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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Bila harus memilih (~_~)

First and foremost, zillion thanks to all of you who has leave your wishes and pray for my success in my previous entry: Dear Ms Luck,...please be with me today!. I've make new friend at Kitakyushu because masa nak cari Rihga Royal Hotel tu, I was going to the different direction. Luckily I bumped into a kind Japanese girl who can converse in English fluently as her boyfriend is Scottish. Ms Yuriko accompany me to the hotel lobby and we even exchanged our contact number plus dah siap add kat FB lagik sengihnampakgigi hihi.

I met the Chairman and her Vice Chairman at the hotel cafe where we had a brief introductory session about my study, my family background and my life. Later on, I was invited to join the dinner at the hotel's meeting room where I was introduced to the other 20 members of the club which were successful & wealthy middle-age women. Alhamdulillah things went pretty well through the 'selling' session with the Kitakyushu Zonta International Club.

As the Amelia Earhart Fellowship is offered only to women pursuing Phd in Aerospace Engineering, those 20 women shot me numerous question regarding to why I choose to study Aerospace Engineering in the first place, what & who inspired me to study in this field and the relation of wind engineering in aerospace engineering. *Makcik2 ni ingat, Aerospace Engineering cuma berkait dengan angkasa lepas dan space shuttle je. Pastu siap tanya I nak tak gi kat angkasa lepas. Bila I jawab I ni ada flight sickness, semua gelakkan I gatai ekekeke*. There were also questions regarding to the status of women in Malaysia, the population of Malaysia (*I jawab tak sure sbb I memang tak tahu berapa population Malaysia, sigh..rakyat yg durhaka sungguh hik3x*), the number of women ministry in Malaysian parliament (*yang ni pun I bantai je cakap 5 org dr 20 menteri ngeee sengihnampakgigi betul ke eh?*), the percentage of working women in Malaysia (*yang ni I confidently jawab 90% of Malaysian women is working*) and etc.

Actually this session is not really an interview for applying the scholarship but it is more on getting the support from the club to help me with my application. As this fellowship is offered by US Zonta International Club, the Kitakyushu Zonta International Club will recommend me to the respective person in US to add extra 'bonus' point in my application. However, the application for this year is already closed thus I have to wait for the next year application to apply for this fellowship.

Overall I am pretty happy with the session as they pay for my travel expenses to go to the hotel *diorang bagi duit poket 10000¥ = RM 380* + belanja me a nice dinner with all the food I can eat + present me with famous sweets from Kitakyushu to bring it home kan?. Since duit tiket di taja, I pergi naik Tokiu Express Train *40 minit from Hakata-Kokura* dan I balik naik bullet train (shinkansen) *20minit from Kokura-Hakata*. I reached home at 9p.m dan cepat2 gi amik my little angel kat rumah kak Azma.

*Sweet Sweets Gifts from the Kitakyushu Zonta International Club*

*spacious & comfortable legroom inside the Tokiu Express*

On another related stories regarding to my interview session before this, I am now tested to pick the decision that I believe is the best for my life. Here's the choices that are waiting for me to decide which one should I pick? :-

(1) IPTA in Malacca
I've wrote in the entry: Off on the right foot ~ hopefully ~ about this interview and how I am not confident I will get it as I've explained in the entry: Back in the Fukuoka's saddle. Last month, I've received the offer letter from them that offered me to be a lecturer gred DS45. The salary & allowance agak best but I have to go back to Malaysia *without finishing my PhD* adus and start working with them immediately and wait for another few years before pursuing my PhD again huhu.

(2) IPTA in Johor
I've also wrote in the entry: Off to Tokyo...........................*again* about this 2nd interview that I've attended and the questions that I've to deal with in the entry: Of interview thingy. I can say that the feedback is positive, BUT if possible they wanted me to change my field of study into a more aeronautical engineering studies rather than applied aeronautical engineering studies as I'm doing right now. Changing topic would mean that I'll have to start the application process all over again + change my PhD supervisor + change the the different campus + wait for the next enrollment which will be on next October --> adus complicated!.

(3) IPTA in Selangor
I received a letter this morning which informed me to attend an interview session on 25th March huhu. Since I've just come back from Malaysia, I don't think it is possible for me to go back again in the nearest time *duit claim tiket balik hari tu pun tak masuk dalam akaun lagi adus hohohoh*. Thus, I hope I'd be able to convince them to reschedule the interview into another possible date yang I pun tak tahu bila lagi huhu.

Those three options needed my answer by this week and I'm still thinking about the pros and cons of it. Walaupun I still tak ada scholarship, tapi Alhamdulillah Allah bagi rezeki yang lain pulak untuk my family. Both hubby & I ada dapat sikit gaji for our arubaito (part time job) dari lab which I can put it as enough untuk bayar my tuition fee sebanyak 280 000yen=RM11000 every 6 months tu huhu *walaupun lepas bayar yuran hidup jadi agak 'semput', tapi masih boleh bernafas dalam lumpur lagi sengihnampakgigi hehe*. Plus, starting from next month, baby SN has been accepted to enter the public nursery where we were entitled to received the free monthly charge as both of us are students..yea yea..dah jimat duit 36540yen=RM1400 yang buat bayar yuran private nursery baby SN yang sekarang ni *refer: Mommy & Baby SN goes to school*.

I am always positive with my life and I always believe with the choices that I've made so far. I have faith in Allah that He has set the best path for me and I would just follow the flow wisely. Life is always lingering around choices and picking up the best choice that you think will serve you the best. I percaya tak selamanya mendung akan berarak dalam hidup..therell be one fine day where mentari akan bersinar terang memancarkan sinarnya untuk menerangi hidup I ceeewahhhh. Anyway, ini I nak share sepotong doa yang boleh di amalkan setiap hari.

"Ya Allah, cukupkanlah kepadaku dengan rezekiMu yang halal dan perkayakanlah aku dengan limpah kurniaMu daripada meminta kepada yang lain daripadaMu"

Psssssttt: supervisor I dah bagi borang untuk apply sponsorship dari universiti kalau I nak balik Malaysia lagi next semester...kui3x. macam tahu2 je student dia ni asyik nak balik je gatai ekekeke.

28 words of wisdom & comments:

nieda said...

susah juga nak buat decision kan..apa2 pun good luck apa2 pun keputusan lepas ni..

Farah said...

waah baca entry u kali ni terus bagi semangat kat i untuk belajar lagi)(cita2 tu ade tapi selalu je pk isk duit cukup tak nanti ni nak tampung kos hidup)..gud lak yatie..saya doa semoga semua urusan yatie dipermudahkan.

firahadifa said...

thanks yatie... nanti aku nak amalkan doa tue..

isabelle said...

wahhh...semangat berkobar2, smpi i pun kena tempias nye. hehe
thanks for sharing the doa.

Ummu Sofea said...

Assalamualaikum. Banyaknya pilihan. Alhamdulillah. carilah yg terbaik. Do ur istikharah.

*psst..comel la baby SN.

kew_chop said...

baby SN dpt free masuk hokuen, wah rezeki nazhan betul.

Dandelion said...

semoga dipermudahkan semuanya, insyaAllah. amin :)

Nadiah Sidek said...

buat istikharah la yatie :)

temp. housewife said...

betul Ti buat istikharah sblm nok pilih hok mano terbaik. knur sokmo doa utk Ti.

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

yatie apa jua keputusanmu adalah yang terbaik buat dirimu dan keluarga....semoga dipermudahkan segalanya aminn..

Atiqah said...

kak yatie we are in the same boat though ur position is slightly higher than me..huhu..i will go to KLCC this ssaturday to look for suitable scholarship and meet the respective Sheffield's representatives regarding my studies in UK..I have faith in Allah, He granted my wish and I shouldnt give up to make it comes true..insyaAllah..all the best for both of us..u inspired me a lot..

Momma Mia said...

Halamak cam jeles plak. terasa cam nk blajo semula. Anyway, semoga semuanya dipermudahkan. All the best dear!!

~Eila @ Along~ said...

tahniah..rezki ade di mana2...eila doakan yg terbaik....

Drama Mama said...

alhamdulillah...moga makin murah rezeki yatie sekeluarga. belanja hidup kat jepun agak tinggi jugak ya...fuuhh!

i pray that u'll get to choose the best path for u n family.ameen!

Naura's Villa said...

naura pun rasa bertambah semangat nak study..ehm,kena tunggu second baby 1 year la baru nak study balik..

sue said...

sue baru jek p interview untk mintak scholar last week. Rasa cam frust sgt masa interview tu sebab diorang cakap muda lagi. Yg apply byk senior. So harapan macam tipis sket nk dpt. Rasa down sgt sebab dah nyusahkan ramai orang semata-mata nak attend interview ni. Tapi masa rasa down tu tingat yatie yg lagi susah kat jepun ni. So kena positive selalu. Tabik spring la kt yatie ngn hubby.

IZAN said...

wahh... alhamdulillah banyak pilihan yang di beri. Moga Yatie dapat buat pilihan yang paling tepat yekk!

Anonymous said...

aduhai.. tabahnya lah yatie..
semoga ketabahan berpanjangan.. jangan risau, tiap2 kesusahan tu kan ada kesenangan disebaliknya... :D

ninaazmie said...

smg kita dimurahkan rezeki dan dipermudahkan dalam membuat keputusan...amin

ninaazmie said...

smg kita dimurahkan rezeki dan dipermudahkan dalam membuat keputusan...amin

NURUL IZZA said...

gud luck..bestnyo~~ rezeki msg2 deh..x

yatie chomeyl said...

nieda >> yup, mmg susah ..poning palo

farah >> insya ALlah kalau kita betul2 usaha, Allah akan tunjukkan jalan ;)

firahadifa >> ur welcome babe!

isabelle >> ooopss terpercik plak semangatnye kat u erk? hehe

Ummu Sofea >> mekaceh sbb puji baby SN hik3x *blushing*

yatie chomeyl said...

murni >> tu la, free doh la start bule depe ;)

dandelion >> insya Allah, thanks ;)

Nadiah >> tu la, nmpk gayanya mmg kena buat :)

k.nur >> thanks 4 always being there 4 me :)

ayu arjuna >> btul2x, harap2 decision tu yg tbaik la

yatie chomeyl said...

atiqah >> eh ye ke akak siap jd inspiration tqah? hope everything went well for u too ;)

momma mia >> mari lah kita smbung belajar smp penat hik3x

eila >> btul2x, rezeki dtg dgn macam2 cara

drama mama >> mmg jepun ni sara hidup tertinggi kat dunia huhuhu

naura >> yosh, mari lah bersemangat utk study! hehehe

yatie chomeyl said...

sue >> btul2x, kena sentiasa positive...insya Allah ada rezeki nanti :)

k.izan >> insya Allah..harap2 gitu la

sya >> btul2x, yg susah tu manissss jugak ;)

nina >> amin

izza >> btul2x, rezeki hok Allah nok bui tu gak ..mace2 caro dio leh bui ;)

lieza said...

better habiq phd dulu kalu saya lah sebab dah buat PHD..Hehehe..nak ulang semula tu rasa susah sikit kan..itu pendapat saya saja..Good luck for yatie..

asniza said...

salam yatie.. ketabahan yatie sangat memberi inspirasi.. moga dipermudahkan ;-)


yatie chomeyl said...

lieza >> btul3x, nanti x tahu bila pulak nak sambung kan

asniza >> terima kasih utk doa akak tu ;)

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