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Friday, 7 October 2011

Montessori tools for 2 years above
Dah agak lama juga rasanya tak bercerita perihal nursery SN. I ada terima comment dari MaMa iRis  yang menyatakan dia tengah cari toys yang sesuai utk anak-anak especially yang bagus untuk hand eyes motor/coordination skill lepas dia baca entry SN's Montessori activities at home.

Masa pergi nursery SN last month, I sempat ambik gambar lagi few montessori tools yang sesuai untuk baby/toddler from 1 - 2 years. So, I nak share kat entry hari ini lah pasal few Montessori tools/toys yang sesuai untuk todler from 2 years above, dan mana lah tahu ada di antara tools ini boleh di sediakan untuk anak-anak bermain sambil belajar di rumah.

Enjoy the piccas.

(1) Color tablets 


• Top pic : 63 tablets representing 9 colors in seven graded shades of red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, brown, pink and grey in a wooden box. Each tablet has wooden frames to facilitate handling
• Bottom pic : 11 pairs of the colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, brown, pink, grey, black and white in a wooden box. Each tablet has wooden frames to facilitate handling

(2) Pink Tower 

• 10 wooden cubes painted pink and width graduated in increments from 1 cm to 10 cm.
• The pink tower is used as a stacking activity when children are very young. As they move into Montessori elementary, they discover that the pink tower represents the cubes of numbers from one to ten.

(3) Long Red Wooden Rods
+- pic source: here -+ 

• 10 solid long red wooden rods that are constant in height and width (2.5cm) while graduated in length from 10cm to 1 metre.
• 10 rods that are all the same diameter but vary in length by a decimeter, each from one decimeter to a meter. 
• These rods are the most advanced Montessori tools designed for use when teaching preschoolers about dimension. 
• They should be introduced when a child appears reasonably comfortable with all stages of the cylinder blocks, pink tower and broad stair lessons.

 (4) Tray of Puzzles

• contains numbers of wooden puzzles based on shapes, botany, insects, leaf puzzles and many more
• The geometric demonstration tray contains insets and frames for the three basic geometric shapes: circle, square and triangle and three blank wooden squares. Demonstration tray is used with the cabinet to introduced plain geometric shapes in isolation.

(5) Cylinder Blocks

• Set of 4 blocks with cylinders varying in height and/or diameter in each block. Made of satinwood. 
• To help develop the child's visual discrimination of size. Indirectly, to prepare the child for writing, through the handling of the cylinders by their knobs. 
• Indirectly, to prepare the child for later work in Mathematics, through observation of the regular differences in the cylinders.

(6) Geometric Solids With Stands, Bases, and Box

• A large wooden box containing a cylinder, cube, ellipsoid, cone, sphere, square-based pyramid, triangular-based pyramid, ovoid, rectangular prism and triangular prism painted in glossy blue. 
• The box includes five wooden plane figures and three wooden stands for the curved solids. 

(7) Metal Insets Only - Pink


• 10 metal insets. Insets are in blue color while frames are in pink color. 
• To help the child acquire proficiency in using a writing instrument, including lightness of touch, evenness of pressure, continuity in line, and familiarity with the curves and angles found in letters.
• The metal insets consist of five curved-line figures and five straight-line figures: pentagon , oval, curvilinear triangle, square, triangle, rectangle, ellipse, circle, quatrefoil, and trapezoid. 

(8) Thermic Tablets

A wooden box with six compartments containing two tablets each of six different materials. 
• The materials, when touched, provide different sensations of temperature. 
• This material is used to stimulate the child's ability to discriminate thermic qualities.
• To cultivate the ability to discriminate slight differences in temperature 

(9) Different textures  

• I've made this on my own, containing 3 pairs of different textures using sandpapers, denim fabrics and bubbles sheet. 
• This material is used to stimulate the child's ability to discriminate textures gradients. 

(10)  Bead Sorting, Counting and Stringing Beads 


• A simple activity to reinforce the understanding of counting, recognizing numbers and number representation. 
Counting: Practicing counting how many of one color.  
Represent (How many is two,three, etc?): Ask your child to give you two beads. 
Quantity (More, Less, Equal): Make two piles and ask which one has more or less.
Simple Patterns: Laying beads out in a row in simple patterns and identifying the shape of the beads.


Sorting Objects by Attribute (color, size or shape): Sorting by color in 3 different bowls

(11 ) Transferring activity set

• Seashell transfer using small kitchen clamp

• Cotton balls transfer using chopsticks
• Strengthens the small muscles of the fingers and hands and coordinates eye-hand movements.

(12 ) Pouring activity set

• soybeans pouring from one mug to another mug
• Strengthens hands and coordinates eye-hand movements. 
• Increase interest in the children to help doing some cooking chores

(13) Spooning activity set


• small beads are spooned using teaspoon
• Strengthens the small muscles of the fingers and hands and coordinates eye-hand movements. 

(14) Dressing Frames

•  6 frames of lacing dressing frames, shoe lacing, ribbon type dressing, medium buttons dressing, safety pin dressing and zipping frames.

(15) Felt dressing animals


 • Teach children about animals and at the same time teach them how to dress up on their own (buttons and Velcro tape)
• yang ni pun sennag je kalaunak buat sendiri kat rumah, beli kain felt dan jahit button..siap!

(16) Glue activity

• Take pinking shears and cut all sorts of different shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles, etc) out of construction paper or even old catalogs. 
• Toddlers will enjoy selecting shapes to glue onto their paper.

(17) Walking on a Loop Line on the floor


• Children will walk on the line to help eye-leg coordination as well as learning about line. Indirectly teach them to follow the correct lane while walking.
• Senang je nak buat sendiri kat rumah, lekat je salotape atas lantai..beres!.

 ~ All of these Montessori tools listed above covered important aspects in early childhood education such as LANGUAGE, MATHEMATICAL, PRACTICAL, ART, SENSORIAL, BOTANICAL and GEOGRAPHY TOOLS. ~

Amacam lenguh tak tangan nak scroll sampai bawah untuk tengok gambar2 tu semua?. Macam biasalah kalau entry pasal nursery SN memang banyak di hiasi gambar-gambar dan entry memang panjang berjela-jela sebab I sedaya upaya nak abadikan segala ilmu yang I dapat kutip dari nursery SN tentang Montessori; sebagai persediaan untuk buka Nursery Montessori sendiri bila I dah balik Malaysia for good nanti *Insya Allah*. 

Plus, I rasa seronok bila ada parents kat Malaysia yang berminat jugak dengan Montessori education ni, so I share lah ilmu setakat yang I tau, moga-moga ilmu itu memberi manfaat buat orang yang membaca entry ini.

 +- teringin nak ada rak Montessori macam ni jugak untuk SN -+

I hope you get some ideas to make your own Montessori tools at home for your child. Sebelum ini I pernah share kat entry SN's Montessori activities at home. Also, if you want to see video on guides to make Montessori materials, check it out here . Good luck!.

Psssssttt : kalau suka entry ini, boleh lah klik button "Like" atau "Share". Thank you.

# Info source: mountain shadows and kid advance  

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~


29 words of wisdom & comments:

MutiaraBiru@Ibu3A said...


tablet frame tu apa kegunaannya???

ari tu ade la main kira2 dgn anak2 guna manik2 ni.. sekali suami ku sudah sound.. takut anak2 telan... then ckp kat suami, belikan lah guli @ papan main congkak tu.. hmm, hampeh.. katanya nanti guli kalo pecah kena kaki anak luka..

susah betui kalo dpt suami yg suka pk -v3... mcm la kita bior jer anak main/belajar tak monitor...

anyway, thanks for sharing info ni... I love it very much..

☆*♥L@dy @yU♥*☆ said...

kids kat sini best khen kecil2 dah di ajar jd kretif gituew....sangat berbeza ngan cara kat mesia....if kat youchien kira berlajar berkwn dan main even byr mahal2....but ai suka proses yg theyols x stress gituew

Nurul Farehah said...

wahhhhh..kak yatie...kreatifnyer aktiviti nie.....mmg boleh naikkn smgt inkuiri bdk2 untk blaja la....

transformed housewife said...

betul ko nok bukok MOntessori kindy? Bulihla KNur jd partner.

zailamohamad said...

bagusnya nursery kat sana..sero mace nak ata juga anak2 aku g Jepun..hahahaha

balik Malaysia nati..apa kata yatie bukok montessori Islam tapi ada guna sistem kat Jepun ni;)

Hanis MY said...

Molek jugok buleh ata anak ore etep..

Oyis said...

omg! byk nya perkakas dia! untung baby SN dpt blaja semua ni

Aleyn said...

Kreatipla baby SN ni nanti...macam2 ader ha...

Juwita Jamaludin said...

bagusnya.. macam tool pembelajarannya.. bagus untuk anak2 ni ... untung SN ada peluang tu

Ummi Salsabila said...

Bestnya taska kat sana.mcm2 ada.untungnya baby SN.color tablet tu untk apa? lengkaplah brg2nya...

TQ for sharing.i nak try yg guna chopstick tu.:)

Jiji said...


Anonymous said...

baru jah survey2 tadika utk uzma, tp gak x dok hok meriah ngan tools supo tu.. rata2 duk cerita pasal study, study, study.
last buat keputusan ajar kat rumah jah la, lagi pun barang hasil carboot sale tu pun banyok, supo nursery doh jugok

yatie chomeyl said...

Kak yong > tablet frame yng ada byk2 warna ke yg temperature tu? kalau yg bny2k wrana tu, untuk kenal ton wrana dan yg temperature tu utk bezakan suhu sejuk n pans

boleh je bg anak2 main guli tu, asalkan sentiasa di pantau. nanti akak bgtau la en ayah yg anak tie umur1 thn pun main guli, alhamdulillah xpernah ad ainsiden x di ingini pun. :)

lady ayu : yup, sbb tu diorg suka gi sekolah sbb x tension pun kan?

yatie chomeyl said...

nurul farehah : yup, dior lebih tekankan on practical life, arts & mathematics tp bukan ajar mengira dan membaca. diorg pupuk minat dulu

kak nur : insya Allah. :)

zaila : molek jugop idea tu, insya Allah nanti ore try fikirkan :)

yatie chomeyl said...

Hanis : beres, nanti ore jago moelk la anok hanis tu hehe

oyis : bnyk lg ado, x cekak nk snap doh hehe

aleyn : tu la, mommy nk beli semua nk sediakan kat umah pun x mampu gak kui3x

yatie chomeyl said...

kak ita : tu la, sayang rasa nanti kalau blk msia x smbung montessori edu untuk dia

US : slmt mencuba untuk aufa & adam :)

yatie chomeyl said...

jiji : takpe la, nanti aku blk msia kau buat la jugak..Insya Allah :)

fa10 : klu gitu, molek kak buat sendiri jah di rumoh.

Sidratul Muntaha said...

tool yg byk2 kat atas tu mgm tak dapek nak beli lah.
latihan paling mudah?!
ajo memasak n baking.
mgm iktu step to step la..
pukul telur..
ayaq tepung..
mg la cepat la bebudak ni buat.
esp setot..

Ziah said...

salam yati:)
saya pernah email awk dulu psl phd. sypun hantar anak montesorri kindie di sini (shah alam) bayaran mmg mmg sama mcm dlm gambar yati tu...ada a few kindie montessori di kena careful..nama shj tp tools xde...

Nur-nba said...

Rajinnya Yatie taip entri ni.. Perkongsian yg baik..

yatie chomeyl said...

ayu : tape, yg penting budak2 tu enjoy :)

ziah : brp ye bayaran montesorri kondy kat msia per month?

nur-nba : sbg rujukan untuk diri sendiri jugak :)

Watie Aziz said...

Yatie....very good and informative entry..i pun skang tgh giler montessori..i applied to q and it really works.. I buat sendiri kat umah sbb risau tgk development dia especially the attachment part, next year nk tadika i prepare the montessori apparatus at home, ajar dia, dia suka and lucky me also, dia cepat pickup..cuma dia masih takut kalau i tinggalkan dia... The best part is..i dah jumpa the best montessori skool utk q kat setia alam...happy giler..nant sempat i share lah kat blog.. Skang tgh gigih nak cari kindy.. Bila i tgk the montessori method works walaupun i practice at home, thats y i nak jugak cari kindy montessori so that q will get better overtime...susah nak cari kindy With condusive environment lega sgt bila dah jumpa....

Ziah said...

sorry yati..baru cek balik...yg anak saya ambik full programme, 8.30 - 3.00 ptg, monthly RM 420..kalau setgh hari pun ada, dlm RM 230 ini utk 5-6 yrs...3-4 yrs, lagi murah kot...
boleh cek website Brainy Bunch Islamic Montesori School ;)

MamaAliya said...

salam kak yatie..nak minta izin share post ttg montessori akak kat blog saya boleh. untuk rujukan saya dan juga kawan2 yang berminat...=p

MamaAliya said...

salam kak watie..nak minta izin share post akak ni kat blog saya boleh..untuk rujukan saya dan juga rakan-rakan yang minat =p

yatie chomeyl said...

Watie Aziz : I harap2 dpt jumpa kindy montessori jugak utk SN once dh blk msia for good nanti

Ziah : i c, thanks 4 the info :)

Mama Aliya : permission granted, sila lah share :)

ctchinon said...

kalu nk oder mainan tue agak2 rege die brp ye..mcm best plak

ctchinon said...

kalu nk oder agak2 brp ye rege mainan tue..esp cylinder block n metal insets..mcm best plak

yatie chomeyl said...

ctchinon : u kat msia kan? if kat msia, yg i tahu boleh beli kat USL education -->

kedai dia kat kajang or u can also buy it online. hope it helps :)

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