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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

SN's Montessori activities at home

I am now becoming more and more interested into Montessori Methods after seeing the living proof (my son) who has developed remarkably in his gross motor skills and fine motor skills after being introduced to these method at his present nursery.

For those who might not know, The Montessori method is an educating approach for children based on the research and experiences of
Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori.

Based on Maria Montessori's observations, she created an environment prepared with materials designed for their self-directed learning activity.

Applying this method involves the teacher in viewing the child as having an inner natural guidance for his or her own perfect self-directed development.

The teacher's role of observation sometimes includes experimental interactions with children, commonly referred to as "lessons," to resolve misbehavior or to show how to use the various self-teaching materials that are provided in the environment for the children's free use.

The method is primarily applied with young children (2 - 6 y/o), as this was the initial age with which Dr. Montessori worked. Her philosophy was based on certain characteristic seen in this age group.

The method is also utilized successfully for ages 0-3 and 6-9, 9-12, 12-15 and 15-18, though the majority of children learning through this method are in the 3-6 range.

I also believed that a mom is their child's first teacher so I strive to work hard to be the best teacher that my son could ever had siul *perasan*. Influenced by the Montessori educational toys provided at SN's nursery; I've made several efforts to provide some simple Montessori tools at home for my baby.

========= Phase: 1 - 2 years old ==============

1) Stick and Spoons

• Use chopstick or spoon as a great device to strengthen the skill side of the hand.
• Moving the item from one container to the next container requires him to coordinate his small muscle movements especially the coordination of finger movement with vision

+- left pic: butang baju masukkan dalam bekas yang ada lubang kat atas *ala2 tabung coin* -+ 
+- right pic: pindahkan guli guna sudu dari mangkuk A ke mangkuk B -+
#cost: guli satu pek (100 yen); butang baju 1 pek(100yen); tray ( 2 x 100 yen); sudu dan mangkuk-mangkuk kecil tu ambil yang kat dapur punya #

(2) Colour recognition sets

• A set of colorful triangle pieces to be used optimally for color recognition activities, as well as it can be used for enhancing hand-eye coordination. 
• Thus, using this toy, baby can improve the hand-eye coordination by either rearranging the pieces into different bowl
+- belajar bentuk segitiga dan warna -+
# cost: set segitiga (100 yen); tray (100 yen); mangkuk free dari bekas marjerin kat dapur & balang muruku yang dah kosong #

============ Phase: 2 - 3 years old ==============

(1) Chopstick

• Use chopstick to strengthen the skill side of the hand and move to rubber eraser from one box to the other box
+- pindahkan rubber eraser guna chopstick, good for his gross motor skills dan juga belajar mengenal buah -+
#cost: set rubber eraser (100 yen); chopstick (100yen); tray (100yen); box tu dari bekas macaroon yang mommy dah ngap -+

(2) Coins
• I use a jar of coins and a cylinder case from cotton buds.
• Introduce coins and their values and nurture early math skills in counting, adding, and subtraction
• As SN is only 2 years old, I used only 1 yen coins for him to begin his activity of learning to count
• this activity has to be supervised by adults because the child might made some unnecessary attempt to put the coin inside his mouth
+- 1 yen coins, bekas plastik buah buat isi coins, bekas cotton buds yang di tebuk kat penutup buat jadi tabung -+

(3) Matching Pairs Memory Game
• Match pairs of cards by turning over matched pairs. All of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards.
• Good for concentration, as well as the child's memory.
+- I've prepared several set for him based on categories i.e. animals, foods, occupations, body parts and etc. I printed it myself, glue it on a cereal box and voila, it all set! -+

(4) Puzzles
• puzzles are a great approach of early introduction to problem solving and critical thinking.
• Solving jigsaw puzzles is a great way for children to develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills while having fun.
• Most of the puzzles are colorfully illustrated which can attracts the child's attention.
+- many type of puzzles for SN to indulge. Ada wooden knob, foam, sponge, and hard paper. Belajar pasal alphabet, numbers, animals, and many more from the puzzles -+

(5) Sand Paper Numerals and Alphabets
• I used it to teach him the symbols for the numbers he knows.Also to provide him with the keys to the world of written numbers.
• Here's a video for a guide --> SAND PAPER NUMERAL GUIDE

+- sand paper is good for sensorial, the child can trace the number using their fingertips, so that toddler can learn the right way to write the numbers -+

#cost: wooden board (380yen); tray (100yen); sand paper 1 set 10 pieces (100yen) baru guna sehelai je
*extra set of number tu I lekat kat dia punya building blocks, saje nak kenalkan dia dengan teen numbers juga*
+- sand paper alphabets tak siap2 lagi, entah bila dapat siapkan. different color for consonants (pink) and vowels (blue) -+

Parents and educators who want to apply Montessori Method at home/nursery, must clearly understand how to do things properly. When presenting those Montessori activities, it is good to remember:
  • Children learn from observation of what adults are doing. --> ulang aktiviti itu beberapa kali depan anak sebagai demonstrasi
  • Do not explain too much about the activities, it is better to use key words (names of the objects or the actions). --> cakap banyak tak guna, action speaks louder than words
  • When presenting the activities, always do things at a slow pace, children’s pace and not your own. --> ajar satu persatu
  • Allow them to try it on their own and to learn by themselves. --> jangan sibuk-sibuk nak tunjuk kecuali apabila di minta bantuan
  • Do not expect children to achieve your desired result after the first try. Repetition will help them perfect the activity. -->:lamagawa: practice makes perfect
  • Concentrate on strengthening and helping the development of what is good in the child. --> cari di mana kelebihan dia, tumpukan lebih dalam aktiviti itu
  • Be ever ready to answer the call of the child, listen and respond to the child who appeals to you. Be a good listener. peace --> setiap kali di panggil, sila lah jawab walau pun tengah sibuk buat benda lain
  • Respect the child who takes rest. Neither call her, nor force her to other forms of activity. --> biar dia buat sendiri aktiviti atas kerelaan hati dia
  • Be untiring in repeating presentations to the child who refused them earlier and overcome imperfections with mild words and loving presence. --> tunjuk ajar dengan penuh kasih sayang & kesabaran, jangan nak ajar garang2 macam mak tiri pulak sengihnampakgigi

+- susun tray elok kat rak yang rendah, supaya tools dapat di capai dengan mudah -+

+- meja rendah untuk aktiviti melukis & mewarna -+

Kalau rasa tak nak sediakan barang-barang baru boleh sahaja gunakan toys yang anak-anak ada untuk buat aktiviti educational kat rumah. Contohnya, kumpulkan stuff toys dia mengikut kategori untuk binatang dan jenis-jenis kenderaan.
+- kebanyakan toys ini ialah dari hasil koleksi I masa bujang dulu yang gila beli Happy Meal McD; sekarang di wariskan kat anak pulak -+
+- kumpulkan setempat mainan kenderaan yang dia ada, lepas tu ajar lah bus, car, truck, lorry, helicopter, airplane etc. -+

Tak semestinya kena beli alatan baru dan mahal untuk buat Montessori activities kat rumah. Kebanyakan Montessori tools kat rumah I print sendiri ,buat guna bahan terpakai ataupun beli kat kedai 100 yen (RM3.50) sahaja. Yang penting ialah keinginan dan kezaman kita untuk sentiasa kreatif menyediakan aktiviti pembelajaran untuk anak di rumah.

Bila kanak-kanak itu sentiasa berada dalam suasana pembelajaran nerd yang tenang, secara tidak lansung dia akan rasa sentiasa bersemangat nak belajar. Harap-harapnya sampai dah besar nanti pun tak payahlah kita susah-susah nak paksa dia untuk siapkan homework ataupun study, ye tak?.

Pssssssssssttt: perkongsian ini bukan nak tunjuk macam I ni bagus sangat encem tapi untuk kita sama-sama bertukar-tukar idea untuk aktiviti pembelajaran bagi anak-anak. Share lah aktiviti u all dengan anak-anak u all jugak ye kat komen section.

# Info gathered from: Daily Montessori,, HS journal and I can Teach My Child.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

19 words of wisdom & comments:

@e_da said...

bagusla yatie suka tengok cara yatie ajar nazhan.. mika bab yg guli tu tak berani lagi.. dia jenis apa2 pun masuk mulut.. hadoii merisaukan..

Umie said...

it's really good info... insyaAllah akan praktikkan kat Muaz gak nih... thanks dear!

.m.u.n.i.r.a. said...

Lurve it yatie ;) *thumbs up*
i suka part categorized the toys tu *since me pon applied sama* memudahkan anak belajar 'grouping things' accordingly ....
err tetiba got the idea tuk upload the pic gak hehehehe

isabelle said...

bila le i nak rajin mcm u, babe? hehehe

Huda said...

bestnye umah macam tadika kak :) huda pun nak wat cam tu gak la nnti..hehe good info kak!

Sitisifir10 said...

SN ada mummy yg kreatif... bagus! betul, benda yg simple je boleh jadi bahan belajar utk anak2 dari dia ternganga ngadap TV :)

transformed housewife said...

kalau tadika MOntenssori, diaorg akan suruh budak2 simpan brg2 lps main setiap aktiviti.

Oyis said...

mmg glamer tadika Montessori di Msia la ni kan? kwn2 byk hntr ke tadika yg pki konsep tu belako lo ni, kena sedio pitih jah la huhu. ore la ni aisyah peringkat main sendiri (role play sorg2), so jrg la melibatkan diri sgt, but mlm2 learning/reading tu wajib. where do u find the time, yatie? respek lah!

Ummi Salsabila said...

Rajinnya u ajar nazhan.bijak sokmo nazhan nnt. Tq,boleh adopt utk Aufa pula.lama tak buat activities dgn dia.slalu me tahu ajar art activities je.hihi

en_me said...

bagusnyerr.. ehehe

Jiji said...


babe another way to strenghten their otot jari.. kasi main sepit baju.. buat tali kat dinding.. gantung laa flash card kat situ! Anis can spent hours.. dok meyepit !

yatie chomeyl said...

@eda >> memang kena sentiasa awasi, Nazhan pun sama gak

Umie >> orait, nti share outcome nya ye :)

munira >> sila lah share, leh I tiru jugak nanti

yatie chomeyl said...

Isabelle >> I pun bukan nya rajin sgt, tp sbb SN x tgk TV so kesian pulak dia boring. I buatlah xtvt ni utk dia

huda >> ekekek, aah kan dh mcm tadika dah rumah akak ni

k/pijah >> SN mmg xtgk TV lansung skrg, cikgu di aharamkan dia tgk tv huhuhu

yatie chomeyl said...

k/nur >> yup, nazhan pun lps main..dio sipe sendiri tools& toys dio

oyis >> i buat sikit2, hjg minggu satu tools, lamo2 kumpul jaid la banyok hehe

US >> nanti u share lagi la pasta ur art xtvt, leh i tiru utk ajar kat nazhan jugak :)

yatie chomeyl said...

en_me >> thanks :)

jiji >> orait babe, nanti hjg minggu ni nak buat mcm yg ko suggest tu. thanks ..nnti ada idea lg, suggest lagi tau

kakyong said...

makcik 3 anak ni jeles tgk stuffs SN.. byk & elok jer tersusun,...

yatie chomeyl said...

k/yong >> time nk amik gmbr mmg la elok tersusun, time dio guno..aiyayayaya...bersepah jugak satu bilik ni

MaMa iRis's stories said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MaMa iRis's stories said...

hi yatie im yur silent reader...:) anyway montessori edu yg u ajar anak kt rumah tu mmbuatkn i pun nk ajar anak method yg daughter Iris baru 15months..skrg ni mmg suka sngat susun2 brg..brapa umur anak yati SN tu..brtuah SN dpt mama yg kreatif..:) Actually jmpa blog yatie masa browse utk toys yg sesuai utk anak..rupa2nya method montessori ni bgus utk hand eyes motor/cordination skill anak2...maybe method montessori jepun ni lain skit ye..n nk share sue baru nk try kat iris aktiviti ni.. and also nak share blog ni

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