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Monday, 2 February 2009

~Pregnancy and me (part I) : 1st month~

During Seijinshiki day (hari meraikan cukup umur) which was held somewhere at Ucihama Kominkan, the girls (a-t-qah,ain & diana) were asking me about the experiences that I've encounter when I first found out that I'm pregnant. Thus, it gave me the idea of writing this entry so that I wont forget the lovely 9months 10days moment of expecting my 1st baby!

Solah and I were married on 22nd August 2008 and on 25th August 2008, I am already having my menstrual cycle for the month hihihi..... poor hubby (actually poor me also citt,xmo ngaku wakakakakka). That was the last period for me because after that, I am no longer having my period it? I'm pregnant fast so goooooood..hehehheheh

There were few 'signs' to indicate my pregnancy that I didn't noticed in the first place such as:-

(a) I really2 wanted to drink Coca Cola after watching the ads in tv. Thus hubby has to bonceng motor with Asul just 2 buy me a bottle of Coke at 10pm!

(b) I really2 wanted to eat cupcakes from Cupcake Chic The Curve...and it has to be only cupcakes from Cupcake Chic The Curve! ONLY! huhuhuuh...

Bare in mind that we were staying in Qelate that time + bulan puasa + The Curve is in Damansara ---> disaster for hubby. But I managed 2 finally got it after a week of mengidam when we went 2 KL for the application of hubby's visa.

(pic: with the cupcakes that I mengidam for 1 week)

(c) 11.30pm ..2 days before syawal....we was getting ready to go to bed when out of a blue I said 2 hubby.."abe, ayg nok make kuey teow tom yam..lo ni jugop!".

Hahahha..just imagine how was my hubby's reaction towards my unexpected action...but then we get dressed and go out for 'kuey-teow-tom yam-hunting' at a restaurant near my in-laws house. Luckily Amah (my sis in law) is still awake by the time we reach home that nite, if not..dua2 tdo dlm keta la hehehhehe.

(d) While I was getting ready to take my bath, hubby suddenly popped out this
awful sentence ---> "bakpo perut ayg buncit kat bawah? peliknya" along with this awful sentence, he added an awful laugh "hahahahahha" and awful expressions on his face. aduh!!!

I was like...."huh? WHATTTTT???" (but I didnt said that 2 him larr...x baik tinggi sora dgn hubby). In fact I said back 2 him, "perut abe tu yg buncit...buwerrrkkk =P ngato ayg pulok"

(e) The biggest 'sign' that truly leads me to really believe that I am pregnant was when I realize that for the 1st time since I'm having my 1st menstrual cycle that I manage to puasa penuh! Wahhh kebanggaan la because people were saying org x puasa penuh xleh raya..hehehhe.

Hubby and I buy the Pregnancy Test Kit from Watson few days before raya. My 1st attempt on using it was not succesful as I wasn't reading the manual properly (ingatkan senang je, celup dlm urine...rupe nye ada few steps la huhuuhhu) .

I tested my urine again on pagi raya, right before I bathed for mandi sunat aidilfitri and this time around...alhamdulillah! The test was carried out properly by me...and the result were shown properly by the kit :)

(pic: 2 lines means that u r definitely 99% pregnant)

And that was all the signs that I could recall during my 1st month of pregnancy. I didn't go to obstetrician because all clinics were was raya time lah, sapa nak bukak klinik? hihihihi.. But my mother in law is a nurse and she's 100% sure that the test kit result was reliable enough!.

2008's syawal was quite a memorable syawal for me as it was -->

1st raya without mama (al-fatihah utk arwah Hjh Sa'adah Md Said)
1st raya without abah's around us early in the morning
1st raya as a wife 2 Solah
1st raya as daughter-in-law and sis-in-law

1st raya as 'mommy-to-be'
1st raya that I gave duit raya to my siblings

On the
3rd syawal, my hubby flew to Fukuoka, leaving me and my little baby first (as it was not safe for an early stage of pregnancy 2 have a long-haul flight). Plus, he have 2 settle down first before I'm joining him in Fukuoka. huhuuh...sedih2, baru sebulan kawen dh kene tinggal...tinggal dlm keadaan boyot pulak tu...isk3x

I am writing this entry to make sure that I'll always remember each and every lovely moment that I have encountered during my pregnancy. I hope that one day, whenever I'm pregnant for my next baby( 1st baby pon x keluar lg, dh sibuk2 nak fikir next baby hihiihi)......this experiences that I'm having rite now will remain as a memorable experience in my life.

13 words of wisdom & comments:

chubby bear said...

pelik2 la demo ngidey!! tengoh2 male pulop tu!! huhuhuhuhu~ beh la cite demo woghih! suko ore baco! (^_^)

Khairunisa Zulkurnain said...

wonderful life kak yati sgt2..dh abes master..dh khwn dgn suami yg tercinta..soon nk jd ibu..seronok sgt dgr..kak yati doaknla nisa cpt2 abes master n cpt2 khwn gak ek..nk abes cpt2..uhuh...take care kak yati,jaga hubby n baby n diri elok2..n jgn manja2 sgt..uhuhhu..ckp org..;p..

Sidratul Muntaha said...

take care n beware with what you eat dear.
jgn ikut sgt mengidam ni sbb klu boleh time peknan ni,yg manis,yg bkn2 pun jgn mkn or minum.air tin tu takyah minum lansung klu boleh.ais pun sama,nnti perut kembang dr normal then klu boleh fastfood tu jgn mkn.bykkn mkn buah n sayur - sayuran.bnyak minum air masak n minum thing also...rajin urut2 betis n tapak kaki utk buangkn angin sbb time peknan ni ler mudah msuk angin.malam jgn lupa pakai sock lagipun jepun skunk sejukkan?bykkan exersice or berjalan utk elakkn bengkak me,eventhough I am obese but kaki tak bengkak lansung sepnjng 9 months pregnancy because I buat sume di atas tu n also I cepat recover even ceasarian n my baby thn sakit n tak menangis masa kena inject time imunisasi sbb I byk mkn buah time peknan.buah pisang jgn mkn byk sbb byk potasium.bykkn baca surah maryam n yusuf starting from now.The reason to control your mengidam tu sebab skunk ni diabetes n hypertension selalu kena pada peknan mom eventhough dia mmg takde history both penyakit tu.nak2 diabetes because usually akan kena pada mom yg skinny.

Jaga Diri Leklok and enjoy every single moment to become a good and caring mother.Insyaa Allah.

Jazakum Allahu Kayran

R28est said...

xbis2 dgn cupcake?
tp bila kita tgk cupcake mmg teringat kat ma...

yatie chomeyl said...

woghih: namo pon ngide, mesti la pelik2...nsb baik x mitok kaki unta..hehehhe

nisa': xde la wonderful sgt but I treasure each moment as learning experiences. nisa pon jgn manja2 sgt :p

ida: thanks a lot 4 the luvly advice, insya Allah akan di amalkn :)

imah: masa ngidam cupcakes time kita jumpa bln poser tu,ma x tau lg dh peknen heheheh

R28est said...

ma..klu ma blik msia skang ume dah lain...
bukan msia yg lain tp orang2 yg ada kat cni da lain..
i? xlain kot cuma i need new envrmnt..
i feel bad n0w... :(

yatie chomeyl said...

sape yg dh lain imah? nape sedey2 nih? meh story dgn ma

R28est said...

bukan xnak mls nak la..pape p0n ni mmg da ganggu mud keje..

R28est said...

byk bt0l typing error..paham2 sendiri je la ye ma..hehe
kata orang:
barang yg lepas usah dikenang TAPI
kalau orang yg lepas?

yatie chomeyl said...

terkenang bf lama ke nih? makin musykil aku dibuatnya...xmo tensi2 ok bucuk2...meh dtg cni ma bwk jln2 (*-^)

R28est said...

xtension tp bila ingat musti la sdh..hah biar la

nini said...

tak sabar nak menantikan part 2, 3 and seterusnya...semoga ucu sihat2 selalu..jgn manja lebih2 nanti anak pun jadi manja terlebih nanti ucu jugak yang jeles..:P
rahimah pegi la sambung belajar kat luar negara jugak...envrmnt baru tu..jom jom

yatie chomeyl said...

angah, ucu manja pon time pregnant sbb pembawakan budak la. klu x, ucu ni x manja lansung..siyes je manjang :D

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