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Wednesday 26 June 2013

4D 3N Hospital stay for Abg SN


In my previous blog post (SN Jr passes the fever baton to Abg SN) I did mention that Abg SN is down with fever. I thought it was normal fever, but then the fever went on and off for the whole week during the last week. I worried that it might lead to prolonged fever as it was already one week Fevers that last longer than three days and begin at 40°C, should cause for concern. If left untreated, this illness can lead to the development of a serious condition

Even though I've performed the C.A.L.M procedure at home, it didn't subdue the fever away. Oh, btw C.A.L.M stands for :-
  • Check the temperature (37°C and above is high temperature)
  • Assess for other symptoms (e.g. : dehydration, difficulty of breathing, vomiting)
  • Lower the temperature (dress them in light clothes, sponge your child with water or place a cool washcloth on his forehead)
  • Monitor child's behavior and temperature (After your child's fever is down, watch him for signs of improvement)

I was worried that the high fevers may cause seizure so I decided to go see Paeditrician at Hospital Pantai. He then decided that Abg SN should be further monitored at the hospital. 

+- muka moyok tak bertenaga -+

It was a pretty emotional situation to both Abg SN and mommy in the first place. The first procedure before being warded, is for the medical team at the Emergency Section has to take his blood sample and insert the needle drip tip on his hand. Abg SN cries out loud that he somehow caused the team to feel nervous and a bit shaky while taking Abg SN's bloods. Poor my little boy, of course it hurt him and it hurt me as well seeing him like that.

Not to forget the fact that I'll feel sick when I see sight of blood. I try hard not to faint at the sight of my son’s blood. As a mother, my job is to nurse boo-boos my child no matter how 'sick' I am feeling at that time. 
It took the team quite some time before finally obtained few pint bottles of Abg SN's bloods; I could feel that the room began to spin. I broke out in a cold sweat and I could feel all the color drain from my face. Thankfully, I managed to keep hold until the end of the procedure..phewwwww.

+- lepas ambik darah dan masuk jarum, dua2 duduk atas wheelchair sebelum di tolak masuk wad hahaha -+

Through the sample from his nose and his blood, Abg SN was diagnosed of having Influenza B which is extremely contagious and is accompanied by various symptoms that can make a child feel very ill.  Thus he should be put in the isolation ward to prevent from spreading the virus to others. 

Symptoms of influenza B are the same as the symptoms of other types of the flu. Most people will experience symptoms such as coughing, fever, headache, body aches, exhaustion and congestion. Influenza B is more fatal in children. 

Influenza B normally has a very abrupt beginning and can last for up to seven days. Children are at highest risk for having serious complications from influenza B so they should be carefully monitored for worsening symptoms and other complications. 

Abg SN was warded at Pantai Hospital from Saturday to Tuesday (4 days 3 nights). I could only stay with him for few hours during the daytime as SN Jr is still breastfeeding and we wanted to avoid SN Jr from staying near to his brother. So, Daddy and Ayoh Syo (my brother Asyo) who is on semester break took turns to stay with Abg SN at the hospital.

+- Day 1 -+

+- Day 2 -+

+- Day 3 -+

The total bill for the 4D 3N stay at Pantai Hospital is around RM 3.3K, thankfully it was covered under the life insurance/medical card that hubby had been paying every month for the 4 of us.. phewwww. Kalau idok habis gaji sebulan mommy, ehehe *eleh, bukan mommy yg bayar pon...Daddy jugak yang bayar ngeeeee*.

Pssssttt : 2-3 malam ni suhu badan Abg SN panas balik. A friend of mine suggested that we should 'azan' our house and after that tabur garam keliling rumah; manalah tahu kalau2 ada 'makhluk' yang menumpang duduk with us sampaikan budak ber2 ni asyik demam je.  Should we?

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

Wednesday 12 June 2013

SN Jr passing the fever baton to Abg SN


Last week SN Jr yang demam + selsema + batuk, this week Abg SN pulak down with fever + batuk. Dah agak lama jugak Abg SN tak demam, selalunya adik je yang demam + selsema + batuk. Kali ini bila Abg SN pulak demam; adik macam mati kutu..tak ada geng nak ajak main peek-a-boo. 

+- adik kebosanan tak ada geng nak ajak main -+

Dah dua malam berturut-turut suhu badan mencecah 40°C, tidur malam pun meracau-racau.  Paling tak boleh blah, dalam duk meracau-racau tu terkeluar jugak ayat berbunyi "abg demam, abg nak cuti, tak nak go to school" ekekeke.

+- ini bukannya bersantai kat rumah, tapi tengah tungu turn nak jumpa Doctor -+

Luruh jantung mommy bila tengok anak2 tak sihat. Nasib baik lah tak demam kedua-duanya serentak, kira nya macam SN jr pass baton kat Abg SN pulak. Kalau dua2 berpakat demam serentak, jawabnya makin kurang lah lemak2 kat badan mommy eheh.

Doa-Demam-Panas.jpg (400×300)

Bukan setakat Abg SN yang demam, tapi aunties dia macam Cik Amah dan Cik Ain and also tok umi & tok abah pun dah kena serang dengan virus demam selsema. Daddy & Mommy pun macam dah terjangkit dengan virus 'jahatni. Mommy cuma berharap mommy di kurniakan ketabahan dan kekuatan untuk jaga Abg SN dan jugak jaga diri mommy sendiri as well as jaga Daddy jugak.

Pssssttt : ujian sakit penghapus dosa, mommy redha..Insya Allah.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

Friday 7 June 2013

Abe De's E-day!.


Abe De is my older brother, the only elder brother that I have. He was 3 years older than me. When we were kids, he wanted me to call him "Adik De" instead of "Abe De".

Although Abe De was a bit "different" (pervasive developmental disorder) with his siblings, my late mom treated him the same with us so Abe De was able to grow up as 'normal' kids. *further reading : HERE and HERE*.

Arwah Ma used to share with me about her worries that, one day when all of us have our own family; what will happen to Abe De?. 

Who will look after him if he is not married?. 

Will he ever find his soulmate too?. 

Who will be his other half?. Will she be able to be by Abe De's side through ups and down?. 

Most importantly, will she be understanding enough to always accept Abe De's flaws?.

Allah is "the Beneficent, the Merciful". "He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. Abe De suddenly told us that he believed he had chosen someone to be his future wife. So, preparations were made by aunties & uncles to ask for her hand in marriage.

And so................Yesterday (06/06/2013) was their engagement day.  

+- sarung cincin by Cik Yoh (abah's sister) -+

+- Abe De and his future wife-+

Although it was just a simple ceremony *that's the Kelantanese way*, I am touched when I saw those pictures. It made me miss Arwah Ma more. :'( 

I'm praying that their relationship will be blessed and I'm pretty sure that Abe De's wedding day will be one of the most awaited wedding in our siblings.

Pssssttt : Doakan segalanya berjalan lancar dan semoga di permudahkan urusan Abe De untuk menjadi ketua keluarga. He deserved all the rights in the world to be happy, just like us :).

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Abg SN's 4th birthday party at KFC Extreme Park, Shah Alam


For the past 3 years I will be making plans, a month in advanced for Abg SN's birthday present and birthday celebrations. As for his 4 year old birthday, I was hooked up with office works and outstation trips that it was difficult for me to really sit down and make a proper plan for his bday party. Thus I decided to celebrate it at KFC where everything was prepared by them *the only thing that I had to prepare is the payment hahahaha*.

Abg SN's 4th birthday was held at KFC Extreme Park Shah Alam on Sunday (26th May). Some of my friends asked "Why KFC Extreme Park?" instead of KFC in Batu Pahat. Sebabnya Parent In Law pergi Umrah hari Ahad tu jugak (flight during pukul 10pg kat KLIA), so alang2 dah turun KL dan alang2 jugak memang family members hubby and I stayed in KL/Sgor...we decided to throw the party there.

Due to my tight schedule (I was in Desaru from 17-19th May and in Kuala Terengganu from 21st-24th May), I didn't have enough time to even throw out the invitation to many people. So the guests of Abg SN's 4th birthday party were mainly our immediate family members and friends who happen to view the event invitation that I've created in my FB account.

+- my siblings and I -+

+- kiddos-+

+- hubby's immediate family -+

I've made the reservations by phone 2 weeks in advance and selected package C (20 adults + 20 kids). I wanted to prepare goodies for the guests but my hubby accidentally left the goody's content back at home, so redha lah saja dengan goody bags prepared by KFC. For those of you who are interested to hold a bday party at KFC too, kindly check the details HERE.

For the birthday cake, I ordered with Ixalicious. It's a simple number 4 marble cake with buttercream topping and "Jake & never land pirate" theme and not forgetting Abg SN's edible image and name on it. Senang beruurusan dengan Ixalicious, kek pun cun dan budak2 pun suka. Unfortunantely, no proper pic of the cake sebab kelam kabut ambik kek hari Sabtu petang lepas tu terpaksa potong base paper untuk sumbat masuk peti ais kat rumah SIL...then kek pun terumbang ambing masa daddy pecut kereta ke KLIA on the Sunday morning tu huhu.

+- dah potong baru ingat nak ambik gambar haiyarkkk -+

As for the birthday deco, at first I wanted to leave it to KFC but then I decided to ask for Oleen's favor to deco the backdrop wordings that will match with the Jake & Never Land Pirate's birthday theme. So Oleen from Sweet Almiraz came out with this fab design at a very super reasonable price for a cheapskate mommy like me hehehe. You guys should check out her works, she's super talented. Can't wait to throw SN Jr's 1st birthday party so I could ask Oleen to deco the party for me yeayyyy.

+- backdrop by Sweet Almiraz -+

+- Oleen and his 2 boys: Amar & Amir -+

Majlis di mulakan dengan makan2. Of course lah kan, perut masing2 dah kelaparan tak breakfast pun. Lepas subuh terus gerak ke KLIA, kul 11 lebih baru makan. The kids pun makan2 sendiri sebab mommy dah busy nak penuhkan perut sendiri hahaha.

+- duduk kat kids section, makan sendiri -+

+- party hat jatuh tutup mata Abg SN -+

+- Abg SN's Mak Ngah, Cik Iti & Pak Ngah -+

+- Abg SN's Cik Ain and hubby's aunties -+

+- SN Jr tengok je lah abang2 & kakak2 makan -+

After makan2 session, it's game session for the kids. KFC's staff handles the passing object, musical chair, choo choo train and chicky dance games. The kids seem to enjoy the session and the adults enjoy laughing at the kids hahaha.

+- pass the objects game -+

+- pass the objects game -+

+- musical chair game -+

+- musical chair game -+

When it's time for cake cutting, Chicky make a special appearance. Thankfully Abg SN's wasn't afraid of mascot as he used to be. 

+- Chicky -+

+- birthday present from Chicky to Abg SN -+

+- kiddos and Chicky -+

SN Jr pun enjoy being cuddled by Chicky, siap selamba je dia picit2 hidung chicky. Sabar je chicky kat situ, nasib baik SN jr tak kena cubit balik dengan Chicky ngeee.

+- sikit pun tak takut, siap tarik janggut Chicky lagi..eksyen eh adik -+

Lepas tu,sesi bagi hadiah pulak. Abg SN bagi party pack KFC to the kids and also Abg SN received birthday present from the guests who are mainly his uncles and aunties hehehe. Untung SN sebab adik beradik mommy & daddy ramai ekekeke

+- sesi mengutip tol dari Aunties & Uncles -+

Last but not least were the photo sessions with all the guests. Thank you for coming to Abg SN's 4th birthday party and thank you for the presents. Mohon ampun kalau ada apa2 kekurangan dari segi layanan dan jugak makanan..tunggu birthday SN Jr bulan 10 ni pulak untuk tebus balik kekurangan layanan hehe.

+- Kak Sofiah's family -+

+- gambar skema -+

+- gaya bebas..peaceeeeeeeee -+

Bila balik Batu Pahat malam tu, Abg SN semangat suruh mommy gantung balik banners tu kat dinding living room. Lepas tu memang tak sabar2 lah nak suruh bukak semua birthday prsent tu terus, tapi mommy buat syarat bukak 1 present everyday. Bukan apa, kalau semua bukak terus nanti kang..rambang mata tak tahu nak main mana satu. 

+- Abg SN with his bday present *tak yah beli toys untuk setahun* ngeeee -+

Mommy & daddy tahun ni belikan Abg SN birthday present yang convenient utk both Abg SN dan mommy iaitu :-
(i) berguna masa travel --> Bernard The Bee Trunki luggage (order dgn Kak Emma Precious Rai). kalau dia malas jalan, tarik je tali beg tu. 
(ii) berguna masa jalan2 kat mall --> Lascal mini buggy board (bought at Toys R Us store). Abg SN selalu mintak dukung or nak duduk stroller adik masa gi mall, senang ada board ni..dia berdiri je kat situ; tak payah mommy susah payah jadi naga mengamuk kat mall hahaha. 

+- Bernard The Bee Trunki luggage -+

+- buggy board -+

Lepas tu Abg SN pilih sendiri hadiah birthday dia i.e. Flip n First Cookies Play Doh masa lawatan sambil belajar kat Toys R Us a day before his birthday.

+- Play Doh set -+

Dear Abg SN; having a son like you to love is the dearest blessing by far. May you achieve all your dreams and kiss success, in all walks of life. May your Birthday be blessed with everything Allah wants to give you!.

+- mommy, daddy & adik loves you Abg SN -+

+- may all your dream come true, Insya Allah -+

+- may all the happiness in the world be with you  -+

Congratulations on your fourth birthday, son!. Now there are only 13 years left until you make your driving license and can drive excavators!

Psssssttt : nasib baik kat KFC extreme park shah alam ni tak ramai orang, nak bising2 dan huhahuha pun tak lah segan sangat. 

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~
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