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Monday, 12 April 2010

Baby SN's new nursery → 2 tingkat wooooo (^_~)

It has been about 1 week for baby SN to start "schooling" at his new nursery known as Kinomi Hoikuen. This is a public nursery under the type of municipal day nurseries administered by the Nishi-ku ward office. It is situated nearby our house which is about 5 minutes away (with car). For the first week, baby SN is put under 'trial basis' which means that we have to make some sort of training before leaving him to the teachers. This is to ensure that the babies send to the nursery can adapted slowly to the system and baby SN passed the training with flying colors! sengihnampakgigi ehehehe.

We've received a description (in Japanese) of all the stuff that we need to prepare for baby SN's entry into daycare, and what is needed on a daily basis such as the futon cover, hand towels, face towels, singlets, diapers and etc.
*barang2 prepared untuk ke sekolah baru*

In the first week there is the
Yuenshiki which could be translated as the Welcoming Celebration for all newcomers. We've attended the cermony without knowing the facts that other parents will come to the ceremony wearing a formal dress, therefore kami berdua je yang pakai kemeja + jeans ke majlis tu uhuhu.
*persembahan dari senior2 baby SN*

(1) General description

Basic nursery hours are operating from 7:00 to 18:00. We can have extended hours until 19:00 but extra fees are charged for extended hours. Usually parents will send their kids up to 8 hours of day care on weekdays and 5 hours on Saturdays. Children must be aged between 35 days and 3 years old to enter this nursery. These nurseries must meet national regulations such as space available, number of staff, school lunch facility, etc.

Each age group in the
hoikuen has a name. At Kinomi hoikuen, baby SN is in "MOMO" class. His class is on the second floor with an air conditioner/heater in each room. The kids are given a cap according to their age. Baby SN is wearing a pink cap as he is still under 1 year old. *lucu giler topi tu, macam topi zaman komunis dulu2 .. sebab ada ekor kat belakang ihikhik ekekeke*

*posing dengan topi pink ala2 topi komunis ekekeke*

On the ground floor are the toddler classes as well as a toilet room with urinals and toilet stalls with doors, the kitchen, the entrance way and the staff office. There were also a playground at the front yard which consists of a slide for the kids to play.

(2) Meals

Meals are prepared by the cooks and are basically very healthy with portions of vegetables, a meat (generally fish or chicken), often noodles or bread instead of rice, miso soup and milk. As for baby SN, we've told the cook that he can't eat any meat so food baby SN ialah buah2 dan sayur2. The day's meal and afternoon snack can be seen in a glass case in the entrance way when the children are retrieved at the end of the day.

*left pic: kawasan dapur yang luas gila*
*right pic : in front of the staff office*

I still provided baby SN's frozen EBM to the nursery as baby SN is still drinking breast milk. According to his teacher, baby SN will cry when he is hungry and will just play on his own when he's full. So, as long as the teacher give him his meals and milk on time, baby SN tak kan nangis atau mengamuk tak tentu pasal. Haisy, kalau kat rumah duk dengan mommy, dah kenyang pun kadang2 nak ngamuk jugak
:senam: hohohoho.

*main toys sorang2 dalam kelas*

(3) Diaper policies

Dirty diapers were collected in a labeled bag provided by the parents (standard plastic supermarket bag with baby SN's name written on it with magic marker in katakana) and had to be taken home at the end of the day. Jadi, hari2 lah hubby kena bungkus disposable diapers baby SN dan bawak balik buang kat dustbin di rumah. Baby SN has his own drawer at the nursery where the teacher kept his belongings such as diapers + shirts + pants + towels + apron and etc.

(4) Staff

Qualified nursery staffs take care of several children at their own room according to their age. Usually one nursery staff will be entitled to take care of 3-4 kids. The nursery cannot accept children with fever over 37.5 C or in poor health. If you child gets high fever during nursing hours, you will be asked to pick him up as soon as possible.
*read: Hati yang gundah gulana (T_T)*

*baby SN dalam pelukan cikgu*

*cikgu2 kat Kinomi Hokiuen*

(5) Fee

As for right now, we don't have to pay the monthly fee because both hubby & I are students which according to the Japanese government as having "no income"....thus, kami dapat hantar baby SN ke nursery secara percuma je ..sengihnampakgigi yippeeeee.

(6) Activities

Last weekend, we were invited to join the sports day at Imazu organized for the older kids at the nursery. Even though baby SN is still small to join the activities, we had some fun to get to know with all the teachers and other parents. The weather on that day was perfect for an outdoor activities like this so everyone seems to enjoy makan2 and get together activity.
*with his teacher*
*other parents with their kids*
*daddy's boy*

Baby SN loves crawling on the ground. He had also made several attempts to walk while holding to our hands. Tapi cikgu baby SN tak bagi pulak kami pimpim tangan baby SN untuk berjalan. According to his teacher, baby SN is only 10th moths old and is not in the age of walking. He should first master his crawling skills for now and to walk on his own when his leg is strong enough to support his body weight.

Starting on this week, hubby will drop me every morning at the Imajuku train station before proceeding to send baby SN to his nursery. We are lucky enough to be able to send baby SN to Kinomi Hoikuen as it is very hard to enter nurseries in Imajuku area due to lack of vacancy. I really hope that Baby SN will learn a lot at his new nursery and I also hope that his new teachers will love him like his previous teachers at Popora Hoikuen. *read: Love Knows No Borders ♥ (T_T) ♥*

Psssstttt : nasib baik makcik global tak join aktiviti ni, kalu tak..mesti spoil mood I sengihnampakgigi ngeeee.

43 words of wisdom & comments:

rosemyn said...

ish...makin ensem shafiq nih! kalu ore nikoh esok2 buleh baby gurl, leh booking wat natu dih woghih? ekekekek.....

kew_chop said...

bakpo tahu, kalu oghe baco gapo2 kat blog yatie mesti tiok, tambah2 kalu tgk gambar nazhan. sakit dada tehe sebok takut maira tgk.. huhu
btw comel nazhan paka topi kaler pink..

firahadifa said...

yatie, aku sebenarnya dari 1st perenggan lagik aku tercari2 cerita pasal si mak cik global .. kekekekeke

Anonymous said... gi nursery...nak pindah sana gak aa..hahhaha...naya lak nak complete masters in japanese..

SN looks happy as ever. blissful....kalolah kita leh hepi2 cam budak2 ni kan, best best..

azzamoro said...

bestnyer yatie. i suke la nursery mcm ni. jelessssnyer... dahla free. untung la baby SN...

Izan Ishak said...

bestnya bby SN masuk nursery baru... dah makin hensen juga dudak tecit ni!

Sitisifir10 said...

Macam best je org kita gi hantar kat nurseri luar negara, tidak macam di Malaysia yang sudahlah kosnya tinggi, tak memenuhi citarasa lak tu

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

syok nya kecik2 dah belajar ckp jepun.hikss..

Naura's Villa said...

nampak sangat syok..kat malaysia ssh nak cari nursery yg camni

isabelle said...

topi pink tu sungguh chomeyl.
eh, i mean baby SN is so chomeyl.

btw, kalo jumpa lg makcik global tu, apa u nak buat gamaknye?


masuk nurseri baru...dpt cikgu baru, dpt kwn baru n dpt topi pink baru...cute...cubit ckit bolehhhh

syayassir said...

kagum gilee dengan nursery kat situ.. ramai pulak cikgu nya tu.. sistematik je nampak nya... bila la nursery kat sini nak jadi macam tu.. hehehe

Fid said...

so ahdik YC ni global ke idak??/erkkk

temp. housewife said...

Nazhan: K. Tini dgn K,Fizah royak comeila topi Pink tu. NOk pinje bulih? hihihihi

Farah said...

alaa jelesnyee apesal semua barang2 baby SN comel2 ni..besnye dapat hanta nursery secara free..apesal gov mesia tak buat cam jepon kan.

Ummi Salsabila said...

bestnye nursery nih...sgt lak tu..cikgu2 pun comel2.bestnyeeee..aufa jelesla..huhu

umi nuha said...

nasib baik gi buak phd jepung..kalu duk jerman, terutamanya kawase munchen tu jange harap la ado xtvt gini ko anok2 kito...kalu madrid lagi jauh panggang dr api...gere nok blk jpn nih

Mila_ibu najihah said...

salam, very nice la nursery tu. lucky baby SN boleh di jaga kat situ ye. btw, love the last pics of baby SN, very nice :)

Hanz said...

Wah! Free lagi canggih! Baguslah...murah rezeki Baby SN..bertambah-tambah brilliant lagi encemlah Baby SN ni.. :)

Jiey^Mien said...

Oloh.. ganahnyo..
free nah!
muroh rezeki baby SN

Sidratul Muntaha said...

ni nursery yg makcik tu ckp ko tak global?!!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

bestnya...tak perlu byr fee...huhu best gak duk kat jepun nih

Atiqah said...

InsyaAllah moga Baby SN leh adapt dgn baik kat new environment...good boy..

nieda said...

seronok tgk nursery baru baby SN...besar ye. Untung pergi negara maju byk charge tak kena bayar kan..moga baby SN gembira dpt kawan dan sen sei baru..

zailamohamad said...

fee is free?? bestnyaaaa..kalau ada 2 orang anak pon dikira percuma juga ke Yatie??

mygoldpen said...

yate, ur son is so kawaii... :)

Jiji said...

Jeles siot!!

Muahahahah tapi takpe aku antar anis kat playschool ala ala kat jepon jugak kaedahnya@!~ hhahahahaha@!~ tp setiap bulan bisa nanges jugak membayarnya!!

kakyong said...

nak pinjam topi jepun... ;)

Nadiah Sidek said...

hahaha..tergelak baca ayat last sekali tu..teringat balik entry yatie tak global tu :D

nursery tu nmpk best la..mesti nazhan enjoy kat situ :)

dbalkis said...

Seronok betul cite nursery Jepung ni. Kalau le I ni nursery owner, dah i buat konsep camni. Biarle mahai sket tapi confirm parents puas hati menghantar anak ke situ. Cikgi2 friendly and siap ada session with parents, tak de la macam 1 nursery kami melawat ni, cikgu besarnye pon tak de, tinggal caretaker je 2 3 orang..

Jiji, nursery mana yang ada kat M’sia konsep Jepung tu?

Rasa cam nak berenti keje bukak nursery macam ni..ada sapa2 nak join? Yatie, u bukak le nursery camni bile dah balik m’sia nanti..hehe..(walaupun u ke sana untuk blaja lain..adeke patut soh bukak nursery pulak kan balik M’sia?)

yatie chomeyl said...

woghih >> xdop hal, asalkn shafiq berkene, mommy ikut jah hehe

murni >> sokmo tiok dio...manjo sungguh ehehe *rindu ko Nazhan ye?*

firahadifa >> aku dh tahu, sbb tu aku tulis kat foot note tu hahaha

mama miya >> ni kalau both are students je baru free,klu x .. mahal jugak fee dia

yatie chomeyl said...

azza >> free tu sbb kami dua2 student..hehe

Izan >> tu la, nursery besar....seronok la dia main

siti sifir >> nursery Msia pun kena buat gini..baru best kan?

eliss >> mommy jugak yg x pandai2 hik3x

naura >> erm tu la pasal,kalau ad apun mesti mahal kan

yatie chomeyl said...

isabelle >> buat x tahu je la..malas nak layan dia eheh

mama syaza >> cubit jgnx cubit, sila2 ngeee

sya >> insya Allah nanti leh implement di nursery2 di Malaysia pulak

ahkak id >> idak global la ...i kan orang kampung yang pakai tudung je ngeeeee

yatie chomeyl said...

k. nur >> xleh, ni untuk budok2 kecik jah :p

farah >> brg2 kat sini mmg semua comel2x, mommy dia pun x tahan tgk nak borong semua hik3x

US >> aah cikgu pun comel2x, sbb tu budak2 suka gi sekolah hik3x

umi nuha >> tu la pasal, nasib baik ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

Mila >> thanks for the compliment ;)

Hanz >> insya Allah, harap2 giu lah..Amin :)

jiey >> free sebab mommy & daddy xdop pitis nok byr mahal2 huhuhu

ayu >> aah ni la nursery nya, p makcik global x join aktiviti hri tu..nasib baik

yatie chomeyl said...

ayu arjuna >> tapi nak di terima sikit punya susah, mcm 2borang nak ken aisi..siap unggu turn setahun lagi

atiqah > insya Allah ;)

nieda >> sbnrnya fee tu mahal juga utk org lain, cuma sbb kami ber2 student..tu yg dpt free je tu

zaila >> asalkan mak + ayah duo2 studen, dp fre la. tp klu kijo, keno byr harg alin pulop

yatie chomeyl said...

mygoldenpen >> thanks dear ;)

jiji >> harp2 anis manis serasi kat playschool baru di atu..nanti anis manis leh ckp jepun dgn baby SN pastu kita du anganga sbbx faham ekekeke

k.yong >> topi komuni la aunty ngeeee

nadiah >> mmg sengaja tulis kat nota kaki utk remindkan org pasal makcik gloal tu ehehehe

dbalkis >> my sister yg kat NZ tu nk blk Msia hjg bulan ni. dia ada plan nk buk nursery. nanti I join venture dgn dia je la. u nak join gak? ;)

Dandelion said...

i dr dlu terpk kalau ada anak teringin nk anta anak kt nursery nihon sbb tau nursery diorg sgt best! hihi. saje2 nk bg bb main n blaja. tp tula mcm xlayak la plak sesaja nk anta anak g nursery sbb i xkeje. nk msk nursery pn bkn sng2 leh g msk gitu je. terpaksala mama ihsan blaja jd cikgu nursery yg best mcm nursery teacher nihon kot? huhu boleh ke ni?

Drama Mama said...

baby SN looks like he enjoyed himself there...topi komunis pink adalah sangat cute gitu! aunty nak bole? heheh

Almiraz said...

Very impressive Nihon nursery.....enjoy it Baby SN!!!

Huda said...

baby sn makin comey :) n hensem..hik2..bestnye sekolah baby sn ni..

yatie chomeyl said...

Dandelion >> boleh2x, yakin boleh hik3x

drama mama >> tu la,bby boy pun kena pakai topi pink jugak ekekeke

almiraz >> he sure will ;)

huda >> mekaceh3x *baby SN blushing*

mummy_adam said...

best nyer :) nursery tu sgt cantik n menarik..

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