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Monday 30 August 2010

Our new home sweet home

It has been almost 3 weeks that we moved to a new place which is situated in Imajuku Aoki shi-jutaku Danchi. As I've explained in the entry : "Pindah Rumah *lagi*"; Danchi is actually a Japanese word which refers to a large cluster of apartment buildings of a particular style and design, typically built as public housing by a government authority.

The danchi that we are staying right now are owned by Fukuoka-city (shi) administration. As a student, we are entitled to get a 70-75% discount for the monthly rent. The actual rent to stay in this house is about 21900 yen (RM805) per month. After the special discount allocated for students like us, the monthly rent of our new home cost us only 5400 yen (RM 200) plus 3600 yen (RM132) for parking area; which in total is only about 9000yen (RM332) per month. This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cheap comparing to our previous home in Imajuku Kaikan were we had to pay 40,000yen (~RM 1500) every month. We could save a lot of money living in this new home; so the money can go to new handbag + clothes + shoes our family savings account.

Even though the building is quite old and eerie from the outside, the interior of the house is still in good shaped and being under good care and maintenance before new tenants coming in. Ala2 konsepnya; luar macam setinggan..dalam macam banglo ah gatai eheh.

Furthermore, this new home is much bigger to the previous home. It has 3 rooms and a living dining kitchen area. What I loved the most about traditional Japanese home is that it has lots and lots of big closets. Therefore, our things and belongings can perfectly housed the closets without worrying that if we have time to really organize it nicely inside the closet or just simply campak bersepah2 kat dalam tu gatai hahahaha.
=- excuse the messiness, orang rajin masak.memang lah dapur bersepah kan gatai -=
=- ruang makan sebelah master bedroom dan hallway menuju toys room -=

The first room on the right from the entrance door is Nazhan's room. The smallest room accommodate Nazhan's toys so that all the messiness and untidiness of his toys stays in that small room. But the problem is that; he rarely stay and play in that room. Must be that he feels lonely to play alone in that room. What happen all the time is that he'll brings his toys into the master bedroom and forced me to play it together with him. Kesimpulannya, bersepah jugak la toys dia kat tempat lain dalam rumah huhuhu.
=- Nazhan's room a.k.a toys room -=

The biggest room with 6 tatamis (Japanese mat) is the master bedroom which is located in front of the kitchen *jadi kalau lapar atau dahaga tengah malam, dekat jer nak bangun gi dapur*. The other room were supposed to be the living room where we should placed TV and cabinet inside it. But, as hubby and I HAVE to watch movie before going to bed, we decided to just placed all the entertainment items in the master bedroom. Both hubby and I find it easier to sleep while watching movie, kind of weird huh?. Plus, it will be much easier for us to watch any soccer match in the middle of the night without troubling ourselves to move to next room *dasar pemalas angkat pungung, padahal dekat sebelah je pon sengihnampakgigi ngeee*.

=- left pic: big closet to store the futon on the right -=
=- right pic: sliding door in the master bedroom leads to the balcony -=

We don't have bed in this new home as hubby find it is not necessary to sleep on bed and so he insisted that it is comfy enough to sleep on the layers of futons (comforter macam tilam TOTO). The 'base' of our 'bed' is actually our old-and-not-so-cosy sofa bed. If according to Japanese culture, we should fold and placed the futons inside the big closet in the morning and take it out again before going to bed in the night. Since we don't really have enough time to tidy up the layers of futons everyday, we just left it like that everyday and assume the layers of futons as our bed *dasar pemalas nak lipat sengihnampakgigi ngeee*.
=- master bedroom a.k.a entertainment room -=

Our master bedroom is facing the nice and enchanting view of the hills. At night, romantic scenery of film can be shoot from our bedroom's sliding door as the moon can be easily observed from the balcony. Mula lah I berangan nak gantung buaian berjaring yang macam orang ikat kat pokok tepi pantai tu kan. However considering the fact that it is not safe for Nazhan as he might be climbing on it; I terus batalkan hasrat tak berapa murni I tu. Lagipun, bila dah masuk musim sejuk nanti..tak der nye nak bersidai kat balkoni tu lama2 pun kan sengihnampakgigi eheh.
=- view from the balcony -=

=- view of the 4th and 3rd floor balcony from the 5th floor balcony -=

As we are so used to the concept of living in a small home before this, it wasn't easy for us to adapt living in this home in the first place. It's funny when hubby cracks a joke that he wanted to rent the other room as we seldom use that room gatai hahaha. So we use the third room which were supposed to be the living room as a changing room where we hanged our clothes only. Takperlah, if ada tetamu nak datang rumah baru lah kami re-deco this room to be a guest room or a living room. But then, in the near time ni I doubt anyone wants to come to visit us at our new home sebab tak larat kan bulan2 puasa ni nak panjat tangga naik sampai tingkat 5 hohoho.
=- guest room a.k.a living room a.k.a changing room -=

So far, I have lose some weight living in this new home as we are living on the 5th floor without any means of elevator. I was forced to perform daily exercise climbing up and down the stairs everyday. *Ke I turun berat sebab bulan puasa eh?* I'm not sure which is the driving factor but I'm quiet bothered with the fact that my weight is only 40kg now huuhuhuhu. I just hope that I'm perfectly fit and healthy despite the fact that I'm now underweight..sigh~.

Psssstttt : kalau kat Malaysia rumah macam ni di kira kecik la kan?. Tapi di Jepun, rumah macam ni dikira dah luas sangat dah contradict kan?

Thursday 26 August 2010

Ringankan beban mereka di bulan yang mulia ini

Yesterday, I have short conversation thru YM with my ex-roommate during my 3rd year studies at USM. She was in deep sorrow due to un expected incident that happened to her family back in Kelantan. Two of her uncle's family were involved in the incident of eight wooden houses destroyed in a fire at Pondok Terusan in Pasir Tumboh yesterday.

Here's the news about the incident as I took from NST and Utusan

8 houses razed in noon fire
Raihanah Mustafa is glad that her children were safe when fire  gutted eight wooden houses at Pondok Terusan in Pasir Tumboh,  Kota Baru yesterday. — NST picture by Fathil Asri
Raihanah Mustafa is glad that her children were safe when fire gutted eight wooden houses at Pondok Terusan in Pasir Tumboh, Kota Baru yesterday. — NST picture by Fathil Asri

KOTA BHARU: Eight wooden houses located within the premises of a religious learning community were destroyed in a fire at Pondok Terusan in Pasir Tumboh here yesterday.

However, there were no casualties in the incident which occurred around noon.

One of the occupants, Jamilah Jusoh, 47, said she was at home with her children Muhammad Asraf Ahmad, 3, and Muhammad Arif, 8, when the fire broke out.

"I was sewing clothes when I heard the sound of an explosion coming from another house.

"On checking, I saw one of the houses on fire."

"I quickly grabbed hold of my sons and we dashed for safety.

"However, I did not have enough time to salvage any of our belongings."

Her stepsister, Raihanah Mustafa, 27, said her preparations for Hari Raya, such as new clothes worth RM300 for her family, were gutted in the fire.

"However, I am grateful all my three children who were at home with me managed to escape in time to safety."

State Fire and Rescue Department director Azmi Osman said 36 firemen, including four officers in five engines, arrived at the scene shortly after receiving an emergency call at 12.12pm.

He said the houses were already engulfed in flames when firemen arrived.

"We took about 30 minutes to control the fire from spreading to other houses.

"The cause of the fire and losses are being investigated."

Kebakaran: 25 penduduk tinggal sehelai sepinggang

Seorang budak lelaki melihat kebakaran yang memusnahkan lapan buah rumah di kawasan Pondok Pasir Tumboh, Kota Bharu, semalam.

KOTA BHARU 24 Ogos - Musibah menjelang Aidilfitri. Seramai 25 orang daripada lapan buah keluarga tinggal sehelai sepinggang apabila rumah mereka musnah dalam kebakaran di kawasan Pondok Pasir Tumboh di sini hari ini.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira pukul 12.12 tengah hari itu, kesemua mangsa tidak sempat menyelamatkan harta benda mereka kerana api marak terlalu cepat, selain kedudukan rumah yang terlalu rapat.

Salah seorang mangsa, Jamilah Jusoh, 47, berkata, ketika kejadian, dia sedang menjahit baju yang ditempah oleh pelanggan untuk Hari Raya Aidilfitri tidak lama lagi.

Menurutnya, dia tiba-tiba dikejutkan dengan bunyi letupan dari tingkat atas rumahnya.

"Saya bergegas naik dan melihat api serta asap tebal keluar dari sebuah bilik. Saya terus mencapai tangan anak bongsu saya, Muhammad Asraf Ahmad, 3, untuk menyelamatkan diri," katanya ketika ditemui di sini, hari ini.

Sebelum keluar dari rumah, tambahnya, dia juga sempat menarik tangan seorang lagi anaknya, Muhammad Arif, 8, yang sedang bermain di ruang tamu di tingkat bawah.

"Semua baju yang ditempah pelanggan saya hangus dalam kebakaran itu malah semua peralatan dalam rumah juga tidak sempat diselamatkan.

"Bagaimanapun saya tetap bersyukur kerana kedua-dua anak saya terselamat dalam kebakaran ini," ujarnya.

Seorang lagi mangsa, Rohana Mustafa, 27, pula berkata, ketika kejadian, dia dan dua orang anaknya sedang tidur dan dikejutkan dengan bunyi letupan di bahagian luar rumah.

"Saya terus membawa anak-anak keluar kerana bimbang berlaku kejadian yang tidak diingini," katanya sedih kerana tidak sempat menyelamatkan baju raya anak-anaknya yang baru dibeli beberapa hari lalu.

Sementara itu, Pengarah Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat negeri, Azmi Osman berkata, tiga buah jentera dan 36 orang anggota dari Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Kota Bharu, Pengkalan Chepa dan Darulnaim bergegas ke tempat kejadian sejurus selepas menerima panggilan kecemasan kira-kira pukul 12.12 tengah hari.

Katanya, api berjaya dikawal kira-kira setengah jam kemudian dan punca serta jumlah kerugian masih dalam siasatan.

Sedih kan? Tambah sedih bila kawan I bagitahu yang dalam kebakaran tersebut mereka hanya sempat menyelamatkan diri dan anak2 sahaja. Seluruh rumah dan barang2 berharga hangus semuanya. Plus, keluarga ini adalah dari golongan yang berpendapatan rendah yg bekerja sendiri sahaja. Family members pulak ramai iaitu satu keluarga ada 11 orang anak while the other one ada 7 orang anak; semua pun masih kecil.

Therefore, mereka sangat2 memerlukan bantuan orang ramai kerana ahli keluarga mereka yang lain pun bukan di kalangan orang senang, jadi mereka tak mampu untuk membina semula tempat tinggal mereka untuk memulakan hidup baru....lebih2 lagi di bulan ramadan ini. Sekarang ni kdua2 keluarga bapa saudara kawan I ni menetap di rumah atuk kawan I buat sementara waktu sehingga mereka mampu memulakahan hidup di rumah lain.

So, I would like to ask for your kind and help into this matter. If u all ada rezeki yg lebih bolehlah memberi sedikit sumbangan ikhlas samaada dari segi wang, pakaian, makanan dan barang2 keperluan hidup yang lain kerana mereka sehelai sepinggang sekarang ni. Kalau di ikutkan follower I ada seramai 400 orang, if setiap orang sudi derma RM5 pun ..I rasa dah sangat2 membantu keluarga mereka ini.

Sumbangan wang boleh bank-in ke :-
(i) akaun Bank Islam (BIMB)
nama: Rohayati Abd Rashid

no akaun: 08022020180142

(ii) akaun CIMB
no akaun : 13030038418524

For those yang nak bagi sumbangan barang2 keperluan, makanan ataupun pakaian baik yang baru atau pakaian lama yang masih elok dan sudah tidak di pakai lagi; boleh terus hantar ke alamat:-
Ahmad dan Ashaari bin Sidik,
no 33 pondok terusan limbat,

pasir tumboh 16150 kota bharu

Bagi yang tak mampu nak turut sama menderma, cukuplah hanya mendoakan untuk mereka sahaja supaya tabah menghadapi dugaan ini. Plus, kalau sudi..sebar2kanlah juga berkenaan perkara ini kat kawan2 lain, mungkin di kalangan yang membaca blog u all terdiri dari hartawan, dermawan, jutawan dan individu yang bermurah hati ingin membantu keluarga ini di bulan yang mulia ini. Insya Allah.

Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a. daripada Nabi SAW, Baginda telah bersabda:
"Barangsiapa yang melepaskan seorang mukmin daripada satu kesusahan daripada kesusahan-kesusahan dunia, nescaya Allah akan melepaskannya daripada satu kesusahan daripada kesusahan-kesusahan Qiamat. Barangsiapa yang mempermudahkan bagi orang susah, nescaya Allah akan mempermudahkan baginya di dunia dan di akhirat." ~Hadith Riwayat Muslim: sumber dari sini~
Psssstt : dalam kita seronok beraya sakan dengan baju baru berpasang2, ingat2 lah juga kepada mereka yang lebih memerlukan. Semoga kita semua tidak tergolong dalam golongan orang2 yang bakhil dan kedekut..Amin.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Separuh Ramadhan 1431H berlalu, muka kami dah keluar I tell u ;)

Sedar dah tak sedar dah separuh pun berlalu bulan Ramadhan 1431H. Cepat betul masa berlalu sekarang ni. Alhamdulillah I masih lagi puasa penuh dan baby SN masih lagi dapat menyusu macam biasa.

Macam biasa lah, bila beraya kat oversea..mula lah tangan tergedik2 nak hantar ucapan kat salam perantauan dengan harapan nanti gambar tu akan terpilih untuk di siarkan kat printed version kan. Pastu kembang kempis hidung sebab over excited, bajet2 ada orang yang kenal kita akan baca ucapan tu gatai eheh..poyo-ness tahap maksimum kan.

Tak kira ah, poyo pon poyo ah...janji gambar kami sekeluarga dah keluar kat Salam Perantauan Utusan Online dan Salam Kampus Kosmo Online. Sekali lagi; sifat poyo-ness di kesan di situ..sebab siap hantar gambar yang sama dan ucapan yang sama untuk semua paper yang ada menawarkan perkhidmatan salam perantauan gatai hahahaha...agak gedix di situ, tapi I tak kira ah....nak jugak buat walaupun poyo.

Gambar ni di shoot masa Traveling & sight seeing @ Hong Kong few months ago, baby SN pun kecik lagi masa tu.

Lepas tu, gambar kami turut tersiar kat akhbar Metro yang terkenal dengan cerita2 sensasi itu. Kali ni untuk ruangan Salam Ramadhan 1431H.

So, untuk keluarga dan kenalan yang mengenali kami, terimalah ucapan poyo
senyumkenyit sempena Aidilifitri 1431H ini dari kami sekeluarga untuk u all.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Celebrating 2nd Wedding Anniversary on a Cruise Ship

"~ An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.~ "

The day before yesterday marked the 2nd year of Solah & Yatie Chomeyl's wedding anniversary. Sedar tak sedar dah 2 tahun I berkongi katil sengihnampakgigi eh I mean berkongsi kehidupan dengan si SL nih eheh *refer: Kisah Cinta S ♥ N. 2 tahun bukanlah tempoh masa yang lama kalau nak di ikutkan tapi 2 tahun jugak bukan tempoh masa yang singkat kalau di fikirkan.

Bukan mudah untuk 2 insan berlainan untuk hidup bersama di bawah satu bumbung seperti yang di bincangkan oleh John Gray dalam buku tulisannya: |Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus |. Perbezaan pendapat akan sentiasa berlaku dan terpulang kepada kebijaksanaan masing2 untuk mencari penyelesian terbaik bagi menemukan titik persefahaman.

For last year, SN's couple celebrated our 1st wedding annivesary at RoboSquare, by indulging ourselves with the creative design and innovation of robotic thingy. As for this year, I decided to go for a Summer Cruise to celebrate our wedding anniversary. This is also untuk mengubat kekewaan di hati I yang lara sebab tak dpat naik cruise ship ni tahun lepas on baby SN's 2nd months birthday hohoho, refer : Hakata Port (Bayside Place).

Apasal I tergedik sangat nak naik cruise ship ni? Sebelum ni memang dah lama teringin nak naik kan. Lepas tu, bila tengok movie Pisau Cukur starring Maya Karin & Fazura laaaaagiii la rasa tergedik2 itu membuak2 nak naik cruise ship. Tambahan pulak bila melihatkan iklan pasal summer cruise ship ni dengan harga tambang cuma 1000yen (RM36) per adult.

Tergoda with the ads, I asked Norai to made the reservation (yoyaku) for hubby, baby SN and I to enjoy the cruise. So, on Sunday 22nd August 2010; off we go to enjoy the cruise which means that we have to buka puasa and solat maghrib on the cruise itself. Nasib baik memang orang Jepun pun bawak bekal makanan banyak2 naik kapal tu, so tak lah janggal sangat kami nak berbuka puasa atas kapal tu.

- orang2 Jepun duk bukak bekal dah -

- 2nd floor; open area -

Maka berbuka puasa lah kami dengan orang2 Jepun itu dengan memakan murtabak daging yang telah di tapau dari rumah; hasil ulian doh dari encik breadmaker dan canaian roti oleh hubby serta gorengan murtabak oleh I kenyit . *apa yang penting? KERJASAMA!*

-tudung senget2 makan murtabak-

- makanan bakar2 i.e jagung + sotong + oyster bakar ada di jual -

The cruise departs from Terminal 1 Hakata Port (Bayside Place) and runs along the shores of Noko Island, Odo, Marinoa, Seaside Momochi and Nishi-koen. This 80-minutes cruise offers nice and enchanting night views of Hakata Bay at a really affordable prices.

This explains why reservations are needed to board on the cruise ship as the demand is very high. Upon arriving to the counter, the ticket man himself called my name before I had the chance to introduce myself. Must be sebab nama I jer lah yang sounded so not Japanese kan? senyumkenyit hehe..bagus2 senang kerja mak..tak yah mak susah2 fikir macamana nak tanya nyah lalalala.

When the ads stating the word 'cruise' I duk bayangkan kapal macam Titanic gitu kan, rupa2nya this cruise ship is just like a ferry jer hahaha. Ceh, hancur harapan tinggi menggunung I nak mandi jakuzzi kat atas kapal hohoho. *bayar murah ada hati nak berangan naik Titanic..tak sedor diri ah tu* sengihnampakgigi ngeeeeee.

-nasib baik tak posing Jack & Rose kat sini
gatai eheh-

-inside the cruise ship-

Overall, we did enjoy the so-called nice and enchanting view of Hakata Bay at night. Ferry pon ferry lah...Lagipun, tak penting di mana celebration tu di buat tapi yang lebih penting ialah dengan siapa kita sambut kan? senyumkenyit *ceh, ayat memujuk hati semata2, kalau gitu tahun depan tak yah pergi sambut kat mana2 dah lah eheh*.

Baby SN pun nampak enjoy naik cruise ship ni walaupun surely dia tak faham lagi apa pekdahnya mommy & daddy nak naik kapal ni dalam bulan puasa ni. Seronok dia ke hulu ke hilir kat depan cruise ship tu berjalan kat ramp.

-budak kecik berjalan sakan ke sana ke mari-

Sambutan 2nd wedding anniversary kami di akhiri dengan makan blueberry-cheesecake baked by yours truly yang mana rupa nya C- tapi rasanya ialah A+ gatai hik3x. Hubby said I should consider attending a bakery class to ensure that the cake that I bake looks decently like a cake instead of unidentified sweet object (USO) hahahaha very funny buwerrkkkk.

-blueberry cheesecake yang rupa C- tapi rasa A+
gatai =

= sedap di ngap bersama2 ice blended pink guava drink; budak kecik bedal semua blueberry kat topping huhu =

Last but not least, I harap kebahagiaan rumah tangga kami akan berpanjangan sampai akhir hayat kami berdua. Hopefully I mampu jadi isteri solehah kepada suami I dan semoga tiada yang mampu mengganggu gugat cinta kami..insya Allah..Amin.
Dari Ummu Salamah, ia berkata, "Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda : "Seorang perempuan jika meninggal dan suaminya meridhoinya, maka ia akan masuk syurga." (HR. Ahmad dan Thabrani).

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