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Wednesday 15 June 2016

Birthday theme for my boys : Abg SN, SN Jr and SuperJr SN


I know it's been a while's been almost a year since I update my blog. Well you see, I was tied up with so many things to do during the semester that I only get to have extra time to update my blog during exam week or semester break. I know it's a pretty cliche excuses, but that's the truth. Though I still have loads of works to finish during this exam weeks, I really think I need a break from those piles of papers sitting on my desk...waiting to be mark....phew. 

Out of 821673463842383293128 tasks as a mom, preparing birthday celebration for the kids is one of the task that took 2-3 months to plan; although it is only for an hour of "execution" huhu. Nevertheless, we mom did it anyway for the sake of the happiness of our kids which people say is priceless but what everybody forgot to mention is it is costly  **because you still have to pay for the cake,deco,gifts and etc...hahahaha.

I used to be the one who has to crack my head, thinking about the theme for their birthday party. But now, the boys decided that they wanted to choose their own birthday theme, and so mommy said "be my guest"! **well, at least it has spare me the trouble of thinking.

 (1) Fire-fighter theme for SN Jr's 3rd birthday party (17th October 2015)

Since his birthday is on weekdays, I decided to just celebrate it at his kindergarten with his friends. I baked butter cupcake and adds juice drinks + chocolate nuts for the goodies. 

Cake was ordered from D'Honey bakery Parit Raja. Design of the cake was chosen by SN Jr after some 'googling' on the net with mommy. The kids love the cake and mommy loves the taste of the cake and the price of the cake hehe.

To keep up with the theme, I borrow a firefighter uniform from my sister's kindy. He was so excited to wear it from the moment he saw it. Abg SN joined this celebration and sometimes took the limelight away from SN Jr hehe.


It happens that I also have a pile of 10 fire fighter's hat at home so I brought it to his kindy for the birthday celebration so that his friend can also get to enjoy the fire fighter theme as well. 

Alhamdulillah, despite the small celebration SN jr really enjoy it and he surely lives in the moment as he still couldn't stop talking about the celebration until today. I guess by now, he was already thinking on what kind of birthday theme he wanted for his 4th birthday small-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif (32×32).

(2) Itsy Bitsy Spider-theme for SuperJr SN 1st birthday (10th May 2016)

I choose this theme because obviously SuperJr SN can't decide on it by his own..yet. He loves the Itsy Bitsy spider song,  up to the extent where he'll stop crying once he heard this song. Thus, I always use this song whenever he is in bad mood, it works wonder all the time.

The celebration was held at his nursery as it was on weekdays and mommy & daddy don't want to be bother about cleaning the house later hahaha. I asked for help from my office mate to help me in designing his birthday banner and send for printing at  Izprinting Service

Cake was ordered from my office mate's wife who runs a bakery shop at Muar. Design for the cake was google-d and she executed it well that all the babies and toddlers were kind of amazed after looking at the cake.

Birthday boy was a bit grumpy as the celebration took place during his nap time. 

But after feeding him with the cake,he lights up and wouldn't stop eating already animated-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif (46×32).

(3) Military + LEGO theme for Abg SN's 7th birthday (26th May 2016)

Abg SN choose army armored theme for his 7th birthday. He chooses this theme simply because at that time he wanted to be askar. But if you ask him now, I think he wanted to be footballer, and if you ask him tomorrow he might say he wanted to be Tahfiz Muda. 


Despite choosing military theme, he requested for LEGO-theme cake. I had to order 3 LEGO-cakes as SN jr was asking why only abang & adik get the cakes. Eventually, my  3++ year old boys didn't really understand the concept that you only get your birthday cake on your birthday. Anyway, to make sure everyone's a cake for each of mommy's boys. small-ok-sign-smiley-emoticon.gif (16×20)


Abg SN requested to celebrate his birthday with his teachers and friends at school as his birthday was on the last day of school days before the school holiday. 

His birthday banner was also designed by my office mate and printed by Izprinting Service

Since we didn't celebrate it properly at home, so I ordered another cake for another birthday celebration with the family back in our hometown at Kelantan, few days before Ramadhan. It was also a joined birthday celebration for my cousin, my niece and my 2 boys (abg SN and superJr SN)

For this celebration, I ordered mango cake from myschool mate i.e. safuraaqitchen. Unfortunately, SuperJr SN couldn't join in the celebration as he was down with fever caused by tonsil infection. 

Anyhow, it was still a joyful celebration for the family and that was all that matters.

"Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It's all about the memories"~Buddy Valastro, Cake Boss

Psstttt : terliur pulak tengok gambar kek bulan2 posa ni uwaaaaa.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

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