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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Cute's Blogger Award

I've received this luvly award few days ago :-

I am supposed to "ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda":

Ida Rahayu --> my classmate during primary school in Sek Keb Sg Binjai, Meru, Klang (class of 6 Dahlia, what a great memories u have yatie! hihiihihi)

"Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih pemenang seterusnya":

Hobbies & facts about me ( it is not by all means following any favoritism order....I randomly placed it according to what comes 2 my mind first ) :-

(i) Watching romantic comedy movies.,,,god knows how much I hate watching sci-fi & action movies (360deg different with hubby)

(ii) Reading entertainment news, gossips, fashion mags etc (360deg different with hubby as he enjoy reading sky sport everyday huhuhuhu)

(iii) Baking a chocolate moist cake ... I learn 2 bake it when I was 14 and my siblings made it as a compulsory for me 2 bake it at every raya. ( again 360deg different with hubby...of coz la hubby dunno how 2 bake a cake =P)

(pic: my masterpiece of chocolate moist cake during aidilfitri 2007)

(iv) Blogs hopping ... I got this hobby this few months as I really have lots and lots of time[ by 'lots' here means extremely lots of free time]...(again yeah yeah totally 360deg with hubby..he doesnt have that much of free time like me hiihihihi)

(v) Shopping...uh huh..I dont have 2 explain on's common 2 every woman hihiihih (i might say 157deg different with hubby as I do believe he enjoy shopping sometimes though not as much as I'm enjoying this..hihiih...ade ke 157deg? gasakla )

(vi) Writing my own cerpen...I started this hobby since I was 15 and I got some pocket money with this hobby...fair enough despite the time spent on writing the cerpen (as usual 360deg different with hubby. I guess the most writing he did was when we were chatting thru YM during our bercinta time dolu2 hihihihi)

(vii) Listening to KRU songs , watching their film & KRU hunting ----> everything related to KRU is a-must-to-know-thing...I'm crazy over everything related to KRU....I'm in lurve with them esp Yusry since I was 11..and I've broke up with Yusry after I'm married..tu pon sbb hubby jeles hehehhe (of course this hobby is totaly 360deg different with hubby...hubby hate KRU..I think so ekkekekek)

(pic taken with KRU when I was doing the KRU-hunting job hahahha)

(viii) Photo editing...though I am not really an artistic person, I enjoy exploring easy & user friendly interface software in picture editing e.g Picassa, Irfanview, Photofunia etc ( 315deg different with hubby as I can only recall the only photo editing that he used 2 did was editing photos on our engagement day and the design of our wedding card)

(pic: the so-called my photo editing)

(ix) Camera whoring....hehheh...I really loved being photographed. In other words, it means that I dont mind whoever camera's it is, I'll definitely wanted 2 b in the photo hehhehe...kerja gila ni I always did in USM coz I didn't have my own camera that time...(0deg different with hubby coz he also like 2 do cam whoring with me hihiihi)

(pic: some of the collections of cam whoring with hubby)

(x) Watching soccer match (0deg different with hubby coz I'm totally sharing this hobby with hubby .....hihiihi)

(pic was taken when I watched bayern munich FC training)

There u go...I guess I filled in the 10 hobbies & facts about me... needed in order for me 2 gain this award...thanks again Ayu for the award.

p/s: Upon completing this task, I realize that there were so many differences between me & hubby. Yet ... those differences were the one that gives us the opportunity to learn about each other. (^-*)

5 words of wisdom & comments:

Khairunisa Zulkurnain said...

--->I'm in lurve with them esp Yusry since I was 11..and I've broke up with Yusry after I'm married..tu pon sbb hubby jeles hehehhe--->broke up with yusry tuh yg x thn...hhahha..agaknye kalo yusry dgr ni..terbatuk2 x..heeh..;p

yatie chomeyl said...

ekkekek btol la. sejak2 kawen nih, dh x gila kat yusry sgt dah. pastu tgk gmbr yusry pon rs cam dia x ensem dah....wakakkaak...

lgpon xde maknanya yusry nk browse blog ni hihihi...

Khairunisa Zulkurnain said...

aler..yusry mne hensem pn..ahahah...ape2pn ble dh khwn..msti hubby yg plg hensem kn..hehe..actually blog ni patutnye dpt the "best bloggerla"..ahahha..sbb best!..

nini said...

gambar2 yusry dh kena buang ke Ucu..kena simpan gambar2 solah je lps nih..ekekke

yatie chomeyl said...

x kene buang lg angah, ucu smpt sorok, solah x jumpa ekkeke. nk tau x, hr tu ucu ckp nk tangguh seminggu g jmp die kat jepun sbb nk tgk cicakman 2, terus die majuk n ckp yursy lg penting dr dia...wkakakakk...x jd ucu nk postponed flight hahahahha

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