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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Baby SN turns 4 months (^-*)

My little prince; Shafiq Nazhan has turns 4 months old on 26th September 2009. I can't believe how fast time had flies. On 30th September 2009 which was exactly a day after coming back to Japan from Malaysia, my baby had his first vaccination i.e Bacille Calmette Guerin a.k.a BCG nerdat Imajuku Ward Office.

(makcik2 petugas kat city hall)

(isi borang dulu baru leh cucuk)

According to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan; BCG is given to a baby during his 4th month old. My baby was sleepy upon arriving to the city hall and he was not even distracted by the uproarious sound of laughter, screaming and cries by other babies. He just woke up few minutes before being given the BCG injection, kenyit huh..what a perfect timing!.

(tidur dengan nyenyaknya)

(masih takmo bangun..syiok titun)

BCG injection in Japan is a bit different with the one in Malaysia as baby were given 18 small needles of injection. As you can see on the photo which contains 9 small needles for each injection. After a few months 18 small round scars will appear on the baby's arm and I was told by my friend that by 2 years old, peace all the scars of BCG will disappear.

(tu jenis jarum yang di guna)

(18 parut kecil)

It was scary to see the scars at first but I think it is less painful than Malaysia style., after all those scars will distinguish my boy from other kids in Malaysia *baru lah ada bukti lahir & besar kat Jepun hehe*. My little hero did cried for the first time the needles were injected on his arm, but slightly few seconds after that he was able to smile and be cheerful again as if nothing's had happened...bravo tepuktangan *clap clap*.

(video time kena inject)

(hero mommy yang macho) siul

Besides the BCG injection, check up on my baby's health, condition and development were carried out by the Paed. Baby SN has reached 6.8kg in weight and has been able to develop few new skills such as make happy sounds by laughing out loud cutely *sangat chomeyl masa 1st time dengar dia gelak..hohoho..chomeyl2x* — or show frustration by screaming out loud :bye: *leh pecah gelas kalau letak dekat dengan dia kui3x*.

By now, my baby is able to follow an object all the way around him. Furthermore, he loves to put everything inside his mouth and most of the time, baby SN loves to sucks his fingers and also likes to taste others thumb and will cry if his fingers were taken away from his mouth. Sometimes he even put all of his fingers into his mouth pastu marah2 bila I keluarkan jari dari mulut dia..haisy, sengihnampakgigi chomeyl nyer.

As we have new Malaysian living in the same buliding with us, baby SN gets new friends i.e Baby Ikhwan which is almost 2 months older than him. Last week I have to take care of Baby Ikhwan for a while as his parents need to attend to some emergency matters. Baby SN took some time to socialize with Baby Ikhwan before finally enjoy the Baby Einstein CD together...sangat chomeyl love looking at both of them together on the bed watching the show. I quickly grabbed my camera to shot the precious moment.

(Nazhan with his new friend; Ikhwan)

Starting this week, I'm preparing baby SN to drink from his bottle to make sure that he's prepared to stay in the hoikuen (nursery) as I'll start my studies in the middle of this month. Sigh, it was quiet difficult to make him drink the breast milk from the bottle but I guess he should really understand by now that by hook or by crook; he still has to drink the EBM using bottle during the day and will only get the taste of mommy's nipple during the night only. He will cry and refuse to drink for the first few minutes :tsk: - and will only start drinking after being tired of crying or if lifted and being swings to the left and right. Haisy, kat rumah leh la I pujuk2 dan dukung , hayun kiri kanan to make sure that he finish his milk, but I wonder if the person at the nursery have enough time and effort to do the same thing?. Any tips on how to teach him to drink from the bottle in another effective ways?. adus

Pssstt : Agak2nya baby SN ke mommy yang nangis :puppyeyes: hari 1st hantar nazhan ke nursery nanti? huhuhuhu

16 words of wisdom & comments:

Huda said...

comey je baby SN pas kene cucuk :)

Suhana Shahril said...

Alamak aii..scary nya bila tgk parut Sn pas kena cucuk. Mujur kat M'sia x mcm tu. Nnti bukan bby yg nangis, mak die la yg ngalir air mata tgk.Tak sampai ati..huhuhu...

Mummy Aqil said...

hmm daku ada advise utk bg ebm kat bb. mn tau leh tlg feed bb SN dgn bottle.

1. sebaiknye, bkn mummy yg feed guna botol. sbb dia leh sense mummy dia n dia prefer nipple. try to ask daddy to feed. (last time ms ajar aqil, daku nyuruk sbb xmo aqil nmpk. huhu..)

2. try to feed b4 dia sgt2 lapar n dah mula 'amok'. hehehee..

3. mcm aqil, ku bg bottle MAM sbb teat dia leper, ala2 nipple gitu.

so gud luck hokey..

Atiqah said...

mcm handsome je Dr yg cucuk baby SN tu..kui kui kui..

makin comel baby SN..

Anonymous said...

ish..dr tgk byk2 tanda tu, i sendiri rs takut nak kena cucuk..kalau anak tak nangis, i tolong nangis kan..

Jiji said...

Bottle heh. ANi sampai sekarang reject bottle. Selalu bedung kan aje.. dukung enjut enjut sambil sua botol tu.. mengamok gak last last isap.
Habis jugak!


yatie..ngeri tengok baby macam tu, kat malaysia lagi senang..zap..sekejap aje..tak menangis pun baby dan tak demam..
kalau qaisara kena macam tu mahu menangis akak..

azzamoro said...

cepat je dah besar baby SN. yatiey, scary gak i tengok injection yang ade 8 scar tu. semua bby kt jpn kene eh?

** Perfect Love ** said...

sian baby SN.. lagi2 bila tgk scar tu...
selamat hari raye k yatie.. dah terlewat nak ucap ni ;-p

yatie chomeyl said...

huda >> lps meraung tu, sisa2 airmata pun ada lg

suhana >> tu yg mommy terkebil2 kesedihan kat situ hoho

mummy Aqil >> thanks 4 the tips, will try it. skrg ni I mmg guna MAM bottle gak utk dia

A-t-qah >> aah, mmg hensem Dr tu..ala2 muka pelakon gitu hehe

mctie said...

kak tie cuba guna botol yg puting dio leper tuh..bukan bulat..dulu nurani pon x sey isap puting tu..dio gigit2 je sb lembut2..yg leper tuh isap..try dulu ..ok..huhu..takut2 tgk baby sn keno inject..hihi..

yatie chomeyl said...

Mama Miya >> I control macho kat situ, takmo join nangis dgn baby SN

Jiji > tu la, lepas meraung satu blok dengar suara dia..baru lah nak minum huhu

kak NB >> nsb baik baby SN x demam hari tu..ok lah agaknye tu

azza >> aah, mmg BCG utk baby2 kat Jepun ni parut ni nanti hilang after 2 years old

perfect love >> takper, baby SN macho..hehe..selamat hr raya gak

Hanz said...

wah...udah balik ker nippon semula? sakan raya, babe! :> hemm..nazhan pun dah besar, mata makin bulat tu! :>

PadNani~~{@ said...

byknya needles dia yatiey..lain betul kan..Oman satu jarum jgk.
Tp, baby SN strong kan..hero mummy!:)

Good luck ye..moga baby SN get used dgn bottle..

Nadiah Sidek said...

erk...gerun lak tgk baby SN kena cucuk dgn jarum yg byk tu. pelik ye BCG injection kat sana tp nasib baik la scar tu boleh hilang...kalu tak lg la nmpk bukti yg baby SN pernah duk di jepun. hehe...

wah...4 bln dh 6.8 kg??? boleh tahan. safiyyah baru je cecah 7 kg...tak terlarat nk dukung lama2. lenguh! :p

happy 4 months old shafiq nazhan! ;)

The Mrs-Bride said...

1st time i anta my baby gi babysitter, i yg nangis dulu... hahaha! klakar je rasa. but no worries! as time goes by, he'll understand... :)

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