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Thursday 26 June 2008

Memoirs of MA : ~LHR airport~

I was sitting at the London Heathrow Airport, it is one of the most busiest airport in the world.

But I was not borthered with all the hustle bustle things going around me right now coz I’m living in my own world.
I’m sitting in front of the announcement screen,waiting for the gate number and here I am..crying again….

Abah always said that I’m still her little girl that he used to bring around on his back and to carry to bed whenever I slept in front of tv.Ma always asked me when will I’ll be more matured? and now I have the answer. This incident has turns my world upside down.

Despite of the fact that this is the hardest time in my life so far,it is also giving me the biggest lesson that I’ve to learned in my life.

Ma, I promise that I wont fight with Awin anymore.

Ma,I know that you truly understands why I envy Awin.It was because of u! I dont want Awin to take my place as ur baby girl.

Ma,I wont be jealous towards Awin anymore as there’s no u anymore to be fight for.

I’ll take good care of Awin so that she’ll never feels like losing u.
I’ll grew matured as u wanted me to be.
I’ll cook for abah and the boys just like how u’ve taught me to.
I’ll try as hard that I could to be anything that u wanted me to be so that everybody will know how great u are as a mother.

Ma,I missed u so much!

LHR airport
25th June 2008

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