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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Got BOOBIES? (*_^)

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, is launching a unconventional charity campaign named "GOT BOOBIES? (click here)". The core mission of the campaign is to remind young women (and men!) to conduct regular breast self examination nerdi.e. "check your boobies".

So here I would like to share the procedure and steps to perform a self-breast examination. Hope it will help you women out there.

How to Perform a Self-Breast Examination?

Breast Self Exam complete guide

(credit picture to this site)

The 7 P’s of Breast Self Examination (BSE)

  1. Position: Inspect breasts visually and palpate in the mirror with arms at various positions. Then perform the examination lying down, first with a pillow under one shoulder, then with a pillow under the other shoulder, and finally lying flat.
  2. Perimeter: Examine the entire breast, including the nipple, the axillary tail that extends into the armpit, and nearby lymph nodes.
  3. Palpation: Palpate with the pads of the fingers, without lifting the fingers as they move across the breast.
  4. Pressure: First palpate with light pressure, then palpate with moderate pressure, and finally palpate with firm pressure.
  5. Pattern: There are several examination patterns, and each woman should use the one which is most comfortable for her. The vertical strip pattern involves moving the fingers up and down over the breast. The pie-wedge pattern starts at the nipple and moves outward. The circular pattern involves moving the fingers in concentric circles from the nipple outward. Don’t forget to palpate into the axilla.
  6. Practice: Practice the breast self-exam and become familiar with the feel of the breast tissue, so you can recognize changes. A health care practitioner can provide feedback on your method.
  7. Plan: Know what to do if you suspect a change in your breast tissue. Know your family history of breast cancer. Have mammography done as often as your health care provider recommends.

Do the self breast exam every month at the same time. Menstruating women should perform it a few days after their period. Women taking oral contraceptives should do the exam on the first day of starting a new pack of pills. I would also like to share this interesting entry (click here) regarding on the factor that contributes to cancer from the view of an Ustaz.

Pssssttt: kalau nak lagi senang, print gambar ni, tampal kat cermin almari solek..jadi takder lah terlupa nak check..haaa tunggu apa lagi tu?. jom2x, check sekarang sengihnampakgigi eheh

10 words of wisdom & comments:

MaMaSyAzA said...

bab nak mengecek seniri tu kdg2 malas...bila dah terasa sakit baru nak kelam kabut..bahaya tu...macam pap smear gak...nak g check cukup takut...takut sakit...kalo tak check..bahaya gak...ermmmm macam mana tu..???

Hanz said...

me bf ni slalu takes things for granted...fikir ala tengah bf..sepatutnyer x leh camtu, kan? My mom pernah operate buang lump about the size of ping-pong ball...she always remind her 3 girls to jugak..

thanks for sharing link posting ustaz tu & about print & paste gambar tu..takut ader guest terjah bilik nampak lak gambar tu,he,he...

Atiqah said...

sy dh byk kali tgk cre nk check boobies tu tp x pass2 lg..rsenye tersila cre kot..nnt la print gmbr tu tmpl kat cermin

MiJa said...

cadangan yg bagus la yatiey!
biasa buat bila igt jer..huhu

BoeyJoey said...

Great info; thanks for the tips!

Btw, I'm hosting a monthly giveaway of $200 US cash at Very easy to participate; go check it out :-)

HEMY said...

teringat time mak suspected breast cancer..suram je suasana kat turned out to be just fine

Drama Mama said...

ahhh thanks for sharing. entah kenapa memang malas betul nak check padahal bukan susah mana pon. huhuhu

yatie chomeyl said...

mama syaza >> yatie pun x pernah check lg pap smear tu..sakit ye?

hanz >> same goes to me..lps taip entry ni baru terpk nak check gak eheh

atiqah >> tampal jgn tak jgn tampal je tak check plak ngee

yatie chomeyl said...

mija >> tu la, keno kelih hari2 baru ingat

boeyjoey >> thanks 4 the invite..will check it out later

hemy >> alhamdulillah, nsb baik xde apa2 :)

drama mama >> me too...M betul nk check..poyo je tulis entry ngeee

AliceWonders said...

Aloha! *wink

Thank you for supporting our Got Boobies campaign!

We hope to bring in more goodies for you girls out there!



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