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Friday 30 December 2011

Countdown 2012 dengan Ustaz Azhar Idrus 
Tahun 2012 bakal melabuhkan tirainya malam esok. Menjadi kebiasaan, bila nak masuk tahun baru je mula lah plan macam2 bermain di fikiran untuk sambutan tahun baru.
Kalau di beri piliahn di antara acara2 sempena tahun baru 2012 di sekitar KL dan Selangor ini; yang mana satu kah pilihan hati anda?

(1) Ambang Sambutan Tahun Baru 2012 
Tempat : i-City, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam 
Masa : bermula 8 malam, 31 Dis 2011. 
Tetamu : Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak
Acara : detik bersama Najib, pertunjukan bunga api, belon udara panas
Artis : Najwa Mahiaddin, Suki, Adam serta persembahan lagu 1Malaysia.

(2) Malam Ambang Tahun Baru 2012
 Tempat : Dataran Merdeka
Masa : bermula pukul 9 malam, 31 Dis 2011
Acara : pertunjukan bunga api juga akan diadakan pada detik pukul 12 malam.
Artis :Datuk M. Nasir, Jamal Abdillah, Faizal Tahir, Awie, Mizz Nina, Kumpulan Hujan dan One Nation Emcee.

(3) Sambutan malam tahun baru 2012
Tempat :  sekitar Bukit Bintang dan Menara Berkembar Petronas (KLCC).

(4)  Countdown 2012
Tempat :  Dataran Shah Alam
Masa : bermula 7 malam
Acara : solat berjemaah, sembang santai, soal jawab agama, ceramah agama 
Artis : Imam Muda Ashraf, Sham Kamikaze, Akhil Hayy, Shahir, Ustaz Azhar Idrus

Pilihan ada di tangan anda. Pilihlah Countdown 2012 yang tidak menyajikan artis-artis yang seksi dan nyanyian terpekik terlolong di sambut pula dengan tepuk tangan sambil berpelukan bersama wanita/lelaki yang bukan mahram. 

Pilihlah Countdown 2012 yang terbaik untuk mereka yang dahagakan ilmu agama dan ingin berubah ke arah yang lebih baik.

Countdown 2012 Shah Alam ini merupakan penutup bagi orang Islam untuk menyambut dengan berdoa dan solat berjemaah sesama saudara Islam. Jazakallahu khairan kathira. 

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

Thursday 29 December 2011

Now Not everyone can fly..a letter to Tony Fernandes

I took Air Asia X flight on my way back to Malaysia last month because I've been wanting to fly with Air Asia X in order to support our own Low Cost Carrier company. I have experienced quite a bad flight journey with their staff and customer service. 

I was thinking to share it in my blog so that friends and family (especially those who travels with baby/child) that are going to use Air Asia X in the future; are well-prepared to face the same condition that I've went through. So for those who are interested to know about my experience, kindly read this letter of complaint from me to Air Asia X.


Mr Tony Fernandes
CEO, Air Asia
LCC Terminal, Jalan KLIA S3, Southern Support Zone
Kuala Lumpur International Airport 64000 Sepang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan                                                                      19 November 2011

Dear Mr Tony, 
I was a passenger on one of  your flight (together with my son and my sister in law) from Tokyo Haneda (HND) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) on 17th November 2011 (Flight D7 523). Forgive me for writing directly to you, but I feel you personally need to know exactly how badly your customers were treated by your front-line staff so you can take appropriate remedial action.

(1) Before On-Board
My rough experiences with your staff begin at the check-in counter. I was told that I can’t bring my child’s stroller up to the aircraft door/steps. I used to fly with several other airlines to go to Malaysia such as Malaysia Airlines (MAS), Korea Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Thai Airways before this and all of these airlines allow me to bring my child’s stroller up to the aircraft door/steps for international flight.

I have even checked in the Air Asia website, and it is stated that “You can continue to use the stroller up to the aircraft door/steps”. So I told your counter staff politely about it, and then they look at my son and told me that “he can walk, he don’t need a stroller”. If it is so, why I couldn’t find any clause in your website stating that as one of the criteria to bring along the stroller?.

+- information provided in the Air Asia website -+

Then your ‘not-so-friendly’ counter staff insisted that I checked in the stroller as luggage and pay for the extra weight caused by check-in the stroller. Again I remembered that I’ve check about it in your website and it is stated that “we allow baby buggies/strollers/prams to be carried free of charge”. When I told this politely to the counter staff, she replied with irritating voice and says “Either you pay or you throw it!".

 +- information provided in the Air Asia website -+

So in the end I was ‘forced’ to pay extra 9kg which cost me 18000 yen (2000 yen per kg) as I don’t want to throw away my child’s brand new Recaro stroller.
*18 000yen = RM 735*

After that my family and I was waiting patiently to be on board into the flight D7 523 when the delay announcement was announced due to bad weather. These things happen, I do not complain about the weather as I do understand that some things are beyond anyone’s control. After all, a flight delay case has become one of Air Asia’s ‘trademarks’; so I’m fine with that.

 +- my son and his friends; waiting eagerly to get on board -+

(2) On the plane
After getting on board, we were greeted by ‘not-so-friendly’ cabin crews. Is it that hard for them to smile to your customers?. The plane is ready to take-off, things are going well. I thought so far so good but this is what happened next :
  •   Sticky chewing-gum on the in-flight sales magazine; tell me how can I browse through the pages and buy the items when I feel gross to turn over to the next pages?. Aren't your staffs are supposed to check the magazine before putting it into the pocket?.
 +- sticky chewing gum -+

+- in-flight entertainment tab -+
  •   Crumpling page on the back page of the magazine where the QRReader code was displayed. Tell me how am I supposed to scan it with my iPhone when it is in that condition?. 
+- unable to scan QR code due to the crumpled page -+
  • I pre-book meal in my ticket booking but I don’t know whether a drink is provided with the meal. So I ask politely to the cabin crew and she replied with annoying voice and says “we only give mineral water!”. Is it that difficult for your cabin crew to reply politely to your customer?. Can’t she just tell me nicely if I want drinks, I have to pay for it as you only provide mineral water?. I don’t mind to pay for the drinks but I do mind paying for a flight ticket that gives me bad customer service
 +- my pre-booked meal with the paid-on-board drinks -+

(3) After landing
We arrived at LCCT airport, Kuala Lumpur at 6.30 a.m. For parents travelling with baby and toddler; we will usually encounter several difficulties to handle our child as they were already tired during the long haul journey, jetlag due to time difference, hungry baby and it all end up with one grumpy little child. 

That’s when a stroller become the ultimate aid as we can put our child on it and hang our carry-on bags to the stroller and then only we can proceed to comfort the child.

+- before take-off -+

 +- during take-off -+

+- still sleeping even after the touch-down -+

Unfortunately I am not able to comfort my son after the long flight journey because this is what happened next :
  •   I have to focus on carrying the hand luggage down the steps in front of the aircraft door; went up the steps again to get my child and all of these are done without any help from your cabin crew or your ground staff.
  • We have to walk on the airport pavement for 1-2 km as the plane was parked far away from the terminal door. I have to carry my hand luggage and carry my son and walk quite far; what a great early morning exercise. I was thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice if I have my child’s stroller with me so that I don’t have to carry my 12kg son on my hip and carry my 7kg luggage on my hand as well as carrying 3kg laptop bag on my shoulder?”. 
  •  It is quite dangerous walking on the airport pavement near to the taxiway and runway with my child; what with the airplane around; with the ground equipment stuffs are all over the place; with the runway transport and luggage transport moving here and there without any gate barrier or even a mobile temporary gate along the walk from the plane to the terminal door. 
  • What make it even more dangerous is that only one staff is showing the right way to go while your other ground staffs seems very busy talking to each other on the drama episodes they watch last night (I overheard them talking). It will be much safer if I can put my son on his stroller. In the end, even if my child can already walk I still have to carry him on my hip because I don’t want to be worried that he might be hit by the ground transport on the airport pavement while walking/running on the runway.
      +- information provided in the Air Asia website -+

(4) At the terminal
I picked up my luggage and headed through the arrival gate. But before that, I went to toilet but unfortunately I am not being able to do anything there because the toilet inside the terminal is too dirty and smells so bad.

I went to baby room to change my son’s diaper and the same condition occurs at the baby room. The room is smelly and soaked disposable diapers are all over the place because the bin is full. Like it or not, I have to change my child’s diapers and bring home my son’s soaked disposable diapers.

These bad experiences with your flight and airport services leave me with this 6 questions:
  • Does Air Asia X have any protocol in place for staff to follow the information provided in your website and also to treat your polite customers nicely?

  • If you do have a protocol, does the response I describe above fit with it? In particular are your staffs allowed to ask passenger to make payment for the items that are free to check in and direct passengers to make the payment rather than help them nicely?

  • Can I get the refund on the payment that I have been 'forced' to make for my child's stroller?.

  • Do you condone staff rudeness to passengers, and are they ever allowed to replied impolitely to the request made politely by the passenger? 

  • Why is it that the information given in your website is not so useful as it is not the same with the one at the check-in counter?

  •   Do you consider it is safe for the passengers to walk on the airport pavement without even putting clear signs on which way to go, or putting any barrier to show the limits to the boundary area that passenger can’t step in?

I am waiting for the answers to these questions because the experiences that I encounter during my flight with you are totally different with what you promised in your website. One of Air Asia X values is to offer “Low Fare, No Frills: Providing guests with the choice of customizing services without compromising on quality and services”.  

Unfortunately, as your passenger, I feel that your quality of customer service and safety is quite bad.  I would like to know if in addition to being a low-cost airline, Air Asia X is a low-service airline and a low-courtesy airline. If it is, I will make my future travel choices accordingly, and ensure that my friends and family do likewise.

I await your response.

Yours faithfully;
A frustrated D7 523 passengers.
(MSc in European Master Studies in Aeronautics and Space Technology)
Pssssttt : Mr Tony, if you read this I will gladly post any reply you choose to send. I await for your response.

 ## other passengers complaints that I found regarding to Air Asia service --> AirAsia, never again?


Wednesday 28 December 2011

Jumpa Dynas di DNA, The Curve

Last Friday (23rd Dec 2011, I went to The Curve sebab nak cari barang baby for my cousins. 2 of my cousins baru dapat baby, so hubby suruh I pergi beli barang baby yang best2, maka ke The Curve lah petang Jumaat tu dengan adik2 I yang jadi baby sitter SN sepanjang I kat Malaysia.

Sana sini ada sale sempena Christmas dan juga Year End Sale, maka dapat lah shopping kat Butik Poney sebab ada discount up to 70%. Macam biasa kalau mommy masuk je shopping mall, SN mesti nak buat 'scene'; tarik tangan mommy tak nak bagi mommy masuk kedai. I guess SN dah faham dah, once mommy masuk kedai..mommy jadi tak keruan dan terus tak ingat ada anak...mrgreen eheh. 

Last-last SN redha je dan terima perangai 'shopaholic' mommy dengan seadanya. Lalu dia duduk dengan sabar kat luar kedai dengan ditemani oleh Ayoh Syo & Cik Lin sampai mommy dah siap shopping.

+- menunggu mommy shopping dengan muka masam mencuka, siap silang kaki lagi ..dah macam orang besar -+

Selesai urusan membeli-belah kat Poney, kitorang pusing2 lagi kat kedai baby lain kat 1st floor tu. Ada banyak children's wear shop kat 1st floor The Curve e.g. Anakku, Domii, Gingersnaps, Girls, Kidstyle, Little Haven, Mothercare, Ovo  and The First Few Years. 

Tengah syok pusing2 tu, ternampak pulak kiosk DNA kat tengah2 1st floor tu. DNA stands for Dynas Nursing Attire. I pun masuk dan tengok2 items kat dalam kedai tu, suddenly ada perempuan jelita datang dari arah belakang I and say "Hi".

Opocot terkejut....Dynas yang datang dan say "Hi" rupanya. She's super friendly and very gorgeous. She personally explained to me that DNA Boutique offers breastfeeding clothes, mother and baby matching clothes, 2 in 1 maternity and breastfeeding clothes and also breastfeeding accessories like breastpump, nursing pillows and lots more. They also sell sets of organic skincare and baby care products gift pack from Sazzy Falak.

Memang cantik2 baju kat dalam butik DNA tu. Siap ada baju yang matching untuk Ibu & sweet. So I told her that SN dah stop breastfeeding, but I'll definitely blog about her shop so that mom and mom-to-be can pay a visit to her shop. 

Untung weh kalau Dynas ada kat her shop tu, mesti dia akan layan korang dengan peramahnya. Syok borak2 dengan Dynas; macam dah kenal lama gitu. Terus feeling macam I ni BFF dengan retissss...mrgreen ahaks. But seriuosly, dia memang tak sombong. Siap bercerita pasal aktiviti dia to support breastfeeding in Malaysia such as buat talk, join BF campaign and etc. I tumpang happy lah sebab I pun support breastfeeding 100%!.

Untuk promote kat blog, kena lah ada gambar posing dengan Dynas; baru naik sikit rating entry kat blog tak famous I ni eheh. Dynas siap mintak tolong dengan her SA to snap our picture together. Siap cakap suruh amik banyak2 keping pun takpe..I like ♥ sengihnampakgigi .

+- gambar ni blur sikit, I pakai flat so nampak sangat rendah di sisi Dynas yang memang tinggi-+

+- gambar ni clear sikit, tapi tudung I dah tertarik ke belakang pulak...terus jadi Yatie Comot -+

Adik I si Awin tu dah terkena star struck sebab dia cuma mampu terdiam dan ternganga tengok kejelitaan Dynas. Sedangkan SN pulak macam biasa bila depan pompuan cantik terus behaved dengan penuh gentleman sekali. Kalau dengan orang lain, susah betul nak salam. Tapi bila mommy dukung dan dia nampak je Dynas yang cun tu, terus salam cium tangan beserta package flying kiss sekali...isk3x..jelir bravo anakku.*refer entry Baby SN reject mommy bila jumpa Farina AF8 (~_~)*

Sebelum kitorang balik, I suruh lagi adik I ambik gambar butik tu untuk promote kat blog. Then, Dynas terus posing tanpa di minta..memang sah2 gene model tu dah sebati dalam diri beliau. Terbaikkk lah Dynas.

So for those who are interested, boleh lah menjenguk DNA kat The Curve, Kiosk K-F-3-D, 1st Floor, No. 6,Jalan PJU7/3, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya. Kalau malas nak ke The Curve, boleh tengok gambar2 koleksi pakaian DNA and order online kat FB DnadynasMokhtar, blog DNA, website DNA, and FB MLO.

Pssstttt :  SN memang jadi super peramah kalau jumpa artis...menurun perangai siapa lah agaknya ni? gatai


Friday 23 December 2011

Doa buat anak Che Amran (Raihan)

Salam buat semua,

Kalau semalam saya mengajak rakan-rakan semua untuk sama-sama membantu dalam Kempen Hope 2 Walk, hari ini saya nak kongsikan pula perkhabaran terbaru yang saya dapat dari laman You.Tube tentang anak kepada salah seorang penyanyi kumpulan Raihan iaitu Che Amran.

Apa perasaan anda, kalau anak yang selama ini sihat dan aktif tiba-tiba sahaja di sahkan mempunyai ketumbuhan otak?. Tiada ibu bapa yang pernah membayangkan hal yang sedemikian berlaku pada anak yang di kasihi bukan?. Maka itulah juga secebis perasaan yang di kongsi oleh isteri Che Amran (RAIHAN) iaitu Puan Isyah Radiah dan isi hati itu turut di luahkan nya di dalam buku Anakku Brain Tumor (ABT).

Bagi pasangan Isyah Radhiah dan Che Amran Idris, kebahagiaan dan kegembiraan mereka sekeluarga bagaikan diragut apabila pada pertengahan 2010, mereka diduga Allah dengan penyakit yang digeruni yang dihidapi anak ketiga mereka, Ahmad Mahir Baihaqi atau nama panggilannya Aqi, yang ketika itu (pertengahan 2010) berumur 9 tahun.

Anak yang cergas sejak lahir itu mendapat sakit kepala yang berterusan dan muntah-muntah selama seminggu. Dia disahkan menghidap ketumbuhan otak (brain tumour) oleh Hospital Pakar Damansara. Maka bermulalah episod dugaan hidup yang terpaksa ditempuhi oleh isteri yang ketiadaan suami di sisi, iaitu tatkala Che Amran ke Australia selama 10 hari untuk pelancaran album Raihan.

Kalau anak itu tidak segera dibedah, tumor akan terus membesar dan menyerang saraf penting di dalam otak. Ini memaksa mereka memindahkannya ke hospital kerajaan dan berpatah balik ke hospital swasta semata-mata agar pembedahan dapat disegerakan. Namun, masalah kewangan dan risiko yang akan dihadapi selepas pembedahan, meletakkan mereka di persimpangan.

Berita terbaru yang di terima (21 Dis 2011); Ahmad Mahir Baihaqi bin Che Amran baru sahaja menjalani pembedahan kepala di HUKM seperti yang di kongsikan oleh insan prihatin yang sudi berkongsi video di You.Tube.

Menurut perkongsian yang saya baca di blog;
"keadaan Ahmad Mahir agak sedikit ‘payah’.  Tangan Ahmad Mahir menggeletar spt ‘Pakinson’; menurut Che Am itu kesan sementara pembedahan di kepala Ahmad Mahir dan ia terjadi bila keadaannya tidak begitu ‘stabil’ dan ‘tension’. Che Amran memujuk-mujuk dan menenangkan anaknya. Disuruh banyak berselawat dan mengingati Allah. Waktu itu Ahmad Mahir mengalami kesakitan di dalam telinganya. Tekanan agaknya. 

Che Am telah merujuk kepada doktor tetapi doktor pakar telinga telah pulang maka terpaksa menunggu ke pagi ini. Aku rasa, Che Am sampai waktu ini belum dapat berehat dan melelapkan mata. Che Amran masih mampu tersenyum namun di kolam matanya jelas terlihat keperitan dan kepedihan. Sungguh berat penanggungan itu. Sungguh berat ujian Allah itu. Sungguh tabah seorang ayah yang bernama Che Amran bin Idris itu. Pelahan dia berkata “Airmata sudah kering untuk menangisi ini semua”. - sumber:

Che Am Raihan bersama anaknya yang akan dibawa ke dewan bedah - sumber: :

Dari Abu Dzar r.a katanya:"Beberapa orang sahabat Nabi SAW pernah berkata kepada beliau,:"Kaum hartawan memperolehi pahala yang lebih banyak. Mereka solat seperti kami solat, puasa seperti kami puasa dan bersedekah dengan sisa harta mereka." Jawab Rasulullah SAW:"Bukankah Allah telah menjadikan berbagai macam cara untuk kamu bersedekah? Setiap kalimah tasbih adalah sedekah; setiap kalimah takbir adalah sedekah; setiap kalimah tahmid adalah sedekah; setiap kalimah tahlil adalah sedekah; amar makruf dan nahi mungkar (menagajak kepada kebaikan dan melarang kepada yang mungkar) adalah sedekah; bahkan pada kemaluanmu pun terdapat pula unsur sedekah." Mereka bertanya:"Kalau begitu, adakah kami mendapat pahala jika kami memuaskan nafsu syahwat kami?" Jawab Rasulullah SAW " Jika kamu melakukannya dengan yang haram, tentunya kamu berdosa. Sebaliknya jika kamu melakukannya dengan yang halal, kamu mendapat pahala."  (al-Bukhari)

Jelas dari hadith itu, bukan orang kaya sahaja yang boleh bersedekah dan membantu. Kita semua pun boleh membantu selagi terdaya. Cara-cara nya :-
(1) "Share" artikel ini di Facebook supaya lebih ramai yang tampil untuk membantu
(2) Share entry ini di blog supaya lebih ramai yang mengetahui
(3) Dapatkan novel Anakku ‘Brain Tumour’ karya Isyah Radhiah Idris yang berharga  RM25 supaya hasil royalti nya dapat membantu ibu adik Baihaqi
(4)  Hulurkan bantuan yang boleh disalurkan terus ke akaun MAYBANK 164397966095 atas nama CHE AMRAN BIN IDRIS.
(5) Kirimkan doa untuk adik Ahmad Mahir Baihaqi bin Che Amran (Raihan) yang baru menjalani pembedahan tumor di bahagian otak di Hospital UKM, Cheras. Semoga Allah memberikan kesihatan dan kesejahteraan buat dirinya serta seluruh ahli keluarganya.

Segala sumbangan dan bantuan yang diberi amat dihargai dan hanya Allah yang dapat membalasnya dengan sebaik-baik ganjaran.

Pssstttt : jangan berkira untuk menderma...lebih banyak kita derma, Insya Allah lebih murah rezeki kita nanti.


Thursday 22 December 2011

Al-Fatihah buat Adik Annisa


Saya baru sahaja selesai membaca update terbaru dari blog Jiey dan tanpa dapat di tahan-tahan, airmata merembes laju menuruni pipi. Ini petikan dari entry menyayat hati tersebut -->
"Pagi ini, dengan penuh bersemangat saya menonton Malaysia Hari Ini.. Kisah anak-anak cerebral palsy yang mana Adik Annisa dan Adik Annur ditampilkan di dalam rancangan tersebut. Namun sebentar tadi, saya benar-benar terperanjat dengan berita kepulangan Adik Annisa ke rahmatullah.. Al-Fatihah untuk Adik Annisa dan salam takziah untuk Kak Sham dan Abg Fendi."

+- kasih ibu membawa ke syurga -+

 +- kasih ayah sepanjang zaman -+

Untuk yang tak tahu, Annisa lahir pada 8 februari 2001 dan mempunyai adik bernama An-Nur yang lahir 7 april 2003. Kedua-dua mereka di sahkan mengalami CEREBRAL PALSY with MITOCHONDRIAL DISEASE. 

Secara peribadi saya tak pernah berjumpa dengan kedua-dua adik ini, tetapi secara maya kasih saya buat kedua-dua anak ini telah lama bertaut. Ibu kedua-dua adik ini rajin menjenguk blog saya di awal pembabitan saya di dunia blogging dulu (sejak ~2 tahun ++ yang lampau) dan sejak itu saya selalu mengikuti perkembangan mereka dari kejauhan. 

Ibu adik2 ini menulis di blog Aku OK U? dan bapa mereka menulis di blog Ronasina. Justeru berita pemergian adik Annisa meruntun hati kecil saya, rasa ralat kerana sudah hampir sebulan menjejak kaki ke Malaysia tapi masih tidak menjenguk mereka....dan kini adik Annisa telah pergi buat selama-lamanya.

Jenazah Annisa di sembahyangkan di Masjid jamek Kajang dan jenazah akan di semadikan selepas Zohor (info dari FB). Hanya doa yang dapat saya kirimkan buat arwah, semoga segala urusan di permudahkan oleh Allah. Insya Allah ganjaran syurga menanti beliau di sana kelak....Ameen.

+- jenazah Adik Annisa sedang di sembahyangkan -+

Saya juga ingin memohon jasa baik pembaca blog ini untuk sama-sama menyokong, mnyebarkan dan membantu setakat terdaya dengan kempen Hope 2 Walk yang dilancarkan untuk mengumpul dana bagi pembiayaan perubatan An-Nur dan Annisa (sekarang ini semua dana barangkali akan di salurkan terus buat adik An-Nur...Wallahu'alam).

Info lanjut boleh rujuk di FB Hope 2 Walk  dan Blog Hope 2 Walk.

Dana ini bertujuan untuk membawa Annisa dan An-Nur ke Erkang Hospital di Beijing, China bagi menjalani rawatan, latihan fisioterapi dan program pemulihan yang intensif. 

Selepas itu Annisa dan An-Nur akan meneruskan program rawatan dan persekolahan khas Cerebral Palsy di United Kingdom.
Jumlah Sasaran: RM 500,000
Tarikh Sasaran: Februari 2012

Sesiapa yang ingin menyumbang ke tabung harapan Annisa dan An-Nur boleh berbuat demikian ke akaun:

(1) Maybank
MohdAffandi bin Ramli (bapa)
Account number : 1561 1400 1424

(2) Bank Islam
Cik Annisa binti Mohd Affandi
account number : 14 229 02 001975 2

(3) Standard Chartered
Raja Rohaisham binti Raja Muhaiddin (ibu)
Account number : 39 9194 992754

Mereka sedang mengutip dana RM500k bagi membiayai rawatan pemulihan dan persekolahan anak-anak ini. Bak kata pengacara MHI; Wardina Safiyyah, "Sekiranya 28juta rakyat Malaysia menderma RM1 seorang, pasti ianya dapat direalisasikan.."

Pssssttttt : Jom sama-sama sebarkan kempen ini dan bantu setakat terdaya.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~


Wednesday 21 December 2011

Poster and pose

Salam to all,

I've attended the 3rd International Congress on Green Process Engineering (GPE) on 6-8 December 2011 which was held at Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala-Lumpur. I was assigned for poster presentation and I'm super happy with that as I don't have to feel any butterfly in my stomach if I have to do oral presentation like the one that I'm having during my last seminar and conference.

+- keynote speech during GPE 2011 -+

A poster presentation is a graphically based approach to presenting research. In presenting a research with a poster, you should aim to use the poster as a means for generating active discussion of the research. Usually people will limit the text to about 1/4 of the poster space, and use "visuals" to tell the "story".

 +- list of posters presentation for Energy session -+

Knowing me, I don't know how to explain things using less words so my poster is filled with thousands of words and it might bored people to death when they looked at it. The truth it, I purposely make the poster looks tedious to avoid people to be interested into it jelir *dasar pompuan pemalas jawab soalan* .

 +- poster panjang lebar dan perempuan bermuka lebar -+

This is my first time doing poster presentation for my research, thus there's still lots to learn so that I'll make better poster presentation in the future. I took the chance to look at other posters which then makes me feel a bit 'down' when I look at my poster, so I quickly move far away from my poster and pretend that it's not even mine!. ihikhik LOL.

+- poster2 lain yang lagi gempak dan "tak banyak cakap" tak macam poster I -+

I enjoy listening to the presentation by Prof Dr Ri.chard Abdullah entitle "The Green Energy Doom or Boom?" but I'm having hard time to understand other speakers' presentation as the topic is more on chemical engineering. However, I managed to stay awake throughout the session and that's all that matter jelir.

 +- nice presentation by Prof Dr Ri.chard Abdullah -+

Despite my "not-so-excellent" poster and my "not-so-knowledgeable-to-understand-others'-presentation"; I treasure the time that I spent during the conference. I learn lots of new things in this green energy field and I'm hoping that one day, we'll be able to fully utilize green energy for better life and better environment to our children *perggghhh, ayat poyo kalah menteri; jelir tapi memang itulah harapan yang tulus ikhlas lahir dari hati yang suci murni*.

 +- certificate of attendance -+

Before signing off, here's a compulsory pose to strike when you go to a 5 star hotel. 









 +- pose dalam toilet ialah posing wajib bila pergi hotel -+

Psssstttt : I selalu tengok orang posing depan cermin dalam toilet, so kali ini I pun nak follow the trend...baru lah '"in"; mrgreen ye dak?

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

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