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Friday, 21 November 2008

~my 26th birthday~

Yup,today is my 26th birthday. Alhamdulillah...I am still breathing and be given the opportunity by Allah to live with all the people that I love.

Every year, I will received a phone call or SMS from ma to wish me 'happy birthday'..thus I feel really weird this year that I didn't received it anymore from her...which then brings me back to a reality that she's gone :(

This year is the 1st year that I'm celebrating it as a wife to Solah...but again,sadly..he was not by my side on my 1st bday as his wife. To make it sounds more pathetic...he is not the 1st person to wish me...

The 1st person that wish me is my best friend,Deja...she called me,we talked thru the phone for a while before it got disconnected (due to lack of credit..i guess), and she send me a really lovely SMS saying.."happy bday, semoga pnjg umur, murah rezeki, bhgia & happy sokmo. aku tmpg hepi kalu ko hidup bhgia.jaga baby elok2..hargai apa yg ko ada skrg ni.ssh nk ckp aku syg ko sgt2."....touching isn't it? But the really interesting part from her SMS is that..she reminds me of how lucky I am with my life right now.

I always feel sad after ma left me..I feels like I am not as lucky as other person who stills have their ma around them...but I surely missed the BIG fact that I'm married to such a great guy, I have a very kind family in laws who always take good care of me, I still have my lovely siblings who were always there for me thru my ups and down, and I am blessed with this baby that I've been carrying around in my belly for about 12 weeks now. At first I thought that this is the worst bday I've ever had in my life...but Deja's SMS has made me realize that perhaps this is the best bday I had so far in my life!

For the past 6 years,I've been celebrating my bday with my 'twin'..Pei lai. From USM till TUM Germany to UPM Spain, we have been celebrating it together. But this year, I'm celebrating it with my siblings,my cousins and my aunt at Teluk Batik. Though,it was only a small & simple celebration,but it does feel soooo sweet & nice . Plus, i never experienced any bday celebration at the beach before this.

P/s: Thanks 4 all the bday wishes from family and friends....I really appreciate every wish.. :)


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