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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Laduree Paris now opens in Fukuoka ~ yippee!

You see, I'm the type of person who loves to crave for all sort of foods even though I'm not pregnant. I mean being pregnant is not the ultimate reason on why people crave for foods right?. Well, at least I believe so in my case because I could go craving for some foods every single week even though I'm not pregnant right now.

For the past few weeks, I've been craving to go get some macarons at the newly opened
ELLE cafe in Hakata Hankyu. The thing is ELLE Cafe is situated at the 4th floor. On the way to the escalator, I came across a shop that makes my heart stops beating for millisecond *thank Allah, this is just an idiom, if my heart do stops beating I bet I wont be able to publish this entry and you guys wont be able to read this entry right now eheh*.

It is actually the famous Laduree Paris shop!. LADUREE Paris opened on the 1st floor in newly opened 7 story HAKATA HANKYU MALL ; which explains why I bumped into these shop first on my way to the ELLE Cafe. All of the sudden, I have forgotten my intention to go to ELLE Cafe and instead I go gaga over the interior design of the shop. Man, the interior design of the shop is amazingly cute that you feels like you never want to leave the shop.
+- mak budak tengah terpana tengok interior, siap sengih sorang2 tanda kagum -+

For those of you who might not have heard about Laduree Paris before this, Ladurée (French pronunciation: [la.dy.ʁe]) is a luxury cakes and pastries brand based in Paris, France. It is known as the inventor of the macaron, fifteen thousand of which are sold every day.


Here are some of the macaroons that they have in store :-
(1) Seasonal Macarons

(2) The Collection of Ladurée Macarons

It cost 250 yen per macarons and I am so ready to pick two pieces of every single flavor that they have in store before hubby stopped me...
pffffftttttt. He humbly said that he don't want it so I should just buy for SN & I, auw what a nice guy.

But he wasn't being that nice because he stopped me one more time while I was ordering my 6th pieces of macarons...pffffttttttt. Nevertheless, he become one nice and sweet husband again when he paid the 6 pieces of macaroons ( 2 x Madagascar chocolate; 2 x chua origine pure chocolate and 2 x Raspberry) that I've choose for SN and I.

+- the cute little box that contained 6 pieces of macaroons that I've choose -+

You see, the thing about Laduree that makes me go crazy is not only that the interior was superbly cute but even the boxes are damn cutesy!. How can I opt for a 6 pieces macarons when I can get cuter box for 8 , 18, 13, 22, 24, 40, 55, 60 and even 70 macaroons!. Boy, how I wish I went to the shop with SN only and then I can choose how much macarons that I want in order to get the cute box...hahahaha sengihnampakgigi *evil grin*.

But then in order for me to go to the shop, I have to ask for hubby's permissions first, and I'm 99.999% sure that after hubby reads this entry he won't allowed me to go near the shop ever again. In fact, I don't think I'd be allowed to go near Hakata Hankyu mall anymore *sob sob*.

+- Boxes of Ladurée Macaroons; aren't they SUPER CUTE? -+

Those macarons can be kept for 3 days in cold storage so SN & I decided to eat 2 pieces per day. As both SN & I are nice persons, we do let hubby has a bite on our piece of macarons. Just a bite of it and then hubby said, the macarons that I made taste the same as Laduree macarons. *kembang hidung*.

But then of course the look of the
macarons that I made is not as lusciously cute as Laduree's macarons are. Still, hubby insists that look's doesn't matter, what matter more is the taste. Pffffttt
.... he's not a good liar because I could see the reason behind him giving me that compliments was mainly because of the price for each pieces of the Laduree macarons that made him go crazyyyyyyyyyy. Nevertheless, I took the compliment and I shall start working on my macarons project again soon. senyumkenyit

For this time being, let me just sum up that the taste of Laduree macarons that have a crisp outer shell and have moist, kinda chewy innards along with a rich ganache filling is beyond words to express with. They are very dense and sweet and it is very hard to resist a good macaron!

Last but not least, this is how I will looks like if I decided to buy every flavor of macarons that they have in store on that day.

+- Gigi boleh rongak sebab manis yang amat -+

Thank you hubby for buying us those 6 pieces of macarons that I've been craving for the past few weeks. On top of that, thank you dear hubby for not letting me go crazy on ordering every type of macarons flavors as it have save my teethes from falling over at the age of 29 years old young gatai ehehehe.

Pssssttt: orang perempuan memang jadi 'gila' bila tengok benda cute kan, orang laki makan ngap takde perasaan pun tak kira cute ke tak, semua pun bedal je tsk3x

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

14 words of wisdom & comments:

Fazlinil Irma said...

seronoknya.. ada laduree kat sana. lepas ni yatie kena ambik pistachio.

oh.. saya pulak telan liur bila tengok entry ni. :)

@e_da said...

huh sedapnya tengok.. tp tak menerai lg... rasa syg nak mkn sebab cute sgt kan...

kakyong said...

mujur la suami nak byrkan.. tau nak hargai isteri..

kalo suamiku.. hmm, buat dek jer.. kalo berkenan, byr sendiri.. sop sop sop.. sedey tau..

アヌム ちゃん said...

nak macaron jugak..sob2..


sekarang musim macroonkan? tapi ila lum penah rasa satu punnnnnnn

Mama Zharfan said...

me belum pernah try lagi mkn macaroon ni...teringin gak nak try :)

syayassir said...

tak pernah lagi makan macaron tu.. glemer tul sekarang nih...

nieda said...

sgt cantik macaron, sayangggg nk mkn

Hanis MY said...

owh tidakkkk suko jugok dgn goni, tapi gats mahal supo gapo, ore makey kalu budok lab bowok omiyage, nok beli cik abam tokwi sbb mhal dooh hhuhu

Almiraz said...

Best gile! You're so lucky!! Just nk tmbh; Japan kn mmg penuh dgn kawaii stuffss...Kalau i boleh siap frame la kotak dia tuh...

yatie chomeyl said...

Fazlinil Irma >> OK, I try pistachio pulak next time *tu pun kalau hubby bagi gi sana lagi la* eheh

@eda >> tu la pasal, sekalingap dah habis huhu

k/yong >> insaf *sob sob*

yatie chomeyl said...

anum >> sila la cari kat sana kot2 ada gak ;)

mama amana >> ken atry , sedap wooo

MZ >> kat KL pun ada kan?

yatie chomeyl said...

sya >> tu la pasal, mmg sedap pon :)

nieda >> aah, dh la kecik cinonet..kejap je dh habis

yatie chomeyl said...

Hanis >> pujuk la hubby Hanis oyat nk beli la sebutir duo jah nok try.ehehe

almiraz >> ahahaha, kalau I frame kotak tu harus lah hubby I gelakkan i 44 hari 45 malam ngeeeeeeeee

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