the working hours. It's not a problem when I'm in the office but it does create a tiny little problem for me when I have to go outstation with those guys.

2 weeks ago, I was assigned to go to a meeting in KL with 4 other guys in the department. The journey from Batu Pahat - Putrajaya took 6 hours back and forth plus 1-2 hours of meeting session, which clearly means that it does interfere with my pumping session. I brought along the Medela Freestyle Breastpump and I was planning to pump when we stopped for solat

Unfortunately, my B was sending the signal that it can't stand the milk anymore so I should start pumping to avoid them from transforming me to be Pamela Anderson ... LOL. 

I have no other option than wearing my nursing cover and start pumping. Luckily I was sitting by myself in the last row of the Exora MPV; and luckily the sound of the breast pump was not that loud compared to the sound of air as the car accelerates through the highway. 

Those guys doesn't even had a slightest clue on what I am doing at the back row at all. One of them did turn at the back to check on me *whether I'm comfortable or not sitting at the back row*...and he thought I was feeling cold *he mistaken the nursing cover as blanket/shawl* ... and so he asked "ko sejuk ke weh?". I nodded religiously and couldn't even say any word when he 'help' to turn the aircond blower away from me LOL.

+- my colleagues who were in the car with me at that time. none of them noticed that I'm pumping inside the car -+

When I told this incident to my husband, he personally thought that it's a shameful thing to do. So I had to explain to him that no one noticed it, so there's nothing to be ashamed of. 

I guess other moms will agree with me that mommies can defy all odds and go to all extend into providing the best for their kids. As quoted by Marion C. Garretty  "Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible"

Psssttt : I hope my colleague wont read this entry, if not lain kali kalau kena pergi outstation dgn diorang..kantoi la pulak kan hahahah

10 words of wisdom & comments:

Eliss Mie said...

bagus betul :) harap diorang tak perasan kan. keh keh keh

Rai Ourkizuna said...

i baru nak tulis.. hopefully diorang tak baca your blog kan.. haha..

my husband pun quiet sensitive issue macam ni..there's no way he would allow me to do such things..sama macam u..kena explain..dari sendiri yg sakit kan..

transformed housewife said...

biasala orey jate jd sensitif pelik sgt kalu psl ni. Takpo, ok doh Tie pandai cover lagu tu.

Affieza said...

Shawl pun boleh!!!! hehehe

Rai Ourkizuna said...

Yatie, bawang tu i hiris dan masukkan dalam socks dia. Utk turunkan panas badan. Selain tu bungkus dlm tisu ke kain jarang, letak tepi tempat tidur dia. Bagus especially kalau budak batuk selesema.

Utk older children, i tuang madu pada hirisan bawang. Biar 10 minit. Ambik airnya dan bagi as ubat batuk, selesema ngan sakit tekak.

atoyissan said... time bagi tau jek...normally colleagues faham terutama kalau yang dh kawin..sbb sekarang ni semua org tau kebaikan BF..

isabelle frankly said...

i xde malu2 dah when it comes to my motherly task ni.
alhamdulillah i rasa xde jantan2 miang yg berpandangan gatal around me. not anymore.hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

Eliss :: harap2nya gitu lah hehe

Rai : i pun xnk buat kije gile tu tp sbb dh nk jd pamela anderson..tu yg tpaksa gak pam tu huhuhu

yatie chomeyl said...

kak nur : sakit doh retep maso tu...bengkok doh huhuhu

Affieza : boleh je kan? ekkeke

yatie chomeyl said...

Atoyissan : sbb i org baru, tu yg malu lg nk bg tahu diorg pasal projek rahsia i tu hehe

isabelle : i rasa lps ni my colleague gerenti tahu jugak kalau kitorg outstation lg sama2 hehe

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