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Monday, 24 January 2011

No TV for children below 2 years old?

Ever since Nazhan was 3 months old, I only allowed him to watch his Baby Einstein DVD and never really encourage him to watch TV. And now that he's already 19th months old, I'm getting the idea that he's getting bored to watch the Baby Einstein DVD over and over again.
#refer: 4 months, 7 months, 9 months, 12 & 13 months #

I can't really blamed him for feeling bored as he has been so hooked up with his Baby Einstein DVD for 16th months and counting. Thus, the moment when I introduced Nazhan to Pocoyo and Pororo, he's glued to the show right from the beginning till the end.

Occay, I know that I tried to make promises with his teacher that I'll never let Nazhan watch TV or DVD anymore, but I couldn't help it as it is the only way to make him stay 'sane' while I'm cooking. I believe his teacher's concern about this |"TV thingy"| is related to a study about "How TV affects your child?".

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that kids under 2 years old not watch any TV and that those older than 2 watch no more than 1 to 2 hours a day of quality programming.

The first 2 years of life are considered a critical time for brain development. TV and other electronic media can get in the way of exploring, playing, and interacting with parents and others, which encourages learning and healthy physical and social development.

The thing is, I agree with the theory that watching TV is not good for babies if it is applied for babies 10 years ago. But nowadays, I do think that TV/Computer/DVD/iPhone and etc can be added as essential tools to help in the learning process.

Active parenting can ensure that children have a positive experience with television. Here's a list of suggestion provided by American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry on how parents can help by:
  • Viewing programs with your children
  • Selecting developmentally appropriate shows
  • Placing limits on the amount of television viewing (per day and per week)
  • Turning off the TV during family meals and study time
  • Turning off shows you don't feel are appropriate for your child

As I believe in the phrase that "a mother knows what the best for her child"; I still let Nazhan watch Pororo and Pocoyo alternately with his ABC and flashcards learning program. Not that I want to act smart (
tunjuk pandai) and ignore his teacher's advice, but then I'm sure after you see this video of Nazhan; you guys will probably agree with me that watching Pororo is not that bad to Nazhan's brain development.

=- Nazhan and Pororo Music Band -=

Nazhan was performing with the band as if he is one of the members in Pororo Music Band. He bowed before and after the performance + sings along with the band *in his own language* + headbanging following the fast rhythm. I guess Nazhan is imagining himself playing the keyboard for the band, aye?
=- Nazhan (keyboard) with his band --> Pororo(guitar), Crong (trumpet), Harry (singer), Petty (violin), Loopy (piano), Poby(drum) and Eddy (xylophone) -=

Or else, if his skills on the keyboard is not that great; the band might want Nazhan to be the 2nd singer along with Harry. After all, his voice is not so bad despite the fact that it's really-difficult-to-understand-his-pronunciation. Plus, Nazhan has the 'it' factor because he can make the band more famous as he'll attracts more female fans to love the band *with his Korean hairstyle*. sengihnampakgigi Superb!.
=- like my Korean hairstyle? -=

I believe that Nazhan learns a lot from watching TV/DVD such as :-
• upgrade his gross motor skills by bowing and headbanging his head
• learn new words e.g: "start", "now" and etc
• thinking skills as he can relate to the actions he saw in the TV/DVD and imitate the actions perfectly on time

It's a good sign to both hubby and I to consider sending Nazhan to learn music as he's showing some interest into that area. Not that I wanted Nazhan to be a singer when he grow up *although I'm a die hard fan of Akademi Fantasia*. It's just that I've read a theory that the children who learns music can temporarily improve performance, and perhaps even IQ.

According to Brigid Finucane, an
Early Childhood Music Instructor at the Merit School of Music in Chicago;
→"Formal music instruction requires
focus, discipline and determination – excellent qualities which are often transferred into other areas of the student's life,”
→ “Beat and rhythms are key components in music. Children who can maintain a steady beat have a
greater fluency in their reading".
→ "The music we sing provides vocabulary enrichment, teaches tenses and plurals, uses poetic language, allows visualization, and encourages good pronunciation.

I guess we have to start saving some money for Nazhan's music education as I know it is quiet expensive. Kalau mahal sangat, eh tak payah lah mommy over sangat berangan nak hantar Nazhan kat music school kot gatai kui3x.

What about other parents out there?. What is your opinion about the idea of "no TV for children below 2 years old" ?. Kindly shared your opinion with me, thanks in advanced!.

Pssssttt: dulu I pernah mintak abah hantar I gi kelas piano , tapi abah hantar I gi kelas belajar tarannum pulak daaaa sengihnampakgigi eh, Alhamdulillah.

22 words of wisdom & comments:

Hanz said...

Yatie...brainy baby dvd pun ok gak..hambali suker..cuma dia longer sikit dari baby einstein.

tapi susah kan nk avoid ank2 kita tak tengok sama sebab bila kita nonton dia pun ada skali the only thing that like us can do, kami select program apa nk tonton...kalu cerita yg agak violence like csi tu kami onkan dvd dia so dia concentrate ngan video dia jelah....

Huda said...

best2..thanks for sharing kak yatie..husna huda suka bukakan dvd alif baa taa or abc :)

*∽ IZAN ∽* said...

Bagus entry nihh..! leh keep ref utk future baby jugak.
K.Izan masa Danish kecik2 memang jaga.. tengok DVD education etc.. tapi bila dah ada 2 anakk.. level lain-lain dah payah nak kasi activity sama rata haha. last2 adik kaki karton, abang kaki gamee kui kui kuiii

KambingBujang said...

i think if we monitor what our kids watch, tak ada problem kot. sbb rasenya my kid pun learn thru tv,internet. huhu

Oyis said...

kalo pasang playhouse disney or CBeebies nya channel i mmg konfiden sket la biar aisyah tgk sorg2 sbb dah tertapis semua cerita2 tu. seswai utk development dia lg rasanya. eh u ada piano dlm umah ye yatie? ganasss tu

PS: love the korean hair!

CuppyCakeMommy said...

for me boleh je asalkan kita tak biarkan dia satu hari tgk tv..kejap2 tu should be ok lah..diorang pun can learn what from the story kat tv tu..tapi kita pantau lau mana cite yang ok..japanese boss i dulu cakap kat japan diorang mmg banned citer shin chan..sbb budak shin chan tu kan macam kuang ajo ngan mak pak dia

Drama Mama said...

kena parental guidance lah...macam time tengok biar kita ada sama..tapi i slalu kasik ja irfan tengok sebab nya kita nak baut keja kan...tak dapat nak elak. huhuhu

Drama Mama said...

kena parental guidance lah...macam time tengok biar kita ada sama..tapi i slalu kasik ja irfan tengok sebab nya kita nak baut keja kan...tak dapat nak elak. huhuhu

transformed housewife said...

meme baguh ado had gapo2 pun.

P/S: Mace kenal jah piano dle gambar tu. hehehe.

Nanak said...

rasanya klu kejap2 tu ok tp kena tgk channel pun pasang channel phdc juga sbb my baby suka sgt dgn mickey mouse tp hbs lagu tema jelah lps tu mjerit2 klu dibiarkn lama2..

ohya,sy pernah baca 1blog ni..anak dia dr kecik mmg suka tgk phdc..mak dia ckp, anak dia ni byk belajar dr phdc..cara bcakap..belajar pkataan baru dsb..

pepun, itu semua tpulang dgn kita masing2kn..of kos kita klu blh mmg nak yg tbaik utk anak kita..
ops,pjg pula komen kali ni..:)

reitak said...

Ah ha I'm of the same opinion as you too...Pororro is Asrul's fav too. He is also picking up words from there :)
I guess it is down to control of the quantity and quality of what we give them.

reitak said...

Ah ha I'm of the same opinion as you too...Pororro is Asrul's fav too. He is also picking up words from there :)
I guess it is down to control of the quantity and quality of what we give them.

reitak said...

Ah ha I'm of the same opinion as you too...Pororro is Asrul's fav too. He is also picking up words from there :)
I guess it is down to control of the quantity and quality of what we give them.

AshAnas said...

anas kenal upin ipin kt umah pengasuh... blk umah asyik suh kt bukakkan upin ipin kt tv... mn la ade... so, bkk you tube la...

e.l.i.z.@ said...

aiseymann xleh nk tgk vdo..kt lab etep ni..

hmm eli pun wi jah bdk ni tgk tv dulu. tidok gak, borink pulok dih. lgpun kito wi tgk benda hop pekdoh

larrrr pororo tu cito penguin tu..igt keh cito kartun ore jepun doh sakni heheh

cop cop, tarannum tu gapo?

yatie chomeyl said...

Hanz >> nti i nak cari gak brainy baby tu, dh lama u suggest smp skrg i x cari2 bad

huda >> ur welcome ;)

k.izan >> maknya pulak kaki apa kak? hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

kambing bujang >> tu lah kan, zmn skrg ni susah nk kontrol dah

oyis >> buke piano umoh i tu, umoh MIL kakak i, tupe posing jah eheh

cuppycakemommy >> kat tv sini ada tunjuk je kartun shin chan tp sebelah malam, i pun xbagi nazhan tgk

yatie chomeyl said...

drama mama >> tu la, kalau x bagi kang dia kacau kita pulak..satu kije x jalan

k.nur >> kenal ko? :p

nanak >> ooo ye ke? good thing la kan anak dia bljr dr phdc, so OK la kot nak bg diorg tgk phdc ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

reitak >> tu la, walaupun pororo x byk cakap..but still our kids can learn from it

shira >> mesti anas hari2 nk tgk upin ipin kan

eliza >> tarannum tu belajar berlagu dale ngaji Al-Quran..gitu lah lebih kure hehe

Anis said...

hehe..kiut sgt video tu...nk tyela, cmne leh baby SN duk diam tgk je laptop tu??..kalo anak sy, da lame laptop tu kene kepak2, keypad pun leh tercabut2..

NURUL IZZA said...

tapi betulla..nurse2 sini suh kurgkan tv utk iman, lebihkan bahan bacaan utk dia. tapi si Iman nya suka sgt yo gabba gabba dan olivia (cito kartun b*b*) tu..adoiii..

ma dok maghoh sbb dok ajar tgk tv jah, suh dgr quran sokmo.huhuu

am i bad mom?

yatie chomeyl said...

anis >> agaknya sbb dr kecik dh biasakan dia utk tgk laptop kot, so dia dh faham fungsi laptop tu kot :)

izza >> dop la, nok wat gano..doh meme budok2 gitu belako. kito pong dh buat setakat terdaya la deh

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