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Wednesday 5 November 2014

Keep Calm...Baby's Coming Soon!


It has been another long hiatus for my blog post after series of unfulfilled promises to keep updating my blog regularly up to the extend that I almost forgot my password to login to blogger. Thank god for the invention of 'remember password', that I'd be able to login and share my stories again.

A lot has been going around my life lately that I was supposed to keep the memories running in my blog but then I couldn't really allocate my valuable "sleeping and resting" time to sit in front of my laptop during my free time.

Well anyway, here's a short and important updates that I am delighted to share with you guys.

+- hoorayyyy, it's positive -+

Alhamdulillah, all praises due to Allah for granting hubby & I with this new bump for almost 13 weeks now. 

Abg SN and SN jr are also pleased with this news and they cant wait to meet this little angel by May 2015..Insya Allah.

+- Abg SN and SN Jr (soon to be Abg Chik) -+

With the new baby, I pray comes loads and loads of joy and smiles. Although, with the new baby it will also means that less time for mommy to update my blog hehehe.

+- we are waiting for Lil SN in May 2015...Insya Allah -+

Till then, please pray for my safety and smooth 3rd pregnancy. Well, at least I am so far...I dont have any morning sickness nor serious craving for any food. Things are going pretty much OK these days except that I easily lose my temper to EVERYONE...and by everyone here it includes my family, my friends, my colleagues and even to my boss. Ooppsss...sorry, it's the hormone..not me :p

P/s : Dah janji nak update trip turki part 2, trip umrah madinah & mekah dan birthday party SN Jr yg ke-2...phewwww......semoga kerajinan melanda, ameen.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~
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