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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Relationship between a symposium and the butterflies in the stomach

I've been attending a special course on preparing myself to become a future strategist in East Asia Environmental Problem as I've mentioned in the entry perihal kelas. I am in the pioneer batch for this program, together with few other international students from all over the world. There are also 2 other Malaysian joining this program conducted by Research Institute for East Asia Environments (RIEAE), Kyushu University.

Last Thursday (17th February 2011), RIEAE has organized International Symposium with the theme "Future Vision of international education program for fostering environmental leaders in East Asia". The symposium started from 9 a.m - 7.30 a.m was held at Inamori center, Ito campus, Kyushu University was divided into 2 parts.
-+ International symposium "Future Vision of international education program for fostering environmental leaders in East Asia" -+
+- peserta2 symposium -+

The first part (9.30 a.m - 2.40 p.m) discussed on two main theme which were (1) International Collaboration in east Asia Environmental problem and (2) Government and Industry's efforts to support East Asia in the environmental problem. The speakers for this session were invited from all over the worlds, and comes from different kind of governmental agencies and international corporations.
+- gedik bubuh anak panah takut korang tak jumpa I kat mana ngeee -+

The speakers nerd were Mr Bruno Dercon(from UN habitat), Mr Kuniki Nakamori (from Asian development bank), Prof Kazuhiko Moji, Prof Huafei Qiu (from Tongji University, China), Dr Nguyen Phuoc Dan(from Vietnam) and many more ~ I just name some of them. I was seated on the 3rd row in the conference room, thus there's no chance for me to feel sleepy as it was quite near to the stage eheh. Therefore, I'm giving my full attention during the session and I'm glad that I join this symposium because there's a lot of new things that I've gathered during the session.
+- pompuan pakai shawl polka-dot tengah buat2 kusyuk -+

The second part of these symposium involved me as one of the speakers along with 6 other students from this program. We were given the task to make a power-point presentation and deliver our presentation for 7 minutes in front of those top-notch people nerd in these field. We have to talk about our background studies, research plan, future plan in the environment as well as to answer questions from the panels.
+- nampak tak nama I? *gedik lagi bubuh anak panah* -+

Although I am quite a talkative person, I always find it hard to speak in front of the public. I had those butterflies in my stomach which making me feeling super nervous before presenting my speech. I was able to get rid of those butterflies in my stomach when I go to poo-ed few minutes before the session begin *bila dah poo-ed, baru rasa kurang sikit gemuruh kui3x*.
+- presentation bermula dengan self introduction about myself -+

But still, when I was standing in front of the microphone, my mouth was dry, gigil my knees were shaking so much it was hard to walk to the podium area, and my hands were super cold. So, to prevent myself from looking obviously nervous in front of the panels, I decided not to hold the mic and move few inches away from the mic whenever my voice become shaky.

During the Q & A session, I received few questions and suggestions from Mr Nakamori (Asian Development Bank) on how to tackle wind energy issues in Malaysia as well as few considerations on solid waste management issues in our country. I am lucky enough penat that I have just had the similar conversation with my supervisor about the same issue few days before the symposium, thus I managed to answered the questions straight away..fuhh legaaaa.

+- Nakamori-san tengah tanya soalan kat yours truly -+
+- Q & A session, muka buat2 confident walaupun cuak gile -+

Alhamdulillah with Allah's help, my presentation went fact I must say quite well as I received few complimentary comments after the presentation.:sweaty: My supervisor who was also attending the session, has come to me and told me that "you are the best presenter for today". Wow, that is quite a big compliment coming from a well-known professor like him.
+- kat belakang Nithiya & I tu lah my supervisor yang super baik hati -+

The symposium end up with a nice reception where we (the students) have a chance to mingle around those key-people in the industries. The reception party was actually the core part of the symposium as it is the only time when you can easily expressed your opinion without hesitation. Apart from that, I enjoyed the food served on that day and I end up makan sampai tersandar kekenyangan gatai kui3x.
+- kampaiiii * I guna jus laici je lah* -+

+- melantak udang yang sungguh lazat -+

Although I was looking fine and quite composed on that day, there were actually few things lingering in my mind before and after the symposium.
(1) Before the symposium :-
• I ironed 3 shirts to wear with the blazer, and I end up wearing the one which is darker in color. I should have wear a light color shirt next time to make me look better.
•I went to buy new shoes because I have no appropriate shoes to wear. However, as there's not much option for my kaki gergasi, I end up picking a small size shoe which consequenced to me hurting my feet during the symposium.
• I'm being indecisive on which bags to use on that day until few minutes before I left home, I decided to use the new handbag that hubby bought for me last week.
• I've made rehearsal on my speech on the night before and end up go to bed at 2 a.m.

(2) During the symposium :-
• I have to perform solat zohor + asar + maghrib under the flight of stairs during the whole day
• Right after I finished my presentation, I received a call from Nazhan's nursery but I couldn't answer the call as I was still in the conference room. Then, hubby text-ed me and informed that Nazhan has just vomited busuk at the nursery, so we have to pick him A.S.A.P and bring him to see the Paed.
• I was quite worried with Nazhan's condition but I can't leave the symposium. Thus, I leave everything to hubby and prayed that there's nothing wrong with my baby. That's why I bawak Nazhan gi kampus dengan I masa hari Jumaat tu as I've mentioned in the entry *(Berita tergempar!) - Bayi umur 20 bulan buat kerja2 penyelidikan di universiti!*.
+- posing dengan Shimaoka sensei -+

Overall, I am looking forward to attend another symposium or conference in the future to build my own confidence in public speaking. People have different ways to tackle the nervous feeling when giving speech in front of crowd. My way of encountering the nervousness is :-
• by looking good in attire (favorably by having new clothes + new handbag + new shoe)
• practicing and rehearsing the speech over and over again on the night before the actual presentation day but not overly practiced few hours before the actual presentation start.
• go to toilet to perform the 'core business' to ensure that I'll feel comfortable during the presentation; takde lah asyik rasa nak terkucil tapii ku tahan jebatttt jelir

+- muka nervous, posing kat toilet sebelum presentation start -+
+- muka lega lepas dah selesai presentation -+

How about you?. What's your way on tackling the nervous gigitjari issue when you have to make a presentation in front of important people?. Please share it with me so that I can applied your techniques for my next presentation. Takkanlah setiap kali nak present, kena beli baju baru kot, aiyarkkkkkk!

Psssssttt : macam tak logik je kan baju baru + kasut baru + bag baru boleh hilangkan perasaan nervous? Ngeh3x, ihikhik alasan semata2 tu.

22 words of wisdom & comments:

nieda said...

lepas habis presentation mmg lega sgt2kan. Teringat study dulu kalau bab public speaking mmg segala2 perasaan ada. Pergi toilet for surelah dan i byk minum air masak. Org kata dpt membantu.
Lama2 nanti pasti ok. Buat Phd ni byk kena present paper kan?

Idayu said...

gabra mmg la gabra, suma pon mesti ader perasaan tuh. siap mimpi2 lagi tuh, the night before he3. tp salah satu tip yg sy apply ialah, kita tgk mata org2 yg dpn kita tuh..lepas a few minutes kita akan feel more confident and butterfly pon suma dah fly away...insyA

hairan189 said...

wah bestnya..biasanya masa nk mula je nervous kan, pastu bila dah start bercakap nervous tu akan hilang. kalau saya, apa yg penting ialah 'be prepared' and practise byk2. :)

♥MAMASYAZA♥ said...

akak gabra weiiii, sah2 ketaq segala, mlm pun tak boleh nak tdoq dibuatnya

Hanis MY said...

wuhuuuuu way to go sis! salutelah, hanis pun takut jugops bilo present huhu... memey terserlah ketakutan dan kecuakkan itew! yes definitely ada something new will help, 1 pun jadilah ada skali tu takdop brg baru pastu g beli pen baru terus semangat haha apekahh???

p/s:hanis asal panji.... keto tu tak bawa balik rugilah wak kelik hok tu tapu sebab ongkos belum mengizinkan utk cr lain so terpaksa gop shaken... sis dgn hubby study kat uni samo ko sano?

Drama Mama said...

u look good ja...doesn't look like u had butterfly in ur tummy at all! btw, kalau poo poo then the butterfly will be gone eh? flushed down the toilet skali kto eh? hahahha!

Huda said...

hehehe dulu time student, bile nk kene present je huda akan gosok tangan smpi rasa panas :) then mak selalu pesan, baca rabbish rahli :) alhamdulillah x la nebes sgt :)

Umie said...

tak tahan kampaii ngan air laici tuh...kekeke

me too,though bermulut super friendly tp bile nak kena bercakap dpn org ramai sambil pegang mic mmg akan nebes memula tu.. ehh, rasanya teori poo-ed dulu tu mmg membantu kot mengurangkan nebes..hehehe

atoyis said...

paling takut public speaking..apertah lagi kalau nk present paper..padahal bukannya tak pernah bagi lecture..hahahah..kelakar kan..tapi kalau anak sakit tu tak blh blah rasa nk balik umah jek adoi

Oyis said...

i x suka pakai baju baru or kasut baru, sbb all feels wrong. so kalo nak present, pakai baju2 yg dah biasa n selesa pakai, tp masih kelihatan baru la, x nak la pakai yg comot or kusam plak. maka ada la alasan nak sokmo beli baju baru dari skang, kot ada conference in the future dah ada baju hhiihih

syayassir said...

betul la kan... padahal, hari2 ngajar kat depan berpuluh2 pelajar, nerbes jugak bila kena cakap depan orang lain nih...

ada satu petua dari seorang lecturer untuk hilangkan rama2 dalam perut, katanya, tarik nafas dalam2, kemudian lepaskan dengan perut... buat beberapa kali, insyaAllah rama2 tu larik... hehehe...

transformed housewife said...

Way to go sis! I'm soo.....proud of u. Another tip that I can add is just "DOn't just focus on one person when u are presenting to a huuge crowd".

yatie chomeyl said...

nieda : tu la pasal, lepas ni byk lg kena attend conference & symposium

idayu : ooo, OK..will try it next time. thanks :)

hairan189 : yup, mmg kena practice byk2 kali

yatie chomeyl said...

mama syaza : tu la,mmg ketaq habis lah masa present tu

hanisMY : wakakak apen baru pong jadii la..asal ado beli brg baru deh kui3x

p/s: aah kami samo univ..kyudai tapi lain2 kampus. kyudai ado 4 kampus..kampus oghe jauh sikit dr umoh..kampus hubby dekat dgn umoh

drama mama : look can be deceiving..posing dpn kamera x nmpk la nervous. eh, u x tahu eh kalau kita poo-ed, the butterflies go away when we flushed ekekeke

yatie chomeyl said...

Huda : thanks utk tips tu, nti nk try jugak :)

umie : maksudnya teori poo-ed turut berkesan utk umie eh? ngeh3x

atoyis : tu la pasal, wpon kena buat2 ceria masa symposium tp kepala otak teringat anakkkk je

yatie chomeyl said...

Oyis : ooo gitu pulak eh. tapi gano2 pon tetap dpt baju baru jugop la, sbb keno prepare sokmo hehehe

sya : wah, ala2 teknik pernafasan dr perut untuk penyanyi gitu.. baikkk lepa sni nak try jugak. thanks kongsi tips :)

k.nur : thnaks for the tip, will try it next time :)

kakyong said...

best kan dpt buat presentation.. tahniah yatie... besr presentator for the day...

dah lama tak buat xtvt ni.. dah hampir 4 tahun ditinggalkan.. berkarat dah kalo nak recall semula... tp selalu ingat pesanan ni 'always feel confident, walau pun nerves...'..

mazni_azis said...

Congrats ucu for the best presenter..hehehe
gugup pentas mmg akan ada punya...untuk elakkan,kena praktis banyak2 paham betul2 dan pengetahuan yg luas..lps tu angah selalu letak tangan kat dada dan baca alam nasyrah..lps tu tarik nafas dalam2 n then lepas ...hehehhe..kurangla sikit nebes tu.. sok angah pun kena present..huhuhu...semoga dipermudakan..amin

@e_da said...

congrats yatie.. tabik spring kat yatie.. bukan senang nak present cm tu kan.. lg2 lak ngan bangsa asing.. huihuhuhu

@e_da said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coffee Mama said...

Yatie...I feel you!!I totally agree with you on the first tips (new clothes, new shoes and etc)..hehehe..What to wear will be the first thing come out from my mind too..It brings confidence! I wrote about it in my entry here:

Anyway, good luck for your next symposium :-)

yatie chomeyl said...

k.yong >> orait, yatie akan ingat sentiasa pesanan tu :)

angah >> mcmana presentation tu? berjalan lancar tak?

@eda >> tu la, wpon 7 minit tp rasa mcm 7 jam dia punya seksa huhuhhu

coffee mama >> kannnn, bila pakai pakaian baru, terus rasa confident dgn sendiri nya hehe

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