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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Cutest Baby in STROLLER Contest

Align CenterIn conjunction with Cutest Baby in STROLLER Contest held by Mom Bloggers Planet for this month theme, I would love to share some helpful tips to help you get your baby on the move!. But before that, of course the hearty thanks and peluk deepest gratitude goes to Photobook Malaysia and AliceWonders for being the sponsor of this contest for every month.

(gambar hiasan utk memeriahkan entry garupale huhu)

Before buying a stroller, think nerd about your lifestyle and your baby/childs' needs, like:

If you do a lot of walking, a sturdy and good absorb system stroller may be required.
If you travel frequently, a lightweight compact fold stroller will be ideal.

Frequent Ask Question (FAQ) soal before purchase:

  • Is the stroller suitable to use for your baby/child? (i.e. Baby should lie flat most of the day, especially for the first 3 months)
  • Do you want your baby to face towards you?
  • Do you prefer a travel system, where you infant seats can be attached on stroller?
  • Does the stroller have adjustable handle?
  • Does the seat recline?
  • Is a big shopping basket included? senyumkenyit *very important for mom! trust me hehe*.

(baby SN in his stroller on a train)
  • What other accessories are available for the stroller?
  • Would the stroller you are considering fit in your car boot's room?

(toys attached on his stroller keeps him occupied for much longer time tepuktangan)

Types of Stroller:

1) 2 in 1 stroller

  • Suitable from birth
  • Lie-flat facility and lets baby face you

2) Travel Systems

  • An optional infant carrier car seat attached to create a travel system

3) Three Wheeler

  • Suitable from birth or 6 months
  • Versatile

4) Forward-Facing Strollers

  • Suitable from birth
  • Lie-back position makes them suitable for newborns, as well as older children

("cool" smile encem as he sits in a "cool" stroller)

5) Light Weight Stroller

  • Suitable from birth or 6 months above
  • Usually in aluminium frame
  • Light and easy to use - perfect for traveling

(cant wait rindu to travel )

6) Tandem and Twin Seaters

  • 'Side by side' style is ideal for twins
  • 'Tandem' style is ideal for two children of different ages
*info gathered from Sweet Cherry*

As for baby SN, I never did really buy him a stroller. His first stroller is a gift from Kak Sofiah when he was 2 months old. It was a MasBaby stroller and suitable for newborn baby as it can be set in lie flat position. We rarely used it during his early months and prefer to carry him around with his Combi Nanna Ninna baby carrier. However, as baby SN getting healthier (a.ka. heavier kenyit); we cant avoid to not using the stroller at a place that requires a lot of walking and offers enough facility for the stroller.

(sleep like a babyngantuk in the lie flat position)

When we come back from Malaysia to Japan, baby SN receives another stroller as a gift from hubby's aunt. It was a Sweet Cherry City stroller. What I like the most about this stroller is that, it is light and easy to use, while hubby likes the locking after fold system on this stroller. peace Plus, this can also be set in the lie flat position and so far, baby SN seems to enjoy most of his time in the stroller.

(happy face as he has enough & comfortable sleeps in the stroller)

I personally thinks that stroller is very important for a baby especially when traveling at a place that requires a lot of walking (read : shoppping complex siul) . Both baby & parents will be tired while traveling. Daddy/mommy wont be able to carry the baby for all day long and baby will be comfortable to sleeps in the stroller. ..*just like what baby SN always do, whenever we put him in his stroller*.... sengihnampakgigi ekekekeke.

(sleep baby sleep..let mommy eat..hehe)
Baby's name : Shafiq Nazhan
DOB: 26th may 2009

Pssssttt: I tengah gigih mengejar dateline contest di sana sini since cuma sempat update blog tengah malam jer huhu. Pagi - petang sekarang ni kena start ngadap buku teks fluid dynamics dah :tsk: ...tidakkkkkkkk...hohoho

11 words of wisdom & comments:

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

ghano ngaji? ok dok? Nazhan ok keno tinggal kat nursery?

nieda said...

stroller sgt penting kan esp kalau nak p shopping...hehe

azzamoro said...

wah macam2 gaye..goodluck yatiey...:)

Aleyn said...

Memang senang pakai stroller kan...tapi anak I tak nak sangat..pandai jalan jer..terus tak pandang dah stroller dia tuh...

ita zakaria said...

wahhh..dah beso lah Nazhan. makin tembam erk..lame dah tak singgah blog Yatie nih. sehat ker? selamat hari raya yer utk baby Nazhan... seronok dapat balik Mesia?

en_me said...

ammvoiii rajinnyerr contest.. ehehe

Nadiah Sidek said...

rajinnya masuk contest. teringin gk nk join tp mslhnya tak rajin wat entry. update blog pun malas...ada hati nk wat entry utk contest :p.

good luck!

yatie chomeyl said...

kak nur >> i'll update about the story later

nieda >> pntg utk sumbat brg2 mommy hehe

azza >> thanks dear

aleyn >> bila dh pandai jalan, jenuh nk kejar die plak yer

ita >> best sgt blk Msia..aah, dak kecik ni dh bam bam ngeee

en_me >> usaha "lif" kejayaan eheh

nadiah >> ni pun curi2 masa update tgh2 mlm...nk dekat2 dateline dah hoho

C.e.t.O.t said...

hi.. congrats menang baby contest in stroller! :)

jom makan said...

salam n tahniah ya

yatie chomeyl said...

cetot & jom makan >> terima kasih sbb inform kat saya..tenkiu2x

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