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Sunday 25 May 2014

Paragon Car Boot Sale


You know how much I enjoy pre-loved items and car bot sale while I was in Japan, right?. 

So here's sharing some useful information regarding to Paragon Car Boot Sales.


Jangan Lepaskan Peluang Keemasan Ini !!!

Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) menjemput orang ramai bagi memeriahkan lagi program
Car Boot Sale

Tarikh    : 25.05.2014
Masa     : 8.00 am - 12.00 pm
Tempat : Berhadapan Charity Shoppe IRM, Seksyen 9, Bandar Baru Bangi
Pelbagai aktiviti akan dijalankan seperti jualan barangan terpakai dari setiap peserta dan juga program kitar semula (3R). Dengan membeli, anda bukan sahaja dapat memiliki barangan dengan harga yang rendah bahkan anda juga akan membantu mereka yang memerlukan di dalam dan luar negara. Ayuh, ambil kesempatan ini untuk membuat sumbangan secara tunai di Charity Shoppe:

Datanglah beramai-ramai...Membeli sambil menderma...

Psssttt : kalau tak ada plan apa2 hari ni, jemputlah pergi. I kerja hari ni...boleh tolong promote je lah :)

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Saturday 17 May 2014

Finding my blogging mojo


It has been 2 months ++ since I update my blog. . Guilty as charged, I couldn't really allocate time to sit down and enjoy my leisure time of updating my blog regularly just like how I used to do it when I was doing my PhD. 

update your blog-resized-600.gif (550×330)
Pic credit :  here

I guess the main reason is because I used to prepare scheduled entry during the weekend (while I was in japan) and now my weekend is filled with lots of family activities, outings, shopping mall visit (a must!), attending workshops/seminars/events and/or do the end of the weekend, all I want is just to sit back, relax and enjoy watching the pre-recorded Running Man show with Abg SN.

friday-quotes-chris-brogan-on-blogging-frequency.jpg (590×590)
pic credit : here 

Finally, this weekend...I get to stay at home and because I've already prepared the breakfast earlier last night (bake some pizza for Abg SN's dinner meal, but then he decided to eat pizza it is for breakfast); so here I am updating my blog after the 2 months of hiatus. 

So this entry is just to find my mojo in updating this blog. I know that I won't be able to update my blog regularly like I used to be but at least I'll try my best to update those important thoughts in my mind that I need to share, those trips/visits/vacations that I went and those exciting events that I've attended so that the memories remain for my children to read it when they grow up. Insya Allah. 

blog-4.jpg (1235×1056)
pic credit : here

Lets all wait PATIENTLY for my next updates, cause who knows how long it'll take me to publish it ...hahahhahahaha.

Psssstttt : Do I have still have my blog reader? hohohoohoh

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