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Monday, 21 February 2011

2 big wins in a row : Gin & Jacqie handbag AND Pat-a-Cake Baby Blanket!

Alhamdulillah, praises to Allah for granted me with another great winning for the contests that I join through my blog entries. This time around, I will be receiving two great prizes that I've eyes for,lapar all this while.

(1) The Pat-a-Cake Baby Blanket!

The first prize is from the Giveaway #13: The Pat-a-Cake Baby Blanket [Stylish Mum’s Essentials #1]. This contest is organized by Miavee in her blog : Mummy’s Reviews™.

From this contest, I've won myself a stroller's blanket *to be exact, I've won it on behalf of Nazhan*. I am super excited celebrate because I myself is a stroller's blanket lovers; and for the time being I've bought about 3 stroller's blankets for Nazhan. So, this prize is the perfect addition to Nazhan's blankets collection.

I personally choose Baby Blanket in Blue Zoo & Plush White Minky out of other cool designs from the baby blanket collection offered by Spinkie.

This super stylin’ security blanket measures roughly 30″ x 23″ and is made out of designer cotton and reverses to a coordinating soft, plush minky-dot fabric. The inside edges have been sewn very close to the edge to prevent lifting of the fabric.

This blankie is the perfect size to bundle an infant or to lay baby on and will be a great security blanket for a toddler! It will also fold up nicely for the diaper bag or tuck neatly into the carseat or stroller. It is not overly large, just the right size!

Designer: Jamie McGinnis-Green of The Pat-a-Cake Baby

Handmade in the U.S.A. Price: $35.00 (RM 106)

(2) Gin & Jacqie Multi-pocket Philip handbag

I am the lucky winner that have been selected for this Valentine’s love note giveaway organized by Gin & Jackie blog. All I have to do to join this GA is just to sincerely express my love vow to hubby and that's what I did. You can read my love note to hubby HERE (click).

I've won myself a Gin & Jacqie Multi-pocket Philip handbag, which is also a unisex bag which means that, hubby can also use this bag without looking sissy at all sengihnampakgigi hehe. This special bag worth RM189.90.

DESCRIPTION: All in one bag. Not only does it look cool, it has so many compartments for all your essentials. You will never look at a bag the same way again!

  • Large flap for opening
  • Two exterior side pockets
  • One large back compartment with velcro tab
  • Three front exterior compartment i-pod, handphone and other smaller items
  • Two velcro tab opening pockets
  • Two large velcro compartments for all your notebooks and files
  • One large zipper compartment in the middle of your bag for your essentials
  • Additional compartment within the large compartments for pendrive, CDs and notes
  • Made from durable lightweight nylon
  • Fully lined with nylon lining

Here's the winning announcement made by Gin & Jackie that have made my day!peace

We’ve chosen the winner to our Valentine’s Day Giveaway! While most of you had poems, and most of you had sweet words to say about your partners, there’s one who had a poem, the sweet words to her partner AND an actual mention of us in her note regarding the contest. Needless to say, the Multi-pocket Philip goes to none other than Yatie Chomeyl! Congrats, and a bag will be coming your way! Make sure to share it with your man, and may we just say, you really bagged a winner of a hubby there :)

I'm super duper excited and can't wait for the prizes to reach me anytime soon. Joining contest has been my ultimate hobby and I love every bits of it!.kenyit

Pssssttt : baru minggu lepas berjaya membodek hubby utk belikan 2 handbag, minggu ni dapat hadiah handbag pulak; jadi ada 3 new handbags untuk bulan ni.....Mak suka nyahhh senyumkenyit

17 words of wisdom & comments:

Anonymous said...

rezeki demo n nazhan la tu!!! boleh wak dderak!

@e_da said...

wahhh bestnya.. anak n mommy dapat hadiah..tahniah yatie

ddiini said...

murah rezeki sunggoh la mu nie...tahniah

transformed housewife said...

congrats! bestnyo bulih handbag Gin & Jacquie.

Nadiah Sidek said...

dah menang beg ni boleh bodek 1 je la handbag dpd hubby..hehe..

Idayu said...

mmg bertuah la cik yatie nih... congrats!

p/s: sweet jek nota cinta utk cik abg tuhhh

Hanis MY said...

bestnyaaaaa omedetou sis! i jeles la ni 3 handbag baru huwaaa... hanis kalau nk handbag kena beli sendiri hik2... en suami mmg mlas nk layan tang2 handbag baju bagai ni hehe... nasib baik sudi teman beli, kalau kena beli sorang aiyooo tak syiokk

p/s:yup ore klate...sis ore klate jugop ko? buleh la speaking!!!

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

bestnyo...nok la sebutir beg baru tu..hehehehe

azzamoro said...

congrats yatie!! bestnyeee

i dah lame tak enter contest.

AlohaMolly said...

congrats Yatie! :)

Affieza said...

Congrats kak..cantiknya handbag tu...

isabelle said...

hamboi2 smpi 3 henbeg ye?jeles i...

yatie chomeyl said...

fa 10 >> tu la, buleh pakai wat dderak :)

@eda >> daddy pun leh share jugak hadiah tu, best kan :)

ddini >> alhamdulillah, muroh rezeki dale contest2 ni

yatie chomeyl said...

k.nur >> tu la, comam kan bag tu

nadiah >> dhh bodek terlebih dulu baru dpt hadiah ni, jd dh dpt 2 beg yg di bodek tu jugak ngeeee

idayu >> arigatou...sweet ke? eheh

yatie chomeyl said...

hanis >> tu pon lepas membodek bertubi2 di sertai dgn muncung mulut tu eheheh.
ho ore kelate jugop, ore tumpat. hanis ore mano? :D

eliss >> nok ko? try la bodek hubby eliss beli retep :)

azza >> tu la, lama x nampak u kat dunia contest ni ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

aloha molly >> thanks dear :)

affieza >> cantik kan? x sabar nak tunggu beg tu tiba di pangkuan ku ini hehe

isabelle >> tp 3 bulan seterusnya dah xleh mintak handbag lagi la kot huhuhuhu

Hamizah said...

sukanya dpt hadiah..
nak kena bodek juga ni..

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