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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Traveling & sight seeing @ Hong Kong in 1 day

As I've told you in the previous post entry : Off to Hong Kong, the three of us (baby SN, hubby & I) spent one day in Hong Kong before proceeding our journey back to Malaysia. As we were traveling with Cathay Pacific, we have to transit at the Hong Kong International Airport for about 17hours. Thus, we took the chance to travel around the Hong Kong Island as we (Malaysian) kenyit didn't need to apply visa for a stay in Hong Kong as long as it is not more than 90 days.

*Hong Kong's coins*

Hong Kong is divided into four main areas - Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, the New Territories and the Outlying Islands. Kowloon and the New Territories are on a peninsula of the Chinese mainland, on the northern side of Victoria Harbour; Hong Kong Island is on the southern side of the harbour facing Kowloon. As we arrived at the airport around 3 pm, and after tooking some time around the airport to look for a place to perform our zohor & asar prayer as well as to collect our next boarding pass for the trip from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur, we end up getting out of the airport at 5pm.

*inside the MTR Airport Express from airport to city*

We planned to visit the Victoria Peak which is the most visited tourist attractions in Hong Kong where we can have astonishing views of the island surroundings. However, as it is already late in the evening, the travel adviser don't recommend us to spend our time there as it is getting dark and we couldn't really enjoy the scenery from the peak. Therefore we changed our plan and headed to Kowloon.

Kowloon is the southern tip of the peninsula and faces Hong Kong island. This paradise of shops, bars and hotels is not only popular with tourists but also with residences of Hong Kong island who can easily take the ferry to this melting-pot of everything relating to spending your money. The important shopping areas, such as the shops and street markets around Nathan Road and Mong Kok, and a couple of quite interesting museums senyumkenyit are places to look for.

*in front of ROLEX outlet...cuci2 mata jer senyumkenyit ngee*

*in front of Coach's outlet, tengok saja..nak beli tak mampu lagi hohoho*

Here are some of the Hong Kong landmarks and tourist attractions kenyit in Kowloon :-

  • Hong Kong Museum of Art
  • Avenue of Stars
  • Chungking Mansions
  • Clock Tower
  • Hong Kong Cultural Centre
  • Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre
  • Hong Kong Museum of History
  • Hong Kong Observatory
  • Kowloon Park
  • Former Marine Police Headquarters Compound
  • Nathan Road
  • Ocean Terminal
  • The Peninsula Hotel
  • Hong Kong Science Museum
  • Hong Kong Space Museum
  • Star House
  • Star Ferry

*left : in front of the Hong Kong Space Museum; right : inside the theater hall*

*in front of the Hong Kong Museum of Art*

We managed to visit few of those landmarks & tourist attractions of Kowloon. Among of the places & landmarks that we've visited were :-

(1) Star Ferry

Take in the sights of the breathtaking Victoria Harbor and the sprawling Hong Kong skyline while aboard Star Ferry. This established line has been shuttling passengers throughout the various regions of Hong Kong for over 120 years. Service between Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island remains the most popular route, the Star Ferry fleets have become something of a tourist attraction in their own right.


*at the jetty to Tsim Sha Tsui*

*view from the ferry*

(2) Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbour is a natural landform harbour situated between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. The harbour's deep, sheltered waters and strategic location on the South China Sea was instrumental in Hong Kong's establishment as a British colony and its subsequent development as a trading centre --> *memang cantik sangat kenyit pemandangan bangunan2 tepi harbour ni, dah lah bangunan pun berhias lampu warna warni pulak tu*.


Lying in the middle of the territory's dense urban region, the harbour is the site of annual fireworks displays and its promenades are popular gathering places for tourists and residents. We missed watching the "World's Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show" held along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront between the Avenue of Stars and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre at 8pm --> *terlepas nak tengok sebab masa ni pergi masjid pastu perut santap, then dah tak sempat plak nak tengok show ni uhuhuh*. The show creates an all-round vision of colored lights, laser beams and searchlights.


(3) Canton Railway Clock Tower at Tsim Sha Tsui

The clock tower was completed and came into operation in 1921 as part of the Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR) Terminus. It survived the wrecker's ball when the terminus was moved to Hung Hom in 1975, and now the clock tower stands as a landmark kenyit on the Kowloon peninsula harbour-front. The clock tower is located next to the Kowloon Star Ferry Piers.

(4) Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre

The Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre is the largest mosque in Hong Kong, and it is located in a corner of Kowloon Park , near the intersection of Nathan Road and Cameron Road. Completed in 1984, this beautiful kenyit white-marbled structure has become the focal point of the Kowloon-based Islamic community. We met many Indonesians and Pakistani people at the mosque who were working in Hong Kong.


(5) Mughlai Cuisine

After leaving the mosque, we were approached by few people to a number of halal restaurants. We choose to have our dinner at Mughlai Cuisine which is situated on the 2nd floor of HaiPhong Mansion in HaiPhong Road at Tsim Sha Tsui. We were escorted to the restaurant as it is situated at a quiet hidden area --> *masa ni memang takut giler sebab kena masuk lorong celah2 bangunan macam dalam cerita kongsi gelap kantonis tu...huhuhu. :puppyeyes: macam2 doa baca dalam hati, dah lah bawak baby pulak tu. bila dha sampai restaurant tu baru rasa lega sebab nampak ramai orang Islam tengah makan kat situ...hohoohho.*.

*at the restaurant*

I can say that there are many foreigners at Hong Kong, in fact I can say about 90% of the people that we've met during our 1 day stay in Hong Kong were foreigners.
Hong Kong is the one of the popular places for foreigners because international visitors have few problems getting around in Hong Kong, for there English is widely spoken and most street signs are bilingual. But Hong Kong is an expensive place
hah and it gets more expensive every year. Though the currency is a lower than MYR and even JPY, the price of the foods and souvenirs are quite pricey. However, the transportation cost is consider affordable for the residence and the tourist.

We wrapped up our trip in Hong Kong while waiting for our flight by relaxing and have a great sleep at the Hong Kong International Airport.
This airport are the fourth busiest international passenger airport and operate the busiest international cargo facilities in the world. As we already collected out boarding pass, we were allowed to wait at the departure area.

*inside the Hong Kong Intl Airport*

We suit ourselves with few nice cushions seats and rearranged it to 2-rows of seat so that we can have a nice and comfortable sleeps during the night. As free wi-fi is provided at the airport, we feels like home as we were able to watch the EPL soccer match that night, *pakcik kerusi sebelah pun tumpang curi2 tengok match tu kat lappy kami ihikhik eheh*.

*siap bawak penutup mata untuk tidur yang sempurna :woooh: ngeee*

*tengah tengok EPL match dengan kusyuknya*

We woke up in the next morning with mixed feelings of eagerness & excitement to go back to Malaysia. Thanks to the nice cushion-seat-bed, kami bangun tidur dalam keadaan yang sangat fresh. Even though we didn't went to Disneyland, the Disneyland's shop and decoration is everywhere in the airport untuk kami ambil gambar tanda menjejakkan kaki ke Hong Kong encem eheh.

Overall, we enjoy the 1day trip in Hong Kong although it was a little bit tiring for the three of us. Rasa macam nak terpeleot kaki sebab jalan banyak sangat. Nasib baik ambil flight yang transit lama2 gini, dapat gak merasa jalan2 kat tempat orang :inlove: *wink wink*.

*inside the aerotrain going to the departure area*

*family portrait at the Victoria Harbor, baby SN dah ngamuk sbb lapar + ngantuk*

[source of information taken from: discover hong kong, tourism, travel advisor]

Psssssstttt : nasib baik ada kerusi empuk, leh gak buat jadi katil. nasib baik gak tak jadi macam insiden tidur kat McD hari tu sengihnampakgigi *refer : Of interview thingy*

27 words of wisdom & comments:

dehe@farhan said...

bnyk nyo tmpt kakti dan g..best2..gmbr pon lawa...hehe..kna blk transit sana gop nih..

Hamizah said...

bele2 transit dam lg melancong.sedapnyo,yatie..xpayoh bli tiket

temp. housewife said...

bilo baco sini baghu tahu sikit2 kisahnya. kalu tengok gambar2 kat FB sajo, tok tahu.

Nadiah Sidek said...

ni la advantage transit lama..blh gi jln2 ;)

Drama Mama said...

comelnya gambar you and baby SN tido tu...haaa baby SN tido siap terangkat tangan..cute!

tangkap coach satu post kat penang..hahahaha

@e_da said...

bestnya yatie,... semua tempat cantik2.... sonok babay SN kecik2 dah merasa duk oversea.. heheh

Farah said...

besnye dapat jalan2..walaupon tak lama tapi jadi la kan.

eRaY said...

fabulous hong kong...picca sgt cantik!
huhuhu x sempat jumpe bb SN & kowang berdua :(

Huda said...

waa..syiok bangat pegi hong kong..bile nak merasa smpi sane ni..adeh..kak yatie tolong sponsor :)

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

sangatlah bertuah kecik2 dapat jejalan...HK gitu...bila lak peluang I nak kuar dari bumi Malaysia...pusing semenanjung ajer...huhu...

nieda said...

seronoknya jln2


bertuahnye baby SN, kecik2 lagi dah jejak kaki kat HK, member2 kat ofis pun nak buat trip to HK bulan Disember nanti...akak nak pegilah jenjalan sana pulak. tpi ada sesetengah berpendpt, brg2 kat sana mahal2..betul ke..???

isabelle said...

cerlang mata i bila tgk coach outlet tu. hahaha

Jiey^Mien said...

ganah la baby sb, kecik2 byk jaley doh..

chubby bear said...

demo ni buleh masuk cenel travel n living ah woghih... hikhikhik

dbalkis said...

wah2 rasa macam pegi HK pulak..paling syok tgk u both tido kat kusi merah tu..sangat selesa gayanya..

nadnye said...

seronoknya walau sehari... bukan barang2 sana murah2 kan takan tgk jea..
Disney HK member kata best...

NURUL IZZA said...

YC: ish syoknya....bestla duk jepun..blh jln2 ke hongkong, blabla.

psst ade jumpa artis ensem x?hahaha tu pon lm doh xtengok cito cino


yatie..victoria peak tu naik waktu malamlah cantik, rata2 orang ke sana pada waktu malam? Akak naik pun pada waktu malam, cuma mungkin jalan dia sedikit bermasalah kot. Ada teropong disediakan...masukkan duit semua benda boleh tgk, termasuk orang tidur..orang masak..ha.ha..orang tak pakai baju

yatie chomeyl said...

Paan >> kalu ore buje, mesti lg byk tmpt leh gi. kak ti payoh nok jale laju2 mugo keno dukung budok kecik tu lagi hehe

k/ hamizah >> jolor doh, kiro dapat tiket free la ni ;)

k.nur >> hr tu nok update cerito xdey lagi, sbb tu buh gmbr dlu kat FB

nadiah >> btul2x, merasa gak jejak kaki kat Hong Kong eheh

drama mama >> mau angkat berbijik2 Coach tapi ongkosnya takde ahaks

yatie chomeyl said...

@eda >> tp bila di abesar nti mesti dia x ingat pun tmpt2 dia gi ni hik3x

farah >> btul2x, kejap pun least merasa gak

eray >> tu la, masing2 bz kan? takpe, nanti kami balik leh jumpa lagi ;)

huda >> aiyoyo akak pon balik, univ yg sponsor duit tiket eheh

ayuarjuna >> insya Allah, one fine day mesti u dpt jln2 oversea gak :)

yatie chomeyl said...

nieda >> seronok3x

mama SYaza >> brg2 dia mahal2 tp duit dia rendah dari duit RM, lebih kurang separuh gak kot sebab RM 1 = $2 HKD

isabelle >> i pun tgk je, uhuk2x

jiey >> baby SN meme jale byk tmpt doh tp x pehe go sekaro lg kut hik3x

chubby bear >> buleh2x, meme hobby ore bab2 derat nih kui3x

yatie chomeyl said...

dbalkis >> memang selesa, i tidur siap mimpi2 lagi eheh

nadnye >> brg2 dia mahal..air minum pun sampai RM8 sebotol kecik huhu

izza >> kebetulan transit lamo, leh la derat2 HK dulu

kak NB >> ye ke? travel advisor tu ckp dah malam, nanti gi x nampak apa2. alaaaa frustnya. kena gi lagi la pasnih eheh

Momma Mia said...

perghhhhhhh bestnyer...
suke pemandangan mlm dr feri tuh...
suka gak tgk bb SN dgn mickey mouse tuh...

idasm said...

pergh, dlm masa singkat tu, byk gak tempat yatie sempat jalan2 yea. boleh imagine betapa letihnya kaki.

cuma sayang tak sempat ke the peak kan.

masa kat islamic centre tu, tak try makan ke kat cafe dia kat tingkat 5 tu. chinese food. sedap jugak.

ummuabdullahsyaakir said...

Seronknya Yatie dapt trnsit kat tmpt2 mcmni.Bertuah baby SN,kecik2 lagi dh jaln byk tmpat.Suka pic last skli..

yatie chomeyl said...

momma mia >> mmg antek pemandangan dr feri tu ;)

idasm >> xtau pulk ada cafe kat situ...tu yg gi mkn kat restoran pakistan je

ummu AS >> yatie pun suka pic last tuh :)

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