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Monday, 19 October 2009

Mommy & Baby SN goes to school

Starting from last week, baby SN and I have to go to school. As I've already started my Permanent Head Damage *PhD* study, I have to leave baby SN at Popora hoikuen (nursery) everyday from 9 am-5 pm. Since my campus is about 23km away from our house, there are 2 medium of transportation that I could used to go to the university i.e by car or by train. Public nursery nearby our area were already full and we were in the waiting list until next March...sigh.

So we have to send him to a private nursery which in the end costs us
33 950yen (RM 1260) for this month *ini cuma bayaran untuk separuh bulan + yuran pendaftaran*. Hohohoho...with that amount of money, I can rent a semi-D 2 storey bungalow in Malaysia...aiseh, what to do *takkan I nak bawak baby SN masuk lab wind tunnel dengan I yer tak?*. For the next month, we have to pay 36 540 yen (RM 1400) per month for his monthly payment of the nursery...*aiseh, garu kepala laju2 :antok: sampai luruh semua kutu*.

(Baby SN at Popora Hoikuen)

On the
first day i.e Tuesday 13th October 2009, we went to school by car and it took me about 1 hour to arrive there because of the traffic congestion and also because of the speed limit to drive is only 40-60km/h huhuhuhu. It was not too hard to drive alone with baby SN as he sleeps most of the time kenyit in his car seat.

(Baby SN sleeps well in his car seat)

The hardest things to do is of course to left Nazhan at the nursery after being with him 24-7 for the past 4 months. Alhamdulillah I didnt cry .. even I couldn't believe myself
hah. But I guess I have to be strong to ensure that baby SN is tough enough to face other challenges in the future. The nursery is about 2km away from my campus. We purposely choose this nursery as it it near to my campus, in case of emergency ::( I could rush to the nursery to pick up my baby.

(Baby SN with his friend)

They were 4 staffs that are working at the nursery with about 10-15 children to attend to. They will provide daily report on the baby progress and activity done at the nursery. The report will also state amount of milk (in cc) taken by baby SN and how many times diapers have been changed
*specific & detail sungguh orang jepun kan?*.

(Baby SN's first day report)

On the
second day of schooling, both Baby SN and I travel by using subway train + JR train to reach school. It took almost 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Nazhan's nursery. It was fucking damn tiring :sweaty: to push him on his stroller at the train station. I have to always look around for elevator and it cost me lots of time and energy to find the elevator and at the same time pushing his buggy with so many people around.

(crowd of people at Hakata Station)

As we were using the train during the peak hour,
:tendang: it is so hard to look for a seat to sit down. Plus, I was pushing baby SN's stroller..which means I cant sit in the train...arghhh, giler penat cam nak pengsan. After sending him to his nursery, I have to walk for about 15 minutes to reach the campus. Aiseh, pagi2 dah exercise tolak stroller + naik turun tangga + berjalan kaki..hohohoho. On the way back home, it is already dark as nowadays the sunset is at 5.40pm. Furthermore, the weather is becoming colder everyday as we are now entering the autumn season with cold breeze of air swoosh :wala: on our face.

(Baby SN inside his stroller on a JR train from Hakata - Kasuga)

I decided to use baby SN's Combi Ninna Nanna carrier on the
third day to school. Of course, carrying around a 7.2kg baby on my shoulder together with a bagpack full of his stuffs and not forgetting a handbag full with my stuffs is not an easy task to be done. Dang!. Imagine carrying 3 things on your shoulder which weights approximately reaches 7.5kg in total; for a journey with train for 1.5hours...hohoho..*I'm such a SuperChomeyl-ToughMommy :astig: *.

(I have to carry these 3 "things" huhuhu)

The good thing about carrying him around on a baby carrier is that you get to received a priority seat on the train..yeah!. People will be pity seeing such a skinny lady
*okeh, perasan skinny* with a weight of 45kg *apa ntah motif buh berat kat sini* carrying such a chubby baby with loads of bags on her shoulder :bye: hohoho. Apart from that, baby SN enjoy being near to me and he also enjoy the view outside of the window panel in the train. On these days, I will cycle to campus right after sending baby SN to his nursery..*perghh sejuk tak hengat, angin menghembus2 tulang pipi*.

(enjoying the view)

(portraying a chomeyl smile to mommy)

Though it was hard to go to school together with baby SN everyday, I know that I should be thankful with this chance given by Allah to us. I am thankful enough as my Prof even provided a private room especially for me to use for praying and to express the breast milk during the school hour *baik sangat2 sensei I kan?* senyum. It will surely took some time for me to adapt with the status as a student again. I have to change my bed time to a lil bit early and of course to wake up early as well ..hohoho. Not forgetting that I have to crack my head again and recharge some of the urat2 otak yang dah longgar to revise on the subject of fluid mechanics again...dang!.

Being a Doctoral student in the wind tunnel laboratory of Research Institute of Applied Mechanics means that I'm sharing the lab with 4 other guys as it is difficult to find other woman in the same lab with me. The only lady that I met everyday at the lab is the secretary..
leh gak wat teman I borak2 & makan..ngeeee. I admit that it was not easy to do all this right now (read: a wife, a mommy, a student) but I also believe that these hardships :tsk: will pay us fruitful success in the future. Bak kata hubby I, "takpo lah kito susoh2 dulu awal2 ni. Insya Allah nanti2 kito sene lah". I'm nodding my head.."Insya Allah".

(mata I sembab sebab tak biasa bangun pagi ngeeee)

Doakan di permudahkan urusan kami dan doakan
doa I cepat2 dapat mana2 scholarship yang I apply yang sudi menaja study I. Amin.

31 words of wisdom & comments:

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

Insyaallah ado rezeki nanti. adola hok sanggup taja Ti.

eRiNsZ said...

amin hope doa cik chomel dmakbulkan..hehe

tertarik ar ngan daily report tu heharap one day kt m'sia ni pon buat cam2 kan...

Jiji said...

best nyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aku nak bukak nursery laaa gini!!

Farah said...

gambatte ne!! u memang a tough chomeymommy hahaha...takpela sabar sikit yatie..btul tu..kalau tak susah mane nak dpt senang..awww bessnye nurseri baby SN bagi report hari2 camtuu..takdela kite risau sgt kan even bayar mahal sikit.

Anonymous said...

unburivuburiyaaa..(sebut cam org jebun sebut unbelievable)

gambatte!! yatie chomeyl fighto!

Fid said...

Puan YC
ohhh hakase ka...dahsyat!
kalau i dok sana leh i jadi bbsitter kahkah

MaMaSyAzA said...

wahhhhh yati mmg tough gilerrrsss....cute bila babyN senyum...yg letih2 terasa hilang tengok dia senyum...semoga yatie tabah mengharungi segalanya...

Mama Safiyyah said...


insyallah....tuhe maha adil.....dio tahu segalo susoh payoh kak tu....insyallah....besa ganjare nati......

yatie chomeyl said...

kak nur >> i hope so

erinsz >> tu ka, rajin cikgu2 nursery tulis report hari2

jiji >> bukaklah, leh hntr baby SN nanti eheh

farah >> tu la, wpon dh bg report hari2 still risau gak hohoho

yatie chomeyl said...

mama miya >> arigatou ne

fid >> meh la blk duk isni, leh jgkan baby I eheh

mamaSyaza >> tu la pasal,senyuman baby SN penawar segala keletihan

mamaSaffiyah >> eh, ore kak ko? raso mace ore mudo lagi ngeeee

chubby bear said...

ganbatte ne doktor yatie!! go woghih go!!

Drama Mama said...

insyaAllah ada rezeki nanti. wahh nursery baby SN macam best dan menarik tertarik memang da bomb la..hehe

mesti dia suka kan?

Hanz said...

Yatie, mesti berat hati jer nak tinggalkan Nazhan kat orang lain, kan?takper, u r one tough cookie, mesti kental! Haik!

All the best in your salam kat baby Nazhan.. :>

nieda said...

bestnyer nursery mcm tu...i suka sbb very detail..

dayah said...

Salam Kak Yatie,

Amin. Moga akak success selalu. Terus saya bersemangat ni. Saya pula 2 dalam satu je ni. Keje + study.

Kalau hendak seribu daya kan kak ^_^

:: butterfly :: said...

sibbaik si chomeyl SN nak dok kat stroller n bby carrier :)

klu si chomeyl sy yg xnk ngn smue medium pengangkutanye, mau bengkok tulang belakang sy (sy yg seberat 50kg-kikiki nk gak letak berat mcm u)

CuTeMiUt78 said...

wah.. bila baca.. memang kena tough la kan.. what ever u do.. will wish good luck to you..
semoga semua urusan dipermudahkan.. insyallah

Atiqah said...

good luck kak yatie..semangat kental utk smbung bljr..terinsipirasi tiqah utk smbg bljr lg..


rasanya macam tak sanggup aje nak susah macam tu lagi..huhhhu..
jepun semua benda mahalkan..

Nadiah Sidek said...

mahalnya yuran kat nursery tu! tapi mujur la service nya agak bagus. kite mmg respect la golongan mcm yatie (wife + mom + student). kite rs mcm tak mampu je nk jd gitu. kalau buat part time mgkn ok kot. mdh2an dipermdhkn segala urusan..

Sitisifir10 said...

hok susoh tu jugaklah yang disebut2 maso tuo nnt... :) moga ALLAH mudahkan Yatie...

nk tya boleh,mcm mana nak control Uwaiys ni...dia asyik nak pakai Yukata aje....naik boring lak tgk

azzamoro said...

bestnyer sekolah baby SN... tapi fee dia pun sgt la 'best' ...huhu. kalau kt mesia leh byr keta bmw bulan2... comel la kecik2 dah pi skolah siap ngan beg sekolah..hehe

ojasamid said...

wah yatie..yoku ganbatteru ne! ouen shiteru yoo..hehehe..moga Allah akan selalu memberi kemudahan dan kekuatan buat yatie sefamily :D

yatie chomeyl said...

woghih >> arigatou ne ;)

drama mama >> dia mmg suka g nursery, sbb dpt ramai kwn

Hanz >> mula2 susah la, tp skrg dh kuatkn hati demi mengahrungi segala kepayahan in eceh

nieda >> aah, mmg detail gile..kencing berak pun di rekodkan eheh

yatie chomeyl said...

dayah >> mari kita sama2 berusaha hohoho

irma >> setakat ni nak duk lagi la,lps ni xtahu la huhu

cutemiyt78 >> tenkiu2x..*hugs*

atiqah >> semangat tak kental sgt sbnrnya tp bosan duk umah jer eheh

kak NB >> tu la psal, serba serbi mahal..botak paler hubby ngeee

yatie chomeyl said...

nadiah >> ramai lg yg golongan ibu yg lg tough dr yatie..ada tu siap sorang2 je jaga anak + study + masak hohoho

sitisifir10 >> tu lam sek sok bilo tuo ingat lah sumo susoh payoh ni

azza >> yer ke dpt byr BMW? aiseh, hntr nazhan blk msia la klu gitu..duit ni smpn wat byr kete eheh

oja >> thanks utk doa nya :D

@e_da said...

yahhh yati mmg kuat... baby SN pun akan jd kuat mcm ibu dia.. moga kesabaran yatie harungi semua tu akan terbayar suatu hari nanti.. teruskan perjuangan jgn putus asa yer....

firahadifa said...

yatie, x de sape2 org malaysia yg nk jaga bay SN ker?..

firahadifa said...

yatie, x de sape2 org malaysia yg nk jaga bay SN ker?..

yatie chomeyl said...

@eda >> insya Allah baby SN pun tough lah pasni eheh

firahadifa >> setakat ni takderlah ...lps ni tak tahu lah..kalau ada kan senang :)

kew_chop said...

baru baco entry ni bele2 jerit, huhu emo pulok. takpela, insyaAllah semua yg kita buat sekarang ada hasil yg sgt bagus untuk masa depan.

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