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Monday, 18 January 2010

Traveling & Sightseeing in Yokohama

One of the major cities of Japan, Yokohama is a prime holiday destination. We are lucky to be given the experience to visits the city and spent a worthy 3 days 2 nights stay there with friendly hospitality, accommodation and delicious food fully sponsored by the generosity of PG's famiLy. Walaupun baru 1st time jumpa, rasa macam dah kenal lama. Sebelum ni pun cuma kenal dan berhubung melalui blog je, alih2 bila jumpa..layanan tip top yang di terima...*timo kaseh banyok2 Murni, Joe, Maira & Zayyan...lebiu love eheh*.

Upon arriving to the Shin-Yokohama station, we were picked up by them and received a mouthful treat of Japanese dishes: nabe (steamboat) serving topped up with super-yummy kenyit chocolate cake baked by Murni. Kak Yatie's family *that I met in Tokyo last time; read Back in the Fukuoka's saddle*, also joined us for the makan2 session.

Here are the list of places around Yokohama city that we went for our sightseeing tour lead by Murni & Jo.

(1) Yamashita Park/Port

With its convenient access to the Yokohama Rinko Line Promenade, varied statues, and modern art, Yamashita Park is truly a spectacular place to begin our tour through the Port of Yokohama or to simply take a lunch. We had our lunch at the park ..hohoho..despite the cold weather, we managed to picnic at the park *hebat kan kami? :astig:. outdoor picnic di musim sejuk ngeeeee*.


From this park, we were able to flash a spectacular view
senyumkenyit of Marine Tower. Marine Tower was reopened in May 2009 for 150th anniversary of opening of the port. You are able to view the vast expanse of bay from the refurbished observatory. A new glass curtain wall on the Yamashita Park side on lower floors produces a fresh look.

*Marine Tower*

Apart from the view of Marine Tower, the landmark tower of Yokohama is also viewable from the Yamashita Park. This 70 story skyscraper at a height of 296 meter is a symbol of Yokohama. The tower has a hotel and halls, and the view from Sky Garden on the observatory on the 69th floor is superb. At the Landmark Plaza, next to the tower, you can enjoy shopping.

*Yamashita Park*

In front of Yamashita Park sits the passenger boat NYK HIKAWAMARU , formerly called "the Queen of the Pacific". It was in service for 30 years from 1930. NYK HIKAWAMARU has been open to the public since its renovation on April 25th, 2008. You can see cabins featuring Art Deco interiors, including the first-class dining saloon, the first-class smoking room and the deluxe cabin, which have been remodeled based on the material from the time NYK HIKAWAMARU was operating as a passenger ship between Yokohama and Seattle before the war. There is an exhibition room where the eventful history of NYK HIKAWAMARU is introduced. The promenade deck has a stunning view of the Yokohama Port.



Anpanman is a superhero who dedicates himself to the cause of justice, aiding the plight of unfortunate souls. Anpanman fights with Baikinman and helps the people of the town. Anpanman will go anywhere to help anyone in trouble, to drive away villains, and to save people from starvation by allowing them to eat his face.

What? Let his face be eaten? No need to worry. His face is made with sweet anpan (bread filled with bean jam), hence the name Anpanman. Anpanman's very life depends on allowing others to eat, and once eaten, Anpanman can restore himself endlessly. He does not look handsome or strong *hidung merah besar, sbb tu baby SN suka gigit2 hidung dia*
gatai, but he never fears any adventure and is continuously flying to aid the hungry people and the children with difficulties. Anpanman is the hero of the new age, glowing with friendship, endeavor and justice.

*with one of the Anpanman characters*

*main dgn toys Anpanman with Kak Maira*

As baby SN is a big fan of Anpanman, the trip to YOKOHAMA ANPANMAN CHILDREN'S MUSEUM i.e a museum of the famous picture book and anime series, Anpanman is a must for us!. This three-storied museum has an athletic facility, galleries, a shopping mall, restaurants, a one-storied theater, and more. My oh my senyumkenyit ...the view was superb with a collection of Anpanman, Jam Ojisan, Baikinman *watak jahat*, Dokin(-chan), Shokupanman and many more..huhuhu.

*entrance of the Yokohama Anpanman Children's Museum*

*baby SN wat muka jakun tengok belon Anpanman*

*takmo layan mommy cam-whoring sbb nak picit hidung Anpanman je*

We bought two items from the Anpanman store to add up baby SN's collection of Anpanmana toys. He loves it very much as he will play with the toys everyday, sampai kan dah tutup lampu tengah2 malam pon baby SN tetap main dengan toys dia tu huhuhu. Jenuh mommy & daddy buat2 tidur nak bagi dia rasa bosan main sorang2
gatai ngeeeeeee.

*cubaan mengambil toys pastu suruh daddy bayar peace ngeeee*

*baby SN excited nak main dgn toys yang baru beli*


The travel & sightseeing around Yokohama was ended with a dinner treat by Joe at the Kappa Sushi Restaurant. What makes Kappa Sushi Restaurant is difference with another sushi restaurant is that, the sushi that we ordered will be sent to the table by using the
shinkansen (bullet train). Perghhhhh, memang excited lah asyik nak order je semata2 nak amik video shinkansen tu eheh. Even though hubby insisted to pay for the dinner, Jo & Murni politely refused his offer and pay for the dinner..*aisyyy malu I di buatnya, :bye: asyik makan free je I nih isk3x*.

*video shinkansen hantar sushi ke meja*

We were really grateful with the big-hearted and warm treat by PG's fAmiLy. Hopefully, Insya Allah panjang umur murah rezeki kita akan jumpa lagi. Jemputlah berkunjung ke kampung Fukuoka pulak, boleh kami pulak bawak jalan2 pusing sini
peace ngeeeee.

#Info gathered from : welcome city, city yokohama , and jam co #

Psssstttt: sometimes we will have the feeling that strangers treats us like a family and there are times when family will treat us as a strangers, strange isn't it? :antok:. Well, I guess that's what life is all about.

22 words of wisdom & comments:

Anonymous said...

wah makan nabe during winter...perghh..i suka makan nabe cicah dgn kuah rojak buah. perghh..hahah..melayu tu melayu gak weh.

dunno y, each time tgk gambo SN, teringat cute baby bird. maybe sebab pipi & muncung comei tu kot.

** Perfect Love ** said...

waaa seronok tol. teruja sy tgk children's museum tu. kalau anak saya masuk situ.. metsi melompat2 dia suke :-)

Fid said...

wah wah

Mama_Aqish said...


azzamoro said...

bestnyer children museum. bile la airyll n mama dia nak merasa sampai jepun ni.

btw muke u all 3 beranak macam same cop je. keke

Huda said...

best2..syiok dapat jalan2 kat children museum tu :)

nak g jepang tiketnye mahal sgt :)

E.L.I.Z.A said...

owoh sedap nyo sek dio jalan²...winter hop best tu..xdop la sero peluh2 hehhehe..

wah sgt best la museum tu..1st time tahu ado museum utk bdk²..

Drama Mama said...

wahhh bestnya baby SN jalan2...dah macam winnie the pooh dah rupa baby SN i tengok. ekekekkeke

enjyo dia pegi muzium tueh, so many things to see, menarik!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

hmmm...semakin membara nak lawat jepun nih...huishhh cam la byk duit haha

naurah makwa said...

sonotnya jalan2..musim winter kat sana sangat best kalau dapat makan steam boat..owh!!

temp. housewife said...

ooo Nazhan gi jupo Anpamman ye. ado beli utk K.Tini & K. Fizah dok so? hehe. seloroh jah.

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

bestnya jalan2 :) bawak laa aku sekali!!

kew_chop said...

lebiu 2 !! jange serik mari sini deh. ado banyok agi tempat hok best2 kito dop gi.

Atiqah said...

wow weeee bestnye...

Ummu Ammar said...

Suka Jepun! Jeles dan teruja baca entry ni..baju Anpanman ngan Baby SN sama la..janji ker? Tapi Baby SN lg cute..

Nadiah Sidek said...

bestnya gi jalan. nak ikut! :p
baju apanman 1 tu sama warna dengan baju nazhan la. pakat ye? :D

Cikgu Rozila said...

Salam yatie...

sorry coz this comment is not related to the topic...
just want to say thanks for your encourage wishes in my blog...
we will learn to be stronger day by day, insyaAllah...

take care...

yatie chomeyl said...

mama miya >> makana nabe time iwnter mmg masyuk aah

perfect love >> tu la, mommy pun excited lebih2 gak masuk situ eheh

ahkak fid & mama aqish >> mmg besto ahh kui3x

azza >> bila u ckp br i perasan muka kitorg 1 cop, guna mesin potostat gitu eheh

yatie chomeyl said...

huda >> x mahal sgt berbanding ke tmpt lain kot hik3x

eliza >> sejuk2 meme x peluh tp berat jale dgn baju tebal hik3x

drama mama >> mmg enjoy x hengat dia masa kat situ

ayu arjuna >> meh2x...cuti2 ke jepun ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

naurah > tu la pasal, sejuk2 mkn steamboat mmg takleh stop makan lah jwb nya hik3x

k.nur >> maine mahal2...pikir seploh kali nk beli..tu pong beli hok muroh sekali ko nazhan hik3x

eliss >> ko dtg sini, nti kitorg bwk jln2 :)

murni >> x serik ahh..nti insya Allah gi lagi *sbb nk shopping di IKEA* eheh

yatie chomeyl said...

atiqah >> weeeee...mmg besttt

ummu Ammar >> aah sama kaler gitu ngeee

nadiah >> kaler sama, design lain sikit je hik3x

cikgu rozila >> i pray the best for u & ur family :)stay strong dear

SOHO Mama said...

Hellloo YatieChomeyl :)
Bulan Dec hari tu my hubby ada pegi Jepun (work-related) tapi errr I lupa ke mana ha haa..but he said Japan is a beautiful, clean country. Everything is structured & in place. My friend dulu2 belajar kat sana..and we ended up talking in Facebook about the efficient recycling service there!
Hubby kata he would love to go again tapi ehem mahal sikit la kan. InsyaAllah satu hari nanti :)

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