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Wednesday 15 June 2016

Birthday theme for my boys : Abg SN, SN Jr and SuperJr SN


I know it's been a while's been almost a year since I update my blog. Well you see, I was tied up with so many things to do during the semester that I only get to have extra time to update my blog during exam week or semester break. I know it's a pretty cliche excuses, but that's the truth. Though I still have loads of works to finish during this exam weeks, I really think I need a break from those piles of papers sitting on my desk...waiting to be mark....phew. 

Out of 821673463842383293128 tasks as a mom, preparing birthday celebration for the kids is one of the task that took 2-3 months to plan; although it is only for an hour of "execution" huhu. Nevertheless, we mom did it anyway for the sake of the happiness of our kids which people say is priceless but what everybody forgot to mention is it is costly  **because you still have to pay for the cake,deco,gifts and etc...hahahaha.

I used to be the one who has to crack my head, thinking about the theme for their birthday party. But now, the boys decided that they wanted to choose their own birthday theme, and so mommy said "be my guest"! **well, at least it has spare me the trouble of thinking.

 (1) Fire-fighter theme for SN Jr's 3rd birthday party (17th October 2015)

Since his birthday is on weekdays, I decided to just celebrate it at his kindergarten with his friends. I baked butter cupcake and adds juice drinks + chocolate nuts for the goodies. 

Cake was ordered from D'Honey bakery Parit Raja. Design of the cake was chosen by SN Jr after some 'googling' on the net with mommy. The kids love the cake and mommy loves the taste of the cake and the price of the cake hehe.

To keep up with the theme, I borrow a firefighter uniform from my sister's kindy. He was so excited to wear it from the moment he saw it. Abg SN joined this celebration and sometimes took the limelight away from SN Jr hehe.


It happens that I also have a pile of 10 fire fighter's hat at home so I brought it to his kindy for the birthday celebration so that his friend can also get to enjoy the fire fighter theme as well. 

Alhamdulillah, despite the small celebration SN jr really enjoy it and he surely lives in the moment as he still couldn't stop talking about the celebration until today. I guess by now, he was already thinking on what kind of birthday theme he wanted for his 4th birthday small-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif (32×32).

(2) Itsy Bitsy Spider-theme for SuperJr SN 1st birthday (10th May 2016)

I choose this theme because obviously SuperJr SN can't decide on it by his own..yet. He loves the Itsy Bitsy spider song,  up to the extent where he'll stop crying once he heard this song. Thus, I always use this song whenever he is in bad mood, it works wonder all the time.

The celebration was held at his nursery as it was on weekdays and mommy & daddy don't want to be bother about cleaning the house later hahaha. I asked for help from my office mate to help me in designing his birthday banner and send for printing at  Izprinting Service

Cake was ordered from my office mate's wife who runs a bakery shop at Muar. Design for the cake was google-d and she executed it well that all the babies and toddlers were kind of amazed after looking at the cake.

Birthday boy was a bit grumpy as the celebration took place during his nap time. 

But after feeding him with the cake,he lights up and wouldn't stop eating already animated-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif (46×32).

(3) Military + LEGO theme for Abg SN's 7th birthday (26th May 2016)

Abg SN choose army armored theme for his 7th birthday. He chooses this theme simply because at that time he wanted to be askar. But if you ask him now, I think he wanted to be footballer, and if you ask him tomorrow he might say he wanted to be Tahfiz Muda. 


Despite choosing military theme, he requested for LEGO-theme cake. I had to order 3 LEGO-cakes as SN jr was asking why only abang & adik get the cakes. Eventually, my  3++ year old boys didn't really understand the concept that you only get your birthday cake on your birthday. Anyway, to make sure everyone's a cake for each of mommy's boys. small-ok-sign-smiley-emoticon.gif (16×20)


Abg SN requested to celebrate his birthday with his teachers and friends at school as his birthday was on the last day of school days before the school holiday. 

His birthday banner was also designed by my office mate and printed by Izprinting Service

Since we didn't celebrate it properly at home, so I ordered another cake for another birthday celebration with the family back in our hometown at Kelantan, few days before Ramadhan. It was also a joined birthday celebration for my cousin, my niece and my 2 boys (abg SN and superJr SN)

For this celebration, I ordered mango cake from myschool mate i.e. safuraaqitchen. Unfortunately, SuperJr SN couldn't join in the celebration as he was down with fever caused by tonsil infection. 

Anyhow, it was still a joyful celebration for the family and that was all that matters.

"Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It's all about the memories"~Buddy Valastro, Cake Boss

Psstttt : terliur pulak tengok gambar kek bulan2 posa ni uwaaaaa.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

Friday 7 August 2015

Rangkuman 6 bulan


Kembali bersiaran selepas 6 bulan menyepi. Dasyatnya tahap kemalasan untuk update blog sekarang ni. Ini pun tengah fikir nak kuburkan blog ke tak, coz u is sooo yesterday. Orang layan update kat IG je sekarang ni ye dok? Tapi macam sayang pulak, so sementara fikir nak bukak ke tutup blog, meh update summary selama 6 bulan x update tu muahahahah.

(1) Gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Yup, lepas update entry Keep Calm...Baby's Coming Soon! terus senyap sedu tak de update monthly pregfnancy progress macam time abg SN dulu2. Not that I care less about this Super Jr SN, but I am so busy with classes and all the works yang nak kena siapkan sebelum cuti bersalin.

+- last class for this semester when I was 38th weeks 2 days pregnant -+

Super Jr SN was born on 10th May 2015, stays in my womb for 39 weeks 4 days. Alhamdulillah the journey on giving birth to my 3rd baby was smooth and easy, nanti lah kalau sempat I jot it down on another entry. 

+- Muhammad SN, 10th May 2015, 5.20 a.m. -+

(2) Aqiqah Superjunior SN

Aqiqah dibuat on 24th May 2015, when Super Jr SN was about 2 weeks old. Sebelum tu, on the 7th day, Daddy dah cukur licin kepala Super Jr SN dan di beri nama Muhammad Shah Nazrin yang bererti "Muhammad = yang terpuji, Shah = raja, Nazrin = pandangan". 

+- cukur rambut performed by dady with the help from Cik Iti -+

Since mommy masih lagi dalam pantang, so tak de masak apa2 lah. Order makanan semua dengan catering then mommy & baby duduk diam2 dalam rumah dan tunggu tetamu datang jumpa kami kat dalam. 

+- juadah hari aqiqah + kambing golek tak sempat snap gambar -+

(3) Abg SN's 6th birthday

Abg SN's 6th birthday was celebrated on the same day with Super Jr SN's aqiqah, kiranya awal 2 hari dari birthday abg SN (26th May). Mommy tak sempat sediakan goodie bags ke apa sebab tak boleh nak keluar ke kedai dan tak sempat nak order online. 

+- tema kali ni, Big Hero 6 as requested by birthday boy -+

Tapi sempatlah mommy order 2 biji kek to celebrate, satu bawak gi sekolah...sbeijik lagi celebrate with family kat rumah. Hadiah pun tak beli apa2 sebab abg SN pun dah tak tahu nak request apa dah sebab tiap2 bulan pun beli mainan baru.

+- celebrate kat rumah with family & kat tadika with his friends -+

(4) Aidilfitri 2015

Alhamdulillah, dapat puasa penuh tahun ni walaupun menyusu baby. Cuma nya tak dapat kembali ke pre-pregnancy weight lagi masa raya, thus explain kenapa baju nampak ketat macam nak terkoyak je. Mak incik confident baju padan, so beli baju ikut saiz sebelum pregnant. Alih2 tak sempat kurus lagi aiyoyo kadawalei.

Alhamdulillah raya tahun ni dah berlima dan raya tahun ini dah beraya kat rumah sendiri. Cuma tak buat open house sebab payah nak memasak dengan si kecik ni. Tapi kalau ada yang bagitahu nak datang beraya, ada lah mak incik goreng bihun seadanya dan paksa incik hubby pergi beli sate dengan kadar segera muahaha.

(5) Cuti 3 bulan sudah habis daaaaaa

Even though this is my 3rd baby, tapi ni first time I took maternity leave since abg SN & SN jr were born when I was still in study leave. So kali ni dapat betul2 rehat 3 bulan *sampai boring pulak sebab duk rumah lama sangat* muahahah. Hari Ahad ni bermulalah kembali kehidupan sibuk kat please expect another 6 months delay lah kot untuk next update, wakakakak. 

+- ambil mood nak masuk ofis, kena lah rembat handbag baru i.e. Sofina 3 from FV -+

Believe it or not, I am now mommy to 3 super-SN-heroes. So please kalau nak datang rumah, inform me at least 3 hours in advance kalau tak nak terpijak "periuk api lego" kat living room...hohohoho.Till then, XOXO.

+- proud mommy of 3 super-SN-heroes-+

Pssssttt : gambar2 pun kutip dari IG je, punyalah malas nak upload dan buh watermark kat gambar2 lain.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

Sunday 15 February 2015

SN jr a.k.a Bangchik SN's 2nd birthday party


I'm such a bad blogger these days and I would also say, quite a bad mommy. Ada ke patut, bday SN jr yang ke 2 tahun dah celebrate 3 bulan lepas...hari ni baru nak update? Hari ni ada masa nak update blog bersawang berhabuk ni sebab start minggu lepas duk pulun ganti posa sebelum bersalin, so ada masa sikit masa lunch break untuk update blog so let's do it bebeh!.

Oh btw, sebab SN jr dah nak dapat adik lagi 3 kita tukar nickname jadi Bangchik SN pulak wokeh. Cenggitu lah mommy ko ni nak, dulu2 Abg SN kita panggil Baby SN, so SN jr pon kita tukor lerr panggil Bangchik SN pulak; harap maklum.

Bangchik SN was born on 17th Oct 2012 but we celebrated his 2nd birthday with family and friends on 25th Oct 2015 at Bangi. Why Bangi? Since most of our family and friends lives in Klang valley, we decided it will be much easier if we celebrate it at our small apartment in Bangi. 

+- sebelum tetamu sampai, posing dulu sedas dua -+

I made the invitation card by editing cards from online.

As usual I ordered some customized party decorations e.g. custom word banner, custom cut stickers, cake banner and party hats from Sweet Almiraz. Its really easy to deal with her, plus we've known each other for few years through this blogging-FB-IG-whatapps world, so I will probably just deal with her on any customized decorations for any type of celebration. The theme for his 2nd birthday party is Transportation as Bangchik SN loves all sorts of vehicles. 

+- custom word banner, custom cut stickers, cake banner and party hats deco from Sweet Almiraz -+

As for the cake, I ordered Buttercake Orange Strawberry from Mamabisya Cake House. Alhamdulillah she manage to pull off the design that I asked her to do, and I am one happy customer. 

+-  Buttercake Orange Strawberry from Mamabisya Cake House -+

+- kejap je kek bertahan, lepas tu dah kena serbu dengan tangan2 kecik berebut toys atas kek -+

I've also made some DIY photoprops for the guests...errr, or you might say for me and my selfie purposes :p.

+- DIY photoprops by yours truly -+

+- DIY photoprops by yours truly -+

And as for my own liking, I ordered super delicious Banoffee pie, Fruit Tart and Chocolate brownies from SaraRisya. Menu of the day were : Laksam (ordered from SIL's friends) and Nasi Daging with air asam which I cook it myself...fuhh *pat on my own shoulder*. Yang sedihnya, takde orang ambik gambar nasi yang I masak uwaaaa.

+- Fruit Tart, Banoffee pie and Chocolate brownies from SaraRisya -+

Goody bags were prepared for the adults and kids. Kids get aeroplane toys with some sweets while the adults gets kerepek inside their goody bags, kata duk Johor kan; haruslah goody bags di isi dengan kerepek ehehe.

+- siapa bagi hadiah je dapat goody bag muahahhah -+

It was pretty much just a simple makan2 with close family and friends. I couldn't invite many guest as it was just a small apartment but I think it is better this way as Bangchik SN couldn't really understand all the commotions that mommy had to go through with the preparation behind this celebration now. Maybe when he's a bit older, we'll make a bigger celebration for him.

+- my family -+

+- my close friends -+

You can see that Bangchik SN is not smiling in any of his pictures as the celebration was made during his afternoon nap time. Just imagine if mommy beria sambut birthday dia besar-besaran, end up dia bad mood je sebab mengantuk; kan ke rugi duit & tenaga mommy tu? Ngeee *cheapskate + lazy mommy*.

The party was held from 2-4 pm and we hurriedly has to tidy up all the mess before going back to Johor as Sunday is working day for mommy & daddy and school day for both SNs. He had another celebration with his friends back in his nursery where I've prepared another sets of 30 goody bags filled with toys car and some sweets. Cake pulak beli kat bakery nearby je..pilih yang ada sipi2 tema transportation kira boleh lah labu.

 +- goody bag & cake for his friends at nursery -+

 +- his own way of making a 'peace' sign -+

Happy 2nd birthday Bangchik SN. Mommy, Daddy & Abg SN loves you so much despite you being mommy's koala baby and ju-on baby. Stay manja as you are right now cause I know someday when you are all grown up, you wont be manja-ing with me anymore...sob sob sob.

+- SN's family with the birthday boy -+

+- Bangchik SN with some of the birthday presents -+

Psssttt : Picking you up and cuddling you in my arms, looking into your eyes and being smitten by your cute charms. I wish I could hit the pause button in my life’s journey, so I could enjoy these beautiful moments in your company. Happy 2nd birthday Bangchik SN.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~
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