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Monday, 10 January 2011

Menjelajah Taman Disney di Disneyland Tokyo

Hari ni nak update pasal trip ke Disneyland, sambungan dari entry Menjelajah Laut Disney di Disneysea Tokyo. Agak lama jugak duk janji nak update pasal ni, tapi semangat nak tulis panjang2 lengkap dengan fakta tu tak datang2. Kebetulan hari ni Jepun bercuti sempena Sejinshiki (hari dewasa), celebrate so sempatlah curi masa untuk update.

Tokyo Disneyland is a 465,000 m² themed park located in Urayasu, Chiba, Tokyo, Japan. It was opened on April 15, 1983. Macam I cakap kat entry Menjelajah Laut Disney di Disneysea Tokyo, Disneyland ni terletak sebelah menyebelah je dengan Disneysea tu; agaknya sebab tu ada yang baca entry I sebelum ni confused antara Disneysea den Disneyland. Sebenarnya these two are different themed park situated next to each other.

We arrived to the park 30 minutes after the opening hour, and as expected manusia dah ramai memenuhi Disneyland tu aiseh. tumbuk Kitorang cepat2 lah menuju ke arah FastPass booth untuk amik tiket fastpass *tak perlu beratur, tapi kena tunggu turn ikut masa yang di tetapkan*. Fastpass tiket ni only available untuk certain rides yang selalunya berpusu2 ramai orang nak naik.

=- baru pukul 9:15, kereta dah penuh kat entrance gate -=

FASTPASS tickets for Disneyland are available for Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Pooh's Hunny Hunt, Space Mountain, Captain EO, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, Haunted Mansion and Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!. Untuk yang pergi bertiga macam kami ni sesuai lah ambik FastPass ni sebab leh gilir2 naik rides yang Nazhan takleh naik sebab tak cukup umur @ tak cukup ketinggian.

There are seven themed areas in the park, each complementing one another yet unique in their style. Made up of the World Bazaar, the four classic Disney lands: Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, and two mini lands, Critter Country and Mickey's Toontown, the park is noted for its huge open spaces to accommodate the massive crowds the park receives on even moderate attendance days. Luckily masa hari kitorang gi tu, cuaca tak sejuk sangat masa sebelah pagi. kenyit But then, towards the night it get so cold sampai I terpaksa tukar winter jacket huhuhu.

(1) World Bazaar : is the main entry corridor and primary shopping area of Tokyo Disneyland. World Bazaar consists of two "streets": Main Street and Center Street. A unique feature of World Bazaar is a permanent canopy covering the Main Street and Center Street areas, designed to protect guests from the elements.

(a) Penny Arcade --> Authentic, coin-operated sports-related games, kinetoscopes, tests of strength, pinball machines, and other games can all be enjoyed here.
(b) The Disney Gallery --> fun classes that teach you how to draw a Disney character.
(c) Omnibus --> Early 20th-century saw this vehicle in popular use, and it remains that way at the Park. Get on board either level and sit back for a carefree spin around the Plaza.

=- Omnibus -=

(2) Tomorrow Land : takes up a more urban look. The entrance part of Tomorrowland resembles the one originally designed for Walt Disney World in every way, before its remodeling in the early nineties.
(a) Star Tours --> Experience space travel firsthand when you board this flight to a distant moon, piloted by a comical robot captain!
(b) Space Mountain --> mysterious lights illuminating the dome, and inside, you'll find a sleek spaceship docked and being re-charged with an explosive ball of energy. yang ni I tak naik, hubby je naik..sebab errr sebab..sebab mak takut nyah! eheh.
(c) Captain EO --> Starring Michael Jackson, produced by George Lucas, and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the 3-D musical space adventure. Nazhan takut masa dalam ni, nangis2 sebab bunyi muzik tu kuat sangat, last2 mommy bagi nenen dan dia tidur sepanjang show.

=- daddy & Nazhan pakai spek 3D senyumkenyit untuk masuk cinema Captain EO -=

(d) Star Jets --> open-topped rocket soar through the skies high above Tomorrowland. Macam biasa, Nazhan nangis meraung2 ketakutan masa jet tu terbang pusing2, tu pun I tak tekan pedal naik tinggi...tapi tetapppplah budak kecik tu takut.

=- muka Nazhan dah cuak
walaupun baru je masuk Star Jets tu -=

(e) Grand Circuit Raceway --> a racecar to test your skills against a challenging course of twists and turns.
(f) Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters --> features the space-suited character Buzz Lightyear from the Disney/Pixar Toy Story film series. We were able to pilot a space cruiser and use its Astro Blaster armaments to shoot at various robots, secret weapons and other targets.

(g) Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek! --> a game of flashlight hide-and-go-seek. The human child Boo's going to play along, and so are Sulley and Mike, and lots of other monsters to find all the hiding monsters.

(3) ToonTown: this area of the park gives the feeling of being in the Disney Character's neighborhood.

(a) Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin --> Steer and spin a cartoon-like cab for a wild and wacky chase through the back alleys of Toontown.

=- gambar blur sebab gelap sangat dalam tu -=

(b) Minnie's House --> mommy sangat2 excited dapat masuk rumah Minnie, siap tumpag tidur atas katil Minnie, masuk dapur dia, masak kek kat oven Minnie..memang rasa macam dalam kartun Minnie lah menari eheh.

=- mommy tumpang posing kat katil Minnie -=

(c) Mickey's House and Meet Mickey --> Explore the house of Toontown's most famous resident and tour Mickey's backyard Movie Barn.
(d) Chip n Dale's Treehouse --> These chipmunk pals have built their home in a big oak tree. You are welcome to climb up and explore their "nutty" home.

=- Nazhan posing depan umah chip n Dale -=

=- kecik je kan pintu treehouse ni -=

(e) Gadget's Go Coaster --> Toon-size roller coaster. It may be small, but it offers plenty of fun and thrills as the cars careen around and splash through Toon Lake.
(f) Donald's Boat --> it is called Miss Daisy, a boat that belongs to Donald Duck.

=- Daddy & Nazhan belayar dengan bot Donald Duck -=

(g) Toon Park --> Near the entrance to Toontown is this pleasant little park designed with little ones in mind. Nazhan panjat naik unta sampai jatuh tertonggeng2 gatai kui3x.

=- nasib baik tak patah unta tu gatai -=

(4) Fantasy Land : houses the icon of Tokyo Disneyland, Cinderella Castle.

=- posing melompat harussslah kena ada kan? encem -=

(a) Peter Pan's Flight --> pirate ship will fly you through the night skies over London, past the second star to the right and on to Never Land. You'll see Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and other characters in scenes from this popular tale.

=- anak bapak sengihnampakgigi -=

(b) Snow White's Adventures --> Travel into the deep, dark forest, where you'll meet the Seven Dwarfs, and an old witch offering a poisoned apple.

=- beratur tunggu turn nak masuk Snow White -=

(c) Pinocchio's Daring Journey --> Travel on a mine car as you follow Pinocchio on his long, treacherous journey from wooden puppet to real boy.

(d) Dumbo The Flying Elephant --> Fly round the sky with Dumbo, the amazing circus elephant with the jumbo ears. With a push of a button you can fly higher or lower.

=- gambar guna phone je sebab Daddy gi naik rides lain -=

(e) Castle Carousel --> has 90 white horse carousels with different poses and colorful trappings

(f) Haunted Mansion --> a ride on a "doom buggy" through an eerie Gothic mansion where 999 ghosts, goblins and ghouls are just "dying" to meet you.

=- rumah hantu -=

(g) It's A Small World --> the "happiest cruise that ever sailed." Here you can enjoy the colorful scenes and the merry figures of children from around the world singing and dancing to the cheerful anthem "it's a small world."

=- tunggu turn nak naik bot -=

=- kat dalam bot -=

(h) Alice's Tea Party --> this tea party will have you in a whirl.

(i) Pooh's Hunny Hunt --> Aboard the largest hunny pot you've ever seen, enjoy the encounters that follow when you set off with Pooh to find his favorite food.

(5)Critter Country : a small area of the park with two main attractions. Masa kitorang kat area ni, it's getting dark already. Maklumlah maghrib pun kul 4:40 gitu kan, so memang tak banyak dapat amik gambar dah sebab dah gelap, tak best nak posing sangat.

(a) Splash Mountain --> ride in one of the hollowed-out boats and follow the cartoon antics of Brer Rabbit on a hair-raising flume adventure with the steepest, highest and wettest drop in the Park

(b) Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes --> Paddle around the Rivers of America with the help of your explorer-guides

(6) Westernland : an "old west" themed area, the landscape of Westernland is dominated by the Rivers of America, a man-made waterway that is home to the Mark Twain Riverboat, Tom Sawyer Island, and numerous live and Audio-Animatronic animals.

(a) Westernland Shootin' Gallery --> The Gallery is filled with all sorts of interesting targets, each with a unique reaction to being hit.

(b) Country Bear Theater --> showcases the zaniest group of foot-stompin' bears ever assembled on one stage.

(c) The Diamond Horseshoe --> A rowdy, Western-style "table-service saloon," owned and run by Slue Foot Sue

(d) Mark Twain Riverboat -->a leisurely trip down the Rivers of America on a romantic sternwheeler.

(e) Big Thunder Mountain -->the wildest ride in the west,so mommy tak naik. jelir Daddy naik sorang2 jer hehe

(f) Tom Sawyer Island Rafts --> log rafts rides to the various play areas include Tom Sawyer's Treehouse, Injun Joe's Cave, Smuggler's Cove, Fort Sam Clemens and an Indian Village.

(7) Adventure Land : consists of two distinct yet complimentary areas: A New Orleans-themed area, and a "jungle"-themed area.
(a) Pirates of The Carribean --> embark on pirate boat and take a thrilling voyage back to the Old World of adventure and romance.

=- Captain Jack terkangkang2, tak senonoh betul ngeee -=

(b) Jungle Cruise --> experienced Jungle Cruise skippers and venture deep into mysterious, danger-filled jungles on a tramp steamer.

(c) Western River Railroad --> climb abroad a real steam train for an extraordinary historical excursion around the wilderness and through the fantastic Primeval World

(d) Swiss Family Treehouse --> treetop home from an all-time-favorite Disney movie, Swiss Family Robinson (1960), be sure to explore this wonderful recreation.

(e) The EnchantedTiki Room: Stitch Presents "Aloha E Komo Mai!" --> show reaches an exciting songs siul joined by the tiki gods and the Guests!. Tapi bg mommy tak exciting sangat lah, siap tersengguk2 hampir tertido masa tengok show tu.

=- dah gelap gelita, gmbr I pun tak nampak kan? -=

Owh ya, lupa pulak nak mention yang kami jugak sempat tengok Disney Parades dua kali hari tu. Masa tengahari, mommy & nazhan cop tempat dulu, letak alas tikar 30minutes sebelum parades, while daddy gi naik roller coasters. Sambil tunggu Jubilation Parade tu, sempat jugak Nazhan buat gaya sendiri kat laluan parades tu gatai hehe.

=- Nazhan buat show sendiri sebelum the real show started -=

=- bersemangat mommy & Nazhan duduk depan sekali -=

The Tokyo Disneyland daytime parade "Jubilation!" is filled with all the fun, excitement, wonder, and magic of Disney! You'll see Mickey, Minnie, and other beloved characters from the Disney films coming together for a pageant filled with dreams and fantasy. Come discover anew the wonderful world of Disney!

=- Stitch & Thumbelina -=

=- Nazhan terpegun tengok toy story characters masa parade -=

The second parade ialah Eletrical Parade Dreamlights kat sebelah malam. Tapi kali ni Nazhan dah tdo, so mommy & daddy tengok dari jauh je la. This spring the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights is lighting up evenings in the Park with a new line-up. Meet new characters from films such as Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo as well as all your old Disney favorites.

We left Disneyland betul2 masa it's closing hours i.e. 10 p.m. Which means that we actually spent about 12 hours walking around Disneyland, imagine that...12 hours! angkatkening. Nasib baik I ada bawak bekal nasi goreng sardin dah, tu pun makan sikit2 je sebab takut tak sempat nak main semua rides yang ada. Most of the time, isi perut dengan macam2 perisa popcorns yang ada jual kat dalam tu.

=- Curry Popcorn, anyone? -=

Walaupun tak sempat nak naik semua rides yang ada due to time constraints, tapi puas hati jugaklah because at least dapat naik about 80% of the rides. So, if u all ada plan nak ke Disneyland Tokyo ni, I nasihatkan :-

• masuk je pagar terus gi serbu ambik Fastpass yang ada

• kena ada kat entrance gate sebelum opening hours pukul 9 pagi

• kalau boleh, elakkan pergi masa weekend atapun hari cuti sebab orang ramai sangat..nanti kang buang masa beratur je lebih

• serbu rides yang menarik dulu, pastu kalau sempat baru gi naik yang rides lain

• cergaskan diri dan stamina kena tinggi peace sebab ada rides yang kena beratur sampai 60-90 minutes, baru dapat masuk huhuhu

• tengok peta dan plan route mana yang paling efficient nak lalu untuk jimat masa dan jugak jimat tenaga

=- trip planner, tengah tengok peta -=

Lepas 2 hari kami duk berlibur dengan characters dari Disney kat Disneysea & Disneyland, end up muka Nazhan dah jadi sebijik macam kartun dah. Tak caya?? Nah, tengok gambar ni....sama ke tak Nazhan dengan ikan tu? gatai Ekekekekeke.

=- sama tapi tak serupa kui3x -=

Psssstttt : harap2 bila Nazhan besar, dia pulak bawak Mommy & Daddy jalan2 sana sini love

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Zaiya said...

bestnyer... nak pegi jugakkk..

Huda said...

kak yatie sekali update panjang lebar explainationnye :) best2..sume pic cantik2!!!

isabelle said...

jeles i yg kena dok berkurung dlm rumah ni tau

Nadiah Sidek said...

rumah minnie comel, kan? :D

tapi tak sempat sgt la nak posing kat situ dulu (kat disney world) sbb ramai sgt org..huhu..

Nia said...

alamak,..suka sgt tengok minnie mouse punya rumah tu, sgt cute. curry pop corn tu ade rasa mcm twisties pop corn tak? hehe

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wahhh bestnye.
gambar jelir lidah tu, bukan main lagik ekk, potong lidah tu kang, baru tau.

nieda said...

bestnya, pasang angan2 nk sampai ke sana..insyaallah mana tau suatu hari nanti???

mama_alifsarah said...

bila agaknya rezeki nak ke sana.... seronok rasanya baca entri u...

AshAnas said...

best nye jalan2.... nk pi jugak!

Ummi Salsabila said...

its such a wonderful memories..besa nnt nazhan bwk mommy daddy pula..:)

yatie chomeyl said...

Zaiya >> pergi jangan tak pergi, best3x

huda >> t yg lama br leh update betul2 tu

isabelle >> heheh, i memang sengaja nak bg u jeles ekeke

yatie chomeyl said...

nadiah >> ah, comel sgt..sbb tu posing je wpon org ramai..x dulik hahaha

Nia >> lain ko, rasa dia x best sgt

mama syaza >> tu la, meniru je budak kecik tu sekarang

yatie chomeyl said...

nieda >> insya Allah, i doakan u :)

mama alifsarah >> nanti kumpul duit, leh la dtg sini ;)

shira >> jom3x hehe

US >> harap2 nya gitulah

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