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Thursday 31 December 2009

Shafiq-kun's last day of school for the year 2009 (*_*)

When I decided to continue my studies *refer: Mommy & Baby SN goes to school*, the most difficult things for me to do is actually to decide on sending Shafiq Nazhan to a nursery. I stayed with him 24-7 from the day he was born until he reached 4 months old. Leaving him under a day care with a bunch of people that I hardly know, considering the differences on religion as well as culture and not to mention the language; all of these issues used to be lingering inside my head gigil when I first decided to send baby SN to Popora Hoikuen.

Now, 3 months has passes by and I personally feel nurseries isn't a bad idea at all for baby SN; perhaps it's a better idea because he gets to interact with other children; allowing him to socialise & to learn from other. He was acknowledge as "Shafiku-kun" by his teachers and classmates. I was told that he was quite a popular boy in his class *ceeewaaaah, kecik2 dah popular gitu ahaks*. Although he was the youngest child in the nursery, that doesn't stopped baby SN from socializing well with others as language barrier doesn't seem to be major problem for kids, aite? peace *diorang kan cakap bahasa baby je, ngeeeeeee*.

(kawan2 Shafiq-kun kat Popora Hoikuen)

Last Saturday, 26th December 2009 was the last schooling day for Shafiq Nazhan as for the year 2009. Thus, a small celebration celebrate was held at Popora Hoikuen to celebrate the last day of schooling as well as the celebration for a belated Christmas. Though we were a little bit reluctant in a first place to join the occasion, in the end we had decided to attend it as this is the 3rd time that the teacher invited us to join the nursery's weekend activity.

(Ozaki Sensei nerd tengah bagi instructions)

We arrived to the place about an hour after the whole activity started but just at the perfect timing for baby's game. Baby SN & I kena lekatkan bahagian tanduk pada badan rusa. senang jer tu! siul. eceh, nama pun task untuk baby...takkan sensei nak bagi yang susah pulak kan? sengihnampakgigi ngeeeeee.

(tak sabar2 nak lekat tanduk rusa kat dinding)

The games & activities were arranged by the teachers according to the child's class & age. For children from 2-3years old, they were given task to move a block of square box from point A to point B and to drag a small cart box with them. Beria-ria diorang tarik kotak tu dan lari, chomeyl betul bila budak kecik lari terkedek2 kan? *gerammmm senyumkenyit nak cubit2*.

Shafiq-kun was really in good mood and being so energetic that day sampaikan hubby tanya kat baby SN "excited sbb nok tunjuk sekolah Nazhan-chan ko daddy yo?". Hik3x...gatai chomeyl jer conversation anak beranak ni. He even say "hi" in his baby language to other parents by flashing a chomeyl smiles for them.

(eceeh, selamba je pegang tangan okaasan kawan dia)

The event for that day was ended with a gift session from Santa-san. Every kids received a gift from Santa-san (padahal mommy kena bayar 300yen utk hadiah tu jelir huhuhu). Nasib baik baby SN kecik lagi, tak faham apa pun lagi pasal Santa ni. He was interested only to put the gift he received from Santa-san to his mouth and also to grab and pull Santa's beard hahaha.

(Shafiq-kun tengok Santa-san dengan muka pelik)

(beria-ria nak makan 'hadiah' hohoho)

All the parents are giving support by shouting "gambatte" to those little angels while they were performing the task that was given to them. Siap ada baby tu yang atuk & nenek encem pon datang jugak bagi sokongan.

But then, there are few kids yang parents diorang tak datang , dan lebih menyedihkan is because those kids were send to the nursery for a day care as their parents goes to work on Saturday. Aiseh, rasa sayu pulak bila I tengok budak2 lain parents diorang datang untuk sama2 memeriahkan majlis, tapi parents budak2 tu takde untuk sama2 dengan diorang. *sibuk2 nak emo sedih bagi pihak budak2 tu hohohoho*

(budak2 yang atas riba sensei tu, parents diorang tak datang hari tu)

Somehow, this event reminds me so much on how precious are the moments kenyit that I spent with baby SN. It's true that he is still too young to understand or to remember all this, but at least I want to be able to be with him as much as I could.

"Kiss your life. Accept it, just as it is. Today. Now. So that those moments of happiness you're waiting for dont pass you by".

Pssssstttt : baby SN batuk & selsema pulak hari ni. malam tadi tak tidur sangat, risau mommy di buatnya, adus terus gi beli nasal mucus aspirator for sucking with mouth untuk sedut hingus dia...huhuhu.

Tuesday 29 December 2009

Ceria Si Ayah bersama anak

Entry ini di tulis di saat masa2 kecederaan sebab dah nak dekat dengan dateline untuk contest Ceria Si Ayah bersama anak anjuran Fasha.

Cara2 untuk join :-
1. Upload 1 sahaja gambar aksi ceria si suami bersama anak anda.

2. Nyatakan nama si ayah + anak.

3. Buat entry tentang contest ini pada blog anda. Dalam blog tersebut mention dan link ke blog
Fasha (no link back will be disqualified)

Nama ayah : Solah
Nama anak : baby SN

Hohohohoh....mintak2 entry di saat2 akhir ni ada rezeki nak meraih perhatian juri. Fuh kiri..fuh kanan...fuh menang ehehehehe.

1st experience with snow for Baby SN-ow (^-*)

The celebration for birthday of the emperor which falls on last Tuesday, 23rd December 2009 is officially a public holiday in Japan. Hubby & I didn't really have any specific plans to do on that day except to enjoy the extra hour of sleeping time hehe. But then, a wake up call from one of friend i.e Kak Yati has become the perfect reason for us to move our lazy butt and headed to Mitsuse Tunnel at Saga prefecture which is about 45minutes away from our home in Imajuku, Fukuoka.

Saga is bordered with Fukuoka at the southeast and north part of the prefecture. As the northern half of the city contains the Sefuri Mountains, the weather of Saga is a little bit colder than Fukuoka prefecture. Along with the cold weather are a slight downpour of
graupel snow, the types which fall in the form of a ball due to melting and refreezing cycles. We went to the place with Bad-Ana's family and Shahrul-Tis's family. :eheh:

(nice view as the background, :inlove: aite?)

(baby SN tengah jakun tengok salji)

(baring dgn daddy)

This is my 3rd time experience with snow, hubby's 2nd time but it is definitely the first time experience with snow for our little angel baby SN!. Being only in his 7 month old and be given a chance to watch and play with snow is of course putting baby SN in a position to be considered as one lucky little baby! :woooh:.

(mommy & daddy seems to be over-excited senyumkenyit than baby SN)

Baby SN seem a little bit confused when we put him on the carpet of snow. He glazed around and looking eagerly at those snow with his mata bulat. :puppyeyes:

(tengok salji dgn muka bingung)

At first, we was worried that baby SN might be feeling cold due to the weather and the snow itself. But, baby SN is being the unusual 'budak panas' as he was able to even held the snow with his bare-hand, hah amazing isn't it? *orang lain semua pakai glove tebal2, baby SN rilek je pegang salji atas tapak tangan dia huhuhu*.

(tangan si kecik yg kebal, tak pakai glove pon hohoho)

After some time, baby SN seems to enjoy the breathtaking view of the snow and he crawls happily on the snow. He even made several attempt to eat those snow *nasib baik mommy tak bawak mangkuk, kalau tak leh cedok wat makan ABC ihikhik ngeeeee*.

(merangkak dgn penuh gaya encem)

(nganga mulut nak ngap salji aaaaaaaaa)

We spent luvly time playing with the snow and cam-whoring at the place. I even wrote baby SN's name on the snow --> Shafiq Nazhan. love

While doing that, it reminds me of the time when I used to write hubby's name on the snow back in Munich on Nov 2006. During that time, hubby & I were just friends acknowledging each other as "aku-mung". Little did I realize that the urge feeling in my heart to write his name on the snow is a big "sign" from Allah to tell me that he's the one for me. *Tak terjangkau fikiran kita dengan takdir yang telah Allah tetapkan untuk hambaNya kan? :blush: wink wink*.

(mommy & daddy posing bukan main over, baby SN smp malas nak layan sengihnampakgigi ekekeke)

(small step kenyit on the snow)

Psssttt: Kena tunggu baby SN dah leh berjalan baru best nak main snow dgn dia instead of duduk bersila atas snow je sekarang ni. Tak sabar nak tengok tapak kaki kecil dia berjalan atas snow, mesti chomeyl :wave: ngeeeee.

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