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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

~Pregnancy and me (part 3) : 3rd month~

Moving on to the experiences that I had during the 3rd month of my pregnancy (9-13weeks).
Time frame: November 2008 .


Nothing much different with all those symptoms I'm suffering during the 2nd month. Added pregnancy symptoms that occurred during the 3rd month was:

(1) Slight increase of vaginal discharge (a very polite way of saying "peeing" :p).

Our room at my in-laws house was at the back of the house thus it is quite hot. So, I need to switch on the air-cond whenever I was in the room. However this action will then lead to unwanted condition i.e nak terkencing! Seriously, kejap2 rasa nak terkencing...kejap2 rasa nak terkencing...duh!
(pic: signboard toilet khas utk pregnant woman je...asyik nk kencing sgt, amek ko!)

(2) The sense of unreality about the pregnancy.

Sometime I was wondering is it true that I'm pregnant? I can't feel my baby is moving + I don't see much different in my belly size + I'm not even once been vomiting ---> ceh, xsedor diri dah ngandung.

All this pregnancy thing occurred too fast in our marriage life. I'm not saying that I'm not ready to be pregnant ( after all, who knows she'll be ready until she got one?), in fact I'm thankful for having this baby...... ye, syukurlah ada org kawen bertahun2 x pregnant lg, aku ni kawen 1 mggu dh pregnant alhamdulillah :) .

There's always a mixture of feelings whether I'm ready or not to take care of myself and after this, to take care of my baby. ------->
(pic: transformasi di alam kanak2 ----------> bersedia jd ibu mithali huhuhuh)

Ingat senang ke ngandung? x leh makan nenas (sumpah time ni terliur sgt2 kat tat nenas yg lebihan kuih raya) + x leh minum air coke ( my feveret drink tuh) + x leh jalan laju2 + x leh baring kat katil tekan2 perut ---> sume benda2 yg dh biasa buat ni x leh diamalkan, kan susah tu? huhuhu

3) Headaches

I feel like I'm getting a lot more headaches than ever before especially in the morning. It's quite hard for me to get up from bed everyday ( alasan utk bgn lambat jer nih), so I woked up at 10p.m everyday. <-- AWAS : Sila jgn tiru perangai ini jika ibu mertua anda x bekerja :p

I'm lucky that my in laws is soooooo understanding that they dont mind me getting up late. Dah la bgn lambat, pastu bg pagi je dah ada nasi bungkus yg abah beli kan..sungguh2, menantu derhaka ekekekek.

(pic: gmbr di candid time tertdo atas keter masa balik dr tioman, tiada jejak2 saliva di kesan)

4) Food cravings

Its always a huge symptoms to any pregnant woman. At this stage of pregnancy, I always like to eat sweets food. I craved for doughnouts + cakes a lot that I'll go to Secret Recipe + Big Apple for twice a week. Bukan beli byk pon, 1-2 slices je...asalkan dpt makan tu, x mkn nasik pon x pe dah...perghhhh...lazatnyer. ----------------
(choc chip walnut cake, secret recipe)------ -------------(donut2 yg sgguh lazat dr big apple)

5) Depression

My sister's-mother-in-law told my-mother-in-law ( brp byk in law daaa...hehehe) that I cant travel until my 1st trimester is over. She told her according to some studies that it was not safe for the baby and for the early-pregnant-mommy to have a long-haul high altitude flight. That's why I've to stay in kelantan first before following hubby to japan.

Being pregnant and far away from hubby was the leading factor of feeling depressed during my 3rd month, tp xde la depressed sampai nak masuk wad psiaktri. To overcome this depression, hubby has to be online everyday for almost 20hour per day with me. Even when he's sleeping, he still needs to make sure that the web cam is connected to avoid me from sulking. (*-^)

(pic: bukti kasih syg seorg hubby yg jauh dr wifenya yg kuat majuk)


: Klinik Ang,3183-B Jalan Sultan Ibrahim, 15050, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

I did my 2nd check up before flying to Japan just to make sure that my baby is healthy and that I'm in perfect condition to travel. Alhamdulillah, my baby was totally healthy and I'm fit to enjoy my flight...yippeeee.....

Here's the preview of my little baby when he/she was 14 weeks 1 day. Now, he/she looks more humanly shape than a round shape embryo in the previous month.

(pic: my baby 14weeks 1day)

I am writing this entry to make sure that I'll always remember each and every lovely moment that I have encountered during my pregnancy. I hope that one day, whenever I'm pregnant for my next baby( 1st baby pon x keluar lg, dh sibuk2 nak fikir next baby hihiihi)......this experiences that I'm having rite now will remain as a memorable experience in my life.

12 words of wisdom & comments:

R28est said...

ma..serabut la nak bace..susun la font n gambar lek lok cikit...orang da pening ni.. ;p

*jgn marah tau..kata k0men kan?
kan..kann.. ;p

yatie chomeyl said...

nape serabut? ma dah amik tempalte yg leh letak font panjang2 n gmbr besar2. design blog yg sblm ni cam kecik sgt. pening sbb kaler erk?

chubby bear said...

bilo nok blanjo ore donat tu? :D

nini said...

org tak pegnen pun blh ngidam kek n donut ni...huhuhu

yatie chomeyl said...

ala woghih la belanjo ore. lgpon ore surirumah, xdop gaji...woghih kan cikgi, ado pendapate heheheh

angah ngidam gak erk? ckp cpt sape yg tanggungjwb neh? ;)

tiey~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tiey~ said...

kak yatie ni x-smip ke?? x-usm kkj jgk ek??

yatie chomeyl said...

aah, akak ex-smip & ex-usm kkj, kenal ko? smip jugop? usm kkj jugop?

tiey~ said...

hehe..kenal tp akak xkenal kot sy..
sy kenal akak sbb akak baik ngn nadia kot xsilap

yatie chomeyl said...

ooo saing nadia la ni. muko raso mace penoh napok tp namo tu x ingat la. lgpon dh nk dkt 10thn grad SMIP hihhihiih... kat usm KKJ lo ni amik cos mende?

Macham Iz Punye said...

tibe tibe rasa tak sabar nak kawen haha

yatie chomeyl said...

iz, nape tiba2 rs nk tawen> sbb nk ngidam ke sbb nk peknen hehehe

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