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Wednesday 29 February 2012

(WW 16): Light, camera, ACTION! 

Puan Director tengah mengarah Ultraman & Monster.

Pssstt : garang tak muka director tu?


Tuesday 28 February 2012

Montessori activities for 3 years old 
Dah 3 hari berturut2 duk share pasal kisah YLS je, hari ni mari lah kita sama2 berpijak di dunia nyata pulak  mrgreen eheh. 

For those yang dah lama baca blog ni, mesti dah tahu yang I suka menerapkan Montessori method to my son. Especially sebab nursery SN pun memang guna Montessori tools. Since we went back to Malaysia last Nov, SN has to stop going to his nursery for a while and will only be enroll again this coming April.

## Arkib bacaan di blog ni untuk Montessori method :SN's Montessori activities at home, Montessari Education for infant is taught at Baby SN's nursery, Montessori tools for 2 years above, and Educational toys for toddlers at SN's nursery. ##

Untuk mengelakkan SN boring duduk rumah berdua je dengan Cik Lin dia kat sini, I've introduce several activities suggested by Montessori method to keep him occupied at home. So hari  ni I nak share few Montessori activities for toddlers age 3 years old yang boleh di buat kat rumah. Tak semestinya kena hantar anak2 ke Montessori nursery je, parents pun boleh introduce sendiri method ni kat rumah. 
+- Montessori play & learn book by Lesley Briton *best buku ni* -+

First of all, kena ada jadual. Kalau kita hantar anak ke nursery, kita tanya jadual dan apa yang dia buat kan?. So kalau kita jaga sendiri anak kat rumah pun, jadual memang penting. Bila ada jadual dan rutin yang sama tiap2 hari, the kids will know what to expect and what he/she was expected to do. Dah ada jadual tu, at least kita akan lebih aware dan lebih berusaha untuk ikut jadual yang dah di tepek tu.

+- SN's daily timetable at home -+

Here are some Montessori activities for 3 years old toddlers :- 

(1) Transferring activity
• Cotton balls transfer using chopsticks
• Strengthens the small muscles of the fingers and hands and coordinates eye-hand movements.

+- cotton ball (18biji = 100 yen) -+

+-kejap guna tangan kanan, kejap guna tangan kiri..bersungguh2 nak pindah cotton ball -+

(2) Lacing cards
• Lacing is an excellent activity for developing fine motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination and concentration, and keeping little kids happily amused!
• Print and cut out our lacing cards. Laminate, and cut carefully around the edge. 
• Using a single hole punch, punch holes evenly around the edges, just inside the solid line, following the shape.

+- print sendiri -+

 +- muka tak sabar2 nak start activity -+

• Use a shoe lace or lengths of coloured wool (yarn). 

+- bersungguh2 masukkan tali ikut lubang2 yang ada -+

• I download printable lacing card kat sini, then lekat kat atas kotak cereal..lepas tu guna tali kasut harga 100yen yang beli kat Daiso je. Seronok bukan main SN bila dapat siapkan lacing cards tu.

+- senyum penuh bangga dapat siapkan lacing card activity mrgreen  -+

(3) Lacing Beads
• Lacing activities call for children to not only use their fingers and wrists, but help promote visual coordination as well.
• These activities help develop fine motor skills needed to perform future functional tasks.
• I beli set ni kat Daiso jugak (100 yen). SN learns a lot through this activity e.g shapes, colours as well as develop his fine motor skills through this activity.

+- buat sikit2 tiap2 hari, tak payah terus siapkan pun takpe -+

(4) Playing with dough
• This jack-of-all-trades medium provides hours of fun while improving hand strength, dexterity, and motor skills. Using fingers and hands actually stimulates children brain and increases the number of neural connections it makes. 
• When your child digs into play dough, he's not only building little figures and shapes, he's building his brain! 
• Here are some ideas for the activity :- 
(i) Make an impression: With a rolling pin, help your child roll out a handful of play dough. When the dough is smooth and flat, he can press small objects with different shapes and textures (e.g: fork, buttons, dried pasta, seashells) into the dough to make imprints and create an interesting pattern. 
(ii) Shape it: Roll out the dough to about a quarter-inch thick. Then have your child pick his favorite cookie cutters and show him how to lean on them with both hands to cut out his shapes. 
(iii) Snip and cut: Roll out half-inch thick sheets, pass out the child-safe scissors, and watch your child become a super snipper. Play dough is a good learning material because its rigidity provides resistance so your child can feel what he's doing with the scissors.

+- mula2 golek2 dan leperkan, lepas tu guna cutter. lepas dah berjaya,senyum simpul mrgreen  -+

• Macam biasa I beli kat 100yen shop je, siap 2 set dough and cutting tools lagi. Plus I beli cutting board tu untuk elakkan dough tu melekat atas lantai/carpet.Kalau tak nak beli dough, boleh jugak buat sendiri --> homemade play dough.

(5)  Colouring activity
• Coloring activities are perfect for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten children learning colors.
• Since I malas nak beli water colour, I beli buku colouring yang dah ada colour on the paper. Bila kita basahkan berus dan sapu atas kertas tu, automatically warna tu akan keluar sendiri.
• Buku ni I beli kat kedai 100 yen Seria, tak sure kat Daiso ada ke tak.

+- Leonardo Da Vinci -to be -+

• Kalau tak nak beli, boleh je print sendiri, download kat sini.

(6) Flash card activity
• Flash cards are a simple, versatile, yet often underexploited resource.
• For children at reading age, flash cards can be used in conjunction with word cards. These are simply cards that display the written word. Word cards should be introduced well after the pictorial cards so as not to interfere with correct pronunciation. 

+- SN's flashcards collections -+

• I beli yang jenama Alex Toys and Feels Cards kat Toys R Us yang jenis touch material tu so that he can also learn about smooth, grumpy and fluffy surfaces.
+- Alex Toys and Feels Cards -+

+- sambil belajar words, sambil belajar pasal surface -+

• I also bought him a box of set of flashcards i.e Early Learning Fun Flash Cards by Vincent Douglas, McGraw-Hill Childrens Publishing that includes "Alphabet, Colors and Shapes, First Words, Sight Words, Phonics, and Numbers."

• Beginning with the concepts of colors and shapes, and progressing through letter recognition, sights words, and phonics concepts, the colorful cards offer children the opportunity to learn and practice basic skills at their own pace. These cards also provide suggestions for fun games that will reinforce learning. 

+- belajar mengira sambil golek2 atas kaki mommy -+

• Dulu masa SN kecik, I print sendiri je flashcards macam yang I pernah share kat dalam entry Nazhan learns to read & count @ 20 months old. Kalau nak print sendiri, boleh download kat sini.

Also, bear in mind that it is better to turn off the TV, radio, and stereo during the learning session. Your toddler cannot be selective in the sounds he blocks out, like we can. This means that he will be blocking out your voice along with any constant background music. Playing in silence will aid his concentration and help him to process his thoughts.

When you talk with your toddler without the distraction of background music or chatter, he will be able to really listen to what you are saying and distinguish the sounds of our complex language. Talking and interacting with your toddler on a daily basis is very important for his language development and self-esteem. 

Pretty much all of the activities and games on Clever Toddler Activities can become tools in fostering your toddler's bond with you while you play together. So, sibuk macamana pun at least spend lah 15-30 minutes of your precious time to play with your child.

Macam biasa lah kalau entry pasal early childhood education ni panjang berjela sebab I summed up everything in one entry je, senang nak  refer in the future. Harap korang tak bosan baca entry ni and harap2 ianya bermanfaat pada yang nak cuba activity ni kat anak2 di rumah. Good luck guys!.

Pssssttt : part nak tutup TV masa learning session tu memang susah sikit nak buat *sebab mommy nak layan drama2 Melayu* mrgreen  tapi kena kuatkan hati dan buat jugak demi anak tercinta. Yosh, gambatte!.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

Monday 27 February 2012

Majlis resepsi Yusry - Lisa Surihani di PICC 
Hoih pompuan sorang ni tak habis2 lagi cerita pasal wedding YLS ni. Dah kata die hard fan kan, harussssss lah kena setia untuk terus mengikuti perkembangan Yusry walaupun terpisah jauh beribu batu gitu. 

Hari Sabtu malam tu memang duk tercongok je depan laptop sebab nak tengok live streaming Walimatulurus YLS, sambil tengok sambil sengih sorang2. Apsal la sweet sangat diorang berdua ni, rasa macam I pulak yang angau...jangan sweet sangat leh tak, boleh kena diabetes pulak gatai .

+- Walimatul Urus Yusri & lisa -+
+- Romantiknya Yusri & Lisa -+

Semalam pulak (Ahad 26 February 2012) berlansungnya majlis persandingan mereka di dalam suasana yang cukup meriah di Pusat Konvensyen Putrajaya (PICC). Majlis dihadiri kira-kira 2000 tetamu terdiri daripada ahli keluarga, sanak saudara kedua-dua belah pihak, kenalan artis dan rakan media.

 +- the dais. credit pic: MiG Online -+ 

 +- bride & groom. credit pic : FB  Ministry Of Moment -+

+- pasangan mempelai. Credit pic: Syokkahwin -+

Bertemakan konsep ala 'French Vintage', yang diinspirasikan daripada Marie Antoinette (Ratu Perancis) oleh KS Entourage, Lisa kelihatan anggun dengan busana putih rekaan Putra Aziz dari butik Cosry manakala Yusry pula segak dengan baju Melayu warna sedondon yang juga rekaan Putra.

+- pasangan mempelai. Credit pic: Syokkahwin -+

Bila tengok betul2, baju sanding Lisa ni lebih kurang sama dnegan baju wedding Kate Middleton, ye tak?. Tak kisahlah sama ke tak, yang penting Lisa tetap cantik menawan.

+- Baju Lisa dinspirasikan dari baju Kate Middleton. Pic credit: Syokkahwin -+ 

+- the gorgeous Lisa Surihani. Credit pic: FB Irwan Effendy -+

Suasana dewan yang dihiasi dengan paduan bunga berwarna tampak sederhana tetapi cukup elegan.

+- credit pic:  -+

Acara bermula pada pukul 9 malam dengan ketibaan pengantin perempuan, diiringi pula dengan pengantin lelaki. 

+- Acara merenjis pengantin Lisa & Yusri. credit pic: MiG Online -+

Turut disertakan acara berbalas pantun sebelum pengantin lelaki duduk di atas pelamin.

+- Makan beradap. Kredit pic : Instagram Iestatiptra -+

 +- Makan beradap. Kredit pic : -+

+- potong kek pulut kuning. Kredit pic: Ezhanstudio -+

 +- meh nak suap meh...nganga mulut..aaaaa. Kredit pic: Ezhanstudio -+

Majlis persandingan Lisa dan Yusry ini dihoskan oleh Faizal Ismail Hot fm dan Vanidah Imran.

+- MC majlis : FBI & Vanidah Imran. credit pic: MiG Online -+

+- Vanidah & FBI jadi MC. Credit pic :

Antara selebriti yang kelihatan pada majlis tersebut adalah, Jaclyn Victor, Marion Counter dan suami, Sein (Ruffedge) dan isteri, Dephne Iking, Aizat, Stephen Rahman, Atilia, Sazzy Falak dan suami, Rabbani dan ramai lagi.

+- Liyana Jasmay, Scha & Awal. Credit pic : Syokkahwin -+

+-Natasha Hudson, Nora Danish and Catriona Ross. Credit pic:

+-Sazzy Falak & Nazril Idrus. Credit pic: -+

 +- Adik Mia Sara pun ada. Kredit pic: Ezhanstudio -+

 +- Nana, Sein dan Mia Sara. Pic credit: -+

 +- Sazzy Falak, Cheryl Samad & Aishah Sinclair. Credit pic : -+

 +- Farish, Scha, Dynas Mokhtar, Sazzy, Awal. Credit pic : blog Dynas -+

Souvenir #weddinglisayusry *cantikkan* :)
+- souvenir wedding YLS. kredit pic : twitpic @ImmaUCU -+

Harapan I selaku peminat Yusry *sejak I umur 11 tahun sampai sekarang dah nak masuk 3 series*, semoga hubungan mereka kekal bahagia dan hidup dalam rukun damai sehingga akhir hayat.

 +- love birds ♥♥♥♥. credit pic: MiG Online -+

+- love birds ♥♥♥♥. credit pic: Ezhanstudio -+

+- dalam video ni Dzul salah cakap --> "Wedding Lisa Yusry Surihani" (0:35)...kui3x mrgreen -+

+- video Aizat performing LOVE SONG for Lisa & Yusry-+

Thanks to everyone yang sudi share gambar2 ni kat twitter, FB dan website diorang; dapatlah orang2 yang tak dapat attend wedding ni tumpang merasa kemeriahan majlis tu. I dah letak credit link untuk tuan empunya gambar tu, so kalau korang ambik pic2 dari entry ni jangan lupa letak credit pada yang sepatutnya ye.

Psssstttt : apsal la diorang gi honeymoon kat europe?. Kan bagus kalau diorang honeymmon kat Japan, mrgreen  ngeeee.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*)

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