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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Variation of SN's hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles for the little ones, all parents want cute, easy to manage looks :-
cute because of course they are kids
easy to manage because again they are kids and can easily ruin any hairstyle.

Since SN was wee baby, Daddy have been cutting SN's hair himself. Perhaps it's because his father cut his hair when he was little or maybe he think, because he's capable of trimming his own hair he should be able to trim his kids' hair or it could be, because the hairdressers charge in Japan is a bit too expensive.

+- SN : 7 days old -+

I always love to play with SN's long and smooth hair when he has the "Longer Sleek Sweep" style. This boy’s hairstyle is longer with smooth, sleek texture. The hair features more length from the crown to the front and is parted way off-center. It provides a relaxed sport look as well and I'm loving the looks on my baby!.
+- my handsome little boy -+

But of course, sometimes SN will looks like a girl with this long sleek sweep hairstyle.

+- I'm a boy but my hair make me looks like I'm a girl -+

Sometimes we'll style out his hair to make the "Smart Look" hairstyle where the hair is parted from one side and longer strands are left over the forehead. The hair is styled smooth from the crown to the ends.
+- smart, ain't I? -+

But when he's being actively playing, his hair will automatically styled themselves into "Messy haircuts". This is the easiest hairstyle to pull out, all you have to do is mess it up: the unkempt look is sweet if you can pull it off.

+- messy hairstyle or should I say "Korean hairstyle?" -+

There were also times when his hair become so messy that we end up have to styled him in a cap or even a kopiah to cover the messiness of his hair.

+- a cap or a kopiah is a savior for bad hair day -+

As for the last few weeks, SN's hair become a bit too long which end up making it become the "Long Wavy Hair" style. The hairstyle has volume and a playful bounce. Longer hair like this one requires more work to keep clean and to style which means more work for parents and kids alike.

+- too much hair on his head -+

So,Daddy decided to give SN a clean and military cut just a week before he'll get to celebrate his upcoming 2nd birthday. Mommy has to give Daddy a helping hand and by using clippers that come with multiple blades, Daddy managed to do a new hairstyle to SN that is the "Short Buzz Cut".
+- SN's pulling out cheeky and serious face with his new haircut -+

Honestly, I dont like SN's new haircut but Daddy doesn't seem to be bothered by Mommy's opinion at all.
After all, the weather are getting hotter these days and SN is one active boy who get sweated easily.
Plus, SN's teacher says that he looks "kakkoi" (cool, macho) in his new hairstyle rather than "kawaii" (cute) look with his previous hairstyle.
+- before and after photo of SN's hairstyles -+

As for me, I love his Longer Sleek Sweep style the most and I'll surely missing the moment playing with SN's 'rambut beralun' huhuhuhu. With his new haircut, SN look like a big boy already *of course he's a big boy, he'll turn 2 years old next week!*.

So, what about you?. Which style do you think pull the best look on SN?.

Pssssttt : lepas ni tak nak bagi dah daddy 'bojeng' kan kepala SN military cut ni, no more!

22 words of wisdom & comments:

Hanz said...

Nampak tambah cheeky Nazhan ni.. :)

Babe, jgn lupa join my final GA for this year tau..K.Nur dh join dah *wink*

eRaY said...

nazhan memang nampak macho in military cut camtu
tapi aunty eray vote for "longer sleek sweep" style....hehehe

aNgAh_aLiFaH said...

tante ske military cut tu sbb tante ske budak2 kalau botak sbb tante mmg ske rambut jenis takyah sikat.. hehehe..

Hanis MY said...

kakkoi la rambut baru nazhan...

isabelle said...

selagi x mcm bieber, kira bagus la tuuu.hehe

.m.u.n.i.r.a. said...

wah, memang macho lah!
tapi sanagt suka rambut beralun-alun tu!nampak cute gile!

Sidratul Muntaha said...

terbalik dgn aku..
setot aku suek botakkan sebab sebab nampka suci jer
tpi since dia pernah kena sawan demam,so..
tak boleh la nka gonjeng2 lagi..
la ni tgh membela rambut dia panjang sampai boelh diikit.
ni serius..
bukan omong kosong!

アヌム ちゃん said...

suke yg macam pakai baju merah gap tu..comell..heee :)

transformed housewife said...

Mok Long suko Nazhan dgn rambut pendek loni. meme macho. Nanti bday Nazhan, mok long hantar hadioh.

Nadiah Sidek said...

style rambut mcm mana pun nazhan tetap hensem ;). tapi short buzz cut tu buatkan nazhan nmpk mcm budak besar..especially yg muka serius tu :)

Fana Flora said...

SN nampak macam big boy with his new haircut ;)

suka tengok NS rambut longer sleek sweep. nampak cheeky sangat ;) rambut SN cantiklah.

shukriah's said...

kakkoi looks better!

Min Aina Ila Aina said...

Suka SN dengan rambut pendek ala askar tu, nampak kemas dan terserlah kejantanannnya.wakaka.mommy jgn mare ye.

Idayu said...

nazhan nampak lbh macho ngan rambut military cut tuh....kemas jek nmpak.

Affieza said...

He look smart in his new hairstyles..hehe

kakyong said...

semua style pun comel...

n3 terbaru kakyong
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Adakah kerana dia kidal?!!!
Nora Elena–review episod 1 dan 2

yatie chomeyl said...

Hanz >> insya Allah nanti I join ye babe :)

eray >> rmbut pnjg lg cute kan?

angah >> aah kan, taste angah rambut military cut tu hik3x

yatie chomeyl said...

Hanis >> sensei dia pun ckp gitu :)

isabelle >> tu la pasal, if jd mcm bieber...mak pengsna nyah!

munira >> rmbut beralun tu mommy suka usap2 kepala dia. skrg ni nkuspa kepala pun rs togel je kui3x

yatie chomeyl said...

ayu >> kalau kena sawan demam tu kena rmbt pnjg eh? ke cmane? sori aku blur sikit so tny soalan cenggini

anum >> cam tekap dgn tempurung je atas kepala kui3x

m/long >> yeay yeay...nanti dpt hadio d rmok long yeay yeay

yatie chomeyl said...

nadiah >> tu la, terus nmpk mcm abang ngeh3x

fana flora >> SN blushing sbb u puji rmbut dia ehehe

shukriah >> sng nak jaga pun ye jugak, xyah sikat2 rmbut dah eheh

yatie chomeyl said...

Aina >> wah, teru snampak jantan ye anak mommy hehehe

idayu >> aah mmg pon lg kemas, sensei dia pun x komplen dah ngeeee

yatie chomeyl said...

affieza >> thanks dear ;)

k/yong >> sbb budak2 buat apa pun comel. cuba kalau kita yg buat style rmbut tempurung tu..mesti x comel dah ngeeeeeeeeeeeee

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