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Thursday, 17 November 2011

164cm is consider pendek meh?

One of the common things about being a post-graduate student is that you have to prepare a paper and present it at academic conference, where it'll be attended by many other super-genius Prof who's waiting eagerly to bombard you with bombastic question that you can never think of!. Pretty exaggerated explanation, yeah I know....but somehow that was what on my mind whenever I had to attend any academic conference * not that I've attended many so far*.

I wasn't required to attend any conference while I was doing my master because it was course-work based where I only had to attend classes, pass my exams, complete the final thesis writing and present it during viva. That's all I had to do to get my M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering (majoring in Aeronautics and Space Technology).

As for getting my "Dr" title, my supervisor told me that I have to attend at least 2 conferences to present 2 papers and submit 1 peer reviewed journal in order to complete my PhD study. *I highlighted the word "at least" in case you didn't noticed it*. As you know in PhD, it all depends on your SV. One of my friend even graduated his PhD without having the need to attend any conference to present his paper; but he has to spend lots of time doing experiments. 

As I told you in the entry Perumpaan cuti sekolah dan SPM dalam kehidupan; I've attended academic conference here in Fukuoka last Monday.  When many of my friends are happy to go all around the globe to attend conference, my SV loves me so much that he can't bear to miss me if I went to a conference in other countries so Fukuoka it is * nevertheless I'm thankful for that as I don't have to be bother about leaving SN if I had to go to other foreign country*.

Although this is an international conference, most if the participants are from Kyushu University. There were 9 scopes covered in this conference which are (1) Urban environment, (2) Low carbon society, (3) Food risk and assessment, (4) Aqueous environment and hydrology, (5) Deserti cation prevention, (6) Atmospheric environment, (7) Marine environment, (8) Environmental chemistry and (9) Environmental planning and management.

I was assigned as the 2nd speaker in the Atmospheric Environment slot.   My co-SV was the 1st speaker and my lab mates was the 3rd and 4th speakers. Only the 5th speaker is from other laboratory. So it made me feels less nervous compared to the first symposium I've attended earlier this year ( symposium) because I can see familiar faces around me.

15 minutes were allocated for the presentation while 5 minutes were allocated for Q&A session. I prepared 50 slides and able to finish presenting all the slides within that allocated time. Phew...can you imagine how fast do I speak when I'm super nervous...that my friend is equal to 18 seconds per slide

15 minutes surely feels long when you are required to talk about academic stuff but it seems less shorter if you spend 15 minutes to talk about gossips, fashions or some other laghaaa stuff jelir.

 +- 12th minutes: 1 ting bell, 15th minutes : 2 tings sounds, 20th minutes: times over - 3 tings sounds -+

 +- tengah kelentong pung pang pung pang -+

5 minutes for Q & A sessions do feels lot longer than those 15 minutes as you have to prepare yourself to be killed in front of others *literally*. I was asked 4 questions and to be honest I didn't really understand the first question but I just hentam and give the Prof whatever answer that I have in my mind. I could see that he's not satisfied with my answers but hey who cares, next questions please!
ihikhik hahahaha.

Alhamdulillah, with Allah's help I was able to answer the other 3 questions better than my first question. Only Allah knows how relieved I am when I heard the ting ting ting sounds from the timekeeper. That's it folks, no more questions..lega already.

After that, I sit down behind my co-SV and both of us pretend like we were listening to my lab-mates presentation when we were actually checking out mails, surfing the nets and of course updating status at FB ihikhik. I guess that's what others were doing when I'm presenting too. Damn, I shouldn't have been nervous if I knew that earlier. 

At the end of the day, my SV was satisfied with our presentations, so that's all what matter. He even continued on the discussions with the Prof who seems to be interested into our papers and asked the 4 of us questions during our presentation. 

We took group photos before leaving the conference room. Note that in the picture I look short despite my 164cm height. I shouldn't be standing in the middle, I guess it's optical illusion kot..reality is I'm not that short, really *tak sedar diri pendek*.

+- from left: Takahas*hi-kun, co-SV Assoc. Prof Uchi*da, your truly, SV Prof Oh*ya and Nakamu*ra-kun -+

Also, do you noticed that in both pictures my SV and I have the same pose i.e. broad smile showing teethes and fake smile for formal pictures. Yeah....we are sweet like that, selalu nak sehati sejiwa gitu ihikhik eheh.

Pssstt : My next conference will be in Malaysia and my SV would be attending it as well, kan I dah SV memang sangat understanding. Dia bagi I pergi conference yang I tak perlu susah payah tinggalkan SN.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

25 words of wisdom & comments:

☆*♥L@dy @yU♥*☆ said...

kiter tinggi lebey kurang je uols...ituew yg ai ckp nihonjin skrng bkn pendek2 lagik semua dah tinggi2...cuma nihonjin tua2 jer pendek...

ai if jadi uols mcm tue jugak la...harus berpeluh 1 badan....ketaq lutut habes la ...nervous nk ckp depan orng....ngeee

Kamalia said...

nmpaknye ai lg pendek meh...156cm.rendangkan..

psstt..aritu umie bgtau ai yg u pun uthm ye..fkmp lg tuh, tp asben ai xkenal la pulak..n for sure u pun xkenal asben ai kot..staff jkla.

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

kurang 4 cm jer dr yati :p tp sebab yati kurus kot nampak tnggi jer :p jepun skang tinggi2 jugak erk..heheehehe

Xeea said...

U present in Japanese language ke? *hat off* & that Nakamura-san umur berapa? Muda2 dah ambik PHD? *another hat off*

I lagi rendang, ok. 158cm tapi selalu nampak tinggi sebab hari2 pun mesti pakai heels pergi kerja. hehe

Rai said...

alamak yatie..kalau 164cm consider rendah..can u imagine kalau i yg duduk kat tengah tu..i'm just 150cm..

thats why i taknak buat phd.. takut nampak pendek..hahaha.. alasan tak boleh blah..dasar org pemalas..


Umie said...

yatie, like my husband's SV...sgt2x memahami.. kenkadang dia bg chance kat student dia balik kampung via gakkai...cth la, ada gakkai kat China, so dia bg student dr china yg anto paper ke situ...same goes kalau ada yg kat mesia, dia bg priority kat student dr negara tu sendiri..sambil menyelam minum air gitu..ehehe

Normaliza said...

ayoyo...kalau saya yang 150cm ni yang duk kat tgh tu lagi la naya...haha

atoyis said...

wa..best2 at least dh lepas satu I punya conference 5 dec ni..cuak gak ni

azzamoro said...

mak aih kagumnye dgn u yatiey. i kalau present depan2 kene tanyer soalan yg susah2 ni la yang boleh buat menggeletar lutut. seram sejuk jek. huhu admire la.

ddiini said...

bagus tul sv mu nie meme memahami...kalu la sv laki aku gini gak alangkah bestnya, leh aku merasa tuah blk msia...hehehe

nieda said...

kalau i yg duduk tgh2 tu mmg nmpk pedek dan conference mmg x blh dipisahkan.. hubby i pun tgh berdebar2 untuk defence phd proposal 24 hb ni..mmg permanent head damage lah

risya_expressions said...


cenggitu saya 150cm

kemetot meh

Heartilyina said...

i 52cm je. dok nihon dlu pn dh rasa pendek. sbb org jepun pn boleh tahan tinggi2. seb baik xdok us ke europe ke hihi. bagusnya prof u sgt understanding. mesti lega sgt kan :)

Juwita Jamaludin said...

bestnya dapat gi conference kat msia.. tinggi a tu kiranya 164 cm

MyKhalish said...

hahaha ok lgk la 164cm, kalu ila yg 152cm duk kat dorg...dah jd hobbit plak. hahaha

Ummu~Ishak said...

next conf tu bila agaknya.. n which state.. jgn sabah sarawak dah la =)

Oyis said...

ore memahami sgt bilo yatie tulis kelentong pum pang pum pang... tersengih2 baco (sengih ado makno mugo beso buat jugop tu gakkkk) :P

yatie chomeyl said...

lady ayu : aah kan diorg dh tinggi2 sekarang, obaachan je pendek2

kamalia : yup, i x kenal staff uthm sgt sbb i apply masa dah kat jepun. so mmg ramai x kenal I la hehe

eliss : ye kot, ilusi optik jugop la ye hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

Xeea : i present in English sbb ni international conference. nkamura tu buat master, bukan buat PhD :)

rai : jhahhahaha , alasan paling best I pernah dengar :P

umie : tu la, best dpt SV yg baik kan?

yatie chomeyl said...

normaliza : kalau gitu u kena duk tepi, xle diri kat tengah..nanti jd macam I jugak hehe

atoyis : gambatte...good luck babe ;)

azza : i buat2 je x ketar, padahal sikit lagi nak terkincit ngeeee

yatie chomeyl said...

ddinie : SV aku meme memahami sokmo. untung aku hehe

nieda : hubby u smbung kat mana nanti?

risya : kalau kat msia OK kot, x la nmpmk kemetot sgt kot eheh

yatie chomeyl said...

Ina : masa I kat spain dulu x ras apendel sgt sbb pompuan spain pun pendek2 gak eheh

juwita : tu la, nsb baik SV tu sporting, dpt la gi conference kat msia :)

mykhalish : ngeeee hobbit la pulak wakakkakak

yatie chomeyl said...

ummu ishak : conference kat KL la hehe

oyis : stended doh bab kelentong pum pang tu kui3x

e.l.i.z.@ said...

4soklan nah??? gulpsss...50slides??? meme laju sungguh la awok present hihi..eli wat 15slides jah. tu pun siap bunyi loceng skali..pdhal xdop la explain panje² pun hihi

yatie chomeyl said...

eliza : kalu present laju2 org xde dgr sgt gapo kito duk bobel tu kui3x

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