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Friday, 13 February 2009

~ Friday the 13th ~

If u are one of the American horror movie or the tv show itself, this entry was not meant to talk about the movie Friday the 13th. It happens to be that this year 13th February is on Friday. So I choose to pick it as the title for today's entry.

I am writing this entry as 13th February is always a special date for me every year. Why is it so important to me?

ANSWER: My lovely mother was born on 13th February 1956.

Every year I will wish her on her birthday but I couldn't remember if I ever buy her anything on her birthday. However, I do remember that I never failed to buy her some souvenir from any place in the world that I've been.

(p/s: I will appreciate your kindness of praying al-fatihah to my late mother Hjh Sa'adah Md Said)

As for this year, I have undergo sort of awkward + sad + bittersweet + heavyhearted feeling as I couldn't wish her anymore on her birthday.

The feelings is becoming more melancholic when I found out that Siddharth; which is one of my classmate during my master degree, has passed away under unnatural circumstances during my mum's supposed to be 53rd birthday. I am not really closed to him, but as a classmate, I do feel sorrow with this loss. In fact, there is a news published about his death in The Hindu.

(the only pic that portrayed only the 2 of us together --> giant ion thrusters, Pisa, Italy, 15th March 2008)

With these two things lingering inside my head, I am writing this entry at 2am bcoz I couldn't sleep and my eyes is full of tears .............

p/s: treasure the one that u love before u lose them so that u will never have the regret in the future.

8 words of wisdom & comments:

Anonymous said...

kak yati..take care..bersabarla..nisa pn bace blog ni..teringt kt mama,teringt kt mien.dhla time2 ade crisis dgn mien ni..take care kak yati,kak yati brsyukur jela ade hubby di sisi kak yati.senyum selalu..

yatie chomeyl said...

gaduh dgn mien ke? gaduh manja2 xpe, jgn gaduh lama2 sgt tau :)

Anonymous said...

mslhnye gdh dh lame dh k yati..nisa x tau nk wtpe dh..sedihla..mien dh jauhkn diri..

yatie chomeyl said...

ala kesiannya...bwk bersabar erk nisa. nti mesti ada solution. jgn tension2.

Anonymous said...

nisa hope sgt kak yati,mien x brubah hati..hari2 doa..doaknla..;(

yatie chomeyl said...

insya Allah nisa. :)

R28est said...

lorr citer ape ni ma?

*sambil berkerut dahi

yatie chomeyl said...

imah, ape nye yg x kerut2 dahi tu?

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