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Friday, 23 October 2009

Paradigm Shift

It has been almost 2 weeks since I started my new life as a student after having a heavenly life staying at home doing nothing *except blogging sengihnampakgigi* for more than 1 year ..huhuhu. Ever since the past 2 weeks period of time; there were so many things occurred in my life. I admit that it wasn't easy in the first week but as time goes by, I find myself surviving in this new status that I hold as a wife, a mother and a student nerd.

(my workplace in the lab)

However to adapt in this new chapter of my life, I noticed there are few changes that I have to transform in myself.

1) Time Consumption

I guess time is the most influential factor in order for me to achieve efficient performance everyday. I need to wake up early which also means that I cant sleep after the subuh prayer *aiseh, padahal tidur selepas subuh ialah kegemaran sepanjang hayat ngantuk huhuhu...kena ubah ni, baru murah rezeki*. First thing to do in the morning is of course to expressed the milk for stocking up baby SN's milk...kadang2 tertidur sambil mengepam, pastu ngamuk2 bila pam tak function hohoho.
# Change : to wake-up early

After that, I'll take my shower and get dressed. wasn't easy to choose what to wear everyday. It used to be easy last time masa I bujang, but as for now I have to consider the facts that those clothes that I'm wearing is easy to selak so that I can breastfeed Nazhan easily. There's a big NO for allocating time to do make-up :yawn: as I don't have enough time for that except to apply the most fundamental stuff i.e deodorant + lotion on my face..that's it!. Plus, the clothes I'm wearing must be comfortable enough for me to walk in fast pace to catch up with the trains...haru pulak nak kejar2 train kalau pakai kain batik lepas ngeeeeee...mau terburai tengah jalan.
# Change : to get dress with the most appropriate clothes as fast as possible

As I'm traveling with public transport, I also have to make sure that I was there at the train station at the right time. I have to take subway from Imajuku - Hakata and then walk through crowd of people to catch up with railway train from Hakata-Kasuga and right after sending Nazhan to his nursery, again I have to catch a train from Kasuga - Onojo. It seems like my life nowadays is revolving around the train station eheh. By now I can already know by heart the train timetable in the morning & evening, the coach that I should sit in order to get out at the door near the staircase and the exit to take for the nearest way to the platform. Bravo bravo..*tepuk tepuk*.
# Change : to walk faster :ngacir: to be able to catch the train on time

I'd be in the lab from 9.30am - 4.30pm only everyday thus I have to make sure that I'm using that time wisely. In fact I'm the only one who went home early as I have to pick up Nazhan before 5pm to avoid extra charge on the nursery payment. This also means the time to blog, to blog-hopping and to facebook-ing is lessen. Blogging is my addiction so what can I do is to prepare scheduled post during the weekend and to blog hopping during the lunch hour..huhuuh..tetap gigih gitu ngeeee.
# Change : Prepare scheduled post entry ::for a week ahead of time instead of preparing it everyday huhuhu.

2) The way of thinking a.k.a mind setting

I have not been using my brain much on my study for more than 1 year. Starting all over again from all the basic concepts in fluid dynamics, aerodynamics and wind engineering surely contributing massive headaches to me. Sigh, why doesn't headaches occurs when I read all those gossips thing from Mangga, Hi, URTV and all those crappy mags hahahah.
# Change : treat those textbook & journals as yummylicious :please: as reading those gossips mags.

(yummy textbook to read)

All of these new changes in my life wouldn't be easy without a great help from my hubby. He'll help me with preparing my bento in the morning, preparing baby SN, cleaning the dishes and tidying the house. Sometimes he even help me with my sidejob as research assistant. Holy crap..lama sangat tak involve in educational things sampai nak guna Excel pon terkial2..kalau suruh edit HTML code pun lagi laju jelir huhuhuhu.

Without accepting the fact that everything changes, we cannot find perfect composure. But unfortunately, although it is true, it is difficult for us to accept it. Because we cannot accept the truth of transience, we suffer. ~Shunryu Suzuki~

Pssstt :
Ada yang tanya kenapa I tak drive gi kampus?. Kalau I drive, susah nak BF baby SN..sbb tu I rela mengejar train
peace as long as my baby can be feed whenever he asked for it.

11 words of wisdom & comments:

Anonymous said...

hahaha..kalau drive nnt kang ada lak buat stunt yg illegal. i kenal sorang akak ni pernah drive sambil BF anak..mujo la tak accident kan..

anyway, life tanpa challenges tak best la kan? so just do ur best for now and one day u can look back and say "i did that & it was ok la".

there's nothing good or bad, its just thinking that makes it so.

Ina said...

even mmg ramai je tp xsemua org sanggup be a student+mom+wife all at d same kt perantauan plak tu. u mmg kuat lah sbb u had chosen this path at d first place. as time goes by im sure u will be n expert juggling in between everything. mind over matter ;) gud luck n all best wishes to u. i salute u. kalau i... lom tentu sanggup n rajin enuf to be in ur place hehe :P

Huda said...

gud luck akak! :)

Atiqah said...

hebat la kak pon good luck..tiqah dok tulis tesis ni pon rse mcm hell je..

Nadiah Sidek said...

hehe...gigih gk tu nk berblog

gEe said...

good luck yatie..akak doa yang terbaik...mana2 ibu yg bekerja/student pun akan melalui benda yang time, you will get used to it..insyaAllah..

yatie chomeyl said...

mama miya >> owh, dasyatnya kakak tu, tapi I pun pernah wat gak sekali tp takmo lah wat lagi..bahaya hohoho

Ina >> I pun malas sebenarnya tp buat2 cam rajin jer lah ni

huda >> thanks dear ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

atiqah >> good luck with ur tesis

nadiah >> blog ttp pujaan hati ku eheh

k.gee >> tenkiu..insya Allah

Hanz said...

Salute u! nanti Nazhan besar, he will proudly referred u as SuperMom!

yatie chomeyl said...

Hanz >> takderlah, I'm not as superb as supermommy ;)

Farah said...

mane la tak kurus yatie ni..tido selepas subuh mmg nikmat kan hahaha keji sungguh!

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