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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sayounara Nihon


I don't know where to start, there's lots of things to share with you guys. Maybe I should start this entry by telling you that SN's family was already here in Malaysia. And yes, we were officially back for good to Malaysia last Friday (29th Mac 2013). 

+- last moment in Japan. Will treasure all the bittersweet memories for the past 4 and 1/2 years there -+

We left Fukuoka on 27th Mac 2013, and headed to Tokyo for 2 days visit before our flight back to Malaysia. The flight journey wasn't that easy especially when you are travelling with active 4 years old toddler and a cranky 5 month old little baby. 

+- we left hotel by 5.30 a.m. Both of them were sleepy so I had to put them in the stroller while hubby pushing the luggage cart -+

SN Jr was crying most of the time on the flight, not sure whether he was afraid of the loud sound or he feel uneasy with the pressure on the plane. The only time he wasn't crying was when he was asleep. Daddy has to Tawaf on the plane to shush him. Phew, I guess no more flight trip for the next few months.

+- SN Jr wanted to enjoy the in-flight entertainment with Abg SN -+

+- SN Jr sleeping like a boss inside the baby bassinet -+

+- Abg SN behaves well on the plane...Alhamdulillah -+

+- a tired daddy that has to handle 2 kids on the 7 hours journey from Tokyo Narita to Kuala Lumpur; as mommy was down with air and motion sickness -+

Right now, the 4 of us are adapting to a new routine as I have also started to report duty at a university somewhere in Batu Pahat. We rented a house somewhere near Carrefour Batu Pahat, so it took about 20-30 mins to arrive at work for mommy & daddy (yes, both of us are working at the same university). 

I still struggle with time management, especially during the early morning where I have to prepare SN Jr's EBM to bring to the nursery and to help Abg SN getting ready to go to Little Caliph kindergarten. Not to forget, getting myself ready...especially to iron the baju kurung (that I haven't worn for quite some time), tepek bedak as well as selecting the scarf that match with the outfit...haiyohhhhhhhh.

+- my 1st and 2nd day at work. menyibuk dulu kat ofis hubby utk tumpang pam susu sebab tak dapat bilik lagi hohoho -+

Whatever it is, I'm sure we'll be able to catch up with this new routine soon and I'll be able to update my blog regularly (hopefully). Now, please excuse me as I have to learn lots of new things regarding to my new life as an academician at Malaysian university. Wish me luck, girls!

Pssssttt : kalau ternampak I kat batu pahat or kat mana2, tegur2 lah ye *bajet femes* eheh

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

21 words of wisdom & comments:

zailamohamad said...

yeay..balik Melesia doh kalu gitu..

Xeea said...

yeayyyy!!! Lecturer UTHM lah ni ye? All the best!

Almiraz said...

yay buleh jumpo kt Batu Pahat nanti!...heeeh..btw, comel gile SN junior tido like a bawse tu, tgn sampai keluar2...chubby lak tu...heeeee

MamaAliya said...

welcome home yatie and family.... =p

nieda said...

Welcome to malaysia.. Selamat bertugas

Oyis said...

yatie balik exactly 2 mths after ore. cpt nya adapt! abg SN masuk sekolah doh. aisyah sampai ke lo ni duk dumah lg, pisoh x hntr. tp maybe sbb ore maternity leave lg, so ok la. slmt memulakan hidup baru di msia. nnt2 insya Allah kito jupo deh..

@e_da said...

yatie.. welcome back.. iknow sure u keje kat Kuittho kan??? my hometown batu pahat tu.. bebila balik kg kita roger2... hihi.. care4 tu dgn umah my mom 15 minit je.. insha allah 1 hari pasti kita terjumpa di sana... ehhehe gud luck!

Fazlinil Irma said...

selamat pulang..

panas dak..? hehehe..

♥MAMASYAZA♥ said...

welcome back. senyum sowang2 akak baca gelagat anak2 yati dlm kapalterbang

love live good life said...

selamat bertugas dr yatie

transformed housewife said...

selamat mengajar.

yatie chomeyl said...

zaila : yeay, buleh make sedak2 doh eheh

Xeea : yup, kat uthm :)

yatie chomeyl said...

Almiraz : let me know klu u blk bt pht ye :)

mama aliya : thanks dear :)

yatie chomeyl said...

nieda : mekaceh

oyis : tpakso terus hantar Abg SN kat kindy and SN Jr kat nursery sbb ore xdpt cuti seminggu lepas lapor diri tu huhuhuh

yatie chomeyl said...

@eda : oh ye ke...ok nti klu blk bt pht, leh la jumpa :)

Fazlinil Irma : panassssssssssss...anak2 mengamuk huhuhuh

yatie chomeyl said...

mama syaza : pening kepala nak handle diorg huhuh

fiza & kak nur : thanks :)

FrH said...

salam ..
UTHM ..? UTHM dah lawa skrg ..
so boleh laa kawan dgn shahrul niza mokhatar =)

Jonathan Hartford said...

welcome back to Malaysia..i think you will be teaching at the aeronautical engineering dept in son is attending the same course in his 3rd sem now. I wish u can carry on with ur blog and recipes..i enjoyed ur Nasi Air recipe..brings back lots of memories of Berek 12..

Rai Ourkizuna said...

welcome back dear!

kat kuittho ke? eh betul ke ejanya... hehehe.. nanti kalau i balik hometown boleh la lawat kawasan.. hahaha..

yatie chomeyl said...

FrH : yup..mmg la ofis dekat2 je dgn dia hehe

jonathan : i hope ur son wont read my blog.. malu la if student tahu lecturer dia suka mnerepek kat blog hahaha

Rai : yup dear, keje situ :)

Norliha Samad said...

Ya Allah lama betul tak baca blog yatie ni, dh ada kat bp ya.
Patutlah mcm pernah ternampak yatie kat Aeon Big Batu Pahat. Insya'allah akak akan tegur yatie.

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