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Friday, 8 January 2010

Of interview thingy

Fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *big blow*....dah nak bersawang blog ni, setelah hampir seminggu tak ber-update. First of all I would like to thank all of you that has been so kind to leave your inspiring good luck wishes to me & to pray for my success at this entry : Off to Tokyo...........................*again*. Sayang korang sangat2.

The kicked off of the interview day started as early as 6 a.m where we; *hubby, baby SN & I* were getting ready to leave Murni's house at Yokohama and headed to Grand Prince New Takanawa Hotel at Shinagawa, Tokyo. We were the 2nd candidates to arrive at that place as Hassan was already there. While Hassan was being interviewed, few other candidates have arrived.

*at Shinagawa Station, Tokyo*

After almost 1 hour baru Hassan keluar dar bilik interview. Masa ni serius I dah start rasa cuak, rama2 terbang dalam perut *butterflies in stomach* sengihnampakgigi , rasa nak terkucil + terberak bercampur baur menjadi satu ngeee. There are 3 persons sitting in front of a huge tables waiting to shoot me with killer questions hohoho; and one of the panel of interviewer is the Deputy Vice Chancellor (TNC) of A&A for the respective university.

The first few questions were regarding to my previous educational backgrounds before they proceed to the killer questions. I dengan rasa besar hati nak share some tips of killer questions to expect
when you are going to a scholarship interview session & suggested answer to give better impression to the board of interviewer. Some of the soalan2 membunuh jiwa yang telah berkumandang on that day ialah :-

(i) Why do you think we should awarded you this fellowship/scholarship?.
I'm a good fit for the position due to the interdisciplinary studies that I took before this in mechanical, aeronautics, astronautics, aerospace and wind engineering. I have the ability to stay focused in stressful situations and can be counted on when the going gets tough. I'm confident I would be a great addition to your team.

JAWAPAN IKHLAS : --> *sebab I kekurangan duit nak bayar tuition fee RM11 000 for every semester huhu*

(ii) What trigger you to select wind energy as your research studies?
JAWAPAN SKEMA : There are so few studies and researches have been done in this field at Malaysia Thus, I take this as one of my responsibilities to develop and enhance wind engineering industry in my country. I would like to be a lecturer once I have finish my doctoral studies. In this way, I would be able to share my opinion, knowledge, experiences and information I have obtained in this field with the other lecturers, students and other experts related to this field. Maybe in the future, I can be one of the consultants in this field and later helping my country to access progressive development in wind engineering industry

JAWAPAN IKHLAS :--> *sebab lecturer yang ngajar subjek ni masa I wat master dulu sangat handsome, buat I jatuh cinta minat rindu dengan wind engineering*

(iii) Do you think you have what it takes to be one of the leading person in Malaysia for wind energy field in the near future?.

JAWAPAN SKEMA : Wind engineering is a multi-disciplinary field that deals with both the physical nature of wind and its impact on engineering structures and systems. Therefore, the knowledge of wind engineering is very important in making sure that the use of natural resources can be optimized. Insya Allah, with an ongoing learning process, I'd be able to bring Malaysia to one of Asian leading countries in renewable energy particularly wind.

JAWAPAN IKHLAS :--> Insya Allah kalau I kurangkan baca berita hiburan dan lebihkan baca majalah imiah hohoho

(iv) Are you sure that you could finish your PhD within the expected 3 years period of time?.

JAWAPAN SKEMA : I admit that I need to have better understanding about wind engineering, wind turbine and wind effects itself as I have not really exposed with this topic and I have only little knowledge in this area. However, I am confident that I will be able to perform study in this field with the help from expert in this field and the facilities available in Kyushu University and Japan itself. I am willing to work hard in order to making sure that I will obtain my PhD in the expected period of time.

JAWAPAN IKHLAS :--> *Insya Allah boleh habis dalam masa 3 tahun, dengan syarat projek menambah bilangan ahli keluarga di tangguhkan sampai habis PhD hohoho*.

(v) As a wife and a mother, do you think you can give 100% commitment on your study?.

JAWAPAN SKEMA : I am blessed with a helpful husband and a well-behaved baby. Furthermore, the day care system in Japan itself allows me to leave my baby from Monday - Saturday (7 a.m to 7 p.m). Thus, I find that this will give me ample time to focus on my research while leaving my baby at a day care center.

JAWAPAN IKHLAS :--> *Takkan nak tinggal baby SN sampai 12jam kat nursery tiap2 hari kot, sian my little angel. Masa I bujang dulu pon, tak 100% komitmen jugak hohoho*

Hahaha..hohoho..jangan tertipu dengan ayat berbunga2 prepared for jawapan skema as listed above. Masa interview tu, I was not able to uttered out the answers as I planned. Plus, sambil2 I jawab soalan tu, panel of interviewer will interrupt
here and there *hilang habis semua jawapan dalam kepala* to simply thought-provoking on your answer rindu to make you feel less confident in getting the scholarship hohoho.

Overall, I'm not sure whether I give good impression to them or not but I surely show to them how much effort that I put into this matter sampai sanggup angkut baby kecik I sekali gi interview. At the end of the session, TNC tu mintak nak tengok baby SN sebelum turn hubby pulak untuk di soal-siasat sengihnampakgigi ngeeeee. Nasib baik baby SN buat muka chomeyl kat depan diorang, siap baby SN renung muka TNC dengan mata bulat dia tu ekekeke *baby SN ala2 merayu bagi pihak mommy la tu hik3x*.

Hubby pon get to be 'tortured' by the same questions with me. But then, the panel of interviewer said hubby was acting 'too cool' as if he doesnt really need this scholarship. Padahal, incik hubby I tu memang cenggitu lah rupa dia, nampak cool je kenyit walaupun tengah nervous or kalut...muka I ni lainlah, kalau cuak terus jadi pucat di toreh tak berdarah gitu.

We left the hotel after Zohor prayer and headed to the city of Tokyo for sight-seeing. I will update later on the jalan2 around Tokyo in the next entry. We spent our night at a 24hours McDonalds restaurant as we was not allowed to sleep at the Haneda airport even though our flight is the earliest flight on the next day *pelik kan?, selalunya memang biasa org tidur kat airport*. It is not possible for us to stay at Murni's house that night as we wont be able to catch the flight on time.

*mula2 plan nak tidur kat kusyen airport ni lah*

Mula2 I rasa sedih + sayu + sebak sedih sebab pertama kali terpaksa bawak my baby tidur kat McD di musim sejuk *setiap kali ada orang masuk, pintu terbuka..angin sejuk menyerbu kami huhu*. Hubby pon berkali-kali cakap "gomen-ne" (sorry) sebab terpaksa susahkan baby SN & I to sleep at McD. He tried to look for budget hotel around the airport area but all of them were full.

*mula2 muka sebek sedih*

Looking at hubby's gloomy face of guilty feeling and looking how baby SN can still sleep soundlessly on the desk somehow has give extra strength to me. I took this experience of spending a night out at the McD as a valuable time to spent time chatting with hubby on our next plan.

*muka angau di lamun cinta :inlove: eheh*

In order to kill the time, we talked about the interview that we had + the difficulties that we faced so far + the possibilities to achieved our dreams + the childhood experienced that made us what we are right now + the lovey-dovey sweetest time of our lovelife,.....semua lah. Rasa macam zaman bercinta dulu pulak, borak berjam-jam berdua, terasa macam dunia ana yang punya kenyit eheh.

*hero hindustan menahan kesejukan*

Despite the cold weather, I feel the warmest feeling in my heart towards hubby. Ala2 cerita hindustan, hubby sanggup tahan sejuk dan bukak jaket untuk selimutkan kaki I *terharu sedih sob..sob*. Baby SN pon tidur nyenyak macam biasa, nasib baik I memang bawak selimut untuk dia, so we put him on the table under the heater to make sure that he stays warm and healthy.

*baby SN yang berbungkus rapi*

Kesimpulan nya, kita patut terima semua yang berlaku dalam hidup ni dari sudut positive. If I choose to accept the night out experience in a negative way, I might spend the night blaming hubby and crying on the pitiful situation faced by baby SN. But, as I took this night out experience in a positive way, I appreciate this as a lifetime experience to teach both hubby & I that we will be able to face any challenges in life as long as we are together....*how sweeeeeeet kenyit ekekekekkeke*.

Psssssttt : kalau u all pon nak kenang balik kemanisan zaman bercinta, try lah spend a night out somewhere outside of the house macam kami sengihnampakgigi ngeeeeee, perhaps aktiviti ni leh wat jadi annual aktiviti gitu hohoho.

39 words of wisdom & comments:

Cikpid said...

sweet btol mnjadikan perkara sedih2 sbb tido kat mcd jadi feeling2 romantik.. :)

dgn usaha dan pengorbanan travel and kene tido kat mcd tu..i doakan u and hubby dpt laa the sponsorship :)

** Perfect Love ** said...

waaa banyak lak kenangan suka duka sepanjang di tokyo yek.

sweet je baca pasal kenangan kak yatie + baby SN and husband bermalam di luar. Kesiannn

Nadiah Sidek said...

insyaAllah dpt kot kali ni, nazhan pun dh tlg merayu sama tu ;)

mesti part tido di McD dlm kesejukan tu jd kenangan smpai bila2 :)

=*NuRo0L* =[~G.A.J.E.B.O~]=immanidigu~*-II-*~ said...

wah..besar btol pengorbanan kak yatie...
hu..sungguh terharu nurul bace post kali ni..ehe...i'll pray all the best for you kak..

R28est said...

ma, np bungkus baby mcm gitu???sian bby SN...da da bwk balik msia cpt! ;p

Mummy Aqil said...

sob..sob.. ku sdh cmpr terharu2 dgn journey u all. kalu daku dah nagis hentak2 kaki bila kena tdo cenggitu.

anyway, ku doakan u all dpt scholarship tu.. mn tau kot2, all the panel terpaku dgn senyum bb SN. hehe...

isabelle said...

next yr bila i nak interview, pls remind me to read this article again ya?
it is very2 helpful. thanks a lot, yatie. u r so chomel lah!

Tulip said...

alahaii syiannnya baby tomel tuuu...tercari2 mana laa baby SN ilang dlm pooh tuu..hehe..

yatie,tryla unimap pulak..or else umt ,ump ke..diorg tu tgh struggle carik lecturer gak tu..

goodluck ye yatie..


yatie..satu hari bila u dah sucess, dan kenang balik apa yang telah berlaku sebelum ini..ketika itu yatie akan berasa..alangkah ajaibnya hidup ini!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

YAtie...tak tahu nak komen bila baca entry u ni...I wish your dream will comes true...n all the best ya....muah-muah baby SN..:)

fiza said...

Salam, sedih baca kisah yatie...cabaran hidup di perantauan. Doa saya smoga yatie dpt scholarship tu (^_^)

Tak nampak langsung bb SN dlm selimut tu, baikkk punyer bungkus ☺☺☺

temp. housewife said...

Insyaallah my dearest sis, when there's a will there'll a way. kalau ada rezeki tak ke mana love. xoxo

kakyong said...

1st kakyong doakan semoga kalian berdua dpt scholarship tu..

2ndly, terharu dgn kesah u all b'mlm di mCD... semoga ia akan menjadi antara kenangan manis... ;)

Atiqah said...

isk isk..terharu lak tgk family kak yatie..
mudahan Allah bntu kak yatie and sekeluarga..
thanks for ur advice in my blog..i really appreciate it..

Sidratul Muntaha said...

most of the time bercinta aderlah waktu2 susah dgn cik sam.
tak prnhnya merasa nak mkn McD selalu ker or jumpa selalu.
putus duit jer manjang.
dah kawain?
financial ttp sengkek jugak tpi rasa syukur sgt sbb dia sayangkan kita seadanya.
bkn sebab pndai atau cantik tpi sbb kita terlalu berdikari tahap gaban!!

nza said...

gitulh yati, nk capai sesuatu kejayaan mmg byk rintangan n kesukaran...ttp hasilnya membahgiakn.
Insyallah, semuga suksess sokmo.

MiJa said...

experience camni x slalu bleh dpt SN mmg good boy..good 4 both of u..

nk attend intebiu gak next week,ngee..mmg nebes sbb dh 5thn x attend intebiu.

mija doakan yatie dpt scholarship itu!!insyaAllah..tuhan permudahkan usaha murnimu itu!!!

tiey said...

alahi sweetnye akak ngn hubby....

goodluck utk interview akak...insyallah ada rezeki xkemana... =)

Eyriqazz said...

gud luck utk interview akak..bestnya dapat pi jepun..dah lama pasang niat nak pi sana tapi blom berkesampaian...

Great Teacher Onizuka

mygoldpen said...

yati, touching + romantik sungguh part tidur kat McD tu..pengalaman berharga sungguh..hope yati n hubby dapat scholarship tu.

zailamohamad said...

Yatie, sedih zaila bila baca entry ni..tapi beginilah dugaan hidup kan, tak semestinya kita akan senang sentiasa. yang paling penting kita ada suami untuk berkongsi pengalaman sama2, zaila pun dulu masa awal2 kahwin hidup susah juga so skrg ni bila kenang2 balik, rase macam appreciate sangat semua kenangan yang telah berlaku tu, membuatkan kami saling menyayangi & menghargai each others

kew_chop said...

la keno tido kat mcd ko. bakpo tok oyak. kami doakan moga dptla scholar tu rezeki bb nazhan, aminn..

IZAN said...

Yatie.. all the best yek interview tu. Ada rezeki InsyaAllah tak kemana... kelakar plak bacer pengakuan ikhlas yatie tuh kui kui kui! Tergelak2 bace depan PC ni ha... tapi bila part tidur kat luar tu memang K.Izan pun pernah ada experience cam tu especially bila gi travel... apa pun yg berlaku mesti ada hikmat di sebaliknyerr.. think +ve!

IZAN said...

Yatie.. all the best yek interview tu. Ada rezeki InsyaAllah tak kemana... kelakar plak bacer pengakuan ikhlas yatie tuh kui kui kui! Tergelak2 bace depan PC ni ha... tapi bila part tidur kat luar tu memang K.Izan pun pernah ada experience cam tu especially bila gi travel... apa pun yg berlaku mesti ada hikmat di sebaliknyerr.. think +ve!

R28est said...

ma, kita suke jwpan ikhlas tu...jujur lebih biar bertempat.. ;p

mazni_azis said...

tak nmpk muka lngsg baby SN...Semoga Ucu dapat scholarship tu.

zura said...

insya'allah, daptnya..doa bebanyak k..ada la rezeki tuk further study..

so xp tdo kt mcD..msti lalu mcD malaysia, teringat kenangan kt mcD jepun..^_^

zura said...

insya'allah, daptnya..doa bebanyak k..ada la rezeki tuk further study..

so xp tdo kt mcD..msti lalu mcD malaysia, teringat kenangan kt mcD jepun..^_^


wahhhh rindu..dah lama tak nengok muka budak tecik ni...berselimut sampai tak nampak muka..kesian dia..mesti sejuk...jgn lupa kasi alamat..nak kirim cenderahati

Hamizah said...

sedih pula bila baca kisah keluarga yatie..nasib dapat hubby yang sgt memahami..mesti kenangan ni tersemat sampai bila-bila

nieda said...

Yatie, susah sekarang tapi senang kemudian. Insyaallah...hidup diperantauan mmg mencabarkan, ada manisnya nanti. Gud luck..
Eh, esok my hubby plak ada interview for scholarship PHD.

yatie chomeyl said...

cik pid >> sweet kan I? eheh *perasan* thanks utk doa u tu

perfect love >> tu la, mcm2 hal jadik hoho

nadiah >> mintak2 panel tu tertawan dgn rayuan baby SN eheh

nurul >> thanks dear ;)

imah >> klu bwk blk msia, imah nk jaga baby SN ke? :p

yatie chomeyl said...

mummy aqil >> harap2 gitu lah jugak ngeee

isabelle >> u r most wel-chomeyl ;)

bibi >> okey, nanit yatie try gak u lain tu :)

kak NB >> yup, hopefully bila dh bjaya nanti, yatie akan ttp ingat peristiwa ni

ayu >> thanks utk doa u buat kami :)

yatie chomeyl said...

fiza >> tu lah, bungkus habis2an hehe

k.nur >> insya Allah, i hope so

k.yong >> sesekali bermalam di McD, ok juga hehe

atiqah >> no problem ;)

ayu >> tu lah, asalkan dia terima kita seadanya pun dah ok kan ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

k nza >> btul2x, harap2 pengorbanan ni berbaloi lah

mija >> gudlak retep utk iview mija deh

tiey >> insya Allah, doa2kan deh

eyriqazz >> insya Allah nti sampai lah ke jepun ni

mygoldenpen >> ala2 cite hindustan plak kisah kami kali ni hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

zaila >> kalau x raso susoh, kito x faham manisnya hidup sene deh, ko guano? ;)

murni >> sajo nk wat surprise ko murni eheheh

k. izan >> tu lah, bukan selalu nk dpt experience camneh ngeee

imah >> ma mmg org yg iklhas & jujur sepanjang masa eheh

angah >> balut tkut muka kena nagin sejuk nti selsema plak si kecik tu

yatie chomeyl said...

zura >> tu la pasal, lps ni klu nmpk McD, mesti teringat experience ni

mama syaza >> muka budak kecik di selindung sebalik selimut eheh

k. hamizah >> tu lah,kenangan di awal memulakan hidup di alam r/tangga..esok2 bila dh tua leh borak2 pasal ni semula hik3x

nieda >> good luck 2 ur hubby jugak ;)

日月神教-任我行 said...
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鯛魚燒Star said...
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