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Monday, 16 February 2009

~ 25 random things about me~

I was tagged by T-qah & Kak Nur.
The rules are once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

1) When I was kid, I wonder why ma & abah don't named me with more glamorous name e.g 'Natasha, Tiara, Farra, Mira Edora ( the name that'll sounded more urban than my kampung name ). Plus, my sister have a more glamorous name than my name which is in fact 1020060780390 other peoples name in malaysia. (I've made the figure on my own :p )

I began embracing & loving my name when I know the meaning of my name which suits my personality so much --> 'the lights of my life' a.k.a cahaya hidupku.

I bring lights to others nearby me. So, if it happens that ur house if out of electricity, u don't need a candle, u just need me by ur side ;)

2) When I was a teenager, I hate it when ma & abah start comparing me with my sister. The focus of comparison will be on my behavior + my laziness + my education + my skill of cooking ( I only knew how to cook telur mata kerbau that time) + my 'playgirlness' ( does such word existed? what I mean is 'my friendly skill of conversation with guys' hehehe ).

However, she never failed to fulfill her responsibility as an elder sister to me and she was never being cocky about herself. Luv u sis!

(pic: me, kak nur & awin --> kulim,2004)

I believe it was indeed a good thing did by parent because I learn to motivate myself just to not letting her winning in the battle-of-comparison anymore.

3) I start learning to ride a motorcycle when I was 12. It was my late grandfathers' Honda Cup 50cc which can be started easily by using 5cent coin.

(pic: beginilah rupa honda-samah-lapu-bulat)

When I was 16, I can already rode 2 stroke clutch motorbike i.e my father's Yamaha scrambler. The instructor is abah & pein.

I rode suzuki RGV to school when I was 17 because I hate to stay at the hostel, so I prefer rempit every mornign for 20minutes from tumpat-KB

4) I used to wear tudung labuh (nape? x caye ke? :p ) during my Form 5 school hood days. It was so 'in' that time so I decided to be stylo and follow the trend (stupid me, pakai tudung labuh utk ikut trend je huhuhu ) :p

Imagine it, I rode a Suzuki RGV sport to school with my tudung labuh on my head...rempit sambil tudung terbang2 kat belakang hahahaha.

(pic: ini lah muto rempitku suzuki RGV no plat PEB 718 , jgn amik no ni p tikam no ekor, dosa :p )

5) I ran away from home when I was 10yrs old from morning til sunset. It was because I'm sulking with kak Nur after being scolded for not helping her doing the house chores. Ma & abah were in Makkah at that time performing haj so we stayed at grandparents house during weekend.

I hide myself at my late grandfathers wood barn which is just next door to my grandparents house. There were some gaps among the woods and the grounds, so I lay down at the gap.

I've made a '"Kg Jal Besar-milo beng-Records'" because I've united the whole villagers to search for me. I come out from the hide out place when it was almost sunset + I was starving to death + I can hear the sounds of 'sssss' ( made from snakes or commodores maybe) + I can see that everyone were looking and yelling for my name (takut kene sorok dgn hantu la kan dah nak maghrib) + I'm tired of lying down on the dirty ground. The first person that saw me that time was my aunt Mak Ngah and I can see that Kak Nur was very worried.

(pic: jelitawan2 yg turut serta dlm misi menjejak budak merajuk ni gmbr latest diorg la time kenduri ayahcik hr tu)

Good thing about this ran away thing is --> she never asked me to do the house chores anymore..hihihii giler dasyat tahap kemalasan time kecik2 dulu2, oh ya..sekarang tidak lagi :p

6) I'm willing to starve than to walk alone to the cafeteria during my 1st month in USM. It's because I have to walk in front of boy's hostel before reaching the cafe. There were few boys that will start calling girls name esp juniors (if it happen to be that they know the girl's name) or just doing some 'pheewitt$tttt wtf' to any girls that walk in front of the hostel. cehh...macam perasan ada org nak panggil nama aku je, mmg ada pon that time :p

However it was a good thing then because I managed to lose 5kg during my 1st year. .syabas2x

7) I've been Banquet-waitress at a hotel as a part time job every semester break. I got paid rm3 per hour,and I'll be working for 7-8hours a day.

I enjoy the job very much bcoz I get to meet celebrities for free ( e.g Anita Sarawak, Sharifah Aini, Misha Omar, Rita Rudaini, Maya Karin, Rem, Bienda, Jay Jay, Adibah Noor, Helmi the Gimmick, Fazura ---> this is usually during Sultan Kelantan's birthday).

Plus, I can met numbers of people which are different from the people that I used to be (e.g dropped-out from school kid who were the part time as well, the VIPs guest, Sultan Kelantan + his kerabat, menteri2) ---> giving me new experiences to deal with all sort of people.

8) I drive car to my part time job ( refer #7) and apparently the salary I gained is not enough for the gas. Of course my parents will filled in the tank for me because they don't want me to rempit at night as my working hours are from 5pm-1am. The salary I gained were just enough for the top up of my prepaid phone hihihih kuat gayut.

(pic: bwk kete ni g kije, sgguh xpdn dgn kije ku)

9) I drive car without a driving license for 2years because I wanted to finish my 'P' license first. This way I don't have to put the big-damn-red-P at the car. FYI, I never were asked for driving license by any police even though I drove from parit buntar-kuala kangsar-penang that time -----> Berlagak giler.

Sekarang dah ada lesen occay!

10) I was 17 when I first met KRU. They come to Kelantan that time for a football match with Manis FM and also private dinner with selected fans. Yea ..yea, I am the selected fans because I buy the coupon for rm20 for a seat and I am so kind enough to buy it for Kak Nur as well.

Tipu Yatie!

Padahal I have to bought ticket for Kak Nur as well coz abah & ma wont let me go to the dinner alone huhuuhuh.

11) I'm suffering for light insomnia since 17yrs old as I can only sleep after midnight. I used to treasure it as a gift to me because I can use the time to study.

However, as a full time housewife rite now..I hate it because I'm so jealous of hubby who can easily go to sleep once he put his head on the pillow...jeles2..cubit2 lengan hubby kuat2 bg bangun...dengki nih.

12) I used to have horror dreams whenever I sleep alone in my room. Thus, there are times when I'll go to sleep with ma & abah even when I am already 23yrs old. Such a pain in the ass a.k.a 'leaf-stir' (kacau daun ) to ma & abah.

13) My first crush on a boy was during my kindergarten days (Tadika Raja Dewa Kota Bharu 1987-1988) and I can still remember his name i.e Anwar Fazal . A handsome boy with mix of Pakistan + Malay blood. He even helped me out when I felt lepas tersepak akar kayu + siap sapukan iodin smp kuning2 sume buku latihan. Romantik yg amat kan?

p/s: my boo boo baby sayang darling hubby, sumpah I x rindu dia...sumpah, lansung x ingat die dah...(takut kene tendang tdo kat luar mlm ni)

14) I always wanted to have a baby sister because I already have 4 younger brothers. But once I got my baby sister when I was 13yrs old, I am soooooo jealous of her. I even do some nasty things to her out of my jealousy towards her replacing my place as the last girl in Rosly's family. I stopped being jealous of her when ma passed away last year....I'm so mean, I know huhuhuhu

(pic: me & awin --> kenny rogers roasters, tesco, KB, 2008)

15) I never lied to any guy that want to court me about the fact that I am in a relationship with someone. I have a decent principle that 'you cannot stop anyone from liking you'. Its his fault if he wanted to still court with me coz my concept that time is ..... "layaaaaaaaaaannnnnn"

p/s: my boo boo baby sayang darling hubby, sumpah I x wat dah perangai layan2 org ngorat2 I nih..sumpah...sumpah, x tipooo.....lgpon, xde sape nk ngorat bini org yg dh boyot ni dah..sigh :p

16) My fiend labeled me as a carnivore type of person because I don't eat vegetables at all. Any 'greeny' things on the plate will be moved to others plate immediately before I start eating.
Now that I'm pregnant, I have to eat vegetables so I started learning to eat carrot + broccoli for the sake of my baby.

17) My goals is to have at least 6 kids however hubby prefer smaller number as 4 kids is maximum for him. I guess this is because I come from big family that I always like to have big family as well.
As this belly is getting bigger ---> I am totally agree with hubby...bukan sbb letih kene bwk perut ke hulu ke hilir tp sbb kene makan sayur (refer #16 ok) ....duh!

18) I love watching wrestling since I was kid. I used to heart Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Christians, Hardy Boys, Rikishi Pathu ( he got nice ass), The Rock so much. I stopped watching when I finally knew that it was just a professional act and that was when I was 20yrs old already .....stupid me.

(pic: the secret weapon of Rikishi Pathu--> his back side)

19) I used to collect lyrics and placed it properly in a book. I managed to collect 5 books before I finally deiced on giving up on the hobby. Elleh, korang pon pernah wat gak kan..after all, it's more fun than collecting stamps :p

20) I will buy every single magazines + papers that have KRU news. I'll cut out the article and placed it properly in a book. I managed to collect 3 thick book of it and I also managed to get their signature on 1 of the books. However, I gave up on the hobby before I pursue my master and I sent the collection books that I treasure so much to KRU few days before my flight to Germany....I wonder KRU simpan ke buang buku2 tu huhuhuhuhu luku dahi dorang laju2 kalau diorang buang

(pic: ponteng kelas aerodynamik semata2 nak jumpa KRU kat gurney plaza,penang, 2005)

21) My engagement day was held when I was in Spain and my fiancee that time ( my hubby now) was in Indonesia. Both of us were just waiting eagerly by the phone for the report of the ceremony from our mother.

22) I used to tell my friends that I wanted to get married on 20/08/2008 . During the time I was saying that, I was actually single and Solah has not even making his 1st move on me. I dont have anyone particular in mind but I'll always told everybody that I'm gonna make sure I'll be married on that particular date.

(pic: solemnization day 22/08/2008, masjid cherang melintang)

I ended up getting married on 22/08/2008 because it turn out to be that 20/08/2008 was on wednesday..not a holiday...have to postponed till friday lah, if not, my friend cannot be there on my solemnization day huhuhuh.

23) I am a bit afraid of cats boz of the reason..I dunno why! (*-*)

24) I love to collect teddy + dolls so much. I have a collections of more than 100 of them. I take good care of them and anyone who dare to hurt my teddy ( read: my brothers who play soccer and using my teddy as the ball) will be severely punished by me!

25) I have freckles on my hand and my leg but not on my faces. When I was kid, I wonder why I have so many moles on my bodies before it come to my knowledge that it was actually freckles.
Heran sungguh, mana datang ntah....

~~~~~~ bapak panjang giler...berjam2 nk siap...huhuuh, nmpk sgt xde bende nk wat ekekekkek ~~~~~~~~~~~ x leh nk tag org, takut org marah..kalau sape yg baca n sudi nak wat gak, u r most welcomed to do so :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~

p/s: letih sgt lepas siap posting entry nih...tdo 3jam...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3 words of wisdom & comments:

nini said...

Huh panjang seronok dibaca...malas betul ucu menyorok hampir satu hari sbb tak nk buat keje..isk3..selepas itu tak kena marah ker..klu angah jd org kg ucu, sekeh pale ucu sbb mencuakkan org jer...:p...akhirnya ucu makan jugak sayur....hahahhahaha..lps ni amalkan selalu tau..yatie yang ku kenal mmg la sgt sukakan KRU..klu KRU buang buku tu angah tolong sekeh gak..kesian kat ucu kumpul dgn penuh keterujaan...ekekeke..akhirnya dapat suami lbh kurang muka cam yusri..:P

yatie chomeyl said...

hehe, org xde kije angah..pnjg pon xkisah :)

mmg time kecik2 dulu pemalas yg teramat..dh besar2 ni rajin yg teramat, at least dlm blk B2.1.9 KMM dulu ucu yg paling rajin, angah ingat lg x ucu sorg2 basuh pinggan dlm bilik tu setiap hjg mggu? hihiiih

ucu pon xsure KRU simpan ke buang buku tu. nanti dh blk msia, nk tanya diorang la ekekeke

Nurul Farehah said...

kelakarnye kak yatie...lebih krang sme aje ye..hihihi

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